Project LIFE :)

I have this sweet friend named Tauni. Some of you may know her. She is the founder of the blog conference SNAP! We went to lunch one day and she was all excited about a scrapbooking product called Project Life. She lost me when she said  scrapbooking. I haven’t scrapbooked since 2004 people. And the only reason I did it then was because I was pretty sure Child Protective Services would haul off my kids if I didn’t produce a lovely, die cut filled scrapbook detailing every detail of their life.

So when she suggested we go to her office after lunch so she could show me around, it was only because of my deep love for her that I agreed.

She showed me the Project Life kits by Becky Higgins (I totally have a story about her later!) and explained how it worked.

My mind, was blown.

There were cards already cut out and all coordinating. There were plastic sheet protector thingys that the different sized cards and photos go in.  Slip in the photos. Slip in the cards. DONE.


(smaller cards from my kit) project-life-(larger cards from my kit)

You mean I don’t need to haul out the totes full of stencils, rulers, die cuts, sticker, fancy scissors, paper cutters, glue, tape, etc??? It won’t take me an hour to pull it all out, and hour to sort through paper, and an hour to do one page only to have to neatly pile it all back in the totes so the kids won’t mess with it in the morning???


Not only are there over 600 cards per kit BUT they are double sided. What?! I know.

I  knew I would never remember what all the patterns and sayings were every time I pulled it out so here is my little trick. I separated them and put one on the riverside (but still together) and spread them out over the bench and table top. Then I took pictures. Now when I want to scrapbook again I can look at my pictures and know I what I want and can find them. The I don’t have to spread them out every single time.


(one picture of many)

Dudes. I  scrapbooked.



I know there is movement called digital scrapbooking. It is professional and pretty. But here is my humble opinion. When my dad died when I was a teenager, suddenly every note he jotted down in his handwriting became gold. I love to read things in his own words in his on hen scratch writing. And I want my kids to see my handwriting in their books. That is why I love this. It is simple and I still get to share the stories and experiences in MY handwriting. Like I said, just my take.

And I want to do more. The problem is, I have not printed off pictures since 2009. And since I have 4 kids that means I need 5 copies of each picture. So basically I will need to sell  one of the afore mentioned children to pay for all my pictures.

So the creative mind behind all of this Becky Higgins. She was at the very first blog conference I ever went to. She was speaking and I could tell everyone was in a tizzy. People were dying over her being there and I had NO CLUE who the heck she was. I had no idea why she was a big deal but didn’t want to ask and look dumb. I finally leaned over to Amy (The Idea Room) and asked. Who knew she was the Queen of scrapbooking? Huh.

Well I got my picture taken with her but almost felt guilty taking up any of her time when others in the room were hyperventilating for the chance to see her. She was super nice. Like INCREDIBLY nice.

creative estates with Beck Higgins

(Me, Amanda, Becky, Amy)

Her Project Life kits are now available in retail stores. You can find them at  Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Archivers, Craft Warehouse, Beverly’s Fabrics and hundreds of independent shops. For a list of international retailers visit the Project Life store finder.

So the lesson you should learn from this post is that you should never say never.

ARE YOU A SCRAPBOOKER? What do you think of these kits?


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  1. CT says

    I love your sense of humor. I have one kid and a ton of paper crafting supplies and I I still can’t get it together to make one scrapbook. It was all I could do to stick photos (no stories, just name and date) in photo albums when he was little. I gave up on that simple approach when he was about 8. As much as I admire the fancy scrapbooks, I just can’t get into making them. So I think this approach is a brilliant compromise, just brilliant. Love what you shared with us. So sweet!!!!

  2. CC says

    Anything (almost) to hit the easy button! These could be used in so many ways others than sb! Love the dandelion story!

  3. MeganM. says

    Love project life. I’m a traditional scrapper, but I wish I was a project lifer. :) I “made” my sister start doing it for her kids, just so I could live vicariously through her. haha.

    Just a thought about printing out so many pictures: In my family, one year, we took all our childhood pictures and made my mom a giant scrapbook (seriously….it weighed about 20lbs). We all wanted one after, but there was no way I was going to make 4 more books. So my sister carefully took photos of each page (scanner would be better) and then we cropped the pics, and then printed them in 12×12 photo book on shutterfly for each kid. And now we each have our own copy. So much easier.

    Enjoy your PL journey!

  4. sharla says

    I, finally, uploaded pics to Costco, yesterday. 13cents each.
    I decided each year will get a book, not each kid. I was just going to paste in a book, but these cards seem easy enough to grab, write and move on. I will swing by Michaels and check them out. Sadly,, So Cal does not have Hobby Lobby

    • Nicole S. says

      Where in So Cal are you? They now have stores in Chino HIlls (or nearby there), Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo & Temecula. I think more and more are popping up, so keep your eye out.

  5. LucindaJ says

    I am a digital scrapper, but I seldom send my pages to be printed (read: I only print my pages when we get our tax return). Recently I’ve been thinking that project life is a pretty great idea, but your post has convinced me. I’m gonna print a Hobby Lobby coupon and get going!

  6. says

    Funny that you blogged about this today – I just purchased a kit from Michaels today. I’m in the same boat about printing photos. This will motivate me!

  7. says

    Hi Stacy – I am so not a digital person and I totally get your comment about the hand written notes. I don’t have a Pinterest account because I print out pictures from blogs and glue them in a 3 hole binder. Does it get any more old school?

    PS – love the muse about your son and the dandelion. Kids are the best when you’re feeling blue.

    Hugs, Holly

  8. says

    Stacy, I so happy to see your images and I LOVED the stories. You’re amazing! Also? I am glad you FINALLY get Becky :)

    xoxo, T.

  9. says

    I love project life! This is my 5th year doing it and I happen to be 4 months behind but who’s counting? The first year I missed out on buying the kit so I cut up all the inserts myself. of them. Yikes! Next year I made sure I got one! Did you know that Michael’s and Hobby Lobby now carry the kits? And they take coupons!

    I have been a big scrapbooker but since I’ve become a DIY blogger that has replaced my scrapbooking. I do still do Project Life, but more as theme or event weeks and not as much daily.

    Love your blog! Maybe we’ll meet at Haven!

  10. Cheryl says

    What card kit are your pictures from? Really like that one. I’m new to Project Life and have bought probably too many card kits already, but I like the one you show here!