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Do you have a site that you go to that makes you drool? That gets you energized and want to spice things up in your décor? *Sigh* I do. It is called Fab! I love it because it is so UNIQUE. I love certain shall we say, popular chain stores, but I know if I buy that cute lamp, chances are someone in blogland (or 40) will have that same lamp. I love having things that are different.

I have been asked to share some of my finds from Fab. They change their inventory ALL the time. It is fun to keep checking back and see what is new. (They have newsletters and an email subscription that helps remind me) Here is just a taste of what they have.

If you know me at all you know I love stained wood, old wood, dark wood, any kind of wonderful wood!  They have beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories. I kind of really need wood sunglasses now….

1. Night Stand

2. Vase

3. Pillow

4. Sunglasses

5.  Chair

I LOVE yellow :) And so I typed “yellow” into their search box and found a plethora of yellow wonderfulness! These were my favorites.

1.  Chair

2. Globe

3. Suit case 

4. Pillow

5. Bowl

And of course I love anything with a history, or a story attached. Or at least something that looks like it has a history. I can totally invent my own story …. :P

Fab has a whole section of actual vintage finds! It is like antiquing in your PJs people! And they have a ton of other items that are vintage inspired. I am totally in to the industrial vibe right now too!

1. Light

2. Pipe

3. Metal Letter

4. Basket

5. Table

They seriously have things from all parts of the spectrum. Modern, funky, vintage, quirky, etc. So there is bound to something fun for everyone. It is a visual pick me up :) So enjoy!!!

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