Arrow Pillow

Hi, my name is Stacy and I have a throw pillow addiction. :)

I can’t seem to help it. Only I make most of my pillows. Whether I buy the fabric, paint the fabric, or decorate it in some other way, I like to make custom pillows. The pillow I am sharing today was made with heat transfer material.


I know arrows are super trendy right now, but that isn’t really the reason I did arrows on my pillow. Hold on because I am about to get sappy on y’all.

I was thinking about how my marriage, even though we have had many challenges, has been strong. I believe the reason is that we both have the same goals. We both are on the same page so to speak. And we are both headed in the same direction.

So I did two arrows, side by side, pointing in the same direction to represent us.



I used yellow flocked heat transfer material. I used the Designer software to  create arrows and then cut them out with my Silhouette machine. You could also use an x-acto knife to cut it out if you do not have the machine.



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  1. Nicole Stone says

    This is a super cute idea. I did our bedroom in yellow & grey & I need some throw pillows for our bed. I need to get a little gutsy and try using my Silhouette for more than just paper crafting, so this might be my chance! Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Love that sentiment. I know I never would have thought of it, but it reflects us perfectly. We haven’t been through lay-offs, just near misses that are corporate America. Been through more than our share of health issues, but we’ve had the same goals for our lives. We took, take “till death do us part” very seriously and despite the multitude of challenges 37 yrs. of marriage and 2 kids bring, we never considered breaking those promises. Think I have another project for my newly won Silhouette.