Show Me What Ya Got #123

Hey! Welcome again to my linky :)

I have some posts from last week that I want to share in case you missed them:

Tutorial for my Hexagon Greenhouse

My Home Tour 2013

Blueberry Yogurt Bars

Silhouette Sale!


If you follow me on instagram or Facebook you may already know, but we have decided to adopt 2 girl pygmy goats. They will be ready in 6 weeks. That gives me enough time to build them a home next to the chickens and ducks. We are so excited!


And I am just as excited to see what you have been up to! It was record breaking 100 degree heat here yesterday and our air conditioning is broken. So I got very little done. The heat makes me lazy and tired.

Remember that I now have the party broken up into categories.  HOME DECOR, FOOD, SEWING & CRAFTS, and CLEANING TIPS & ORGANIZATION.


*No etsy shop, things for sale, or giveaways

*Link up your own work. YOUR project. No round ups or feature posts.

*Link back to me in some way

*Visit other links and share the love






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  1. says

    How FUN! We had pygmy goats goats growing up and I would just LOVE for my kids to have the same experience. :) So cute! Thanks for the party – first thing I do when I wake up on a Tuesday morning – link up! ha

  2. says

    Thanks for hosting! Those goats are adorable. We recently brought chickens into our backyard to try to help with tick issues. The kids love watching them, although the chickens aren’t quite sure about the kids yet :)

  3. Stephanie says

    Ah! I love the goats! We are in the process of purchasing our first home and we actually had to switch realtors because he didn’t like the fact that my need for goats and chickens trumped living in the burbs in a bigger house.

  4. says

    Ahhhh!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your goats! We are planning to get some soon too! Thanks for hosting great parties every week, also! :)

  5. Pam the Goatherd says

    Welcome to the Goat Life! Are you planning on milking your goats, or are they just pets? I’ve been raising goats for over 15 years now. They are very addicting!

  6. says

    Thanks so much for hosting Stacy!

  7. CT says

    Here’s a dumb question: why pygmy goats? They’re cute, but will you get something out of it, like milk? Or are they to be pets?

    Anyway, just wondering what happened to Mr. Clean. Hope I didn’t miss it cause I don’t get over to FB often.

    • Stacy says

      My husband doesn’t want a dog. I really want my kids to have more pets. And I have always had a thing for goats. So after 4 years of discussions this is our compromise :) I do have an interest in milking them. If we decided to breed them I would give it a go since I know how to make cheese. But that is not the main reason. Just an odd pet choice :P

      I did announce the winner and emailed her if that is what you were referring to. I have another even bigger HD gift card giveaway coming up next week so I will cross my fingers for you!