Fourth Of July Ideas

It is getting close to the Fourth of July so I decided to do a little FLASH BACK FRIDAY and share my  fourth of July posts from the past.

I don’t have a new one this year. I have been busting my (not so little) rear end to get 4 projects done. I am exhausted. I will be lucky to have enough energy to sit on the porch and hold a sparkler when the 4th comes. So maybe I will show my kids these pictures too and be like “See. Remember mom use to do fun things on the holiday.” :)

Click the link (the title) to see the full post of each one. Enjoy!

Fourth of July Bread


Polymer Clay Beads (Kid’s Craft)


Red, White, And Blue Potato Salad




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  1. CT says

    LOL. Time to let the men in the family take over while you put your feet up. Anyway, I don’t remember any of these posts so well worth reposting them–fun ideas.