I am in a book! {and a beautiful giveaway}


 The winner is Nicole, who said: “Hello, We are not a big houseplant family. But that needs to change! My daughter has Asthma and her attacks are getting more and more frequent.  I think that by outfitting every room with a plant or two, maybe this will help. Thing is I have no clue where to start! I would love ideas and this book looks amazing! Thank you for the opportunity.”

I have something fun to share with you today! My Mason Jar Planter has been featured in a book :) I have been featured in several magazines but this is my first time in a book. And it is a topic that I adore. I have plants all over my house. I love gardening as much as DIY projects so it is a natural thing to have so many plants around.


The publisher, St.Lynn’s Press, sent me a copy. This book is gorgeous!  There are 138 pages of inspirational photos and advice on what plants to use and how to keep them alive. Here is just a tiny example of what you can see in the book:


 Indoor Plant Decor: The Design Stylebook for Houseplants is now available on Amazon in hardback for about $10.00!



Longfield Gardens is also wanting to giveaway one of these terrarium growing kits to one of my readers. I ADORE Cloches style terrariums. And this one is so pretty.


(Source: Longfield Gardens)

This Grow Kit contains:
• Terrarium
• Peat Pot
• Soil
• 1 bulb, variety Picotee White

Let’s keep this simple.

To enter: Leave a comment on my blog telling me what your favorite houseplant is OR telling me why you need/want this book.

*This giveaway will run from May 6th until May 13th. The winner will be announced May 14th. Open to US residents only.

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  1. says

    Congratulations on being featured in a book. Such an honor. One that you deserve. My favorite houseplant is orchid. I also love jasmine. Love the cloches style terrarium.

  2. Laura says

    You mean I could have a cute and clever houseplant arrangement instead of the ubiquitous orchid purchased at a chain store? With stuff from around my house and perhaps a clipping or two from my yard I could have a unique, eye-catching centerpiece!? I need to get a copy of this sweet book.

  3. Hilary says

    My favorite houseplant is cat grass – mainly because it is the only thing I can keep open that the cats won’t get sick off of! A terrarium would be so nice!

  4. Sandi Allen says

    Congratulations! How exciting!
    I have several plants in my home.
    I have to say I have two favorites,
    The African violet…probably because this was my Grandmas favorite plant.
    And the Christmas Cactus…I have a clipping of one that is now a plant,
    That’s been in my family for generations.

  5. Paige says

    Congratulations on the book! I would love to win this – I could use some help with my indoor plants. I have some beautiful succulents that have overgrown their pots and spread all over the place (I didn’t know they would do that!) and I need help.

  6. Jennifer B says

    I would love to have this book because it looks so inspiring and I need all the help I can get in the houseplant department.
    Love the cloche, thanks for the chance.

  7. says

    I don’t have a favorite indoor plant, basically whatever flower I have on my counter at any moment is my favorite! I am trying to add some life to my cube at work and there is a nice sunny window just wishing for some plants, I’m hoping the book can help!

  8. Allison Aros says

    House plants are such a great way to have the outside in. They are happy, little spots in a home. My favorite house plant is jasmine. Between the gorgeous scent and trailing growth patterns, they are perfect for a small room.

  9. MeganM. says

    I LOVE house plants!! I would make my house a jungle, if possible. My favorite plants are spider plants or the peace lilies–though I can’t get those to bloom again. :( Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  10. Terri says

    Congratulations on having your ideas published! I would love a chance to win the terrarium and teach my son how to start a magic garden! –t

  11. Linda Smith says

    I love the look and ease of care of succulents, and I love cloches and terrariums. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Hilary L says

    Congrats on the book! I’m loving the Succulent craze at the moment! This book looks beautiful….would be a great addition to a spring coffee table :0)

  13. LeighAnne says

    Congratulations on being included in the book! My favorite house plant is aloe. Because we always seem to have a need for it…

  14. Nicole says

    Hello, We are not a big houseplant family. But that needs to change! My daughter has Asthma and her attacks are getting more and more frequent. I think that by outfitting every room with a plant or two, maybe this will help. Thing is I have no clue where to start! I would love ideas and this book looks amazing! Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. Dianne says

    Hi Stacy,

    i am brand new to your blog. I need to spend more time peeping and getting inspired by all your ideas. From what I see, you and I have similar styles in decorating. I recently moved to an apartment and am kind stuck. A major downsize but still lots of special things from before. Your blog is just what i need to get moving.

    I too love cloches and terrariums. This one is simply stunning and I promise to give it a good home. By the way, kudos are being in that beautiful book…again…full of inspiration.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity,


  16. Sue says

    This book featuing indoor plant decor ideas could keep me busy with gardening projects during the long cold winter months here in Wisconsin. (The daffodils and forsythia are just starting to bloom in May!)
    Christmas cactus is one of my favorite indoor plants-blooms every year tho’ not necessarily at Christmas-time. We received ours from my sister-in-law who started with a cutting of her grandfather’s plant from California.

  17. Sharlene Stipp says

    It would be hard to choose only one as a favorite, but definitely one of my favorites is Sansevieria.

  18. Tracey says

    What a great book! I love houseplants, but admit I am not so good at taking care of them. I really love ivy…maybe because it seems to love me back! =)

  19. says

    My favorite houseplant is the simple jade plant. I love how I can take leaves and root them for more plants, even if it does take awhile. Also good since I forget to water sometimes!

  20. Jen says

    Pothos is my tog to fav, because I like starting new ones in water and giving them as presents. But I could use some good ideas for adding variety to my indoor plants!

  21. Brenda says

    I would love the book for all of the creative, inspired photos. My favorite houseplant would be the one that is currently in bloom or showing some great foliage. Love amaryllis in the winter, african violets anytime of the year and ficus and philodendron year round for the greenery.

  22. says

    Thank you, Stacy, for sharing your Mason jar planter idea with us in our book, and for also sharing your enthusiasm for the book itself. Jenny and I are thrilled that you’re a part of it and a stop on the Virtual Book Tour!

  23. MaryB says

    Congrats on being featured in the book. That is quite an honor. I love the cloche style terrarium. How beautiful! I love houseplants of all types, especially those that can be placed as part of the real decor of a room (larger plants with some height).

  24. Karla Gilman says

    I don’t claim to have the greenest of thumbs but I have managed to keep a few houseplants from filing formal assault charges. It would be nice to add to my credibility on the street…contrary to what has been documented, plants talk to one another. Seriously, my grandmother was a natural and I have fond memories of sweet little violets all around her home. I always wished that I could have plants scattered around my home. This terrarium growing kit seems like it would be a great addition…and it would be muffled if it got too lippy. One has to allow for a learning curve after all. ;-)

  25. says

    The only houseplant I’ve been able to keep alive is my Clivia because it requires no light and very little water. This thing loves to be pot-bound which is why it hasn’t quite grown big enough to bloom yet. Fingers crossed! I love the little cloche. Very French!

  26. Alicia B says

    I would love to win this book! My favorite plants are succulents, they are fun and I can actually keep them alive! Thank you!

  27. Cassie says

    One of my most favorite things to decorate with are ferns. Ferns of all types. They just make me smile.
    Congrats on being in such an awesome book!!

  28. Linda S. says

    Congrats on the book! I’d have an impossible time picking a favorite houseplant since I love any of them and currently have 3 orchids, oxalis, several succulents (one cactus is taller than me!), philodendron, ivy and a spider plant. Would enjoy growing a fern in a cloche–that would be new for me so I need hints how to do it.

  29. CC says

    I would like to enjoy the beautiful pictures and try some projects in the book. I need some indoor plants.

  30. karen campanaro says

    I need this book because I have NEVER been able to keep a plant alive, and I want live plants in my home very much.

  31. Cath says

    I must say this beats the plastic pretzel container I made into a terrarium. So pretty! Favorite? Hmmmm. Anything I can keep alive. The collection I have now looks pretty ragged. I have a plant I got in a plant swap that I think is a ‘Janet Craig’ Dracaena. I haven’t managed to kill it yet, so it looks pretty cool. Generally, I need plants with tough, waxy leaves that can tolerate my erratic watering schedule and lack of sun. Love that wacky chair planter (and those plants).

  32. Kristy Cirillo says

    First WAY TO GO on getting in the book. Those jars are how I found you!! And favorite house plant is the Africian Violet!

  33. Liz H says

    My favorite houseplant is the only one that I can keep alive–an unnamed spindly houseplant that we’ve nicknamed the Hannah Plant. I could really use some ideas for more plants!

  34. Patty Soriano says

  35. Jen Y says

    My favorite house plant is African violet. I am a huge terrarium fan too & would so love to win this! It’s beautiful.

  36. says

    First of all, congratulations for being published in a book! Secondly, I would *love* to win a copy of this book…I have a ton of houseplants, including succulents. :-)

  37. Debbie says

    I need this book because I am great with my outdoor flower garden, but I don’t do as well with indoor plants. Also, I haven’t thought about doing a terrarium; I didn’t realize that you could use design with houseplants.

  38. says

    How awesome for you! I have a photo that is about to be in Steve Asbell’s book. Very excited about that and it’s my first. My favorite house plant is a nice Euphorbia plant that is growing at the foot of my stairs. But I would like some new ideas on incorporating my succulents in my home!

  39. Julie Kroske says

    I love the succulents. They do great for me. I was telling my husband that I wanted to start a terrarium just last week! This would make a fantastic Birthday surprise ! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  40. Sharon fouke says

    My favorite houseplant is the Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter cactus. I have 4 that bloom each of those times of year every year! I think they just like to celebrate the holidays too! White with pink accents and a hot pink are pretty any time of year!!

  41. says

    I congratulate Kylee on her book, and you for being a part of it. MY abutilon finally succumbed to scale, but i managed to bring a cyclamen back into bloom, and I have a scented geranium from Logee’s that is still going strong after several years. It is succulents that stay alive for me – and I’m very grateful!

  42. says

    My favorite house plants are the ones that have stuck with me through the years. Some of my houseplants are well over 20 years old. We’ve known each other for a long time. I like that.

  43. Lizzy says

    Congratulations on being in the book! I like what Heather said–I like any houseplants I can keep alive. I would love to try something like that in my kitchen for fresh herbs year round!

  44. Diane McCarthy says

    I just bought my first Aglaonema, an interesting pink and green one. It really brightens up the kitchen!

  45. Sean says

    My favorite plant would have to be anything in the cactus family. Easy to maintain and so very beutiful.

  46. Alina C says

    It would be nice to mimic one of the photos for my living room. I don’t have a green thumb and any assistance would be welcomed.

  47. Nicole Stone says

    That is so cool! The only house plants I have are fake ones…and THAT is why I need this book, LOL. I seem to have a black thumb ;)

  48. Kamille H says

    My favorite houseplant is probably my variegated ficus because I’ve had it for about 15 years now. It has lived with me in SC, NC, TX, and CA.

  49. Alison G says

    My favorite houseplant is called String of Pearls! I first had one of these back when I was a teenager, which was a long time ago. My grandmother taught me all about plants and gardening, and I wanted to have my own nursery or floral when I grew up! I still love plants to this day! I am looking forward to this weekend, when it is finally safe to plant my outdoor garden without a freeze warning! I truly feel plants and gardening are therapeutic! I would love to be able to garden every day. My second favorite houseplant is the Piggyback! They remind me of my grandma so much!

  50. Faith says

    I love the mason jar idea and I see why it was include in this wonderful book about indoor plants. I would love a terrarium – it isn’t something I have tried before but I am excited about the project.. Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. says

    my 3 year old loves flowers, and I have a black thumb, so I thought this book might help with small projects we could do together.

  52. says

    I have my succulent arrangements on a rotation schedule. One might decorate the entry table for a week or so, living in bright light and no water. Then it goes outside for a while to be refreshed, while something else outside comes in. That way I always have my indoor plant decor! Excited for the new book!

  53. says

    Hi Stacy! I have only just discovered you and am loving your blog. I have recently begun a journey to re-align my life and my priorities. My home seems to be the focus of this process. I am a (now) single mother to a beautiful four year old and I want her world, her home, to be filled with life, music and color. The book looks to have a lot of inspiration along those lines… mostly, though, I just wanted to thank you for letting us all into your home!

  54. Judy says

    I love terrariums, I’m not good are remembering my houseplants, the poor things are always thirsty. I wouldn;t need to water a terrarium so faithfully to keep it alive. I need this book to help me with more ideas on bringing plants into my home.

  55. says

    My house is sadly lacking, my garden full to brimming. I need some balance here. This book should help. And congrats on the photo credit.

  56. says

    Hi, Stacy. CONGRATS on being featured in the book. The Mason Jar Planters look cool.

    I’ve added the book to my wish list because I need some great ideas for indoor plant decorating.

    The terrarium kit looks nice. Would be a great addition to my livingroom.


  57. says

    Congrats on the book feature — how exciting. My favorite house plant must be any type of forced bulb. I love having a bit of color in the home when it’s still frosty outside.

  58. Tiah B says

    My favorite houseplant is the Spider Plant. They need little water, clean the air and I have had mine for years and haven’t killed it yet!

  59. says

    Congratulations on being in the book! What a great honor and that’s one of my favorite projects of yours. :) I would love that book to check it out because I kill basically all indoor plants…lol. Maybe it would help me out.

  60. kristin says

    My favorite houseplant is a Jade plant that I have grown from cuttings off a plant in my parents’ home.

  61. Marilyn S says

    Congrats!! This looks like a really fun book. I like African Violets because of the pretty little flowers.

  62. Jenifer says

    My houseplants are ones my Mom gives to me! I have no idea what they are, though I should def learn. She has the green thumb, so I just work at keeping them alive. I certainly need this book :)

  63. says

    Congratulations on being in a book! You must be super proud. It looks like a lovely book, too. I’m not much of a gardener (my hubby is, though) but would love to try a terrarium. Terrarium plants seem like they’d be hard to kill ;)

  64. Erin says

    I love being inspired by others’ creativity. I need to do a better job with my houseplants. Maybe this will help me!

  65. beverly e says

    The only indoor plant I cannot kill is a philodendron… I can use all the help and how-tos I can get!

  66. Janet says

    My favorite houseplant is what is commonly called a Kangaroo Fern. I rescued it from neglect in a big box store, repotted it, gave it a little tlc, and 2 years later it looks great!

  67. says

    My favorite houseplant is my orchids. They are the gifts that keep on giving with little care. Thanks for the fabulous opportunity. Happy Gardening, Pamie G. New Braunfels, Texas

  68. Bonnie Wells says

    I really love African Violets, but can’t keep them alive more than 3 years. I would love to win the terrarium :)

  69. patty says

    My favorite plant is a Norfolk Island pine, but I love cacti and succulents too! Pretty cool being published!

  70. Betsy says

    Why I need this book: I’ve gotten much better about tending to my houseplants regularly and they are looking great, but I could definitely use some help in making my displays more attractive. The photos I’ve seen so far online are super inspiring!

  71. Barb Roberts says

    I’ve been an admirer of Kylees’s blog for some time now. Love her style and her writing. I would love to win this book, but will end up getting it either way and will have Kylee sign it for me. Special! Thank you.

  72. says

    Spider plant is my favorite houseplant for sentimental reasons,my grandma had them growing up.
    I would adore this book because it is inspiring and I am a new blogger with a much bigger garden than I have ever attempted ,it is giving me so much joy !!

  73. Cathy R. says

    My favorite houseplant is the string of pearls plant (senecio rowleynus). It is easy to grow and care for (needs very little water like a cactus), it has an attractive and unusual form that people always admire, and its very easy to propogate. What more could you ask for in a houseplant? And congrats on having your creation published in a book, Stacy.

  74. Danny says

    I’ve added this book to my reading list! I don’t have a lot of experience growing houseplants but this is motivating me to try it some more! Love all the pictures!

  75. Debbie says

    I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to encourage adults & children to get excited about gardening on any scale.

  76. Carol Yemola says

    My favorite houseplant is the begonia. The leaves are quite interesting and the flowers are so delicate.

  77. Brenda says

    Congratulations on being in a book! I would greatly appreciate to have a copy of the book and beautiful growing kit! My mother and I recently moved from our one room apt of 20 years into a two story house. It was a dream come true to finally live in a spacious home. We are also thrilled to finally have a garden and space in our home to decorate with beautiful indoor plants. This book will greatly help to stimulate ideas for our new home, teach us about basic plant care and also, provide us with a piece to grow our first plant in our new home. Thank you Stacy!

  78. says

    Hi, Stacy. CONGRATS on being featured in the book. The Mason Jar Planters are really cool looking. CONGRATS to Kylee and Jenny! I look forward to reading Indoor Plant Decor. I like the wall hanging planters on the front cover. I think they would look so cool hanging in my livingroom. I think this book would help me decorate every room in the house with plants.

  79. Marty says

    I would love to win this darling cloche/houseplant set! WOW! I used to have a ton of indoor houseplants, but when we moved cross country they all died. When I moved back to Utah I started school/working and wasn’t a stay-at-home mom anymore. Plants can’t talk and so they can’t tell you they need water. (Pets and children won’t let you not feed/water them.) So I think I can handle houseplants again. :) Stacy, you are an inspiration!!!