Pretending to be teenagers again……

I don’t get all mushy often but even non-mushy people deserve to gush a little on their anniversary :)

I love this man. We have been married 13 years today. We are ridiculously happy but it has been hard most of the time. We married young (he was 24 and I was just shy of 21) and started our family only 18 months later. We have experienced 3 lay offs, deaths in our family, mistakes/forgiveness, a miscarriage, extended family drama, and have always struggled financially. But we also have experienced the birth of four amazing little boys, our first house, lots of quality time with family, and have supported each other in every endeavor.  We are rich in what matters most. We have the same goals. We are on the same parenting page. We are total nerds together. And we have so much FUN!

For our anniversary this year we went out to eat and then stayed in a hotel in “the city” (Salt Lake City).

The next day we went to City Creek for the first time since it opened this past winter. HOLY COW people! It is impressive. Stunning! I got to venture into Anthropologie for the first time. WAY better than shopping online.

This display was one of my favorites. I wanted to take the whole thing home :)
See, we are kind of nerdy.

I also got to see West Elm in person for the first time. My husband fell in love with several things there. If it were not for the fact that our tub has started leaking (the day before we left!) into the basement and rotting the wood, we may have bought something. Such is life!
After City Creek we headed to the theme park LAGOON. We both have not been there since we were teenagers. They have added so much since then.

We got soaked on Rattle Snake Rapids…..

We rode some rides that were my favorite as a kid. I must been getting old because now this just makes me dizzy and nauseous.




We had a blast! We spent almost 8 hours there and were so completely exhausted. We acted like teenagers, but our bodies told us later that we are far from being kids :)

What fun things  have you guys done to celebrate your anniversary???

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  1. says

    Happy anniversary! Love the picture of the anthrologogie display. It is adorable. You look very much like a pretty teenager!

  2. Marci says

    On our first anniversary we moves from one apartment to a duplex. We spent most of the day apart since he was with all the stuff and I was cleaning the apartment…

    Our second anniversary he had 2 doctors appointments (we were in the process of getting him diagnosed with a chronic illness) and we spent a bunch of time at various pharmacies. We did go out to Red Robin that day, and the next day we flew to my sisters house so we could go to my brothers wedding!

    This summer will be our third anniversary. No moving this year, and I told him he can’t be sick this time! We’re expecting our first baby in about a week, so hopefully for our anniversary we’ll drop her off with some friends and go out to eat and get dessert at The Cheesecake Factory! Our anniversary is national cheesecake day, so Cheesecake Factory does half off slices that day!

  3. Shauna M says

    Funny, we celebrated our anniversary at Lagoon also. Had fun except I learned that I am too old for the Samuri. That didn’t make my stomach happy…

  4. Pam the Goatherd says

    Happy Anniversary!
    My husband and I have three different anniversaries – our very private elopement, our wedding ceremony in Mexico, and our church ceremony in our home church with all our friends and family in attendance. On the first anniversary of our ceremony in Mexico my husband surprised me with a beautiful emerald and diamond anniversary ring. We were so broke when we eloped that I never had an engagement ring! But because I was marrying the man that I had loved all my life and never thought there was a possibility that we’d ever be able to get married, I didn’t care about an engagement ring. All that mattered to me was becoming his life partner. When he brought me the little jewelers box with a poufy bow on top of it while I was still in bed on that anniversary morning I was totally blown away by his thoughtfulness. We’ve done some romantic things since then to celebrate all three of our anniversaries every year, but that will probably always be the one that stands out to me.

  5. Heart and Haven says

    Oh, that looks like so much fun!!!
    Well, our 1st anniversary we went to Sea World and ate dinner with Shamu (tableside dining right next to his training tank – it was awesome!). Another anniversary we went to Knott’s Berry Farm – roller coaster enthusiast here!

    Our 9th anniversary is later this month. I have to go to Portland to get one of my rental properties ready to re-rent (hubby is coming for 1 week to help, but I’ll have to stay till it gets rented). Praying to rent it quickly, else we may have to spend our actual anniversary separate this year :-(

  6. says

    My husband and I like to escape to the foggy coast for our anniversary most years (It’s August 2). We have done it 3 of 4 anniversaries so far, ranging from just the two of us, to bringing our first daughter and my parents along to daughter and dogs along and this year both daughters, two dogs and some friends with 2 dogs! However way it works out, we always enjoy it and enjoy the retreat from California’s Valley Heat.

  7. CT says

    What a sweet story. It’s fun to see a couple so well suited for each other and happy together. More fun than reading about women who are grumpy about their relationships. We managed a trip to DC for our anniversary which we hadn’t done in a while; quite nice. (We managed to snag some great deals so it was quite affordable.) I’m afraid we’re well past even pretending to be teenagers.

  8. Nicole Stone says

    That is a great anniversary! My husband and I are coming up on our 7th wedding anniversary (but have been together 13 1/2 years). Our best anniversary I think was our first…I created a scavenger hunt of places to visit, with it ending at the place we had our very first date!

  9. says

    Happy anniversary! I love to see other people take pictures with statues too! My husband and I are total nerds together too… Life is so much more fun that way! :)

    Rachel from

  10. Lauren Burnett says

    OH man! We haven’t even had our first anniversary yet, but I am loving all these great ideas! xoxo Lauren

  11. Martha says

    We also have four boys but we will be having our 14th anniversary this July. What a fun way to celebrate your special day, we may have to plan something like it for our day. Sometimes its fun to reminisce and be our teenage dating selves again.