Silhouette Giveaway!!!

Wahoooooo! I get to giveaway a Silhouette Portrait machine! I love having a silhouette. I use mine ALL.THE.TIME. My main thing I use it for is DIY home decor items. But I also use it to make things for school, church, holiday decor, etc.

Here are some of the things I have shared on my blog:

Silhouette project collage

Starting at the top left…..

* I cut out a damask pattern with vinyl and used it as a stencil to paint a lampshade

* Vinyl lettering of the title of “our song” in our bedroom

* I cut out stencils and painted fabric to make pillows for my family room

* I used the Silhouette Sketch Pens and the machine drew this artwork

* I cut out paper for posters for a county fair themed birthday party

* I used Silhouette Fabric Ink and a stencil that I cut out to make this clock pillow

* Vinyl numbers on my command center

* Heat transfer onto fabric. I actually have made a lot of tee shirts :)

* “Mind your manners” sign for my dining room

* Garden sign lettering that my kids painted for their rainbow vegetable garden

* Glass etching with a vinyl stencil

* Holiday (temporary) wall vinyl

* Monogrammed front door with contact paper

* Vinyl Christmas ornaments

There is also a killer deal going on as well. You need to visit their site on the promo page and use the code HOUSEWIFE.


Here are all the details:


 Go to to find the deal :)

You must be 18 or older to enter and a resident of the US.  The winner will announced on March 4th.  The sale goes until March 8th.

Here is how you can enter! (if you have any trouble with rafflecopter please email me)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. says

    I would make some lettering for my gallery wall, Label my organizer bins, label some containters in my kitchen, Wecome sign for my backdoor.

  2. Chris says

    So, so many stencil projects to do! Love the monogram pitcher- that would make a great gift idea for so many friends/family.

  3. WendyD. says

    The first thing I would do is the lamp shades in the master bedroom. I have wanted purchase new ones for awhile, but your ideas have inspired me. Plus this is a more affordable option. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Jacob L. says

    I’m actually already working on a project right now this could come in handy for. It’s a winding calender mechanism; of which the background needs to be perforated like a film strip. I had intended to use a die-cut, but this machine looks like it would be perfect and probably work better. Weird answer, I know.

  5. Tai says

    The first thing I would make is a sign for my parents porch the says “Welcome to the Home of the Brave” (My dad just returned from Afghanistan) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. Jennifer H. says

    I would have to make labels for my canisters, and probably anything else I could find to label! Thank you for the opportunity! ;)

  7. says

    My sweet kids are always in need to tee shirts for their various projects and interests… I NEED a silhouette to make this happen! Plus, my cricut is almost at the end of its life, I’m ready for an upgrade! Fingers crossed… :-) Jules

  8. Sarah D says

    The first thing I would do with this is decorate a very barren lamp shade in my bedroom. Its been stumping me what to do with it for months.

  9. Michelle says

    I too live in an old (1918), tiny, cottage style home. Can’t wait to go through all your old posts and see what inspiration I find. :) Oh, and excited about the giveaway too!!!

  10. Afton says

    Soooo many projects I want to work on. I think I would start with a stencil to finish my bathroom walls- then who knows! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  11. Lori Choman says

    I would use this for artwork for my craft room, the kitchen, maybe the bathroom, the family gallery wall. My daughter (a teacher) could sure use one for her classroom!

  12. Lisa Burdette says

    I would start by making wall art for my little’s and definitely shout it out on my embroidery page that I can now do vinyl!!!

  13. Hilary says

    I’ve been wanting to make some vinyl signs to organize our animal’s things… yes, we have three large beasts roaming around the house, and each one demands something different! It’s hard to keep track!

  14. Ana says

    I would make gifts for friends and family. I received the coolest wedding gift made using a silhouette and would love to recreate it for friends!

  15. Pamela says

    I would play! Cards for special. Friends. Cutout for spring pillows. Labels for the pantry.bullentine board for school classroom. I would find out how wonderful it could be to own this mighty machine!

  16. Ruth says

    I have a full sized Silhouette (Hubby got it for me for Christmas), which I LOVE. What a fun present this would be to give someone else!

  17. Lisa Wenckus says

    The first thing I would do is hug and kiss it and just admire it (I have always wanted one!) Then I would start working on birthday party invites and decorations for my son’s birthday party!!

  18. Lesley C says

    So fun! I am redecorating my girls room right now and have to bug my friends to cut stuff out for me so I would use it for that first thing.

  19. Melissa Lynch says

    The first thing I would make is a wall hanging for my kitchen, probably (I have so many projects in mind for the house!).

  20. Katie R. says

    The first thing I’d probably do is run around screaming for joy that I finally got a Silhouette! I’ve wanted one for forever and it would be so much fun and useful to have. I’d start by making labels and start organizing everything and then move onto vinyl lettering and everything else. :) Awesome giveaway!

  21. MrsD says

    I’ve had an idea rolling around in my head for a while now using vinyl and a mirror. Without any kind of vinyl cutter, though, my idea is destined to roll around unused forever.

  22. says

    Ooooh~ I want one of these soooooo badly! Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to win one!

    I have been a fan of your for a bit now. Being new to DIY everything, it hasn’t ben long, but this would sure get things rolling for me! I live in a small town where I can’t just rush out and buy one….it take obout three hours to get to a town that might carry them! That means a day trip, because if one is going to make that drive, they have to have more than one stop to make!

    Good luck to all who enter!

  23. Deanna says

    I love the idea of using contact paper! I’ll totally make something with contact paper! Organizer for the pantry door? Label linen closet? The wheels are turning!

  24. Lindsey says

    I would just die if I won one of these. I would love to make vinyl lettering for the black walls of our current home to make it a little more home-ly :) thanks for the chance!

  25. Kelie says

    I have all these OXO containers I’ve been wanting to make labels for, to make it easier for my family to identify contents (I don’t know how they mix up salt and sugar, but it seems to happen quite a bit). I’d also like to make a couple of signs for our house… I’ve been keeping a list of quotes for over a year with the hopes of acquiring a vinyl cutter!

  26. says

    I’m LONGING for one of these babies – the first thing I’d do is cut damask vinyl to customize my Kitchenaid mixer – and then I’d make tshirts for my kids and a bunch of wall art :)

  27. Kelli B says

    Togh question! I think my first project would be decorations for my extended family’s big annual Easter celebration. I know the kids would love some bunny stuff!

  28. Nicole Talbot says

    So many projects i could do with this. Like decorating the nursery, and making vinyl decals! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  29. says

    I would make my 3 boys dinosaur tee shirt, my daughter an “I’m not allowed to date…. ever.” shirt, vinyl for her wall (renting and can’t paint), and get working on Illustrator so I could start a business with it custom designing art. Oh and make my hubby a one of a kind batman logo for his nerdy but practical old car. :) oh and something for me. :)

  30. Kelli Wood says

    I think the first thing I would do is make something for my laundry room… it is so boring and plain and I need something to spice it up some!

  31. Christy File says

    I would make a sign for my home…not sure what it would say because there are about 20 on my Pinterest board and I want them all!! Thanks for giveaway!

  32. Carrie Eastman says

    I really want to make some vinyl wall decor, also make awesome gifts for any occassion!

    carriesummerlin at yahoo dot com

  33. cambria b says

    wall decor for above our bed! i’ve been wanting to do it for a LONG time, this would mean i wouldn’t have any more excuses!

  34. Miranda says

    DH & I just bought our first house last June & the decorating has been slow, this would definitely help out soooo much! Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. Eden Claire says

    First of all thanks for this wonderful opportunity, and the first thing I would use if for is a pattern for my ceiling. I’m obsessed with ceilings and working on my entry way. Thanks again. Eden Claire

  36. ann casey says

    What a nice surprise to find in my mail today. Seriously job hunting with little success, so it would be nice to have something like this – who knows – could be the beginning of a whole new adventure! Thank you for posting this :)

  37. LyndaV says

    I have so many ideas of things I could make, but especially like your damask light shade. Very elegant and understated. Would really love to have this and have wanted one for a very long time!

  38. says

    A Silhouette is on my wish list – it would help make my photo shadowboxes more polished. Cutting with scissors and exacto knives makes them look a little blah or too home made.

  39. says

    Awesome giveaway!! Every time I craft something and break out the scissors I think “I need a Silhouette!” I’d use it TODAY to make the American Girl labels I’m working on. And tomorrow to cut a stencil for a pillow. And the day after for cards. :)

  40. Jennifer Still says

    I’m redoing my laundry room right now, so the first thing I’d do if I won would be to make some signs for the walls.

  41. Rhoma says

    Ohhh, I have big plans for the Silhouette! I’m a fairly new DIY’er and this would be an awesome addition to my fun stuff! :) Love your blog, too, Stacy!

  42. kelly says

    i’d love to replace my Cricut with a Silouette! I hate having to buy cartridges that include images i don’t need! love the way silhouette sells single images! i want to make one of a kind stencils! :)

  43. Emily Kaufman says

    I’d use it to make labels. I’m always labeling things and this would be perfect. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  44. Angelica J. says

    I would make some vinyl shapes to decorate my son’s closet doors. The silhouette portrait would be the perfect machine to make the shapes precise.

  45. Julie Limbaugh says

    I have NO idea what I would do first! But I would probably hole up for a few days and figure out some ways to make my bland walls have some personality! Home decorating!

  46. Erin Booth says

    I would LOVE to win this! I could do so much with it – I would start with invites and decor for my sons 4th birthday.

  47. Megan L. says

    I see this, and think of the many ideas for the decorating projects I’ve been wanting to take on, but couldn’t find the exact wall quotes or fabric patterns I’ve been looking for. The possibilites could be endless with a Silhouette!

  48. Diana Allen says

    I have been wanting a Silhouette forever!!! I’ve seen so many fantastic ideas and want to make them all. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this give-a-way.

  49. TrIsha Vranish says

    The first thing I would make is some World Down Syndrome Day Awarness shirts for 3/21. In honor of my 4yr old with Down syndrome.

  50. Clai says

    I’d love one of these – I’m in the middle of trying to decorate my entire house, organize projects and pantries, etc. This would be perfect.

  51. Debbie w says

    I will use it to make stencils to put on the up cycled trays my husband makes. We have a real need for one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Ruth says

    First thing I would do is jump for joy! I’ve wanted one of these forever. I think ill cut quatrefoils out of contact paper for privacy on my deck door.

  53. Sara Berry says

    I think the first thing I’d do is recover from the heart attack I’d have at reading the ‘you won’ email. (I never win anything ;)) But seriously, after I figured out how to work the Silhouette I’d make a rad thank you card and send it your way!

  54. Heidi Blake says

    Oh how to even choose what to do first? Labels, a cute tile with my favorite saying, or a stencil to do some etching? Probably the etching first. So many ideas!

  55. Anna says

    I have so many fun DIY projects that I could do with a Silhouette. Label, wall art, cards, decorations…………………..

  56. Linda T says

    After I learned how to use it, my first project would be to make a vinyl “HOME SWEET HOME” sign for our new home.

  57. Holly M. says

    I’ve been wanting a Silhouette for SO long! I want to start making my own stationary and having this will make them so pretty!

  58. twelve30 says

    I would love to make Easter Peeps tees for the girls using the heat transfer material. Thanks for a chance to win.

  59. Jusa says

    Stay up all night playing with it!!!!!! Ok, I’d start small. I love that R you monogrammed on the pitcher and the door. I have some little glass bottles I’d like to try etching. I have the supplies, just need the stencil and a kick to get me started. Then, the sky’s the limit. I can think of all sorts of ways to use a Silhouette, and your ideas are great inspiration!

  60. Stacy says

    Wow…look at all of the beautiful things you’d have done! If I won this I would love to stencil the main walls in our bedroom and our children’s bedrooms, just to spruce them up and make them unique :) Thank you so much! Have a fun weekend :)

  61. Adriane says

    I would be terribly childish nd call all my friends to tell them that I won. Then I’d invite them over to play with my new toy!

  62. Emilie says

    I would scream wildly and start making awesome quotes for my Alice in Wonderland room! “We’re all mad here!”

  63. Jaclyn Snyder says

    I would finally get my son’s name up on his bedroom wall! Then I would do the other five vinyl home decor crafts that I’ve been wanting to do. :)

  64. kendra mills says

    if i won, i would put some vinyl lettering on the wall with my favorite quotes! thanks so much!

  65. KWolff says

    I would start doing some of the awesome signs I see all over the place. I love the idea of decorating my home with something I did myself!

  66. Micah Thompson says

    I already love love love my label maker. If I had a Sillouette…..I’d label and decorate like a MAD WOMAN!!!!!! I would love this fine piece of heavenly labeling equipment!

  67. Karry says

    I would jump on to finishing my baby book. Silhoutte is such a great product, thanks for the giveaway!!

  68. Melody says

    I think I would redo some sayings that have lost their “stick” from projects that were given to me over a year ago. Then I wouldn’t have sayings driving me crazy waiting to be fixed! Thanks for the give away!

  69. Cheri says

    Just one thing? I can think of tons of things to do with it. Decals for the walls in the master bath and laundry room for starters.

  70. Crystal (chaoticlilshadow) says

    I’ve been wanting to play with the vinyl so I could make some decorations for my girls’ rooms!

  71. Angela C. says

    I have soooo many ways I could use this at home, but even more in my classroom! I would LOVE THIS!

  72. Maegan Spontak says

    I would love this! Between canvas art to do a project with our address for the entryway and my daugther’s first birthday coming up, this would get good use at my house!

  73. says

    I think the correct question is what wouldn’t I do. I would love to make some labels for my house or use the fabric cutting for my quilting, or make something for my classroom… there is just so much.

  74. Kelly Robertson says

    I would love a Silhouette! My first project would be party items for an upcoming birthday in the family.

  75. elisa davis says

    i never even knew this existed.. what is the first thing i’d do? CRY WITH HAPPINESS IF I WON IT.

  76. Jennifer Sylvester says

    I’m sure no matter what I think I might do as soon as I got it in my hands I’d be planning out 20 more things !

  77. says

    First thing I would do is jump up and down and have a grin all day long because I have been wanting one forever! Then when it came I would check it all out and get to making me a tumbler!

  78. Tammy Menlove says

    I would have a blast making things for young womens!!!! And of course my h ome, my girls, my garden, etc.!

  79. karina says

    oh man I would jump up and down and pass out first!! and then get to making all the project I have been dreaming of! starting with the free shapes I have been downloading each week :)

  80. Inga Holmes says

    Ooooh man!!! I’ve been wanting one of these for a quite some time, so I have a LONG list!! But the first thing I would do, is make me an “Come Eat Y’all” sign for my kitchen! Every kitchen need a little southern hospitality!

  81. says

    this first thing i would do if i was blessed with the Silhouette is make a fabulous subway sign for my entry way. i have had a blank canvas hanging in the spot just waiting to be turned into a beautiful diy work of art.