Top Ten Projects!!! {vote for your favorite}

*If you are going to pin any of these awesome submissions please visit their site and pin from the original source. I am sure they would appreciate it! Thanks :)

I love this contest because there are so many AMAZING projects that get linked up. And {as a judge} I hate this contest because there are so many AMAZING projects linked up.

You guys ROCK!!!

And when I say I had a gut ache and that I couldn’t narrow it down to even 100, I mean it. I have like seven papers I was scribbling down notes and crossing off and then adding more. ACK! It was so hard.

And if I were Oprah, I would give you all $250 Home Depot gift cards. But after a few days I was finally able to narrow it down and with the help of my guest judges, we have finally picked the top ten !!!! I wonder if any of you just read this or if you skipped right to the list….. :P

Here they are in no special order. And remember to VOTE at the bottom of this post!

#1. Live Edge Table by The Hunted Interior

#2 Loft by My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia

#3. Girls Attic Bedroom by Pennington Point

#4. Window Seat by My Cottage Charm

#5. Tree House by Brinda Slaughter

Brinda doesn’t have a blog so here is her email submission:

” Last summer we wanted to cut down a tree in our yard for two reasons. One reason, my in-laws live next door and this tree of ours was shading their garden more than they wanted. The second reason, the tree was ugly and in the wrong spot of our yard. We were just going to chop it down and call it good, but then we got another idea of turning it into a treehouse. So, instead of chopping the whole tree down, we cut off the branches and cut down part of the stump. We used the stump for center of the treehouse and supports and the branches for the railing.”

#6. Faux Molding and Headboard by Interiors by Kenz

#7. Bunk Beds by Grand Design

#8. Pallet Media Center by Design, Dining, and Diapers

#9. Outdoor Shower by Just Grand

#10. Club House Bed by That’s My Letter

Okay! Now you get to VOTE :) Come Back on the 29th for the announcement of the winner :)

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness!!!!! I am SO honored to be in the top ten!! Thank you SO much to all the judges for including my windowseat among all these great DIY’S! I feel so blessed. :) oh gracious…..did I mention how excited I am!! :)

  2. says

    Seriously? How the heck am I supposed to choose only ONE. These are ridiculously amazing projects and I am floored with the talent and creativity out there. I am visiting every submission and pinning them all:)

  3. Aleigh A. says

    Wow! Lots of talented people out there. Such inspiration in all the projects.
    I do believe that if you were Oprah you will give them all a $250 gift card along with tools ’cause you know, DIY’ers need their tools too!

  4. says

    What a blessing to be one of the top ten! I’m shocked seriously. My girls love their attic bedroom so they will be over the moon that our project made the list. Thanks for including me. Love them all…..I can’t imagine how people will choose! Lisa~

  5. says

    Wow! I am so excited to have our outdoor shower featured! Thank you so much. There is so much wonderful inspiration here that its an honor just to be featured! Can’t wait to explore the other projects!

  6. says

    I enjoyed the diversity of all of these projects. So much talent in one contest. Thank you for all of the excellent tutorials and photos! I’m sure you’ll be inspiring more than one DIY-er to head to their local hardware store!!