The post where I am brutally honest…

Blogging for the past two years has been a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs.  I have had so many experiences, met amazing people, and grown because I have stepped outside of my comfort zone repeatedly.

This blog has helped me so much and made me feel more confident. But at times blogging can make me feel like I am in Jr. High all over again.

First before we dive in too deep, I want to thank you. All of you who take the time to read my posts, comment, email, and interact on Facebook and other places. It brightens my day! I have gotten to know some of you better than others but I appreciate all of you. On those days when I don’t feel like getting anything done I will hop online and look through links from the linky party and see all the amazing things you have created. It gives me the motivation to get off my rear end and DO something. On the days when personal trials seem too much I get an email of encouragement from one of you. I wish I could put into words how much this blog has helped me personally. How much I needed it and didn’t even know it.

Thank you.

I have been in a funk for awhile and I have been trying to pin point the reason.I think it is a myriad of tiny things really.  Facebook is one of them. I was what felt like the last blogger on earth to get on the Facebook bandwagon. I didn’t understand why I needed a page for my blog. But the minute I finally caved in a started one I knew why. INTERACTION WITH YOU :) It was awesome! I could post anything (a question, a funny story, a thought, a beautiful room I saw) and you guys would crack me up and make me smile with all your responses.  It was like having a chat room with all my like minded friends. And then they changed how facebook pages work. And then they changed it again. And again. And now most of you do not even see my page (and other pages) in your feed.  It frustrates me because I miss the days of total interaction.

I have decided that I am going to be more active on other social media sites that still allow all your friends to see your feed. I will still post on Facebook as well. I just can’t ONLY do Facebook like I have been doing.

So if you would like to see updates on projects I am working on and chat with me I will be focusing on Google+, and instagram this year. (Not going to lie, google+ kinda scares me)

Another thing that I think started me down this introspective blog funk is a situation where bloggers were checking other blogs and seeing if they had Google Analytics installed more than once. I guess you can right click on a blog and click something else and then somehow see if it is in the code or something…. Techy stuff is not my forte. If you click on mine it shows up once for my blog and once for Cloudflare which my computer guy installed in WordPress. Hold on, let me google “cloudflare” because I can’t remember what it does……………………..

CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global network. We automatically optimize the     delivery of your web pages so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. We also block threats and limit abusive bots and crawlers from wasting your bandwidth and server resources. The result: CloudFlare-powered websites see a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks.

Anywho, GA is loaded on my blog and and because of this Cloudflare thing it shows up under that as well BUT my computer guy assures me it is only installed ONCE.

Why am I telling you this? Because someone (P.S. I do NOT know who) emailed a blog friend of mine saying I had it installed more than once and that they thought I was doing that to increase my stats.

It broke my heart. I cried. First of all, I don’t use Google Analytics for my stats. I have a WordPress plugin for stats that is suppose to be more accurate. I signed up with Google Analytics back when I was on blogger before I switched to WordPress but have not even looked at them in a long, long time. And second, I am not tech savvy. Even if I had wanted to add it twice I would not have know how. My sweet, patient computer guy helps me with most coding issues. And I am pretty sure he could care less about my stats.

This has bothered me for a while now. First of all because it would never even cross my mind to check other people’s blogs or worry about other people’s blogs. I have been told by those close to me that I tend to go around with my rose colored glasses on. I know they meant it as a negative thing but I LIKE going around assuming everyone is doing and thinking good things. I like assuming the best of others. But like I posted about a long time ago Blogging has a dark side.

I took a lot of time off in December to reflect on blogging in general, my blog, and where I am at personally. A lot of prayer and pondering. I can’t say that I am uber confident that the funk is over and I am ready at full force to attack 2013. But I do feel a little refreshed and a little excited at the prospect of a new beginning.

I will tell you what I wish. I wish I could just create projects and blog about them. I wish I didn’t have to worry about advertisers, promoting, and all the other stuff. I did not realize that the minute I decided to take this blog from a hobby to a business/hobby that it was going to change the game so much.  I sincerely believe that the reason my blog grew in the beginning is because Heavenly Father knew my little family was going to struggle financially. With 3 layoffs in the past two years and with four little mouths to feed and clothe, the small amount of money I can generate here has kept our heads above water. So I know that sponsored posts are not your favorite posts. I know you would rather see big room reveals and awesome furniture projects. But the sponsored posts put food on the table and allow me the funds (and products) to do the room makeovers and other projects.

My blogging friends are all making BIG goals and have big dreams for their blogs. And here is the really honest confession. The one I have not even admitted to myself until recently. I am scared. I don’t dare dream big. I am afraid of success because if I get big, there will be more experiences like the one I mentioned above. People being critical. And I don’t think I want to take off my rose colored glasses. I don’t think I have thick enough skin to handle it. I want to live in this supportive bubble we have created here and not venture into the big bad world.

So basically, I am a wuss.

So be patient with me and I may fumble while getting my footings here in 2013.  I love you all and I love the blogging community :)

***UPDATE*** After reading your wonderful comments I think I gave the wrong impression with this post. I didn’t mean for the whole focus of the post to be about that one experience. Like I said, there are a ton of little things that had me in a funk. Also, I am not giving up on blogging. I am just not sure how far to take it or how big to dream because I hate the idea of having critics. Hence the “wuss” comment :) I am still going to plug along doing what I have been doing. I just wanted you to know why it may not be 5 posts every week like usual for the next little while. Or maybe it will be with all the tutorials and stuff from my family room. Who knows :) Thanks for your support!

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  1. Carol-Anne says

    After 2 years, I’ve quit blogging for just the reasons you’re describing.

    Women are often stereotyped as being competitive (in a nasty way) and that’s been my experience with blogging. Maybe because of men playing sports, they’ve learned how to be competitive, while still being friends. Most women only know how to be competitive and mean.

    I got out.

  2. says

    Hi Stacey, Happy New Year to you!
    I can identify with what you are saying re: the bubble, and its far easier to stay in it and be in control without the pressures and commercial side of advertising, (and the meaner competitive side that affects some )but I can also see why you went down that road as its provided you with the funds to do your wonderful projects.
    You are not a wuss, you are brave confronting all of this and speaking honestly, and I hope you are able to steer a course that is right for you and your family – good luck in 2013 with all your ventures and stay true to yourself and your values – thank heavens for the majority of us craft bloggers that live in the bubble and simply share what’s creative, good and inspiring!
    Gill xx

  3. says

    Do what feels right! The Lord will bless your ventures if it is the right thing to be doing now for you and your family. I never would have even thought that a person could install GA twice. I understand the advertising, even though honestly I ignore it on most blogs since I am more interested in the posts about creative things. I read you via Google Reader and yet, even with your truncated posts, you write content that pulls me over to read the rest. Keep doing what you are doing and be ethical and moral in how you run your business side and when there is a naysayer, you will have no guilt about what you do.

  4. says

    I love your blog, your posts, and always understand the need for sponsored content. It is so hard to do everything and be everything as a mom and creative blogger. I love the fact that you have “rose colored glasses” on and you have only the best intentions for everyone. I wish everyone in our community did. The only thing I’ll tell you is that you should dream big… God has blessed you with the talent and kindness! Wishing you the best in 2013!

    Take care,


  5. Chandra says

    I can totally understand what your are saying. I also like that I have on rose colored glasses. I not only am in blog funk but a life funk also (not wanting to be where I live). I haven’t blogged regularly, even though I have wanted to. I pray that 2013 will be a better year for myself and my family and that I will get out of this funk. I hope your funk will end also.

  6. says

    Stacy, thank you for being honest and sharing your frustrations. I too love your blog and the fun and creativity you share and I too am a rss reader and click over every time. I have a very tiny blog in comparison but do get the opportunity to do sponsored posts now and again and am thrilled with a little extra money. I have been to a couple conferences (we actually met at Haven) and there are many who run their blog as a corporate business but just a blog. In the beginning I was stressed out not posting 2-3-4 times a week and had myself all crazed, but I decided I need to do whats right for me and not what others are doing.

    Keep the rose colored glasses on, it’s working, you have loyal readers and we love your content and projects. And for the person who is snooping around and checking on others is perhaps a little envious of your and others successes.

    Chin up Wilbur – Your fantastic and enjoy 2013 and your blog – I’m looking forward to reading along.


  7. says

    Oh, I hope that your funk ends soon! I am sorry that you are under attack, but I am praying that you have an absolutely awesome year, free of drama!

    And now you have me paranoid about the google analytics thing…Need to go figure that one out, and make sure I’m not doing it!

  8. Meggan says

    Hope things get better! In the small town that I live in I decided to start a little online events calendar because it seemed like all the events in town were getting smushed into a small amount of weekends and I wanted to help avoid that. I also wanted to know what’s going on so I can start to get out of the house a little more often. I also thought it would just be helpful. In the process of providing this free service (in the format of a facebook group) I unintentionally got involved in some drama that didn’t really involve me but a few girls that have been in a feud for a while. I made a few people really mad, without even meaning to or even knowing I had for a while. When I found out what had happened I was really hurt, and cried, and it monopolized my thoughts for the better part of a month. Long story short…I know how you feel and understand your trepidation. I am still struggling with my issue and often want to give up but it’s amazing how far a little encouragement can go to counteract all the negativity out there. As long as you are doing what’s right, keep doing it. Your blog is part of my life, and here’s why…I have not yet started to make my house mine but actually have the goal to do it because of your quote about not waiting until you can purchase everything new. Thanks for inspring me! Happy New Year!

  9. says

    Hi, I normally don’t comment as I’m a fast reader/stalker kind of blogger/reader b/c I just don’t have the time to comment much anymore but felt compelled to respond to you. I am not a “new” blogger anymore as I have 1 year 4 months under my belt now but am “new” to the ridiculousness that goes on with the growth of a blog. 2012 was my first full year of blogging and as luck would have it, some fast and tremendous opportunities/features came our way. Of course with success, small or big, you will have “nay” sayers and negativity. I only write this to you because you have a beautiful blog and beautiful personality that is conveyed through your writing and don’t for one minute, let the small percentile of “dirt” in this world take that away from you. I equate blogging to my career that I gave up to become a stay at home mom in 2005. I was fairly successful and worked in a predominately male dominated industry and dealt with a bunch of nonsense on a daily basis which honestly, helped me grow. Many years ago, I decided to let the “dirt” of the world (they are everywhere blog world and real world) help me grow and in return help me succeed. Hang in there and keep your chin up :)

  10. says

    Keep wearing those rose colored glasses, Stacy, and add to your wardrobe a rose-colored cape!! Be the superhero of kindness and talent! Let that cape be like pink teflon that has all ugliness slide right off you. You know the truth. You can be assured in that and let everything else go. Never let smallness stick to you or pull you down… it’s not worthy of your time and attention. But your talent…. your joy…. your sharing…. now THAT is worthy of your time and attention. Up, Up and Away!!! In PINK!!

    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  11. says

    Hi Stacey,

    It takes a lot of strength of character to do what feels right for you and not just do what other blogs are doing. That’s what makes you successful and keeps readers coming back. I’m on the verge of monetizing my blog and taking it to the next level. I’m not concerned as much about the critics as I am about the amount of time the monetary activities will take from my creative process. I’m sure it is a delicate balance and one that each blogger needs to figure out.

    Best wishes. Stay away from the funk – dive into a project that reminds you why you do this in the first place. :D

  12. says

    Ya know, there’s always going to be some Mean Girls out there. The thing is, don’t let that affect you. I love your posts and your projects and I hope that you continue with the same cheerfulness I have come to appreciate it, I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this way – Happy 2013!!!

  13. says

    Just know that you aren’t doing anything wrong, hold your head high and continue life in those rose colored glasses. I like rose colored glasses. I wear them, too.

  14. says

    I hardly every comment but just wanted to say, thank you for your honesty and sharing your struggles. Blogging is a great thing but with anything there always those few rotten apples who try to spoil it all. The Lord will direct your paths, he will make straight the path, I believe that. Hang in there girl, this is an attack from the enemy! Love that you live in a rose colored glasses on kind of world, don’t lose that! Happy New Year!

  15. says

    Your blog is wonderful and I hate that folks are trying to drag you down with them. Usually people who say things like that are just trying to make themselves look better! Try to remember that and hang in there.
    PS, I am also scared of Google +…

  16. says

    Stacy, it’s so unfortunate that once again, in a community of mostly incredibly friendly bloggers, someone is out to put you down. You are so talented and creative that, hard as it may be, you can’t let some jealous women change what you do and love. I know how one nasty comment can negate the hundreds of positive ones. Thank you for being so open and honest and if you need to take a break, you certainly deserve one. You know that your loyal readers will be here waiting for you.

  17. says

    I am so sorry you have had to deal with this and felt like you didn’t even want to blog because of it. It amazes me that people will waste time on being negative. If everyone just focused on making them selves better rather than comparing with how other people are doing, it would be a much happier place. I love your blog. I love that you are honest. And I don’t mind sponsored posts. I have them myself on my blog as well. I would love for my blog to create some extra income for our family. Right now it is not enough to even justify having a blog!! I also tend to be optimistic about others. My husband says I am always defending everyone, but I tend to want to believe the best in people too. Just remember, those people who say negative things about your blog only have power over you if you let it bother you. (Easier said than done, I know!). Hope you have a great New Year! I am excited to see what you come up with this year.

  18. says

    I so prefer living life in rose-colored way! There’s already enough pessimism and stinky-ness going on in the world that I would prefer to be optimistic and assume everyone else wants to be too. Though I know that is not the case. So sorry for the pains you are experiencing with your blog. Every now and again I think about stepping into the world of crafty blogging and then I think about the time commitment and all that goes with it and realize that it just isn’t for me and my family at this time…perhaps ever.
    I love your blog and appreciate all the hard work you put into it–sponsored posts and all! (I recently won a book off another blog and was so stoked!! Someone has to win, right?!)

  19. says

    I can totally relate! Even though my blog is a TINY TINY fish in this big blog world, I know that one thing we all share when putting our work out there for the whole world to see is the fear of criticism. I recently launched an Etsy store because I was getting some positive feedback from family and friends. Within my first week, I had A MAJOR critic virtually attack the whole “business”. It made me cry. I wanted to crawl in a hole. And never put my work out there for anyone to see, and criticize ever again. But then I realized that nothing worthwhile will ever come without some degree of difficulty. Be encouraged, you are doing GREAT work. I love your blog, and your FB posts, etc.

  20. says

    You are speaking my language writing this. I was actually thinking the EXACT thing yesterday…how I want to get back to just creating to create instead of creating for numbers and worrying about advertising and campaigns. It can suck the life out of you and turn something that was once FUN into something that isn’t so much anymore. Blogging is very competitive whether we try to make it to be or not. Yes, we’re a community, but you can’t help but feel left out when you’re overlooked for a campaign or left out of a group giveaway and it’s just silly. There are milions of us out there and it’s hard to stand out these days. I found myself wondering at what point I was going to say enough is enough with blogging. When I’m going to call it quits and just create for ME. But I love the opportunities I’ve been given blogging and the people I have met. All in all…it’s hard. There’s no good answer. And you just have to rise above it and do what’s best for you! :) good luck!

  21. says

    You can only do what feels right for you, I have the same problem with the rose colored glasses…and I tend to take things too personally, so I understand exactly where you’re coming from!

    I will continue to read your blog despite any sponsored posts, mainly because I enjoy reading your posts, AND you don’t *only* post sponsored posts..besides, I might see something really coll that I didn’t know existed thanks to a sponsored post ;)

  22. says

    I’ve been blogging just over a year and find it to be a rollercoaster of emotions for me…can’t quite get the traffic, then get comments and features that bring me back up again. And the FB thing is frustrating all around. Yep, I think I live in your rose colored glasses world too. There are things that happen that feel like a sucker punch to the gut. I’ve decided to stick with it and try to blind myself from numbers, etc., but it’s hard, cause it’s always there. Anyhow, I guess if it gets to the point of less joy and more angst, then I need to stop. But for now, I’m trying to ignore the yuck and enjoy the joy I got from it in the first place. Thanks for speaking your mind. It helps knowing that others are riding the rollercoaster with me. Best wishes to you!

  23. says

    Awe! I found your blog and am totally inspired by you ! Don’t let others get to you – I know it’s easier said than done, I do it!! UGH!! Just keep doing what your doing and know that there are MORE out here that think only the best!! The rest doesn’t matter! Have a Happy New Year, and I’m so so excited to follow you and get to know you more this year!! Thank you for sharing your heart and it helps me to know I’m not alone or a freak! HAHA!!

  24. Jami says

    Keep you glasses on. Do what you do, and do what you love. Don’t let the ‘haters’ in this world steal your sunshine. They are just jealous. And NEVER, EVER, EVER let someone make you feel bad for keeping your family safe and fed! That’s what we are all struggling to do! And we all have to do it the way we can! Keep looking forward, ignore the negative and remember that God has you!

  25. says

    First ((((Hugs)))) to you. I don’t blame you for wanting to keep your glasses on, it’s a much nicer place to be. I do it too as often as possible.
    2nd, I love your blog, and I do get your newsfeed on Facebook :)
    And finally, I can release. While I am a very small blog, I have also recently discovered how the blogging community is like junior high… Always a popularity contest :( it’s sad that some great content goes overlooked because the poster is t part of the “cool kids crowd” sometimes.

    Anyways, I hole that you are out of your funk soon, and I commend you for posting your feelings on it.
    Beat wishes!!

  26. says

    And this is why I still follow your blog. You have always been real and honest which is very refreshing. I’m not sure why people feel the need to care about what others are doing or are not doing on their blogs. Keep you head up. You are not a wuss.

  27. says

    I love you Stacy!!! I prefer rose colored glasses too but unfortunately after being burned in the blogging community before, I always have my guard up. It kind of annoys me that I’m like that now. But, I have to say that I do feel different about this year. I can absolutely 100% now say that I do not care what others are doing and want to do stuff to my house because I want to do the stuff. I am genuinely happy for others and the opportunities they get. If we let that jealous bug get to us it will destroy us. I know that every opportunity that comes my way is from God. Anyway, I do NOT look at other bloggers stats, much less try and figure out if they have GA installed more than once. And the person who was doing that should be ashamed!

    You are AWESOME and your readers love you.

  28. says

    I read your blog but never comment (I’m a professional lurker) but wanted to comment on this post and say thank your for being honest. I love honesty in bloggers. I’ve been blogging for two years next month and my blog has grown and become something I never imagined. It’s now a job…a wonderful job where I can do what I love, stay at home with my boys, and make some extra money. BUT, I totally agree that growing is scary. Growing puts you out there, and the more out there you are the more critics you are going to have. It’s inevitable. I’m sure people have said plenty of terrible things about me, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter. It sucks, yes, but as long as you you know that you are doing the right thing and doing your best then you can be at peace. I saw that GA thread you are talking about, I checked mine but never thought about going around checking on other peoples. Who cares? Anyway, mine was on there twice to with some sort of cloudfareish thing that I don’t understand, so I’m a horrible lying blogger right there with you :)

  29. says

    I can relate to your blogging funk, Stacy. I feel like I’ve been in a blogging funk for more than a month now. Although my blog is just a hobby right now… going on several years, and my funk is more because every time I am inspired to write posts, my life dictates not sitting down to write them. I want to set aside an hour or two a day to write, work on projects, but this season of my life must be more dedicated to wiping noses, bottoms, laundry and school runs. You are my favorite blogger because you help keep the dream alive that someday when I have a little more time and a bit more in the way of funds, I will be able to accomplish my list of projects and maybe even blog about them. In the mean time, I love your honest approach and though you see through rose colored glasses, you aren’t afraid to be blunt and share when things aren’t always rosy. I truly feel that I have gotten to know you through your blog and often refer to you as my “blogger friend, Stacy”. Please hang in there and know that we who faithfully read your blog because we love it {and you} so, will stay faithful and seek to support you. I honestly think you have encountered so many blogging trials, because you have a great blog with amazing content that others either want to steal or squelch. I know that may not be comforting so I am praying for God to give you grace and a rubber skin to let the criticism and junk thrown at you, bounce off.

    PS: I too miss seeing your facebook posts more often, but I love them when I do see them!

  30. says

    I think no matter where you go, where you work, or what you do, there will always be some negative aspects that we do not like. Keep doing what you love and sharing what you do. No reason to let a few bad apples ruin something you have worked hard at and clearly enjoy!! Of course, I’m a wee blog and no one cares what I do, so I suppose that is easy for me to say ;) I really try to be drama free though. Who has time for all that nonsense?

    Wishing you a Happy New Year ~ Shannon

  31. says

    You are definitely not the last one without a fb for their blog. My one year blogiversary is this month and I have yet to make a fb for it and I don’t do the twitter thing either. I like to stay connected with my readers (who are mostly other bloggers too) and choose to do that through reading their blogs as well instead of spending even more time on facebook and twitter.

  32. says

    Love your heart & honesty!! I think you are amazing for sharing & giving all you do!! Never let someone else’s negativity put you in a funk- easier said than done. I think I’m needing to hear that for myself!!

  33. says

    Hi Stacy.
    I follow you through Facebook and I see all of your posts because I added you to my “Lists”. I saw several other bloggers mention the problem of followers not being able to see their posts. In case you don’t already know this….To fix that, encourage your followers to add you to their lists. It’s realy easy. Hover over the ‘Liked’ button and a drop down menu will appear. Click on ‘Add to List’. You can either add to an already existing list or create a new list. I don’t have any problems getting feed from any of my ‘liked’ friends now.
    As for the issue over analytics. I wasn’t even aware that it was possible to see this on other people’s blogs. I think that it’s horrible that someone else would just assume that you were aware of it and were doing it on purpose. I have a small blog and am only days away from my 1 yr mark. I don’t do tech stuff and I’m really confused by the whole advertising/sponsor thing. I would really like to start making money from my blog because I’m out of work, 50 yrs old, and having a really hard time finding work. I wasn’t aware that the blog world could be so dark and mean (I guess I’m wearing rose colored glasses too?).
    I wish you luck in overcomming your funk and I hope you find a way to brush off the mean blog demons. You seem like such a nice person and you don’t deserve to be the target of this nonsense.

  34. says

    Happy New Year, Stacy! You are so brave to write this and put it out there. I often think that a lot of those big lofty goals you read everywhere are really masking many people’s true fears about blogging. It makes me sad that there are people out there who insist on being critical and synical vs. taking someone’s blog/work for face value.

    I hope you know that you have a lot of readers that adore you and, frankly, wouldn’t care if you somehow figured out how to add Google Analytics 12 times! :) We’re hear to read what you have to share whether it be a grand room reveal or an honest post about the reality of you like this one.

  35. Lori Choman says

    Stacy….what my comment was supposed to mean (maybe I need more coffee or more bacon or more sleep) was THANK YOU for stopping me before I jumped off the ledge! I will keep blogging (or start again after I get my website reworked). But thank you for giving sharing the Dark Side of it all.

  36. says

    So sorry my cute friend. I think we all feel the same way sometimes. And dang, who wants to re-live Jr. High? Certainly not me! Hang in there. :)

  37. says

    I must admit I have felt the same too. I stopped blogging personally for quite a while but I am just building it back up as self hosted. I must admit I don’t like facebook much now for my blog but I can see Google + really taking over. Please carry on I can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2013.

  38. Amy says

    One way to overcome your funk is by going back to day one reviewing what you set out to do, what you have accomplished and the effect your work has had on your readers. Re-read your own posts, re-read the comments one-by-one and page by page. Revisit your original goals, hopes & dreams for your blog. Are you proud of the work you’ve done? Are you on the path to reaching success in our own mind & spirit? If not, you do have some more soul searching to do. If so, then move forward with what you know in your heart to be honest and true and reclaim your joy!

    The Internet is a big place and it is exploding – and in many cases imploding. The general public has no idea what kind of work it takes to stay current (such as you are finding out with blogging). What’s more, it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there for everyone to see & judge. Consider any famous person or superstar. What if every move you made, every misstep, every exaggeration or lie was plastered on the news, the internet, everywhere you look? Choose someone you admire who you think has successfully gained balance between their work, public persona and their own happiness in life. Some names that come to mind – Jacqueline/Caroline/John F Kennedy, Jr., Pat Summit, Dick Clark, Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Bill Cosby, Mary Kay Ash, Ann Landers/Abigail Van Buren, Susan Sarandon, Barbara Walters to name few. Ask yourself “how do THEY do it?” “What traits do these people have in common?” Research your own heroes and find out.

    And finally, if you really do hate it, quit. Find another way to earn a little money and make you happy. You had enough courage & ambition to start one chain of events leading to success, YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN.

  39. says

    I tried to get into real estate about 10 years ago (haha, that required more of a shell than I had!). Our broker once told us that he liked when people called his office complaining about agents soliciting and leaving fliers at their homes….. it meant that we were out there doing our jobs! Its the same thing here, there are always going to be people who bristle at your success. It just means that you are successful! Just keep doing what you are doing and be like the actors who never read reviews about themselves…just forget them.

  40. says

    I love your “looking at life through rose colored glasses comment, because that is ME! I have a embroidery business that I am perfectly content with and people are always pushing me to do more, and I like it where I am. One of the things that I am being told to do is blog, and I don’t want to. I wish you well and keep doing what YOU want to do. Good luck.

  41. says

    I think rose colored glasses look fabulous on you. I have a pair and wear them quite a bit. Personally I think everyone should own a pair. I do know you need to somehow wrangle this fear of success because, my friend, you are sure to be wonderfully successful. And I will be here to cheer you on (and kick anyone’s a** who gives you a hard time).

  42. Angie M says

    No matter what your profession those that can’t be successful on their own, won’t focus on their own issues but on someone else’s. Do what you need to do, what feels right for you and your family and don’t let the naysayers get you funky. They do it because they are unhappy and heaven help them to eventually see they are their own reason for it.

  43. says

    Bravo to you for writing so honestly. I am a new blogger and I didn’t set out on this path to make friends or big money…I do it for the sheer joy I get from completing projects and having this blog makes me accountable for getting them done. I think you need to follow your heart and do what’s best for yourself and your family. I hope I never experience the mean side of blogging

  44. Robin says

    Whenever you feel like posting, I will be right here to read it. Absolutely LOVE your blog and I think it is such a shame that some folks in the blogging world are simply mean spirited. It feels like life should be fun and simple when you’re a good person and live your life in a good way, but, as we all know, sometimes life just isn’t fair. It’s so many small things that accumulate in our lives and suddenly, one more thing is just enough to push us over the edge. Keep smiling and remember…this too shall pass.


  45. says

    Awww Stacy, it is so hard for me to hear you say these things. Mainly because you are a strong woman and I’m sorry to hear that some of this negativity has eeked it’s way under your skin. Keep your chin up and your glasses on. ;-D

  46. says

    Like you, I go through life with rose colored glasses and I like it just fine. I don’t need to know that the world isn’t pretty and people are mean. I have come across other blogs where people have a from the heart about how much it hurts when someone makes a mean comment. I teach middle school and unfortunately, middle school behavior just continues into adulthood.
    What I counsel all of my students is to try to understand that the mean person is just trying to bring you down and only you can let that happen. Hopefully you can ignore the few mean comments and notice how many more positive comments there are.

    Today is my first visit to your blog and I have to say your title is what made me click on it.

    Hope the funk blows away!

  47. says

    The important thing to remember is that this is your blog and you can run it any way you like. It’s a free form creative forum; your’s to design and manage. I’m sure advertisers are not fooled by anyone manipulating their stats and have no idea why anyone would care if you do. I did not begin to blog to get into arguments or compete with other bloggers. Mine is intended to be a conversation, like the ones I have with my girlfriends around the kitchen table. Do I wear rose coloured glasses? Absolutely!

  48. Linda says

    I know nothing about how the Blogworld works at all. I just subscribe to some I enjoy and read, hoping to get some good ideas, projects, recipes, etc. Keep those rose-colored glasses on! Along with your honesty, thin-skin, talent, skills, God has made you the way He wanted, and He has given you work to do. Please take heart in His promises and from all those who you touch in positive ways!

  49. says

    It took me about 2 months of blogging to regress from age 53 to 13 and it hit me like a ton of bricks. this – my first- year of blogging has been very enlightening – and not always in a good way. But I have pushed through. I totally feel your pain. I made a conscious decision to JUST BLOG with my only goal being 3 posts a week for 2012. I almost made it, but not without many steps forward and backward emotionally. Hopefully those things didn’t come across too loudly on my blog. Another thing I figured out pretty quickly is that many bloggers were no different than the people I worked with daily in the real world. Some of the fabulous successful bloggers (and not so successful ones as well) are great people and some of them are not. I try to remain cautiously optimistic about them and try not to have a very thin skin. It is too easy to be paranoid and read things in to things that happen out there in “the cloud”… I try to remind myself that just as it is in my face to face world, things just don’t revolve around me and generally not much is “about me.” And lastly I try to keep in mind that I’m not responsible for the way other people act – even when it hurts me. I’m only responsible for MY actions. Anyway, obviously you hit a nerve with me (and others) and I thank you for listening! May the coming year be all you dream it to be and more!

  50. says

    Don’t give any of that negativity your energy. If someone says something about you and it doesn’t fit…don’t wear it. Let it go. Right over your shoulder. Doesn’t that feel better? We know your integrity.

  51. says

    Maybe it’s because I’m a rose-colored glasses myself, but I hope I took your post as intended; that for the most part we bloggers, as a whole, are decent people who like and support one another. Negatives would throw me into a tailspin! Obviously, I don’t think you’re a wuss, Take care of you!! I’ve been forced to do that, but I’m such a small blog, I doubt many noticed, lol, and that’s fine with me. Who knows what tomorrow brings?

  52. Kristy Cirillo says

    Love you Stacey! I comment you know from here and there and I feel like I could talk to you about anything.
    I live in rose colored glasses too and I learned this year that when something happens that you just can’t find an answer to, be honest. The weight on your shoulders and heart can be lifted with honesty and you have done that! xoxoxox Your smile is contagious keep smiling! Kristy

  53. says

    You, my sweet blogger friend, are one of the FIRST blogs I ever read…thus sending me into a spiral of DIY, crafts, eye for design and beauty without spending bajillions of $$…also, it has helped me to release by blogging myself. You are great. End of story. And i can’t wait to keep reading EACH.and.EVERY post from here on out ( like I have since I first came across your little bloggy world).

    Blessings, friend. You have influence more than you know.

  54. Cath says

    Reading through a few comments, including the one where the commenter mentioned her former job and the nonsense she had to put up with, reminded me of my last full-time job and the nonsense I had to put up with there. I quit because I couldn’t stand it. Kinda dumb of me to walk away from a job that paid probably more than I’ll ever make again, and it was right when the economy tanked, so I couldn’t just sashay out and snag a new job. But, oh my, I really could never go back to that place. Point being, the world is full of ugly people, whether you walk into an office to work, or work at home and put yourself out on the internet. At least you have quite a bit of control over your blog and the corner of the blogosphere you inhabit. It’s a great blog and you have wonderful ideas. Keep your eyes and heart focused on your mission, and ignore the ugly stuff. And enjoy those boys while you’ve got ’em!

  55. samantha says

    hey friend,

    thank you so much for sharing your honest feelings – i couldn’t agree more and support you 110%! sorry to hear about the blog issue, regarding whomever that person was snooping around. btw, i had no idea you could even do something so techy to see that a blogger has GA installed. geez!!! i’m totally behind the times!

    anyway, just wanted you to know i’m reading along with each post and i’m here to support you!

    samantha :-)

  56. Maureen says

    I used to blog, but never took it to the level of earning money so I didn’t have to worry about all this, and yet I STILL got pressure to blog more regularly, to change my content, etc. . . I don’t miss blogging, I enjoy being able to look at others blogs and not have to worry about all this other stuff. I realize that you need to earn money from the blog for your family, and I respect that, and I am sorry that it has to have such a down side to it.

    I love your blog, and I enjoy your posts. Please know that thinking the best of others will always be to your benefit in the long run, much better to go through life with rise colored glasses than to become cynical. Stay true to who you are!

    Hugs and support,

  57. Emily F says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, although I’ve never left a comment… Not because I didn’t want to… or because I didn’t like something you did.. or anything like that… I guess I”m just kind of shy in blogland. :) But… I wanted to say that you bloggers who document your success… your failures… your homes.. your activities.. your LIVES. You all are amazing. You put yourselves out there and that takes some strength and courage! I hate when people comment and say negative things. Yes.. people are entitled to their own opinion… but seriously – what is the point of putting a person down? Would they go over to a friends house and tell them how ugly their art was? How they hated their choice of cabinets??? Some people are just so rude and inconsiderate. I wish I could give those people a piece of my mind – and it’s not even me that they are referring to!!! So, I just wanted to let you know that I love being a part of your world for a few mintes. Keep on doin what you are doin! We love it! :) And, even though its hard, and 1 negative comment seems to stick with you for longer than multiple positivie ones – try and ignore the people who think it’s necessary to tear you down.

  58. says

    Hi Stacy

    I just stumbled across your blog. I am a new blogger in Western Australia where it is nowhere near as huge as it is in the US. I am enjoying it being a hobby but could totally relate to your comment about “not daring to dream big”. I don’t dare because I have no idea how to turn a blog into a big business. The US blog sites are so professional looking and are covered in Ads, Features, Buttons etc that it all becomes a bit daunting. I loved your raw honesty articulated in such a natural way. Well done to you. I will leave you with this great quote I read yesterday …
    “Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.”

  59. says

    I like Claudia’s comment about there always being “mean girls”. I have had to tell my 10-year-old daughter this…never had it come up with my son. Girls/women can just be mean…and petty…and jealous. I bet the whole comment stemmed from whoever the other blogger was being jealous. I would totally be upset too. I take everything to heart and am sensitive, tenderhearted, and worry about what others think about me. It sounds like you are a little like that too.

    Hold your head high and do what you love! I can’t wait to see the great things you do this year!


  60. says


    I really appreciate your honest words. I struggle to balance between being a wife, mom, homeschooler, stay healthy, and the other million things we ladies have to keep track of. Happy New Year to you, and I think if we are all honest, growing is scary! Thank you for being REAL :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  61. says

    Hi Stacy!!

    I think you are fabulous! I am like you, I just want to create pretty things and create and believe the best in people. It makes me sad that some people look for the bad in others. I think there is plenty of room in this blogging world for everyone to succeed and I think we need to pull together to help each other. I miss that about blogging lately, the sense of community.

    Thank you for writing this post. I have been feeling this way for a long time and I have been afraid to put it down in words. You are not alone. There are so many people that want you to succeed. I say let’s pull together and make 2013 awesome. We can do it!!

    Love ya!!


  62. says

    You have been one of my favorite blogs to follow because you are so down to earth and the work you do is beautiful. I have missed seeing your posts showing up in my news feed. I have followed your blog for a long time and I always thought that yours and many others were to large that you wouldn’t really care about what I had to say. Then I started a blog with my sisters and realized every comment is like a vote of confidence that what you are doing is worth while. Please keep up the great worth so many of us which we saw you in our news feed more.

  63. says

    Hi Stacy! I just started blogging 2 months and 3 days ago and already know the feeling of being Back At “Ridgely High” sort of speak, even though I want to think the blog community is open, warm and welcome, I’ve found out that sometimes, the “seats” are taken if you are not in the popular crowd…well you will have a harder time until graduation day! LOL…I love your blog and it’s people like you who keep me looking forward to be doing what I’m doing…babbling for fun but wishing deep inside to go and make it in blogland somehow. I am a SAHM on a single income so I know what you mean. On the other hand I agree with you! Our readers Rock! The few comments I get. REally make my day and are amazing and uplifting! Keep Blogging girl! we love ya!

  64. Elizabeth H says

    I love your blog, all posts, even if the post is about one of your sponsors. No way you could do anything wrong!!

  65. Dawn S says

    Stacy, you don’t have to live by only looking through rose-colored glasses. You can live while looking through God-vision. You see He knows exactly where you are, both physically, financially and funkily. He knows there is evil in this world. He knows how much evil you are exposed to. He is right there with you when you fight the evil and He wants you to put on His armor and let Him fight the evil. Just always remember that He has already won. You can do all things through Him who stregthens you. :-)

  66. says

    Stacy I absolutely love your blog and, like you, understand being in the “funk.” Take a break and get back to enjoying what your doing. Again, I think everything you do is absolutely wonderful and your posts (even though I may not comment a lot) inspire me to get creative and come up with something new and to me (if I was in your position) that would be the main idea for having a blog like this. Not the numbers and not the critics – who don’t really matter because they are probably just jealous of your awesomeness! ;)
    love you girl and keep up the good work!

  67. says

    (After reviewing this comment, I think I’m going to have to apologize in advance for the fact that I latched onto the technical aspects of this post, heh)

    The only thing worse than folks being sneaky and underhanded is when they’re being sneaky, underhanded, and *incorrect.* Unless you made some changes, I agree with your “computer guy” – I see only one google analytics (GA) call, and then the stuff that allows Cloudflare to make sure you have GA installed properly (it’s one of their features/apps). It sounds like there’s a lot of drama stemming from someone stranger’s total ignorance of how GA and Cloudflare work. It should be a rule on the Internet… if you don’t understand it, you’re not allowed to email someone’s friend to complain about it. :P

    (Though, if you’re not actually using Google Analytics at all, you should just remove it- it does add to your page load time. The extra load time is worth it if it’s your method of tracking, but if you’re using something else then there’s no reason to keep it! Maybe something to mention to your “computer guy” next time he does some work for you. Make sure to get both the code from your wordpress template, and also remove the GA app/support on Cloudflare’s end, otherwise Cloudflare will just stick it back in!)

    That was a lot of words to say that not only do I believe you, but that the actual facts say the person who was being mean was, in reality, revealing their total ignorance of the matter. I know that really doesn’t help your main problem – that there are mean people out there, and becoming more well-known exposes you to them – but it does provide a valuable lesson! Just keep being your honest, friendly, lovely self… because when it comes down to it, your critics don’t have a leg to stand on! They have to go make up falsities because there’s nothing actually bad to say about you~

    I recognize blog fatigue when I see it (not to mention the *social* fatigue that comes with dealing with this community), so I hope you know that you don’t have to feel bad about wanting to slow things down for a while! It’s better for you than trying to force a creative endeavor like blogging. Best of luck!

  68. says

    How precious that so many people support you! That’s what blogging is all about. Unfortunately, as an adoptive mom who blogs I’ve experienced some horrible hurtful things said about me, but i accept that it’s part of what I do. I, too, want the rose colored glasses but that’s not reality in this “business.” And it is a business. I pray you regain your enthusiasm and know that creating beauty is a gift from God, no matter how it’s shared.
    Marty@Marty’s Musings

  69. says

    Clearly we are all here for you. 75 comments at the time of my visit. How cool is that? A hard lesson I have learned this past decade is that I can not control the behavior of others. I can only control how I respond. This is what you are doing. Remember that this space, this sweet and wonderful space, you have created is yours – you control it. You make it work and we all appreciate that. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  70. says

    You are wonderful! I’m so glad that you are not giving up on blogging. Too many great blogs have been going down lately, it’s scary. I am the same way though. I play it safe because I’m scared. I’m glad you came out and said it :) Good luck in 2013, I love coming here!

  71. says

    I have to tell you Stacy, I had a friend who was VERY upset when she was approached with the same accusations about her Google Analytic…….. besides getting a life, these people need to learn some facts before they start making such accusations.

    I did a little research to find out if someone had GA code on their site 2+ times it would NOT report false results – only one code would report – and Google does not recommend putting more than one code (even linked to another GA account) on a site. BUT if you were to do that it would require hacking the code and it’s not an easy thing to do and may not work at all.

    just wanted to tell you that……..and glad you’re not giving up on blogging. The holidays can be so stressful on us, and I miss the old days of blogging for fun ….can I borrow those glasses? ;)

  72. says

    Stacy… I wish we could all muster up the courage to be this honest sometimes. I also had someone e-mail me about this silly google analytics thing and, honestly, I was very upset as well. What’s sad is that there was no truth to what they said about the numbers being skewed… it doesn’t change a thing. I’m not techy either… I’m learning that some people have way too much time on their hands and worry more about whats going on around them. All I want to do is spread some crafty, yummy, inspirational love. So, I put my blinders on and my ear plugs in ad do just that! {giggle} Keep doing what you do. HUGS!!!

  73. says

    What an honest, brave post, and I’m sorry to hear about your funk! I started my blog mainly as a way to document my home renovations, but I’d be lying if at times I don’t think it would be great to be getting lots of hits, comments, etc. I try to remind myself that negative attention comes with the positive, and like you, I just don’t know if my skin is thick enough for that.

    Whether out of jealousy, unhappiness or some other unknown reason, it’s unfortunate that, like they say, haters gonna hate! I say there’s nothing wrong with trying to stick with your rose-colored glasses and moving forward!

  74. says

    Love this — “I have been told by those close to me that I tend to go around with my rose colored glasses on. I know they meant it as a negative thing but I LIKE going around assuming everyone is doing and thinking good things. I like assuming the best of others. ” … So true of me, as well. My husband and I are opposite in this and I’m always telling him, “well maybe he such and such” or “you don’t actually KNOW that’s the case… that just COULD be the case…you don’t know what’s happening in their lives..” and so on. i think it’s a great trait to have… I’d rather look at the world through rose colored glasses than mud colored ones. As long as there’s some realistic views when it comes to the big things, it’s great. :)

    I’ve decided to start blogging this year and there’s definitely a part of me who wants people to read it, obviously… but there’s also the part who doesn’t want to endure criticisms from others, spoken or not. I told my friends, “I just don’t want to be judged!” My husband mentioned eventually blogging leading to advertising and money coming in and that idea alone scares me. I’m understanding every aspect of your post and I’ve only just begun in a much smaller way.

    Love your honesty. :)

  75. Kathy says

    I am at your site via Pinterest. I was looking for the pin that brought me here and came across this post instead. I can’t remember what I was here for, but this post caught my attention. I understand your blogging state of mind. When I started my blog 5 months ago I did so with much trepidation. I didn’t want to put myself out there. My only intention was to record things that were going on in my life; just the silly, day-to-day; cooking, decorating, family tree, home ownership, my favorite memories kinda thing. I have never “done” Facebook, I don’t tweet, link, stumble, google + (well, I may and just don’t know it). I don’t rss feed, whatever that is. I do this for ME. The internet is not a warm and fuzzy place. It is not a safe place. Just like in real life there are meanies out there looking to kill, steal, and destroy. It’s so easy to tear someone down. It’s so easy to be nasty and lash out at someone. Those accusing you of real or imagined crimes against a cyber society are just looking for a platform to beat their chests and tell the world of their self-righteousness. Don’t buy into it. A genuine breach or concern about activities on a blog can go through proper channels by contacting Google directly and letting them handle it. It doesn’t have to be handled by whispering and pointing and telling everyone but Google of their suspicions. The world is a big scary place because of attackers, but to allow poison arrows from an anonymous being to pierce you is to give away your power. This is YOUR blog. It works for YOU. YOU control IT, not the other way around. Delete the nasty and negative comments and read and reread the comments that have been left here. Wow. I really got myself worked up. Gird yourself up little lady. Go forth and conquer!