Details about the items in my family room

I have received so many emails and comments asking where the accessories, lighting, and other things in my family room came from. It is so much easier just to address it in a post so here we go!

 I have always adored pharmacy lamps.  I started searching online for one and all the ones I liked were from Then when I decided to get rid of the ceiling fan, I knew I needed a floor fan to replace it. I got on and googled “floor fan” and guess what? The one I fell in love with was also from They were kind enough to send them both to me for my family room makeover. The lamp is called the Robert Abbey Natural Brass Pharmacy  Desk Lamp. The fan is a 16″ Sutter Floor Fan. They both fit in so well with the feel of the room. My home was built in 1938 and I felt like these were perfect.

 IKEA!!! Oh how I love thee IKEA….. We have an IKEA store about 45 minutes from us. It is the Draper IKEA store and every time I tell my kids that we are going there they cheer :) They have gorgeous home decor items from traditional to modern, kids stuff, and yummy food. What more could you want??? Oh yeah, killer prices :) They have that too.

All the white flower pots/planters, the white frames (one I painted brass), my curtains, the baskets under my bench, the pitcher, and the blanket/throw all came from IKEA.

KALASA planter

KARDEMUMMA Flower pots


BYHOLMA baskets


LENDA curtains

Picture Frames



I discovered Joss and Main through blogging friends. I have been super happy with everything I have ordered from them. The things I ordered for the family room were this round wood frame (there were actually 2 in the pack) and this wreath. I also bought to live rosemary topiary plants that are on my fireplace.


 You know when you find exactly what you want and it is on SALE or CLEARANCE??? That happened to me twice and both items came from Pottery Barn. I checked and the light is not currently on sale but they do have lighting sales every once in a while so keep checking back. These Calhoun Pendant Lights were my big splurge for the room. I have never spent that much on a light before and I needed TWO of them! But I couldn’t find anything else that even came close so I bit the bullet and bought them since they were on sale. They were $115 each on sale.  The pillow was an outdoor pillow that was on clearance and is no longer available.

I just noticed the shade looks a little distorted in the bigger picture. It is not squatty like it seems.

On one of my very many trips to Target I spotted this fabulous lamp shade. I had originally planned on using an off white shade but when I saw this I knew it was made for my room!

One of the most asked questions was “What is the wall color?” I LOVE this paint color. It is the perfect yellow. It has enough tan in it that it does not come off too bright. In fact it acts as a neutral. But it is still clearly yellow. Perfection. It is called Shortbread and is from the Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot. I got it mixed in Behr Ultra interior satin.

My rug! I love this rug. My kids love this rug. We have spent more time on the rug than the couch since we unrolled it :) I still need to get a rug pad for it but it is so plush that even without it is is comfortable. The texture is awesome. It has some carpet strands that are matte and some are sort of shiny. It is subtle but makes it look so much more expensive than it really is. And speaking of price…. I bought it with a gift card and I cannot for the life of me find the receipt, but I know it was around $300 with tax. If you have ever shopped for a rug you know it is so hard to find big area rugs that don’t break the bank. I searched for two months online and was so stressed. Then while on one of my many Home Depot runs I decided to go see their rugs. In their “Special Order” section I found this (only available in store so there is no link, sorry)! The brand is Lambart and is a custom shag. The color is linen. The cool thing is they have custom patterns as well. You can have stripes, chevron, etc in any of the colors they have. So fun!

I think I covered it all (whew!) but if there is something you have a question about that I didn’t cover, please just leave a comment and I will get back to you :)



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  1. Maureen says


    I haven’t been around for a long time becuse life has been buzy slapping me across the face and I lost my list of bloggers that I like to read and follow. Yes I read enough that I have had to write it down. :) Anyhow, I read about your Secret Garden and love the idea. Two questions – 1. Are daisies your favorite flower? And, 2. have you thought about building a toad house to attract and keep toads in the garden? Technically I have three; Where did you get the basket for you wedding? I love that. Is it a DIY also? It looks like it could be. From my wedding I still have my bouquet. I made all the flower things from bouttonieres to decorations to bouquets.


  2. says

    Your room is so warm, cozy and stylish! Love it! So nice to know where folks pick up the things that make their homes “home.” I’ve never been to IKEA…crazy isn’t it! We have one 15 minutes away, gonna have to go check that place out!
    Hope you are having a happy Monday!

  3. says

    Everything is beautiful……. the lamp, the rug, the lamp shade, the plants and planters, everything is soooo pretty. Thank you so much for sharing where you purchased each item from and also the price. It really helps. I really hope your family enjoys lots of fun times in the room.


  4. says

    Has anybody else told you that they can’t get your pictures to load when they open your blog? I can’t see any of your wonderful pictures. They come out with a jumble of what is probably the top parts of the picture and then either nothing or a grey box in the rest of the space formatted for the picture. Help?

  5. says

    I am planning a trip to IKEA this week, and I just had to add a few more items to my “want list”. :)
    We just got a shag rug from Home Depot a few days ago. My kids can’t help themselves from rolling around on ours either. LOL! It is so soft and plush though, I can understand.

  6. says

    I’m so excited that they’re building an Ikea about 30 minutes from here… next year! (I can only imagine how huge my shopping list will be by that point.) Thanks for pointing out Lamps Plus — hadn’t heard of them, and just found the ceiling fan of my dreams!

  7. Angie says

    What a warm and wonderful room! I have been searching for the perfect shade of yellow for my family room. I literally have almost every yellow paint sample from everywhere! I think Shortbread is just what I was looking for. Thank you and great job.

  8. Lo says

    Hi I love the paint color and I love behr paint! Would you be able to tell me the formula they used for the color match?? My Home Depot does not do a great job matching Martha’s colors but your walls look great! Thanks!

  9. says

    Hi there. We are repainting our kitchen this weekend and I think I will try Shortbread! Thanks for sharing your info. Your living room looks beautiful!