It is a popular thing these days to pick a word to focus on during the year instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions. And I love that. I think that if you focus on one goal or idea at a time you have a better chance of being successful. I have done this for the last few years and though I have never posted about it before, I wanted to share my word for 2013. Wait a second you say? It is only the middle of December! I should get bonus points for being so on top of it right? :)

In the past some of my words have been RELAX, SIMPLIFY, and FOCUS.  I try to apply that word to all aspects of my life. But just because I focused on those words for the whole year does not mean I have mastered them. But It made me more aware of how I needed to better. It made me think about my choices and if they were helping me live that word.

This year I have picked :

I need to work on this not because I don’t like service or that I don’t already serve others but because I don’t focus on it enough. Sure, if someone comes up to me and tells me about a service opportunity I am all over it. But I am not out actively looking for ways to help all the time. I get so caught up in my life, in my kids’ lives and my husband’s life that I don’t often look outside of my little bubble. I get busy. I know a lot of people who have that talent. Yes, I believe it is a God given talent to be constantly compassionate and always looking outside yourself. I know many people who this comes easy to.

So even though I am willing to serve when someone hands me the opportunity, I need to work harder on looking for ways on my own.

So when I feel touched about a situation, instead of thinking “Oh that is so sad.” or “That poor, poor lady.” and then turning back to my busy life only to forget about,I am going to try to DO something. Because I think there is a reason that as woman we are emotional. We feel things so deeply so it will urge us to do something. And I want to be better about not letting good intentions or good thoughts go without acting on them.

I know I will not be perfect in this. But I can’t wait to fill this next year with even more service!

I am grateful for the chance to partner up with The Home Depot Foundation this year. It is one of the many times I was handed a chance to serve and said yes. And even though I did not come up with the idea, I loved every second of it. Because service is FUN. And service makes you feel good.

I love that the Home Depot Foundation focuses its time on helping military families. I have learned so much and my eyes have been opened. I do not have someone in my family who serves. I have learned it is a whole other culture with its own language. I have learned that not only do these brave women and men sacrifice their time and their safety, but then they return home and have to struggle because of he the things they have seen and the things that have happened to them. Even after they are done fighting, their sacrifice is not over. And their families sacrifice too.

I hope I have many other chances to help the Home Depot Foundation because I believe in what they are doing.

Here is a small video clip that summarizes my experiences this year.

This time of year is the best because everyone has that spirit of giving and serving. I look forward to experiencing that this season and getting my kids involved more too.

Do you pick a word to focus on? Do you think it helps you through out the year?

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  1. says

    My word this year was simplify. It was a hard thing to learn, and I hope to continue along that path. I have not yet decided on a word for 2013, but I like your service word. It is so fitting at Christmas and brings in that special spirit, but practicing and looking for ways to serve all year will infuse that same spirit throughout the year.

    • Stacy says

      Simplify was/is a hard one for me. My mom always said that most of the time it is easy to choose between good and bad things but it is a lot harder to choose between to good things. There are too many things I want to do!

  2. Marie says

    I love your word! 2 years ago my word was “today” and I am choosing it again for 2013. I still put off way too many things until tomorrow. So many opportunities have passed me by, and too many things have been left unfinished. So that’s going to be my focus for the coming year.