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My favorite thing about blogging is that I get to know so many new people. I get to know you through linky parties, comments, emails, and Facebook. I get to meet other bloggers at conferences and other events. I have so many people that get me and love the same things I do.

One of the people I have gotten to know is the fabulous and very sweet Marian….. (or as most people know her)….. Miss Mustard Seed :)

Her talent is off the charts. She can create something beautiful out of practically nothing. Everything she touches flourishes and becomes something truly amazing. She recently came out with a book called Inspired You: Letting God Breathe New Life Into Your Heart and Home. Don’t you just love that title?

If you are familiar with her blog, then you already know she has incredible photography skills. I could drool over her pictures all dang day. This book is no different. It is stunning! It is one of those books that you want to keep on your side table or coffee table.

In the book she walks you through how to create a chalkboard, an upholstered headboard, a slip cover, painting with chalk paint & milk paint, and so MUCH MORE.

My all time favorite quote in the whole book has got to be this (I am sure it is a favorite of many since it resonates with how so many people feel):

“It’s not about big budgets and magazine-quality perfection: it’s about making the best of what you have and finding contentment despite what you don’t. It’s not about keeping up with the hottest trends, style setters, or the neighbors; it’s about creating a space that feels inviting, is functional for your family and shows off the style and interests of the people who live there.”

I am happy to say that I get to giveaway not one, but TWO of Marian’s books!!!

Let’s keep this simple and to enter just leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite room in your house is and why :)

*This giveaway ends on December 2nd.The winner will be chosen by and announced on December 3rd. Must be 18 years or older*


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  1. says

    This is a great giveaway – thank you! I suppose my favorite room in the my house is my living room – although small, it is cozy and where we gather. We have a beautioful blue-stone fireplace as well which we greatly enjoy in the winter months, too. Thanks again!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  2. says

    My son’s nursery is my favorite. I’ve spent the most time in there; painting and building to make it a visually interesting space for him.

  3. terrie m says

    Thanks for the giveaway!!
    I love my kitchen. I get to make treats, dinner and entertain through my kitchen. It’s my favorite!!

  4. Emily Knight says

    My favorite room is definitely the kitchen. I absolutely love to cook. About six months ago I met an amazing man who loves to be in the kitchen with me. :) We spend a great deal of quality time in the kitchen planning and preparing meals. It is definitely the heart of our home.

  5. Ellen Casper says

    My favorite room in my house is my family room. It’s painted a buttery yellow with blue and white accents and pine furniture. Really comfy and cozy!

  6. Rose S. says

    What a great giveaway! Since this is a new house for us, we are trying to figure out our favorite room….all our furniture is just an ok fit and it seems like everything feels a bit disjointed. So far, it is a little bedroom that we use as a den that seems the coziest.

  7. birgit says

    i am not sure if you’d send the book to Austria too, but be sure – it will be used and needed as i am currently moving to a new flat.
    so i can’t tell which room is my favorit one, but when i think about what i am about to do in my new rooms, i guess the sleeping room will be my favorite :-)


  8. Margaret says

    Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite room in the house is the kitchen. It’s nice to congregate in there while cooking and eating or just to hang out and talk. Lots of fun, all the time!

  9. Lesa P says

    My favorite room is the kitchen, especially when it is filled with wonderful smells, laughter from the Grandchildren and my beautiful daughters working beside me! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. says

    My favorite room is my sewing studio. It is where I live. I have the space to create and relax. It is not a pretty room – I have not gotten around to stripping off the ugly striped wallpaper or painting the ceiling, but the space is where I feel comfortable.

  11. says

    That is an easy one for me. With 3 walls of windows to allow beautiful light in the breakfast nook is my favorite room in the house- the tiniest and the favorite!

  12. Sarah says

    My favorite room is the bathroom, its really the only room i took time to decorate and I really love the way it turned out.

  13. Rhonda Miller says

    My daughter’s room. She’s my youngest of six and I really poured my heart into making her room beautiful and peaceful and uniquely her. — Marian has fabulous talent, and she’s sharing it as God wants her to do. I would love to win her book!

  14. says

    Hello, my favorite room in my house would be my kitchen because that is the room we are most in but sadly it is in dyer need of a remodle. I guess then my most favorite room is my livingroom because it is pretty much to my satisfaction. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  15. Carol H. says

    My living room is my favorite room right now…it’s where we spend all our time. This would be an awesome book to browse through! Thanks for the chance!

  16. says

    What gorgeous pictures! My favorite room is definitely our living room. I spent the entire summer making over the space. Lots of crafting, sewing and searching for the perfect pieces to bring it all together.

  17. says

    I love my master bedroom, I try to always keep it clean so that I can have a calm, nurturing place for me and my husband to run away to each night.

  18. Jo says

    My living/family room area is my favorite — a wall of windows with natural light, a sweet cross breeze in the spring and summer, sunset yellow walls, my neighbors trees and wooded area behind the house. Very peaceful — even with four lively kiddos!

  19. Linda Owens says

    I think my favorite room is my family room. We can visit with family and look at photos and watch the baby play. Great family time.

  20. Jean whitaker says

    The kitchen has to be my favorite room–the heart of our home–where we gather not only to cook and eat–but solve lifes problems, fix the world, take care of one another in so many ways—-would love to win 1 of the books—thanks

  21. kelly thompson says

    fave room would have to be the living room or the bedroom cause I am there with my husband and 2 year old twins all the time and I feel like I can rest and relax with my loving family!

  22. says

    My favorite room is the living room – it is comfy & cozy & there is a wood fire burning and the whole family cozys up and the end of the day to share what happened.

  23. SalBug says

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love my kitchen. L_O_V_E it. It’s large but cozy, bright but warm, and has everything I need.

  24. kathy adams says

  25. brenda says

    our favorite room is a smaller bedroom we have decided to use for a den. it is where we have conversations, watch movies, tv and wher I have the recliner that has become my office since having surgery that has left me unable to sit in a coventional chair for any period of time. I am quite thankful for this room.

  26. Kelsey Lubben says

    I have 2 favorite rooms. My kitchen because it is a place where the family gathers every day without fail. Some of my best memories happened in my kitchen. I also love my bedroom which is my retreat when things aren’t so happy. :-)

  27. Diana Allen says

    I just moved into an older house that needs a lot of work and I’m up for the task!! My favorite room is my living room because it has a lot of windows and is bright and cheery. I would love to gain further inspiration from Marian’s book. Thanks for the great opportunity!!!

  28. says

    It’s got to be the kitchen. I spend so much time there cooking for the family, sitting at the in kitchen table with my kiddos playing and talking. It’s just the most social part of our house.

  29. Maryssa Lewis says

    My favorite room in my home has to be my kithen! My favorite thing to do is cook. I love making meals for the ones I love! It is very important to me. That is why the kitchen has to be my favorite :)

  30. Sandy says

    I would have to say my favorite room in my house is the bathroom. I have a big garden tub and it is where I can go and soak away the stress of self employment and the worries of the day.

  31. Tammi Mitchell says

    The kitchen is my favorite room because I create in there. I can experiment, making new recipes,meals,desserts. By the time family comes home,the house smells like a 5 star restaurant! To me,the kitchen is the heart of the home. We talk in there, kids run around in there, fabulous food is created in there and yes, a few burnt offerings are made in there,too. My kitchen is to be warm, bright,welcoming for all.

  32. says

    My favourite room in our home is probably our living room/kitchen. It’s where we all gather at the end of the day, have supper, read stories, play games, say our prayers, & make many memories.

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

  33. says

    My favorite room, despite the fact it’s not even been painted since the 80s and it u.g.l.y., is my bedroom. My allergies are awful this year and for the first time in >20 years of having poodles, something on them from outside is making it hard for me to breathe. Most of the time I can keep them out of there, hence, I breathe easier. Boring reason for the fave room being the bedroom, I know, :-).

  34. Sheree Griffin says

    My fav room right now is my living area. Earlier this year, I found my DREAM sofa on craigslist and just recently rearranged and I LOVE how it makes the room feel. Very intimate. Over time, I have learned to wait until I find a piece that I absolutely fall in love with and go with it. This is our families home and it should be our sanctuary even if it never graces the pages of a magazine or even a blog.

  35. Ginger says

    My favorite room is my bedroom because it is beautiful and comfortable and a quiet place to rest at the end of the day when all five of my kiddoes are tucked in bed!

  36. Danita Courtney says

    My favorite room in my home is my guest room. The why is so simple! It is always ready and inviting for when friends can come for a much needed get away AND it’s like taking a little trip back in time! The walls are painted sage green and are so soothing. The art that compliments the room are all meaningful to my family. The 1930’s art deco furniture that belonged to my husband’s grandmother is in perfect condition and only needs dusting before guests arrive. A landline 1930’s phone sits atop the tall bureau. Many of the matching pieces, like the dressing table, seat and vanity mirror I could only dream about purchasing; I could never afford it today. A citrus soy candle has been our signature scent in the room for 5 years now and even when we open the door we feel rejuvenated. Sometimes when we are struggling with a difficult loss, we will sleep in that lovely room and wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated to cope with life.
    Surroundings can and do make us all feel better! Little things that we can do to change our living arrangements for the better can make the world of difference in how we feel! We deserve to surround all those we love–including ourselves with beauty that captivities as many of our scenes as possible! Even a simple picture of a flower can lift our spirits and lighten our load. It makes us happy again!
    Thank you Stacy!

  37. Andrea says

    My favorite room is my daughter’s nursery. It was able to use my creativity to make it really special. I made artwork, quilts, and painted it my favorite color.

  38. Jill says

    The best room in my home is our great room. Adjacent to the kitchen, it is a room where our family and guests flow to. Announcements big and small, celebrations, late night chats with large goblets of wine all are shared in the great room. If the walls there could talk they would say one word – LOVE! And I love this room dearly!

  39. says

    I would love to win this book by Miss Mustard Seed-it’s true, she is so talented with furniture and I’ve admired everything I’ve seen her do. My favorite room of the house is probably my living room because it’s the room where family and friends can gather to relax and connect. I have worked hard on making it beautiful and relaxing.

  40. Coco says

    Our master bedroom is currently my favorite room in my house. We recently painted it a soft grey that makes it a soothing refuge. Ahhh…

  41. Polly Hada says

    Well, since we need a remodel in the kitchen, family room and powder room I guess my favorite room would have to be the living room. Years ago we painted vertical stripes around the entire room using a sheet of 8.5×11 notebook paper as the stripe width size. The two colors matched the entry wallpaper. Still looks good after many, many years. This book sounds fabulous. And thank you for introducing me to another great blog.

  42. Lori Lockwood says

    My kitchen is my favorite room. You can see into the family room where there is sometimes a fire going. Everyone gathers in my kitchen. Small or large groups it doesn’t matter.

  43. says

    My favorite room is the family room. From there, I can look out in three directions to see our flower beds and watch the cats as they go about their day. When it’s snowing in the winter, I feel like I’m in a little cocoon of warmth, curled up on the couch with a good book and one of the inside cats napping beside me. Thank you for the giveaway!

  44. Jessica says

    I would LOVE to win a copy. My favorite room is my kitchen mainly because we’ve recently gutted it and completely remodeled it from the studs up so this room has 100% our fingerprint on it and it feels like “mine” I haven’t been able to really claim the other rooms yet. ALSO, not that it matters of course because its random, dec 2 is my 30th wouldn’t that be neat!

  45. says

    What a great giveaway! My favorite room in our home is our kitchen. It is a place to prepare food, gather family and friends, and sit solo at the counter with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

  46. says

    I love Marian’s work- I’ve followed her for a few years now. My favorite room is the living room because it’s the one place that is always clean! Most of my limited home decor budget has been spent in that room so it has more “stuff I like” in it too.

  47. Gina Bean says

    I would say my favorite room is our basement family room. We have a nice, big, comfy sectional and tv because that is the room we spend the most time in.

  48. Yvonne Johnson says

    My favorite room in our ‘temporary’ quarters, while our new home is being built, has got to be the family room. It’s the one room that truly feels like home… it’s comfortable, filled with light, warm by the hearth and the one room we all enjoy as a family.

  49. Nou says

    Kitchen. This is where we all congregate and where the memories are made; from cooking big turkey day meals to making breakfast and cookies with the little ones.

  50. Renee says

    My favorite room is our living room. We don’t have a separate family room, so this is where we gather to play games, cuddle with the kids and have most of our family time.

  51. Angie G says

    My favorite room is my daughter’s because that is where me and the kids snuggle up with books together and read for hours.

  52. says

    Such a fun giveaway! Let me think…I guess it would be my dining room. It’s not exactly what I want it to be but I waited so long to have a house with one! Now that I have a formal dining room, I’m really loving it!

  53. says

    My favorite room in my house is my bedroom. Not because it’s the prettiest(on the to do list), but because it’s where my family tends to congregate when we watch TV together…all on the big king sized bed. My children are all grown, but they still will come over and nap in mom’s bed and my granddaughter loves to cuddle up with Gramma & Buppa when she visits. To me, memories make the room.

  54. says

    I can’t wait to check out this book! My favorite room is my living room (then my bedroom is second). My living room is the largest room in the house and its where we all hang out, entertain company, its my impromptu guest room and I am almost happy with how it is set up ;-)

  55. Christina says

    My favorite is my daughters nursery – we poured our hearts into decorating that room and it still makes me smile every time I walk in there. Wish I could channel that same love and energy to the whole house!

  56. says

    My favorite room is the living room. It has great big windows that overlook the pond. It also has a fireplace with an over sized chair beside it. That’s where I snuggle up with my dogs.

  57. Megan says

    Well, I just moved in my place and I have a six month old. :) needless to say everything isn’t done yet.. So far my favorite place is my daughter’s room. Its decorated and organizedvthe most. on the biggest wall there is a tree, with owls on the branches, flowers all over and a few animals. there are butterflies hanging front the ceiling and I also have a sun/moon tapestery hanging above her crib. and a colorful squiggly lamp by the glider. she absolutely loves it all! she talks to her room all she time! its the cutest thing in the whole world. I never knew I could care so much about someone until I had her. she’s the best thing I’ve got and Im going to do my best to make her life as wonderful as possible! :D this book would help me out a lot currently, Im ready to get crafty but I need a little help! thank you for this opportunity!!! whoever you chose will be grateful Im sure!!
    yours truly,
    Megan aka new disorganized momma! lol :)

  58. Lynda Lamon says

    My favorite room is my kitchen. I love to cook and bake for my family. It is a very creative endeavor for me to work in my kitchen surrounded by things that belonged to my grandmothers. I feel their company there. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of Marion’s lovely books! Huge fan of hers and yours!!

  59. Kim says

    My favorite room would have to be our living room, where we spend most of our time as a family. Thanks for the chance to win one of Marion’s beautiful books!

  60. says

    My favorite room would probably be my little daughter’s nursery. I spent LOTS of time getting it ready for her including painting a tree mural on the wall, and she loves being in there and looking at everything. And that makes me happy, too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Katie Epperson says

    My favorite room in my house is the kitchen. I mean, it’s where I spend 95% of my time, so why shouldn’t it be my fav?! It’s where everyone gathers. It’s where I prepared meals for my family. It’s where my kids do their homework, and crafts. It’s where memories are being made…. together! I would love to add this book to my collection!!! :)

  62. says

    How generous of you! I found your blog from Miss Mustard Seed herself. I Love love love all of her projects and her paint is supreme!

    Right now my favorite room in the house is the kitchen. We are in the process of moving though and so most of our treasures are packed up and waiting to move. :) I am looking forward to implementing new design and new treasures in our new home 2500 miles away! Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday ;)

    <3 thank you!

  63. Nikki says

    All my rooms are a work in progress on a very small budget. So I take my time thrifting and craiglisting. Right now my favorite room is my living room. I just found a great wool tufted rug for a fraction of the original cost on Craigslist!

  64. says

    My favorite room in my house is my living room…it is comfortable and it is where my family hangs out. We have a family room but it seems we all congregate in the living room of my 1901 farmhouse. With 6 children we can really be hard on things but the living room has stood the test of time and still looks good.

  65. says

    It’s hard to choose, but if I have to have a favorite I think it would be my son’s room that I added on a couple of years ago. I built it all by myself in a week. It’s small, tight and so cute. He loves it and it was budget friendly. It reminds me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Lisa~

  66. says

    My favorite room in our house (right now) is our den/family room. It is where we spend the most of our time. We have a wood burning stove that we light a fire in each night (now that the weather is getting colder). Our ‘comfy’ furniture is in this room. You know the kind, that you can just flop down on and snuggle into and truly relax. We have throw blankets everywhere, lots of seating, etc…I am loving the ‘coziness’ that this room offers us.

    Thanks for the give-away opportunity. I have actually ordered one for my twin sister for Christmas but I would love this book for myself also.

  67. says

    My favorite room in the house is the master bedroom. A couple of years ago we got the chance to give it a makeover and now it’s a restful, pretty haven that I love spending time in – beyond just sleeping!

  68. Cindy Lynn says

    My favorite room is the bonus room which is our family room. It is large but cozy. It’s where I get to craft & it just feels warm & inviting! I would love to win MMS’s book! Thank you for the opportunity! :)

  69. Elizabetty Sarajane Booth says

    My favorite room in our house is my bedroom. It is a haven! Beautiful, serene and peaceful. Just a wonderful place to be and enjoy. Much thought and work involved, but well worth it.

  70. Lisa Flinders says

    I like my bonus room — I’m the most productive there and feel it can stay just a little cluttered; it shows I am doing something worthwhile.

  71. Mary Jane says

    My favorite room in my house is my bedroom. It’s large and bright and even though I’ve l ived in my house for 20 years, I fell in love with it only last summer, when I had both of my hips replaced. It was a comfortable place to spend a few weeks.

  72. Dorothy says

    My favorite room right now is the kitchen because it is the most complete and is such a dramatic change from when we started. We have been remodeling the house since I bought it. The kitchen has hardwood floors that my son and I laid, white cabinets that were dark brown (we kept the frames and had new shaker-style doors made), butcher block counter tops and bead-board backsplash that came from the barn that was on the property when I bought the house. It is cute and cottage-y but really did not cost a lot compared to the huge transformation that we ended up with.

  73. Nancy Crane says

    My favorite room is the living room…in the early morning, the sun shines in the windows and I love the way it enhances the look and warmth of the room with my orange/red color scheme and the warm wood tones on the wood…just makes me feel cozy; make a fire; curl up on the sofa and read a book! Thanks!

  74. Angela Hansen says

    Definitely my diningroom! It’s not fancy at all but it’s where our family meets to enjoy a little food and a lot of laughs.

  75. Janet Howse says

    My favorite room is my kitchen. It’s simple with white shaker cabinets and granite counters. The eating area has a nice bay window with a bench inside of it for sitting and reading my cookbooks. Great place to relax with a cup of tea.

  76. Gail E says

    My favorite room right now is our living room –so comfy and cozy! It would be the perfect place to relax and read Marian’s new book!

  77. Michelle Robertson says

    My favorite room in my house right now is my bedroom. It is the perfect color of Tiffany Box Blue. So soothing!

  78. Lorene Halfmann says

    This is my first time to visit your blog, but I will be back! My favorite room HAS to be my kitchen; as the mother of 4 boys as well, (now grown) I have spent a LOT of time there! And I garden and preserve fruits and veggies, too.

  79. Marcie Stevens says

    My favorite room is my kitchen. I love to cook and bake, and love spending time with my kids teaching them how to.

  80. Sydney Langford says

    My favorite room is the living room! I love coming home in the evenings and watching my 2 kids play together. It is even better now that we spent the evening decorating the house for Christmas- my youngest (1) is in awe of the Christmas Tree.

  81. says

    My favorite room is my sewing room. My husband and I redesigned it a couple of years ago and it is a joy to be in now. It’s a sunny happy room and it’s all mine!

  82. Susan says

    My favorite room is the first room I see when I get up and the last place I see when I close my eyes….”my bedroom…my sanctuary”

  83. Debbie Sullivan says

    I think my favorite room is our sunroom. It is warm and cozy in there and I am surrounded by all the things I love . . . family pictures and my favorite collections. It also overlooks our back yard which the deer roam! Thank you for the opportunity!

    Debbie S.

  84. Janet Smith says

    My kitchen. It is warm and the center for my family. I can look out the windows and see the birds and squirrels eating and playing.

  85. kathy hanson says

    My favorite room in my house is my son’s bedroom. It’s very sunny and painted a pretty blue. It’s just a warm and happy place.

  86. Elmina Tilley says

    My dining room is my favorite room. It has furniture I inherited from a dear family member. It brings back many fond memories while we are creating new ones.

  87. says

    We love our large master bedroom. Soothing pale greens, a bed made to jump on and lovely French slipper chairs make it comfortable with touches of romantic elegance. Our girls love to hang out there too. We all enjoy the quiet as we read.

  88. paige says

    can’t wait to read about her ideas…my favorite room is our family room… it is the one place our family is all together!!!

  89. Priscilla says

    My favorite place is the kitchen, because that is because most of the time my family gathers and it feels very cozy.

  90. Pamela Christopher says

    Everyone loves our kitchen and so do I. Meals are prepared as my husband reads the Bible. Love surrounds and abounds from the kitchen as our family visits. It is a necessary room,yet a room where teaching, sharing, and loving our family happens daily.I would love to have Miss Mustard Seed’s books .

  91. Teri Fisher says

    My favorite room in our home is our living room! We have a small home, but our living room is cozy, comfortable and our favorite place to gather. Above our media center we have long branches of curly willow entertwined with little white lights that illuminate the branches gracefully suspended from the ceiling! I follow her blog and have implemented many of her techniques in my home projects! Hope I win :)

  92. Christine says

    The kitchen in the house we just moved into. It’s cozy and cute, very light bright and homey. We love to cook we spend quite a bit of time here. I’m trying to decorate the house to make it even more cozy and warm and need ideas! Thank you!

  93. says

    My favorite room is our new master bath. It is everything I dreamed of all those years sharing our tiny, 70’s style horrible one with both my husband and two little boys. My new one is spacious and so beautiful… I can’t believe it’s mine!

  94. Aimie says

    My favorite room in our home is our living room/family room. It’s literally and figuratively the heart of our home! With 4 children and 2 dogs and my husband and I all living under the same 2300 sq ft roof, this room sees a lot of activity and serves as our sanctuary from the rest of the world! In this room we read together, play together, pray together and everything in between!

  95. Marti says

    My favorite room is the kitchen, to me it’s the Heart of the home, where not only meals are shared but also “Our Story’s” are shared. About our days, our weeks, upcoming events and just what is going on with everyone. It’s also my time alone early in the morning when all is quiet, and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and looking out the window waiting for everything out there to wake up. :)