Heirloom White Cabinet

I have been working hard on my family room update. I would love to have it done before Thanksgiving so I can take pictures for the reveal before I decorate for Christmas. Fingers crossed that can happen!

Here is the latest project for my family room.


A long time ago I built two cabinets for extra storage. I painted one red and heavily distressed it. I built another one and painted it blue for my boys.

The red one was in my family room. But I did not want to paint it because I ADORE it and want to put it in another room later on.  So I put it in the boys room and painted the blue one instead.


I wanted to paint it white and then sand it to distress it. But I did not want the blue paint to show when I sanded. So I painted it dark brown first, then painted it white. I used a very fine grit sandpaper (220) to sand it in certain places to make it look old and worn.


Now that it is done and in place I can’t wait to start hanging things on the wall above it!



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  1. Heart and Haven says

    Looks good! Great idea of painting the dark brown undercoat to allow for the distressing.
    I have a small dresser I use in the living room as an end table I’m about to refinish. I finally selected & bought the paint color to use (bright yellow: Dunn Edwards, Lemon Punch). But still deciding if I’m going to distress it, glaze over top, or just paint modern update. So many choices! I am eyeing some cute orb decorative pull I might add to it! :-)

  2. says

    Beautiful!!! Great job as usual! You always go the extra mile, such as painting it brown so that the blue wont show through, and I love the heirloom white!