Family Pictures {And A Special Deal For YOU}

Family pictures…. ahhhh. Some people love getting them done and others, not so much. The hardest part for me is choosing what we will all wear. I am fashion challenged. For several years in a row we all wore white t-shirts and blue jeans. I kid you not. But after we know what we will wear, I actually kind of look forward to getting pictures taken.

I LOVE when kids go through that awkwardly forced smile phase. It cracks me up! My sweet 5 year old is such a rule follower. If you tell him to smile he does……..times 10 :)

And huge props to our photographer who was able to get my very wiggly 2 year old to not only hold still enough for solo pics but also for capturing his precious crooked smile.

Speaking of our photographer, I HAVE to do a HUGE shout out to Angela. Be prepared to be impressed.

Angela McAllister has a BFA in Photography and worked for a professional studio for 4 years. While at school (because she rocks) she received the Award of Excellence in Photography. Now she chooses to stay at  home with her girls and runs her own photography business, Angela McAllister Photography.

Here are some of the many INCREDIBLE  pictures she has taken:

(totally not related to this post but… don’t you wish you had her lips?)

I love to have hugging sibling pictures on my wall at home. I look at them as my kids are fighting and think “They really do love each other. I have proof.”

I told Angela I was going to write this post and she offered my readers a deal. She is all booked up for the rest of the year but if you want to do a session (bridal, engagements, newborn, family, etc) in 2013 she will give you 10% off your session if you like her Facebook page and tell her I sent you :) If you are interested I would suggest liking her page now and that will help you remember. Or am I the only one who gets busy and forgets practically everything??? No? Just me!?

Angela is in Utah but she sometimes travels. You can contact her for more information.

I can’t wait to hang these in my family room! And I may or may not have coordinated our outfits to match the decor……. (Please tell me you do that too and I don’t sound super OCD) :)

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  1. Pam the Goatherd says

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Your boys look sooooo much like their Daddy!
    It would never occur to me to have my family’s outfits match the decor of the room where I was going to hang the portrait. But then again it didn’t occur to me to have our outfits even match each other in the ONE time we had our family portrait professionally done! I’m kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type person about some things evidently, which is ironic when I think about it because I am a major over-planner about so many things in my life! Our most recent family picture was taken by the waitress at the restaurant where we had one final dinner together before our daughter took off for a year in London attending grad school. It was just a fluke that I happened to remember to take my camera along…

  2. says

    Gorgeous family pics, what a beautiful family you have…and all the kids are clean and smiling…and look like they want to be there…great timing!

  3. Eva Stephen says

    Stacy! What a beautiful family you have. I like your hair style. Along with the photographer you should also have mentioned your stylist. :)

    Stay blessed.