The Handbuilt Home {Giveaway}

My sweet friend Ana White has written a book that includes her beautiful furniture plans. I know how hard she has worked on it and how HAPPY she is to have it published :) So I am excited to share it with you and to have a giveaway so one of you can win one for yourself!

I got my copy in the mail a little while ago and it is STUNNING. The photography takes my breath away and makes me want to build everything in there.

Ana is on a book tour right now. And guess what! She is coming to MY area :) So all you Utah peeps listen up. She will be here on MONDAY (as in tomorrow). Here are the details:

I am going to try my best to be there. I fly out EARLY the next morning to go to another Home Depot service project. So if you go come find me. I would love to say “hi” and hug the crap out of you!


Just leave a comment :) That’s it!

*You must live in the US

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  1. Michelle Luke says

    We built my son’s bed with Ana’s plans! We LOVE it! Saved so much money! I look forward to seeing her book!

  2. says

    I love her stuff! I made a play kitchen set for my daughter with her plans, and felt like a superstar that could do anything :D Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Dana says

    I love Ana White’s work. I’ve built a few of her projects and recommended them to many! My son just finished the farm bed for his home. I’d be delighted to own a book by Ana White.

  4. says

    Oh my gosh, I want her book so bad! Her blog was one of the very first that I started reading and my hubby and I have built several things off her plans. She’s genius, I tell ya!
    Thanks for a shot at the title!

  5. Dj says

    I love her designs. I haunt her website constantly in search of ideas. I am finally getting ready to move in to my very own house and this book would be awesome in creating new furnishings!

  6. Geneva says

    Love you and Ana! Both of you are very inspiring to me! Would love to have her book and am excited about my first project!!!

  7. Hydrangeas and Harmony says

    Cool giveaway! I love her plans and projects though we’ve yet to actually complete any of them. :)

  8. says

    I love Ana’s projects! It’s great that she isn’t afraid to dive into a project and can build anything. I’d love to win her book – thanks for the chance.

  9. Lynda Vernia says

    Love the green console table. I would never have thought it would be possible to actually make something like that!! Would love to win this book so I could learn how!

  10. Jerri C. TN says

    Oh I love Ana White furniture. The desk I use for my classroom is one my husband built using Ana’s plans.

  11. Zolane says

    I’ve long admired Ana’s ability to create great furniture at a fraction of the price of retail. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!

  12. Lindsey says

    When I saw this post I excitedly told my husband about it and we were both very excited. I have always wanted to learn how to build my own furniture!!! We are so poor and buying furniture is just not in our budget. Ana seems very talented, I’d love to have this book.

  13. Cheryl says

    I would love to win this book for my daughter and son-in-law. They just bought their first home and would really appreciate it! Thank you for this chance to win this great book!

  14. Diana Allen says

    I have just started trying to build some furniture and this book would help me immensely. Thanks so much for the chance to win this book!!

  15. Jeanette says

    This would be a wonderful book to have. I have admired her work on her blog and on others who built items from her plans.

  16. Colleen Grewenow says

    I absolutely love do-it-yourself projects. Especially if it saves a buck! I’m looking for some inspiration and this book would fit the ticket!

  17. says

    Anna does Amazing stuff.
    Does her book contain 34 projects, or as it reads 34 projects for every room? Oops, I am guessing that it has already gone to print and is now too late to fix that one.

  18. Diana Serpa says

    I would LOVE to win this book. I actually have visited her web site and was super impressed. And I have power tools on my Christmas wish list.

  19. says

    That book and Ana’s website too, BTW, are beyond awesome. Thanks for doing a giveaway. I’m in CT so you can’t hug the crap out of me in UT, LOL. Though there’d be an equally strong hug back. Have fun with the project with Home Depot.

  20. Katie says

    I’ve been so excited to see her book! I have built a train table/coffee table for my son using her plans. I’m sure the book has plans that Are so amazing. Please pick me!!!

  21. Rachel says

    She is very talented. Imagine the printer ink I’ll save now that there’s a book and I don’t have to print everything I love. I’m going to put this on my xmas list for my husband, right next to a new table saw (since I don’t have one). LOL. Maybe he’ll know I’m serious now!

  22. Amy Hoyt says

    Would love to win this book, but even if I don’t, I’m still gonna be checking it out. Thanks for having such a great blog! You truly do inspire me to get moving with my projects.

  23. Lakya Turner says

    I am new to the Blogging world, but I LOVE it. I would love to win Ana’s Book! I am so Inspired to make my house into a better Home! :)

  24. Jo says

    My dad is a carpenter who just retired and moved to my town. Would love to enjoy this book to beautify my home and keep my dad busy with some projects while in retirement!

  25. Karrie says

    I love Ana White! I have built several things from her website and they turned out great. Would love to win this book.

  26. Nancy Morrison says

    Love Ana White! Her plans make me feel like one day I will actually be able to build something beautiful. I love the picture of the entry table. Maybe that will be my future project!

  27. Nicole says

    I’ve convinced my husband to build me the furniture I need (want) instead of buying it…this would be PERFECT! Thanks for the chance!

  28. SIsterchic says

    I am very inspired by Ana White’s plans and how clear the directions really are in making some of her projects. Thanks Stacy for featuring Ana’s book.

  29. Karin says

    Me! Me! Me! Would totally love this. I so desperately want to finally stop being a chicken and make something of my own.

  30. Jusa says

    Wait, what? A woman using tools? And she’s super pretty and feminine and everything? What’s up with that?
    After just spending three days with my mother who thinks a woman’s hands should never touch tools, it is a relief to see The Handbuilt Home written by a woman. You go, girl!