Do Good With Wood {Minwax}

I love service. I love hearing stories in the news of people giving of their time and talents to help others. In my opinion it is a huge part of why we are on this earth. Unfortunately we do not hear enough about the good going on in the world on the news. It seems they focus on the negative.

I found out about something  cool and I wanted to let you know about it. Minwax wants to reward those who use their wood working talent to help their community.

“For generations, Americans have enjoyed working with wood to improve their lives and those of others, whether they’re refinishing furniture for families in need, creating and finishing wooden toys or crafts to raise money for the PTA or local sports team, or building a wheelchair ramp for a school or bookcases for a library. For the last twenty years, Minwax® has encouraged their efforts with the Community Craftsman Award, which bestowed grants on projects as diverse as an after school wood finishing jobs training program and a guild program to design and build beds for handicapped children.


 Now, Do Good With Wood expands on that program by recognizing the very different ways in which people express themselves by working with wood. In fact, the new award program is open to virtually anyone who has been involved in a wood finishing project, through school woodshop classes, clubs, guilds, parent organizations, DIY groups, craft or hobby groups, or on their own. The First Prize is a cash grant of $5,000 plus a workshop with wood finishing expert Bruce Johnson and a supply of products valued at $1,000.  The Second Prize is a $2,000 cash grant along with a supply of Minwax® products.”

So if you or someone you know has been giving of your time and wood working talents to better the lives of others, you can fill out a form either online or  send it in the mail.

To enter a project, visit or send a project description and photo to Minwax® Do Good With Wood Award, c/o Brushfire, Inc., 2 Wing Drive, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927. Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2012.

Isn’t that awesome!?!


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