Checking for Lead Paint {3M DIY Safety}

Lets chat about lead paint.  As I am sure most of you know, lead was used in some paints in the US until 1978. It is harmful if the paint chips are eaten or if the dust is inhaled. It is particularly dangerous to young children (they are always putting things in their mouth!) and pregnant women. (for more details about lead paint visit the EPA’s website)

When we moved into our home that was built in 1938 lead paint was a concern for us. We had our home tested by a professional and there was luckily no amount of lead detected. But when you buy old pieces of furniture that you would like to refinish, antique toys to display, or other old items, you don’t want to pay a professional to test them every time.

{Sneak peek of my project}

Here is a short video on how you can test for lead paint……



Since my frame tested positive for lead, I cleaned it with damp paper towels, I primed it with an oil based primer and then spray painted it with Rustoluem X2 in Heirloom White.

We just got new family pictures and I can’t wait to see how they look in this *new* frame!!!

You also get a sneak peek of my new paint color! I love it :)

Here is a link showing all the places you can but the Lead Check tests:

3m also offers a ton of other safety gear. Make sure any time you tackle a DIY project that you are using the right safety gear for the job. For more project ideas and safety tips you can visit their DIY website,

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This is a sponsored post in behalf of 3M. The thoughts and opinions are all mine.

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  1. says

    Hi, I have a kitchen dresser already restored waiting for doors and handles and another waiting for coat of paint. I have been held up because I cannot get replica handles/latches for the doors. What I need is the same as you have on this cupboard in the picture. Can anyone help me with a supplier contact plz.

  2. says

    I hadn’t heard about the 3M test kit before! I’m totally going to get one. We live in a really old house and I’m sure it’s full of dangerous things, particularly lead paint. We’re just getting ready to re-do a room, so I think I better check it out!. I love your frame by the way. Super cute!

  3. says

    I like to do upcycling projects and this is such an important step when working with old “junk”. I used this before sanding down some old doors for a project. Even though I THOUGHT the paint was newer, I just needed to be sure. This is a great tip!

  4. says

    I always thought you had to hire some professional to test. It’s so awesome that you can do it at home with this kit. You know all the rad stuff. This is why I like you.

  5. Eva Stephen says

    Really very informative share. Now for the next time, when to test vintage piece, there would e no need to call professional.