Show Me What Ya Got #93

I have not done a DIY project in forever ( you know, like a whole WEEK!) unless you count canning a year supply of salsa. It is killing me. I need to work on something! Or at least look at something YOU have worked on :)

I can’t wait to see what you have done. I was late looking through the links last week but I did look through them. You guys have some amazing talent and some awesome photography skills. Just when I think I can not get any more impressed, you wow me again!

Here are my post from last week (Keep in mind I was traveling so I am sorry there are only two!) in case you missed them.


“Rescuing One To Rescue Another” {Celebration of Service}

I Love Fall!


*No esty shops, giveaways, or things for sale

*It must be your own work

*Link back to me in some way


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  1. says

    i think i made up for your lack of projects by making and posting a pillow every day last week! i usually only do 1-2 posts a week so on top of watching my 2 little ones and trying to get some furniture finished for a show this weekend…I was crazily crafting! thanks for hosting another great party!