Dining Room Update {French Country}

I posted awhile back that I was wanting to do a mini makeover on my dining room. I had never really liked it before.  The decor needed a little update.

Here is my *new* French Country Dining Room!

Here are the before pics in case you don’t remember……

This corner shelf was a wedding present from my mom. I had seen it in a little shop and fell in love but my small college budget couldn’t afford it. My mom knew how much I loved old barn wood and surprised me with it after I got engaged. It was the first piece of furniture my husband and I owned :)

I filled the corner shelf with things I love.

Oh my word I love this mirror! I bought it at Home Goods for only $24.00! It started out a distressed black. But I thought It would look better sprayed Heirloom White. I attached barn wood to my wall and then hung the mirror on the old wood. I love to mix old and new.

I am so happy with how it turned out. I wish I had a wide angle lens so I could get back even further. It goes so well with the kitchen right across from it. The curtains have made a huge difference too. I had blinds before and was nervous to take them down because they functioned so well. But I LOVE the filtered light from the curtains and the privacy. We open them a lot too. I am so happy with them I am taking the blongds down in my family room too and putting up these same curtains. They are from IKEA and are called LENDA.

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  1. says

    I have this same mirror, which I also spray painted heirloom white except I got mine at Walmart! Love your style! Might have to add distressed wood above my mantle behind my mirror too! Great job!

  2. says

    Looks great! I just took the blinds down in my living room & kitchen, and I just have curtains up. Love it! Plus you don’t have to dust the blinds anymore. :)

  3. Amy says

    It looks beautiful Stacy! I love the mirror and the corner shelf! The white curtains have the cottage feel and they look romantic too (date night with lots of candles on the table, and of course chocolate!)

  4. Felicia Mathis says

    Very nice! I love how just a few changes can totally change the feel of the room. I love the mixture of the rough cut wood into your space!!!

  5. says

    Wow what a difference! When I saw the before photo I thought, what is not to like about this room? Then I saw the after and I was surprised and delighted with the difference. It looked good before and now it looks great! I will have to remember the difference between good and great. Thanks for sharing.

  6. says

    Very nice room….either way. You must have some special kind of patience to checkerboard paint a ceiling! It looks great, but I just can’t imagine doing it. Sheers instead of blinds–huge improvement, small change really. You’ve got the designer eye!

  7. says

    Love all the barnwood you added to the room! And I have to admire the painted ceiling (even though that wasn’t part of the changes this time). I just finished painting floors and CAN NOT even imagine what painting a ceiling was like!!

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  9. says

    Decorating on a budget DEFINITELY makes you more creative! I never considered myself a decorator because I always thought my things weren’t all that pretty. However, taking inspiration from people and learning how to put objects together to make it aesthetically pleasing has really opened my eyes to how great my things really ARE! Thanks for the inspiration!