Show Me What Ya Got #89

It was a slow week for me. We got a sick bug at our house and took turns feeling yucky. Aside from cleaning and doing yard work I did not accomplish much. I have so many projects started (or about to be started) and I am OVER THE MOON super excited about them. But I have to work slowly because of money (or lack there of). So when there is enough progress to give you an update I will show you. But lets just say I have 4 rooms getting worked on with a possible 5th!

So until then, I will gladly look over your finished projects :)

Here are my posts from this past week in case you missed it:

I wrote an UPDATE post on my most popular post: Mason Jar Planter

Dried Herbs (as gifts)

And I explained about why I truncated my feed


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    Darn money! Always tripping up the remodeling schedule ;) Sure hope everyone is feeling better and nice and healthy. No fun being sick. The plants are looking great, that was such a cute idea. Take care, thanks for hosting – Shannon

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    Hi Stacey. I already linked up once, but I know you are looking for Paleo recipes, and I just posted a new Paleo dessert for Paleo No Bake Cookies. I wanted to make sure you seen it. :) Have a great night!