Being a mother is amazing. Being a mother is hard. Motherhood is an honor I thank my Heavenly Father for daily. So anytime I see negativity towards mothers or motherhood in general it makes me terribly sad. I am not sure if you remember my picture that got stolen awhile back of me and my kids at the store. I wrote about it in a post simply called “Stuff“.

Well, it happened again.

Another picture of me with my children (again staged) was stolen and a caption added and plastered all over FaceBook. (sheesh, why can’t one of my projects get that much attention?)

This is the picture they took:

And the post it was from also had this picture:

The post was called “Mixed Emotions” and was all about how I am so torn when my kids go back to school and how they themselves are torn. I LOVE having my kids home with me and it is hard to let them go each year. But I am excited to have a routine again.

I like the idea of homeschooling. My very best friend homeschoools her kids and I have such respect for her. I have even considered doing it myself. But after a lot of thought, prayer and discussion I feel like sending my kids to school outside of our home is the best option for us. My kids thrive and are happy there.

I didn’t take those comments personally. The comments on the first picture and the comments on the second picture were both horrendous. I cried when I read them but not because I felt attacked personally. They don’t know me. It could have been anyone in that picture and they would have attacked regardless. I cried because of the judgmental comments being thrown in both directions. I cried because it pained me to see women tearing other women down. I am a good mom. Are there things I could do better and improve on? You bet. A ton. But I try my best. I get up every morning and pray that I will do better than yesterday. I have a fantastic relationship with my kids. They tell me everything. We are very open. We say we love each other a dozen or more times a day and hug the crap out of each other all day long. I do activities and crafts with them all the time. I let them help with my DIY projects so they feel included and important. I choose to blog at night when they are sleeping so I am not in front of the computer all day. My kids are my whole world.

Just because we all have different schedules and ways of doing things does not make one right over the other. Me choosing to have 4 kids does not make me crazy. I should not have someone ask me if I know what a condom is. I should not have to explain myself to anyone. If I send them to school I should not have to defend myself. And neither should you. If you home school I applaud you. You have a special ability that I do not.

I love you guys and your support. I wish everyone had the supportive community we have here. I hope some good can come from the ugliness. Maybe someone on Facebook will have a light bulb moment and reflect on what they want to teach their children by the example they set. Are we teaching our children tolerance and love? Are we building each other up? We don’t have to agree on everything. We don’t have to all do things the same way. But we should all treat each other with respect.

 Now back to the whole “motherhood is hard” part. It is. And sometimes the only way to get through it is humor. I do not fault anyone who thought my pictures were funny. That is how I intended them to be. All the pictures mention in this post were staged and meant as a lighthearted look into motherhood. I love the funny sayings and cartoons that are out there. They are funny because they are true. But when it gets twisted and motherhood is pictured as something negative it breaks my heart.

I have learned a lesson too. I will not be posting fun posts about me and my kids. Although meant for you and in fun, they are being stolen and taken out of context.

I hope this post did not come off as preachy or anything. I just feel so passionate about being a mother and a woman. And I feel strongly that we are meant to lift each other, serve each other, and help each other along in this life. I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week :)

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  1. says

    WOW so sorry this has happened to you. I have heard of people “stealing” others graphic designs but not people’s pictures and to be mean too 8( Not cool….

    Your blog rocks, you rock – dont let em get you down….make your haters your motivators1

    Peace to your day!

  2. says

    I never cease to be amazed at the anger that abounds on the internet. If I have a different opinion I keep it to myself because it’s not my responsibility to attack and hope to “change” someone else’s. As an adoptive mom who writes transparently (but nowhere near the “real” truth) I know what it’s like to be attacked and there have been times I wanted to take my blog down. But God is blessing it and I’m going to work on having a thicker skin and trust God when it hurts. I love the internet and the connections and knowledge to be gained from it, but it’s not God’s word and truth gets skewed. Sorry you had such a bad experience.I think your blog rocks!

  3. says

    It takes a twisted person to steal an image and then make it into something bad. I mean really! I am so sorry that this has happened to you! It sounds like you are trying to make the best of it! You rock, and so does your blog! **hugs** Keep doing what you do because I truly enjoy the work you put into it!

  4. says

    I’m so sorry that happened to you! I guess it’s not even the topic that attracts those thieves, it’s the possibility of taking stuff for free and the lack of possibilities of doing something about that. People pass judgement about other aspects as well – but I guess it feels worse when it’s about personal stuff than when they judge my crappy DIY project. Just think of all those mean things on pinterest – taking crappy photos and turning them into a meme.
    Just ignore it and don’t take it personally!
    xo Anja

  5. says

    I am really sorry to hear that this happened to you…especially more than once! I think it is ridiculous that anyone would think it is ok to steal the photo to begin with but, then, to add snarky or mean comments and allow others to do the same is just wrong. I love your blog and love coming here to read and see what is going on in your life both DIY/Craft wise and family wise.
    You are complete right too…being a mother is the best thing in the world but it is also the hardest thing! I think it is awful that some women are so unsupportive of others and would rather criticize or write harsh things about another woman/mom versus trying to support her.

  6. says

    Those pictues are AWESOME! Are you kiddinng me? Especiallly the first one. I am not saying you are…but there is NOTHING wrong with being happy the school year is starting. I can’t wait for mine to go back. I love them but it is HARD being a mom, and those nine hours a week (preschool) are a wonderful break. I may steal your idea and take that picture myself, because I am not afaid to say YEAH! SCHOOL IS BACK!

  7. says

    I am so sorry that happened to you!! That is so wrong. Stolen projects are bad enough, but to take personal photos is unbelievable!!! I love your awesome blog! Thank you for hosting! HUGS

  8. says

    I’m so sorry :( I don’t “know” you but I “know” that you’re an amazing mother! It is SO discouraging to see women tearing other women down!! It’s because of their own insecurities, but that doesn’t make it OK. I respect and admire your grace in this situation. I hope that you can get through this and don’t even give those silly people one more thought!!!

  9. says

    I’m so sorry this has happened to you again Stacy. I agree with you. Motherhood is an absolutely amazing thing. And though it can be really hard, it is worth it and such an honor. I also agree that as women we should be lifting each other up. Unfortunately I think the majority of the criticism aimed at women is FROM women. For some reason we seem to be so hard on each other. I think those that are not secure in their womanhood (it’s funny, we generally only talk about manhood) are the ones tearing other women down.
    And it totally sucks your pictures got stolen again. People are mean. I generally tend to ignore those memes on Pinterest and Facebook that have real pictures and then some sort of smart comment. I actually just figure the picture was stolen from someone and that they are someone’s personal picture and it makes me sad.
    Anyway, you rock!

  10. Christy says

    Your post is beautifully written and I completely agree with you that there is so much negativity surrounding us as mothers. It’s a shame that you can’t post a funny picture of your awesome kids without it being taken out of context. I think you are an amazing woman and I applaud you on your accomplishments! I don’t know what motivates people to be so mean and hurtful, I just don’t get it! So sorry you have to deal with people like that!

  11. says

    I’m so sorry, Stacey – that’s such a bummer! You just have to try to ignore it and move on, which is very difficult. No one can have a presence online without being vulnerable to whatever meanness someone might want to do. Here’s a great quote for you: “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.” Those of us who follow you know you’re a good person and Mom, and the rest don’t matter. I love the memories you are creating with your kids!

  12. says

    I am so sorry that you were under attack for this. I thought that both pictures were cute and as a Mom of two small children — with another due in 10 weeks — and a small business owner to boot I understand the sentiment you were trying to express. On one hand I’m excited to see my daughter off to kindergarten next week. Not only for the one-on-one time with my toddler and a small break from the sass of an opinionated five year old, but I want to see her flourish in the school environment. She thrives in it and it’s not something I can recreate for her within our home.

    Since I became a mother almost six years ago I’ve found that other women can be some of the most mean, judgmental people out there. You can’t win for trying with them; for no matter what you do someone will say something nasty. Most of the time I’ve discovered it boils down to some sort of jealousy or resentment because you have something they don’t. I’ve tried to let snarky remarks about my parenting skills/decisions roll off my back but it’s tough. I can’t imagine the extent of having it come through the internet on a scale you’ve experienced.

    I’m sorry these people have attacked you the way they have. There is no need for you to justify your mothering style here to us, we all believe you are doing a fantastic job! Try to not let those nasty people get to you. We think you are amazing!

  13. says

    Oh my gosh…not again!! Why can’t hey just leave you alone?! Don’t even doubt yourself as a mother, those people have nothing better to do. And, you know, those women don’t know whatta hell they are talking about because they probably have no children and will never understand.
    I was just thinking, your photos are so funny and great, I would hate to not see them again because of those who steal. Have you though of putting your watermark in the middle of the pictures, so they can’t be stolen?

  14. says

    i just wrote a post on hating to give my kids back to the schools. i love our summers together!

    im sorry so many people have a mean spirit and feel better about themselves when they rip another down. thats pretty darn sad dontcha think?
    anyway, i just found you through another blog friend and i am really glad i did- i love your photos and your ‘about me’. i linked up with a garden wall diy and read that you enjoy gardening-if you haven’t tried it i totally encourage you to do it, it has made me so happy to look at everyday. :) cant wait to come back and visit and link up again. Thanks so much!!

  15. says

    Those pictures made me smile because I think all moms can relate to having those emotions. You are an amazing mom and person. Keep up the great work you are doing and remember there are many positive things being said on your behalf.

  16. says

    Wow, that really sucks! I am so sorry you’re dealing with the haters! I love your blog and personally I found your pictures hilarious! It never ceases to amaze me how hateful and hurtful people with too much time on their hands can be. And really, that’s all it is, they’ve got too much time on their hands, and have low self esteem so they lash out at others. It’s really saddening to see it.

    You keep doing what you’re doing, (and post more pics of your kids if you feel like it!) and we’ll be there to support you. This little community of ours is so supportive and loving that we’ll beat the haters off for you.


  17. says

    Ugh, I can’t believe that! I mean, yes I can well and truly believe it happened, but it’s still awful. I am so incredibly thankful that our little (or not so little) DIY-decor blogging niche is so nice and kind and usually just the sweetest people ever. It’s the crossover with the more mainstream mommybloggers where I think feelings get hurt, which just sucks.

    You, and 99% of all other mothers out there are doing the very best you can, and excelling, that’s all we can ask for. Plus, thank goodness you are able to put the truth out there about having mixed emotions, I have them every day (my oldest started kindergarten yesterday, eek!)


  18. says

    I am still shaking my head that this happened yet again. And those comments? Horrific! How could anyone have the balls to attack another person’s beliefs about motherhood? That’s all we struggling moms need–less support. Thank you for your sense of humor, and if you must know, I’m all about the first photo. No mixed emotions here. ;)

  19. says

    I loved this post…especially the quote, which I am stealing to put on pinterest and possibly on every wall in my house. I have been reading your blog for awhile and love the things you write about. I love that as bloggers we have a forum to write the reality of life and the way we feel about it. Thanks for always being positive and honest in your posts. I hope you won’t be discouraged by that small minority of thoughtless people who feel like they need to drag other people down. You’re totally right, women need to support other women (especially other moms.) Thanks again for your amazing blog!

  20. says

    I am so sorry that you had your picture taken again and used completely out of context. It always amazes me how cruel women can be to one another. As moms (and women) we are all just doing the best we can with what we have got. Not every parent is meant to home school – I think it takes a special person to be able to be able to be a teacher. As parents we are all teachers, but making sure your child gets a quality education cannot always be done by everyone from home. And there are a ton of mixed emotions when your child goes off to school. I sent my oldest to kindergarten for the first time this year – I was proud, sad that he wouldn’t be home with me all day, excited to have some free time during nap time with my littlest, amazed at how fast the time has gone, scared that he would have a bad day or that I can’t be there to protect him. Those pictures you took captured all of that perfectly! Sorry you can’t post anymore fun pictures of you and your kids. I really enjoy seeing your perspective on life and motherhood! :)

  21. says

    AGAIN? I’m so sorry. I for one will miss these humorous posts and pictures from you. I will never understand women beating other women down, hang in there, you are an amazing person wife and mother, don’t let it get to you.
    Take care

  22. says

    Those pictures rock!!! I love it!!! next week is 1st day of school ever for our son, and for us! I am so anxious!!! Really it will look like your 2nd picture I imagine, since my son is really excited!!! ;)

  23. says

    My heart goes out to you Stacey. Having your work stolen is bad enough but people messing with your kids? No way. You’re very blessed to have such a faithful community who have your back! I’ve been wondering how bloggers feel about posting images of their kids. I started posting images on my niece/nephews but now I’m second guessing it. Sad that a few rotten apples ruin the whole bunch.

  24. says

    It’s funny, I bet a lot of women on Facebook were coming at that picture from a “feminist” perspective, but I would argue that real feminism is supporting other women’s choices even if they aren’t the same as yours. Female-bashing gets you nowhere, ladies.

    I’m sorry a couple of jerks had to ruin all the fun. I thought your pictures were funny. :-(

  25. says

    I am so sorry that your photo got stolen and commented on in a negative way. I go back and forth about posting pictures of my kids on my blog. I used to do it a lot but I don’t do it so much anymore. I’m very nervous about this type of thing happening.

  26. says

    I’m sorry that happened to you! I’m glad you are not taking it personally!
    It’s so sad how people (women) are so quick to judge…. :-(

    Sounds like you’re a great mom. Love the quote from Jill Churchill (pinned it…)

  27. says

    How awful that you’ve been treated this way! As a mom who homeschooled for 3 years before deciding my son would do better in public school, I’ve had plenty of experience being attacked by people who feel smug about their own decisions and compelled to condemn everyone who doesn’t share their views. Of particular interest is how many of these same people say they’re homeschooling because they either want their children to grow up with their religious views, or because they want to protect their children from being bullied… and yet they don’t see the irony in how they’re treating other moms.

    A good mom does what’s best for her kids. A good woman recognizes that’s ultimately what other moms are doing, too. A good person realizes it’s not our place to judge others.

    You’re a good person, a good woman and a FANTASTIC mom.

  28. says

    I am sorry someone stole your pictures. People can be selfish and heartless. I think your photos are great. I swear the pictures and your thoughts could be my family, except my three boys have the brown hair/eyes while I am blonde with blue eyes. Regardless, I wanted to thank you for your post. One of the great benefits of the blogging community is to help us realize we aren’t alone. Thankfully, nobody has asked me if I know what a condom is when I have my four kids with me. I don’t know how I’d react. Again, people can be selfish and heartless. Let me add closed-minded and judgemental to the list, but I’m so glad I found you and your blog. As writers, we open ourselves up to others, which can be risky, sadly, but I hope you can do your best to forget those awful comments and realize your writings are helpful, and I hope you will eventually feel comfortable enough to share more fun posts about your family because it sounds like you are a wonderful & loving mother (none of us are perfect), but I understand if you choose not to.

  29. GranBean says

    I think you need a group Hug!!!!! Hugs to you & your wonderful family! Narrow mined people have nothing better to do than bring one down with hurtful actions. Pick up your big girl bloomers( lol) & be proud that you are loved & cared for by many on your website. Keep your wonderful you alive! God bless!

  30. Amy says

    I’m so sorry about what happened. You are such an example to me, and always uplift and inspire me (and many many others). Thank you for sharing your light with all of us. You’re right, being kind and building others is a happy way to live. It’s a pity others don’t get that. Thank you for your blog, and I hope you feel better soon. :)

  31. Bridget says

    So sorry that the HATERS have struck again. But believe me, there are far more good people out here who “getx you & your sense of humor. I hope you don’t let the few out there who are unhappy with themselves & their own lives change the way you live yours. Or let them change anything about you, including the way you write your blog. I love hearing about & seeing pics of your kids. Please don’t stop. This is exactly what these mean hearted people want to accomplish – to bring someone else down to the level of misery they feel. Don’t let ’em win. Hugs!

  32. says

    I was shocked to read this post. I must be naive, because it never would have crossed my mind that someone would steal a family picture, much less write negative comments about it. I’m sorry that happened to you! Moms definitely need to stick together, not judge and tear each other apart.

  33. says

    I am so sorry this has happened to you. I just don’t understand how people can be so ugly to each other. Shame them by doing exactly what you want to do! Post what YOU want to post. Write what YOU want to write.

  34. says

    People are lame and mean. You are not one of those people. You make me laugh, but that is no secret. I don’t agree with publicly putting other people down for different mothering practices. I felt that from a few people when I had c-sections. Like I was less of a woman for it. It made me feel sad that certain people seemed to think less of me for a choice that was not mine.

  35. Jusa says

    So sorry to hear this happened again. You certainly don’t deserve it. All I can say is, ignore it all. Pray for the twisted people who are wallowing in such negative behavior because they must be miserable people. I hope you can build an emotional firewall and keep it all out of your head and heart. Keep on doing what you’re doing, because it’s wonderful, and I look forward to your posts. I know exactly how you feel in these two pictures because I always felt the same way. It was especially hard when my DS went to college. I cried and cried. Three months later he was home and I suddenly had to shift gears and fit him back into my daily routine. I realized I had learned to live without him being a daily part of my life. A little part of me was thinking, well I can get back to my routine when he leaves…. You can love having them home, and love having them in school at the same time. I agonized about the homeschooling bit, too, but never did it. Neither way is 100% the best way, but for us going to a traditional school was the better choice. You do have the freedom to do the really fun educational activities on weekends, and all summer, to supplement what they learn in school. Homeschooling involves a good bit of mundane drill and chill, out of necessity. When they come home from school, you’ll have your chores out of the way and you can give them your full attention.

  36. Marie says

    I’m sorry this is happening to you again. I went to one of the FB pages and was reading through the comments there. I didn’t get very far before I went away from the page. I admit that all of the fighting, name calling, judging, and negativity that was being thrown back and forth there was making me angry. It’s too easy for people to forget the basic rules of decency and respect when they are attacking from a keyboard. Anyway. Thanks for reminding us that we are here to build each other up and help each other along. That is what life is about.

  37. Maureen says

    It never ceases to amaze me the things people think are their business about other people. Honey, I don’t care if you have no children or 20, as long as you and your husband are okay with it, and the kids aren’t being mistreated, it is your right to have as many or as few as you want. You don’t owe me or anyone else an explanation for your choice of how you school your children either. Homeschool or regular school, that is your choice as their parent, not mine, to make. Motherhood is tough job on the very best of days, and to be attacking one another is so stupid. I am SO sorry you have gone through this and I hope you won’t take a bit of it to heart. Anyone who has the time or energy to spend this way isn’t worth worrying about. I know you and I have better things to spend our energy and talent on.

    As for stealing your content, it is beyond reprehensible! I know it happens, but I cannot imagine how someone can live with themselves for doing it. I always worry when I see people posting pictures of their kids, not because of the pictures being stolen (although now that is a worry too) but because of how easy it is to find people and for the safety of their children. However, I don’t think people who post pictures of their children are bad moms in ANY way! It is a sad world we live in that makes us have to think this way. I pray for us all!

    Please know you have lots of love and support out here in bloggyland and that we will keep reading and commenting (positively) whether you chose to share posts about the kids or not. Again, that is your choice and I respect your decisions as a mother and an adult.

    Wish I could make the meanness stop. Wish I could change all the bad people into good ones, but alas, I am human, so no such luck! Thanks for being honest about what you are going through and for letting us try to let you know how much we appreciate you and your blog!!


  38. says

    Amen, sister! I believe completely that we are here to support each other and help each other along the way. I didn’t see the negative posts about these photos and furthermore can not believe that they could be taken out of context. I, for one, do not believe in leaving making negative comments. If I don’t like something I move on. Period. I do know that there are a whole lot of people in this world that feel bad about themselves and they deal with it by taking it out on other people. God bless them. Sounds like what happened here. You are a great mom and you are loved! By your family and thousands of people you haven’t met! WE LOVE YOU!!!

  39. says

    I learned many years ago that out of something negative, a positive always follows. The positive that I see in this is the tremendous response you have received from all the people who really have shown love and support thru their emails. Don’t bow down to negativity by letting it decide what you want to post. And don’t dwell on the negative (easy to say-hard to do). Instead try to dwell on the positive: you share your life, both personal and professional with a whole world of people who get their enjoyment by reading about you and your creativeness. I thank you for giving me something to read when I want to just sit and take a few moments for me. You are inspiring, and a very loving, sensitive Mom, and on behalf of your 8,088 readers, I say-Thank you!!!!!

  40. retha says

    Want to commend you on the way you have handled this. I think it shows how mature you are.
    That is how one can be successful as a mother the way you have been. And I’m happy you have so ‘many’ children! (if 3 can be counted as many)I like seeing big families and where they like each other even better. We are a family where there is no place for my son to hide as to who eat the ice cream, dropped the crumbs or what ever. I think it is harder than living with many siblings.

  41. says

    I for one think the 2 photos of you & your kids are adorbale. I feel the same as you…sometimes there is happiness to have a few free moments to yourself and sometimes there is sadness to be away from your child/children. Any GOOD mother feels that & has the guts to be truthful about it. Anyone who would attack you for that photo is dealing with their own issues of motherhood. Kudos to you for sharing ALL the sides of motherhood & for laughing along the way!

  42. Pam the Goatherd says

    My 23 year old daughter leaves for grad school in England in 14 days and I can relate to both of your pictures. After 18 months of having her living back at home since graduating from college my husband and I are really looking forward to having our “nest” back to ourselves. We are also excited for the opportunities she is taking advantage of to travel the world and broaden her education. But we are also sad to have her so far away for so long.
    No one can blame you for wanting to protect your family from the negativity that some people release on the internet. I am horrified by the nasty comments that otherwise seemingly reasonable people feel free to post on the internet for the world to see. Eventually their acid will burn them as well as the people they are attacking. Unfortunately we have to deal with protecting ourselves and our family in the meantime.
    I hope you will be able to focus on those of us who look forward to reading/seeing your blog every day so that the negative ones will fade into nothingness.

  43. says

    So sorry for all the junk you’ve had to put up with lately. It’s ridiculous! Criticism is an easy habit to fall into, and unfortunately, the internet snarkiness seems to have outrun the encouragement contained there, too. I completely understand the mixed emotions and have been debating the homeschooling thing myself (although my son’s 1st birthday is in a week, so I’ve got some time). I hope something wonderful and unexpected comes your way soon as a sort of repayment for all the crud. Have a marvelous day! We appreciate all you do!

  44. says

    It’s a funny how people think it’s their business how many kids you have. I used to tell people I wanted to have six kids and then adopt six more. Then after dropping that bomb I would sit back and try to contain my laughter at the animated conversation always followed. I’m single with no kids and don’t know how many I want, but I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business on a personal decision like this.

  45. Elizabeth H says

    Sorry this is happening to you. Just remember you rock, as a Mom, wife and woman. You really are amazing and can do anything you put your mind to. I have no clue how to stop this. Wish I did. The pictures are cute and anyone who reads your blog knows that they were staged. Love your blog and everything you do!!

  46. Sheri says

    to you. I’m sorry this has happened again. I have found that in the past few years I have noticed that normally polite people have started behaving badly online. It’s as if they feel they can say anything they want because they don’t have to look they other person in the eye as they type their hateful comments. I personally thought your pictures were funny and cute and captured how I feel about the start of a new school year. I look forward to reading each new blog post you have. Thank you for sharing what you do with us.

  47. Su says

    I also, am very sorry this happened to you. You have a beautiful family and I love your blog. It just so happens, that minutes before I read this, I had read THIS in my morning devotions…I pray that it helps you (and me, too!):
    By Charles Swindol…….”When we think a wrong has been done to us that we don’t deserve, we can respond, ‘Lord, You’re with me right now. You are here, and You have Your reasons for what is happening. You will not take advantage of me. You’re much too kind to be cruel. You’re much too good to be unjust. You care for me too much to let this get out of hand. Take charge. Use my integrity to defend me. Give me the grace to stay calm. Control my emotions. Be Lord over my present situation.’ In such a prayer, we “sanctify Christ as Lord” in our hearts (1 Peter 3:15).”
    God bless you and your family.

  48. says

    I am so sorry that you had to go through that ordeal. I love the quote you put on this post—I think they use the same quote at the end of the movie Cheaper by the Dozen 2, except the daughter is saying it to her father. It is so true.

  49. says

    I am so sorry you had to read that junk! I tell my 4 kiddos (yes, I also planned to have 4 and yes, I know what a condom is, thank you very much) to be aware of every single interaction with others- did you leave them feeling better than they did beforehand? I am shocked when folks put energy into leaving an ugly comment…really? Of all the options of what to put into the world, you would choose to be ugly about a blog????
    Anyhoo, we love you and your blog! Keep on keepin’ on!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  50. Jennifer says

    I just found your blog about a week ago. I’ve been recovering from major back surgery the past eight weeks and have a few more before I’m off activity restriction. So, I’ve had a lot of time I’m my hands and somehow I discovered blogs; heard of them but never really read one. Anyway, beside the point, you’re picture, the first one is not the first or second I’ve seen like that. Two of my friends posted ones like that on Facebook and I had a good laugh. I could totally relate. I don’t know where they got the idea but I appreciated their sense of humor. It’s my opinion that some people just need to comment just to hear the sound of their own “voice” or to justify or validate themselves. Some people just don’t have a sense of humor. It hurts all the same sometimes whether you take it personally or not and it’s unfortunate how things go viral over the Internet. However, you’re a good person and mom and you know that. That’s what counts. I like your blog, your goodness, and sense of humor. I wish I could ask your opinion on a couple things, but, alas, I’ll just have to keep reading and hope I can figure them out by being inspired by all your talent. You’re doing a good job all around.

  51. Jenn Freeman says

    I know it’s a little delayed of a comment, but seeing as how I just found your blog today, I feel okay about it. My husband and I just recently decided to start having children. About 10 days ago, in fact. It’s a scary decision, one I’ve been nervous about for a long time. I was once told by a very dear friend of mine that you will never truly be ready to have children, which makes me feel a little better. But I’ve always had this looming feeling of … what if I suck at it? What if I fail and my children hate me or worse, what if I somehow warp them into twisted individuals. But this post really made me step back and go … well. We’re both financially secure, we have a strong relationship, and it would be nice to have little helpers for the abundance of DIY projects that are planned for our home. So in that sense, we’re as ready as we will get. As for being a bad mother, this has reinstilled my confidence in myself that as long as I practice what I preach, love them wholeheartedly and unconditionally, and teach them to love others as much as I love them…then maybe I won’t do too badly.

    That being said, from one complete stranger to another, you sound like a fantastic mother and a great role model. Not only for your boys, but for those of us who are just starting to try on the mom hat.

    Thank you.

  52. says

    I am a recent Facebook follower, so HI! I hadn’t made it this far back into your posts and just saw this when you linked to it in your favorite projects post. I feel compelled to comment because I also have 4 kids and I homeschool. I have heard some of the most outlandish comments from people who don’t even know me. After a particularly frustrating day shopping with my kids, I told a friend that I felt like making a T-shirt that read, “No, they aren’t in school because I homeschool. Yes, they socialize with other people. No, I’m not worried about prom or college. Yes, I have my hands full. Yes, they are all mine. Yes, they all have the same father. Yes, I know what birth control is. No, I’m not Catholic (and why does that matter?). No, I’m not on government assistance. Yes, it’s hard. No, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I’m not sure all of that would fit, but you get the idea. At some point, I’ve had all of those things said to me. I’m sorry this has been an issue for you. I think we should be trying to lift each other up. Just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone in your struggles. :-)