Dried Herbs

I LOVE cooking with fresh herbs. I always plant them in my garden and enjoy them all summer. In the winter I don’t want to pay $3.00 for a little sprig of basil for a recipe so I have started planting extra basil so I can dry it and use it in the winter. The first year I did it I was AMAZED at how much stronger the flavor was verses the store bought dried basil.

Here is how I made the jar…..

This year I planted twice as many basil plants as I normally do so I had a ton of basil to dry. I had a good idea. I decided to dry it like I usually do and instead of putting it in pint jars, I would put them in smaller jelly jars and give them to neighbors! Here is the first one I have done so far. I used glass paint from DecoArt. They have a ton of options (opaque, frost, glitter, stain, pearl, and 3-D). I used the opaque glass paint and used a small pointed paint brush to write the word “Basil”. DecoArt offers sticky stencils with the alphabet if you want to go that route.

I painted it on and then let it dry for the suggested time. Then you bake it in the oven. After that it becomes dishwasher safe! Micheal’s has a whole glass paint section with all of ArtDeco new glass paints plus glass items you can paint. I am planning on painting a ton of clear glass ornaments this year for Christmas. And after seeing me paint the jars my kids want to paint some for their money.

What would you paint? And have you ever dried herbs?


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  1. Nikki Salisbury says

    I too would love to know how you dried your herbs….I have a friend that loves to cook and would love this!!!

  2. says

    I do dry herbs. I have a big lavender plant outside that I really want to dry next year. I didn’t get to it this year! I have small post of herbs in my kitchen this year instead of growing them in my garden. Do you have any tips for container herb gardening? I am not having much luck with these!

  3. Pam the Goatherd says

    I have been drying herbs for many years. My “spice rack” is actually a bookcase full of jars of dried herbs. The herbs I use the most are in quart jars. Once you dry your own you’ll never again want to spend money on those dried out, flavorless wood shavings they sell as dried herbs in the grocery store!

  4. says

    Very interesting article. This is a very nice gift to give family and friends. I like to harvest my mint. I think I have oregano growing too. Maybe some basil. I should go check on that.