How to make a play tent

I was contacted by 3M awhile back about the possibility of trying Scotch’s new patterned duct tape. I was trying to think of ideas of how to use it when I got the list of all their new patterns. Once I saw the army/camo pattern I knew what I wanted to make.

A play tent!

I made the mistake of asking my (architect) husband how he thought it should look…… But in the end we were able to agree on a SIMPLE design. :P

I used duct tape, PVC pipe, and a tarp.

Here is a little video tutorial on how to make it. (it is my FIRST video tutorial :) )

My boys have loved playing with it. We play in it all day and then take it down to store it in the garage when we are not using it. It is not meant to get rained on or left out all the time. It assembles quickly and easily so the put up and take down in not a problem at all.

For more ideas of what you can make with the new patterned and colored duct tape from Scotch you can visit their gallery.

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  1. Pam the Goatherd says

    What a great tent!
    My whole family loves the colored and patterned duct tape. We have been known to give one another rolls of it for Christmas presents. And the recipients are always so excited to receive new rolls to create with.

  2. Anna says

    Hi Stacy:

    the tent looks fun. Your boys will remember it forever. I love your blog coz there are so many amazing DIY projects in here. I am trying make shelves in my mudroom. I have brackets, screws, wall anchors and the shelf. How ever I don’t know how to put the screw inside the plastic wall anchor. so I directly put the screw into the drywall. Would this be harmful for the wall? Is there a way to put the screw inside the wall anchor? when I try to put the screw inside the wall anchor it is not going in? what could be the reason? I don’t know anyone else as knowledgeable as you in something like this. Could you please tell me if you have the time. It is amazing to me how many things you hang on your walls. I read somewhere that if I dont use wall anchors the walls will come crashing down. my shelf is not heavy. all i need to put on the shelf is baskets with shoes. I know your time is precious but if it at all possible could you answer mhy question. I did google it but am not getting an answer that is not confusing.


  3. Melissa Womack says

    I was interested on how to make a simple tend for my son. I love to go camping and I would love to take him. I think that he would love sleeping in a tent. I seen the photo. Can you please send me the written format so that I can take a shopping list. Thanks!!!!