What in the world is Fish Foam??? {and a cute little video}

Alright, in the spirit of honesty I must confess something upfront.  I got an email a year ago from the company Fish Foam about doing a review. I ignored it. But in my defense, I get  TON of random emails asking for sponsored posts. And I had never heard of Fish Foam and had no idea what it was. I started seeing reviews around blogland and I was curious. And then I got the chance to meet with them at the blog conference Haven. They were so NICE their cleaner seriously rocks. I was hooked (pardon the pun :P ).

I flew to Atalanta for the Haven conference so I was unable to take my can of Fish Foam Cleaner home with me. They sent some to me soon after I got home. I still wasn’t sure I was going to blog about it.

Then something happened.

My 10 year old used it.

You can ask my kids, I am the Chore Nazi. When my 4 boys leave the nest I want them to be self sufficient. I want them to be hard workers. I want them to know how to cook, scrub a toilet, and sew on a button. You get the picture. Anyway, my 10 year old is in charge of the bathroom most days and I deep clean it a couple of times a week.

I struggle with allowing my kids to clean. I am a clean freak/control freak. I want to follow behind them and “fix” everything. And when my son cleaned the mirrors in the bathroom they look worse than they did before. He is old enough to notice and care. He would get frustrated.

When my son used Fish Foam the mirrors looked fabulous! And he felt good about himself because he felt like he was doing a good job.

Here is his video debut. . . . . . . . . ( he may be a tiny bit of a nerd like his momma)

After my experience I was MORE than happy to write a review for Fish Foam. Honestly I think you will love it too. It ammonia free, drip free, and streak free. Oh, and on a side note, my 5 year old is in charge of wiping down the (stainless steel) fridge. Because of the foam, he will write a different letter everyday on the fridge before cleaning. It makes me smile :)

Fish Foam has a deal right now with their 3 packs. It is cheaper than buying individual cans PLUS they have $3.00 off shipping. Oh and P.S. They also have profession window cleaning services in almost every state.


Today they are offering to giveaway (2) three packs!!! I love when we get to pick more than one winner!!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

****The giveaway is open to people living in the 48 contiguous states due to shipping restrictions.****

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  1. Becky S says

    We put in an offer that was accepted on a house that has a TON of windows and mirrors. I think this would be perfect for letting our 7 year old help keep them clean.

  2. cindi says

    would love to have my son (who love to wash windows and clean toilets – YEAH!) try this and also use on our car windows

  3. says

    I have a hard time not following along behind my boys and fixing jobs that they didn’t get quite right, so I would love to try fish foam so that they could do it and I wouldn’t redo it. :)

  4. Jenny Styma says

    I am a member of a huge farming family in a rural farming area. Needless to say, housework is a little rough, especially in the summer, what with everyone bringing in dirt from the fields and all that fun stuff… I’d love to win this and share with my aunts and grandmother!

  5. Penney Williams says

    I love that the product is a foam so it will stay put long enough for me to clean, instead running down into the bottom of the mirror, picture frame, etc…

  6. Phyllis says

    I would love to win because I have the filthiest windows ever. Have tried everything. Nothing works!

  7. MeganM. says

    I’d love to win. The mirrors in my bathroom always need to be clean. Maybe this will help them? :)

  8. says

    I am in love with that video! I have and eight year old girl I’d love to introduce your son to. ;) Oh, and awesome giveaway, I’m very intrigued by that foam!

  9. Lynette says

    I have been looking for a cleaner for my 4 and 5 year old to use cleaning windows and mirrors. I would love to try this!

  10. The Farm Girl says

    Sweet! My kids have chores everyday too and my 5 year old loves to clean the windows but it makes me cringe because they usually look worse than when he started. I think I would love this and I think he would too! :)

  11. Jeannie says

    We had new windows installed last fall and I need to give them a good cleaning. The Fish Foam would make the job that much easier.

  12. Jackie says

    I’m right there with you on feeling like I need to “fix” it when my kids clean. This sounds so great!

  13. says

    Along with other posters, I am working hard to start ensuring the kids are pitching in around the home. This product would be a great head start!

  14. Jerri C. says

    I have always wanted to try Fish Foam since I heard about it from Bogland but haven’t bit the bullet. Your guy may have convinced me. Thanks!!

  15. Jody says

    Mirrors are so tough! I would love something that helps my kids do a great job that they can feel good about. Wonder if it would work well on my black appliances?

  16. Cindy A. says

    Like you, I am an absolute crazy person when it comes to streak free mirrors. And don’t even get me started on water/toothpaste spots! After reading your review I think Fish Foam would be just the thing for my mirrors… and my sanity. ;)

  17. nitasha j says

    Your son is adorable! What a great video! I totally want to show this to my 10 year old to try to get him a little more enthusiastic about cleaning!

  18. AmyN says

    How cute is your cleaning ninja?? He was awesome! We have a HUGE mirror in our kids’ bathroom, and they (and I) get frustrated with the fogginess/streaks etc. My own cleaning ninja’s are in charge of it too, and we would love to use it on our bathroom mirrors AND I bet it would work great on our glass sliding door too.

  19. Jen C says

    I do not see a nerd! What a cutie! I have never heard of fish foam. Would love to win and share with my 12 year old son!!

  20. Ginger says

    I too am trying to get my kids to be good cleaners and I really think this would be great at our house! Looks easy and relatively safe for a child to use.

  21. Kristy Cirillo says

    The video is cute!! And it is funny you are doing a blog on this… but no not really …. :) Thanks!

  22. Sarah says

    I have a 14 mo. old who loves to put her adorable little fingers on all glass surfaces! Everything I have tried leaves streaks and that drives me nuts. I’d love to give this stuff a shot :)

  23. Maurina R says

    I would love to win the fish foam because I really have a pet peeve of keeping my mirrors clean. My little boy loves to help me do anything he can. I would love for him to help me clean the mirrors with something that is safe for him to use.

  24. Ann Strickland says

    I keep my grandson while his mom works and I bet I could get him to clean the mirrors with Fish Foam!! I have not seen it in the
    stores. I hope I win and will get help with the mirrors!

  25. Darlene says

    I like the catchy name. What a conversation product for family and friends, and then show them how great it works!

  26. says

    Ahhh the video of your son promoting fish foam is soo cute! Good for you training your kids to be good house cleaners! :) I love it. My mum trained all three of us kids well, my brother and my sister and me. My husband did not grow up cleaning the house much, and while I love him dearly and he’s a pretty tidy person, it is hard to help him see the value and effect of cleaning. You are doing your kids’ future spouses such a service :)

  27. courtney cloe says

    My son used to work for FISH when he was in high school; he swore by their cleaners! I am so excited they have some for the general public to use.

  28. Rebecca says

    With three girls and all of them loving to put finger prints on everything I’d love some help cleaning and getting them to clean too!

  29. Aurora says

    I bought a mirror off craigslist for my new home–nothing will clean off all the streaks!!! It’s driving me crazy. Plus, it has a piece of antique wood furniture underneath that makes cleaner drips a big no no…

  30. Kara says

    Wow this looks amazing! I ALWAYS have smears on the glass, so this would reduce my frustration quite a bit!!!

  31. Colleen Grewenow says

    I’d love to go into my daughter’s bathroom and not have to ask her to rewire the mirror!!!! I’m sure she would too!