Changes are a comin’!

Whether it is because the space has out grown its purpose or you get tired and need a little change, a mini make over is always fun!

I know you are thinking “Stacy, you haven’t even shown us your side yard transformation yet. Why are you starting more projects?”

*Sigh* That is just how I work. If I don’t have a million things going all at the same time I wouldn’t know what to do with myself :P

My youngest is now two and has been climbing out of his crib for the last six months. We decided it is time to get rid of the crib. And my ten year old is itching to have his own space. My youngest will move to the trundle bed and my ten year old get this space for his own. Perfect! My ten year old loves the stripes and wants to keep them. I am totally fine with that because it is less work for me :)

So take a good look at the before because it won’t look like this for long!


Another room that needs to be refreshed is my dining room. I am going to let you in on a secret. Aside from the table and ceiling, I don’t like this room a whole lot. I have been trying to figure out what to do with the decor for MONTHS and months and I think I have a good idea :)

It is so small so that it poses a few challenges. The things I would like to do, won’t fit.

How often DO YOU change up a room???

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  1. says

    Not often, it’s so much work! But I do enjoy it when it’s done. How about some yellow in the dining room? I think it would brighten the space.

  2. says

    Right now I don’t get to re-do rooms very much. My 4 small children (3 of my own and my nephew who I watch daily), take pretty much all of my energy these days. But when I was young, anytime my mom told me to clean my room, the only way I could accomplish that was to also rearrange and re-decorate. I’m hoping that as my children grow and require less of my constant attention I will have more energy and motivation to do more.

  3. Heart and Haven says

    I’m constantly changing my living room, lol! The rest of my house I’ve been pretty happy with. I think the main problem is I don’t have both a living room AND a family room….I like the “conversation area” not focused on the tv in the room, but still need to see the tv for viewing = challenging!!! I’m constantly getting new couches, trying to find something that will work. I’m about to try another one. My sis is moving and can’t take her leather sectional….so I might be changing out my sleeper sofa & Ikea Jenny side chair for the leather sectional.

    The other thing I’m about to change is my 18 yo is about to ship off to boot camp for Air Force in about a week, and I will be turning his room into the nursery (for my 3 mo. old, who’s in a bassinet in our room for now).

  4. says

    That dining room is SCREAMING for built-in banquet seating! It would give you more space and would be period-appropriate tot he house. Okay, so many piles of cute pillows when you have a boy herd is questionable but it might look cute enough to be worth it!

  5. says

    I am constantly changing (and thinking I am improving) all the time :) Can’t wait to see that you do with this space!!!

    On a side note (just so you remember who I am …) I was the winner of the DIY contest you held in January. I wanted you to know that all the prizes have now been awarded (I know right?) and will be writing a blog all about you and your contest and the prizes awarded. I will let you know when it will go live so you can let your readers know.

  6. says

    I make changes so often my husband jokes that I am shrinking the square footage of our house one layer of paint at a time. :) I finally feel like I am one the right track with the main living spaces, but finding the time (and money) to cross the finish line seems like forever away.

    I love that ceiling too! I can’t wait to see what you do with the room.

  7. Bernice says

    Stacy please please dont say you are changing the ceiling! I love that ceiling! And I am sure everyone who comes in loves it too. An aha! Or maybe you can do the same in another color. I would be ok with that! :)

  8. says

    I totally agree: that dining room needs banquette seating!

    As for how often I redo rooms… maybe every 5 years or so? I enjoy how it looks once done, but hate the process. So next time you get the itch to redo something, come visit me. You’d have a blast redoing the 17 rooms in my house!

  9. says

    I change accessories, vignettes ,and even furniture one or more times a month in some rooms! I paint and/or wallpaper every 5 or so years (longer this time since we built our home new and it’s taken me this long to finish prior to starting to “redo”) Decorating is a continual evolution and an ongoing process with me.

  10. says

    OMG Stacy, I am constantly in the mood for change in my house; so much so I will rearrange all the furnitute every 2-3 months. I love feeling anew in a space whether its new paint, pattern or layout….its a frequent thing in my neck of the woods! Lol. Cant wait to see the kids room updated and your dining room!! :)

  11. says

    I love changing up our rooms fairly often but my husband tends to get annoyed with it so I have cut back. Right now, we are so focused on the basement renovation that all my energy is being poured into that!