Paint Sprayer Review AND Giveaway!!!

I love when I get to try out a new tool and it is even better when I get to give one away. Black and Decker sent me an airless paint sprayer and I went to town with all the things that needed to be primed and painted!


Black and Decker has several kind of sprayers and after looking through them all I picked the  6.9 GPH 2 Speed Quick Clean Paint Sprayer. And this is the one that I will be giving away as well.

Dude, this was my first time using a paint sprayer and WOW! I have been missing out. I am old school and like brushing paint on but when you have a ton of projects to paint that have been building up over time it was AMAZING to spray and have it done in minutes! I got the sprayer for when we stain our fence. Staining the fence has been a project I have put off and DREADED because we have over 500 feet of it. But now i am actually excited to do it :)

I ended up finding a couple more things to add to the pile. And then I realized after I forgot a few more :P

It has been so windy here that by the time I was able to do it, my husband had started his new job and I didn’t have a photographer to take shot while I sprayed. It was fun :)

Here are my favorite features:

It has 2 different nozzle options.There is a green and a blue one. One is a cone ( more concentrated in one spot) and one is a fan (sprays farther out).

It has an easy fill canister. Lay it on its side, take off the cap, and fill her up! Easy peasy.


It has a quick clean option for if you are working a long time and the nozzle needs to be cleared out. Just pour in either water or mineral spirits (depending on oil or water based paint) into the top and turn the dial to quick clean. Spray out the cleaner and you are good to continue painting!


So do you want one???

I am trying out rafflecopter for this giveaway. On Facebook you guys said you liked it and my blogging friends all love it too so here we go! Email me if you have any issues with it. Thanks!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Rachel A says

    First thing I would spray?! So many choices! I would definitely be spraying some re-claimed wood that I intend to use to build a bench for my lovely front porch.

  2. Elizabeth Rowley says

    There are so many projects I could use this for, but I think the first one would be the chair rail for my daughter’s bedroom.

  3. Bethany K says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this! We are just getting ready to move into our first house (we’ve been renting) and I have a TON of projects in my line up, the first being an old bench almost exactly like the one in your photo! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. says

    OMG what an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance to win! I love that you review and giveaway power tools, so jealous! I have about 8 shelves in our apartment right now that are in serious need of some paint, so those are the first things I’d tackle with a paint sprayer.

  5. says

    Wahooo!!! If I’m the lucky winner, the first thing I would spray would be a tacky, old bookcase from the Hub’s college days. I think it would give us the motivation to begin that spare bedroom makeover :-)

  6. heather burdett says

    The first thing would be a 30+year old dresser that my mom painted periwinkle for me 18 years ago. still love the dresser but a more adult style might be nice. :-P

  7. Heart and Haven says

    Is this paint sprayer heavy duty enough to paint the exterior of a house? I have a rental house in Portland that is in desperate need of re-painting. It’s a single story bungalow so do-able for a “DIY” project, but the task is still daunting.

  8. Talitha says

    This is an amazing product!! I would use it to paint my ugly, cheap book case! And I’m upcycling something to turn it into an entryway bench! This beauty would work wonders!

  9. MeganM. says

    This would be so awesome! I would totally paint the cabana that is in my backyard. And I’m sure I’d find other things to paint!

  10. says

    The first thing I would stain is the railing along my deck. We have a huge wood deck and it’s easy to roll the stain on the deck flooring but takes forever to brush it onto the railing. Would love to have a sprayer. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  11. says

    I would paint the big shelf we have over our desk and maybe the side tables in the living room while I’m at it. I wish I had one when I was painting a dresser last week!

  12. Tamara says

    I am also not just a housewife! First thing I’d like to paint are these nice but ol’ school wicker chairs I got a great deal for and are just gathering cobwebs.

  13. says

    We found a huge tv armoire in the trash room at the condo building my parents manage. It’s now in our bedroom serving as our dresser. The piece is in pretty good shape, but the wood doesn’t match the other pieces in our room so I really want to paint it. This sprayer would make quick work of if for sure! After that, I would tackle my kitchen cupboards.

  14. says

    Oh goodness!! I have been itching to paint the walls in our living room. With the spray painter, I would be able to knock that project out in no time! I also have a wooden bench, wooden chair, and a railing that are calling the spray painters name!!! Great Giveaway!

  15. Sabrina says

    What a fantastic giveaway! If I had this I would be repainting some furniture! Thank you for the chance to win

  16. Allison says

    We are getting ready to move and this would be so fabulous! I have an old Ikea bookcase that is dying for some painty attention and color. That would definitely be my first project!

  17. says

    I would finish painting my patio furniture. I’ve been painting it by hand but each chair takes about an hour and a half because of all the scroll work.

  18. says

    I’m not sure how many feet of fence we have but we have a third of an acre, and it is ALL fenced! It’s badly in need of a paint job, and I think this would make it less daunting!

  19. Ginny says

    A paint sprayer would be so helpful in all the projects I’ve got lined up! This is such an awesome giveaway!

  20. Elissa says

    I would love to do many projects with this but first up would be painting the outdated cabinets in my kitchen. A paint sprayer is a must for this size job and it would be so awesome to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    I have a garage full of chairs in need of paint. A sprayer would perfect! Woo-hoo, I would LOVE to win!

  22. Carole says

    I paint and refurbish furniture so the sprayer would be put to good use on my furniture. That being said I have a huge deck that needs staining! The last two times I’ve painted this deck with a brush and roller!! A sprayer would make it so much easier and faster to finish; and I might just paint it when it needs it instead of when I have put it off too long. LOL!

  23. says

    I would repaint my front door. The people who rented before us did a terrible job and its a yucky brown with white. They did a bad job and its peeling everywhere. I’d love to redo it!

  24. says

    Oh my goodness I don’t know what I’d attack first! Either staining a new backrest attachment for my dad’s wood framed couch/bench or painting my parent’s bedroom and dining room :) Mom would LOVE that <3

  25. says

    Oh, the many projects I have!!! Ha Ha!! I would start with an old rocker, then I have a living room and kitchen that could use a facelift. So those would be next! I would love to have a sprayer and have been considering purchasing one for over a year.
    Thank you and Thank you Black & Decker for the chance!!!

  26. Monica says

    I would have to gift this to my SIL because she loves spray painting things. I imagine she would paint a hutch or bookshelf, because those are the latest projects she’s been talking about!

  27. Abby says

    I have an antique hutch my 92 yr. Old grandma gave it. It desperately needs the be refinished/painted. I would LOVE to make the job go a little quicker!!

  28. Sherry@Ties2ThePast says

    I have LOTS of shelving to paint as well as some frames, furniture, etc., etc.!!
    It sure would help!!

  29. Miranda says

    The first thing I would paint would seriously probably be my house. We’ve been thinking about repainting the siding for a while now!

  30. Danita says

    As my fiancee and I are paying for our entire wedding on our own, I have been scouring the area for free furniture, pallets, and wood that I can make pretty for pieces for our wedding – guest book table, refreshment table, nifty pieces of all sorts. The FIRST thing I would paint with this would be MY FIRST PROJECT!!! :) I recently found an old writing desk that I scraped up from an estate sale. I’m confident that, with some sanding, painting, and much lovin’, it can become a beautiful conversation piece for my wedding and then a memorable piece for our new home together. I am so excited to jump into this project as my first in what I plan to become a life-long hobby!

  31. Heather says

    I am like you, I have so many projects to paint it is ridiculous! The first thing(s) I would paint would be the furniture pieces that I have in my little guys play room. We have a really cool coffee table with little half barrels on each end. Each barrel has a lid, it is going to be a pain to paint. We also have a small set of shelves and a rocking chair to paint for him. This would make that go so much faster!

  32. Ashley W. says

    We are in the process of buying our first house so I’m sure this would come in handy!!! The first thing I would pain is probably my daughter’s new big girl bed. It’s going to be bright pink!

  33. Kim S. says

    Oh to choose one thing to do first!?!?!?!!? I’m thinking my clothes line poles. They are wood color but I would like them to be white.

  34. Heather W. says

    How fun! I am installing board and batten in my living room and bedroom and this would make painting so much easier.

  35. Ashlyn says

    I would paint the bead-board I’m getting ready to put inside my boys’ club house, pallet boards that I’m putting on my living room ceiling this month, next month, anything is possible! To paint and dream! :)

  36. says

    I bought used wicker furniture for my front porch. Needs to be painted in the WORST way. But I can’t bring myself to buy fifteen cans of paint. So… they sit on the front porch looking all nappy and ugly.

  37. christina says

    I have a china cabinet sitting in my garage just waiting to be painted, it would be so much easier with a paint sprayer!

  38. Nicole says

    The first thing I would paint with a paint sprayer is a bunk bed set that has been in my family since my (much) older sisters were little kids. I used it and now my youngest girls are using it. It is currently a light brown, and I want it to be white. There are alot of spindles on it, so painting it by hand with a brush does not sound like a great afternoon. I would LOVE to use a paint sprayer on it!

  39. Kayla C says

  40. Sheree G says

    I would paint 2 solid wood chairs I salvaged from someone’s, ummm, trash, on the curb. Fab chairs just need a little primer and paint and will be soooo cute in my yard!

  41. Shirley Lupton says

    We bought 3 file cabinets at a garage sale (cheap) and they really need painted to put in my craft room. That would be the first of many that we would paint. Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. says

    So cool! I do have a ton of paint projects to do and have been putting them all off! This sprayer would definitely help me get them all done! Thanks for such a great giveaway! xo

  43. Jennifer Fitzgibbons says

    The first thing that I would stain would be a vanity that is old and brown and I would like it to be a bright white with green knobs. It will be so beautiful when it’s done!

  44. Lynn Weber says

    The first thing(s) I would paint would be 4 tables legs and a file cabinet that are *supposed* to be part of a desk I’m making. This would make it so much easier! After that, I’d like to see what it can do with walls, my daughter is picking out bedroom colors.

  45. Cristi Nicholson says

    I would paint our fence in our dreary backyard. It needs some color BAD! And I want to get a cheap shabby patio set and bring it back to life with some rustoleum paint and sew some new cushions!

  46. sydney85 says

    I have kitchen cupboards that I would love to use this spray painter on plus a large book case just for starters. As I look around my house I can find a project in every room!

  47. Kristen says

    I have some chairs that really need painting but have a lot of little nooks and crannies that this would be great to use.

  48. Rachel says

    I would paint my kitchen cabinets! It’s on my to-do list and winning this would be just the impetus I need to get it done. :)

  49. Shirley says

    I have a list I would paint, 1. bedroom, 2. frames, 3. lamps, 4. (2) small tables. Winning this paint sprayer would make it all a whole lot easier!!!

  50. Karen J says

    I would finally paint a table that I have been meaning to tackle for a few months now. Would love to win this.

  51. erin says

    I need to repaint our dining room table & chairs as well as a coffee table. That would make it so much easier!

  52. Alyssa says

    the first thing I would paint would be mine and my daughters dresser. They are both ugly and free/thrifted and need some love!!

  53. Christy says

    I was just looking for something like this! I have a lot of furniture that I want to paint, not mention everything else that will stand still long enough will probably get a fresh coat of paint as well! lol

  54. says

    Since we are getting ready to sale our house I would do some painting in the house to prepare it for sale. I would also use it in my next house to paint the rooms in it.

  55. Teresa Vanselow says

    I have a coffee table that I need to redo, so I think that would be my first of many projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  56. says

    We have an aweful garage door that needs some help. It’s the last of the outside of our house that needs re-done and I have been avoiding it. This would help SO much!

  57. Jusa says

    If I win this do I get to “paint the town”? I’d love to have one. I have a chaise lounge that needs repainting. And a privacy fence. And the front porch floor. Maybe the house while I’m at it.

  58. Ashley Moore says

    This would be an amazing gift to give my very handy husband for Father’s Day. We are hoping to put our house on the market soon and the projects on the list can be made easier with this! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  59. Ali Hedrick says

    Wow! I’ve bee wanting to try one of these for so long! I really really want to re-paint almost every room in my house & this would save so much time. Thanks,

  60. Lea says

    It would be easier said what I WOULDN’T paint! I have been bitten by the carpentry bug doing all kinds of things in/for/around the house this month… I guess the first thing would be the tree house & deck we’re making for our kiddos to play in. Thanks!

  61. Cheryl L. says

    This Black and Decker sprayer looks so easy to use and clean. I would paint my patio furniture, and kitchen cabinets!

  62. Ashley W says

    I would paint all of the trim and baseboards in the house. They need a fresh coat of paint and doing it by hand can be so tedious!

  63. Angie says

    I have SOOO many projects I would use this for!! First would probably be the old cabinet I want to convert to store my craft materials!!

  64. says

    Oh my gosh, I would do a lot of projects with this thing!! My husband and I are in the process of buying a house and are planning on making deck furniture for our future deck!!!

  65. katie s says

    Ooo, I want a paint sprayer!! I would most definitely paint my boys bunkbed first, but I have lots of stuff I would use it on.

  66. Megan G. says

    I have about 5 unfinished projects only because I am dreading painting them! The first things I would paint would be my bench for the front porch and the hand-me-down baker’s rack that I desperately need finished to put in my kitchen.

  67. Karin says

    I totally need to stain my parents deck and then my fence. I have been putting it off as I really hate doing it.

  68. suzi moore says

    I would spray tons and tons of furniture! new house + thrift stores + lots of painting projects sitting around waiting for me

  69. Nickie Moseley says

    o my gracious the list is endless of what all curbside finds I would FINALLY paint cause this would make it a much easier job!!

  70. Desi says

    First thing I would spray, my siding on my house! It needs some paint but I’m scared to do it by hand. This would be a life saver!

  71. retha says

    We are in the process to build a house, some things diy, we will have lots to paint. I think the walls will be the first I will paint.

  72. Tonya Wall says

    I would immediately paint my kitchen cabinets! Our house was built in 1940 and I think the original owners just painted over the old paint every time they painted. They are in desperate need of stripping and repainting.

  73. Karen says

    The first thing I’d stain is my privacy fence. I used a plug in type sprayer for it the first time. It worked great. That was 2 years ago and when I tried to use it a 2nd time, I discovered that if you fail to clean it properly before storing, you can render it useless the next time you need it. I was heartbroken! Soo…2 years now and my fence needs a new paint job and I don’t have the dough for a new sprayer. So winning this would be perfect timing!! :) – Karen

  74. Carla says

    I’ve had a twin headboard that I have sanded and is ready to paint. Just can’t seem to get to it. The sprayer would make it so much easier.

  75. Cathy Miller says

    I would love to stain our unfinished coffee table with this! Would make it so much easier to get the undersides!

  76. Annette Hummel says

    I have a couple chairs I found roadside that I’ve been working on and a handy sprayer would make it amazingly simple!

  77. says

    The first thing I would paint if I won this Black and Decker Air Sprayer is our patio set. It’s currently a chipping black showings flecks of green and white. Interesting, but not the look I want.

  78. carol says

    I would refinish this antique table and chairs that go with it that I bought last summer. I would also repaint the master bedroom, bathroom and our kitchen. Awesome giveaway!

  79. Isabel says

    I would love this I’m always doing something new in my house on the weekeds, my latest project is this L- shape desk i’m making for my boys this Black and Decker would be perfect when it’s time to paint it. This is an awesome giveaway I’ve got my fingers crossed. Thanks A Million!!!!

  80. Danelle says

    I am working on painting projects for my daughters first birthday and it would come in handy, I’d love to win this it would help out so much!

  81. says

    I would paint an old dresser that my husband brought into our marriage. It’s so ugly but it’s old and was his grandma’s so we use it, but boy is it ugly.

  82. says

    I’ve got a lingerie chest to paint but don’t have a ton of painting experience and am afraid of leaving amateur brush strokes. I’d love to use a paint sprayer on it!

  83. Melissa K says

    If I am lucky enough to win the job of painting my kiddos thrifted matching twin beds would get a lot easier

  84. Rachel says

    I have paint envy for sure! I would spray these garage sale kitchen chairs I’ve been put-putting through with the paint brush!

  85. nicki greenhalgh says

    I would paint my kitchen cabinets! I used a paint sprayer on my mom’s cabinets years ago, but we lost a part and I really don’t want to do mine by hand. Plus I’ve got two dressers in my garage needing a paint job!

  86. Michelle H. says

    I have an old metal desk in the basement I need to makeover and also some wood coffee tables I want to repaint.

  87. Jessika M. says

    I would love a paint sprayer. We are getting ready to close on our first home and I hate the color of the cabinets. The first thing I would do with this sprayer is re-paint the kitchen and bathroom cabinets!

  88. says

    Oh we just bought our first house and I have a billion projects for it. First I would do the bookcase I want in our bedroom before our housewarming party.

  89. Donace says

    I would use it on all kinds of projectsbut the first thing I would paint is probably my bench on my front porch.

  90. The Farm Girl says

    I need to stain my fence so bad and have been putting it off because I totally don’t want to use a paintbrush!!

  91. says

    I would paint my daughter’s desk and my husband’s grandfather’s tool chest. I also need to stain the fence. I don’t think there would be any shortage of projects around here!

  92. Heidi says

    I would start by painting my kitchen cabinets. That’s just the beginning! Then I’d move on to my “treasures” that I’ve accumulated over the years that are stashed in our garage. My husband would be soooo happy to have at least one garage bay to park in again LOL

  93. Lisa Dye says

    My mom just bought me an old claw foot table that I would love to try this out on! Thanks for the chance to win this! Love your blog!

  94. Nicole P says

    I would paint my kitchen chairs first…all 4 are in need of an update! After that, I’d move on to the coffee table in my den!

  95. Aubyn Giampolo says

    I would spray a dresser, night stand, and picture frames for my baby’s room (due Sept 28)!!

  96. Cami says

    I am wanting to update the furniture in my boys rooms and have put it off because I don’t want to paint their furniture by hand. This would make it so much easier!

  97. Hannah Moody says

    I have an old vintage writing table that I’ve been meaning to spray white for months. Haven’t found the funds for a sprayer yet so this would be perfect! Plus it’ll give me the kick up the bottom that I need to get it done at last :)

  98. Carolin says

    I bought a lovely old looking armchar for our bedroom, the only problem is that it needs a complete makeover and this prize would make my life a lot easier :)

  99. Vanessa says

    We just got married and our in the process of redoing my entrie house. 1st on my husband’s list is the basement. We would love to keep the ceiling exposed and spray the entire ceiling either balck or white.

  100. Jessica W. says

    I have so many paint projects…where to begin? I think I’d start with repainting my dining room chairs that my kids have chipped.

  101. says

    I really would like to re-paint our old swing set, i don’t know if its possible but I think it would look great if I could! Also would paint all my exterior doors!

  102. says

    our deck :)

  103. Becky S says

    My inlaws are planning on repainting their intricate front porch and a sprayer would make the whole thing SO much easier.

  104. Kathleen Calimeri says

    I’d paint an antique dresser and mirror. Something I’ve procrasinated on for some time now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  105. Suzanne says

    Ooo! I was just thinking that I needed to get a paint sprayer. I recently bought a dining table and chairs on Craigslist. This would really come in handy for those chairs. Love your garden! Have a great time at Haven.

  106. megan says

    Oh man, I’m about to start re-finishing a set of bunk beds… this would for sure make the job a lot less painful!

  107. says

    We JUST moved into a new house. The whole inside is WHITE. Bleh. I have plans to paint it, but with two kids under 3… it’s not going to happen any time soon or anytime quickly. This would make the nap time painting go much faster!

  108. TAMI says

    I would paint an old dresser I have for my Grandson…paint it red/black to look like a tool chest in a garage! Hope I win…it would be awesome! :)