Summer Fun for the Kids

The first part of summer goes really well at our house. The kids and I are both excited to have everyone home and we spend lots of time outside. But then we hit a mid summer lull. It happens every year. That is when we try some new art projects so that the “B” word (bored) does not get uttered. We got a special package in the mail this week and the kids were so excited!!!


The packages we received were from Kiwi Crate and were full of craft supplies for my boys and were themed “Space Exploration”. They had enough things to make 2 crafts and some bonus materials for them to use for another craft of their own.

I remember as a kid I got a zoo animal type magazine every month. I looked forward to it and would spend forever pouring over every word. I remember that feeling of anticipation and excitement that something was coming JUST FOR ME in the mail. I was also craft crazy. If this had existed back then I would have gone NUTS! I think the idea of giving your kids ( or grand kids, nieces & nephews, etc) a subscription to this is an amazing idea. It would win you mother of the year! Or  Grandpa, Aunt, or Uncle of the year. You don’t have to sign up for a whole year either. There are several options. But seriously? What better way to bust the summer time boredom that with your kids being creative and (shhhh…. learning)?

kiwi-crate-spaceEach month Kiwi Crate send materials for 2-3 projects around a new theme (like dinosaurs, space, colors, gardening, etc). All the projects are created by parents and tested by kids! (I love that part :) ) I think my kids would love that job. The crates include things like crafts, science experiments, and imaginative play activities.

I was planning on getting the kids started and then going to do some cleaning. But I seriously stayed the whole time because the kids were so excited and it was cracking me up. They were singing some planet song they learned off a kid show and complimenting each others work. I kept thinking “Whose kids are these?”

And the fact that I did not have to think up the project or go buy all the stuff myself was a bonus.


The box came with instructions and  everything needed for the projects including scissors, tape, etc. We only need the water in a cup to wash the paint brushes. HA! Just add water…… :P

They were so detailed and careful. It seriously took them an hour and a half.

Even though I stayed and watched I could have easily got them started and left them to work. If I only had tiny kids that would have been different. But I think when we do the second project tomorrow I will let them work and go work on a project of my own!

Kiwi crates were a huge hit at our house.  Subscriptions are $19.95 per month (FREE shipping) but they also have a 3 month option for $59, a 6 month option for $110 and a 12 month option for $220. If you would like to know more about them you can visit their site. You can also check out their Facebook Page and keep up to date by following them on twitter :)

If you are interested, want to test it out and give the gift of crafts for kids, they are offering my readers 25% off for one month. The code is only good for one week. It is NJAH25.



Disclaimer: Kiwi Crates sent me 2 boxes to review but the thoughts and opinions are all mine baby!

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  1. Anna Jones says

    I got a kick out of “They were singing some planet song they learned off a kid show and complimenting each others work. I kept thinking “Whose kids are these?” LOL!