TV clip with MINWAX

I had a great time meeting the spokesman for Minwax, Bruce Johnson. He is so incredibly nice! He travels all over the US visiting TV stations and sharing tips on staining.  He hasn’t ever had another person with him and I have never gone on with another person so I will admit I was a little nervous about how we would go back and forth with out stepping on each others toes, so to speak. Add in 2 hosts that are asking question and it had the potential to get a little crazy. BUT I think it went really well!  There was a ton of info we were trying to squeeze into one short segment. One day I will take the time to do a FULL post on my staining tips with pictures and video. But until then, here you go!

KUTV Fresh Living TV CLip : Staining Pine and other soft woods

(Between you and me I think it is annoying that thet don’t have it set up to where I can embed the clip here…..)

Have a great day!!!

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  1. Stacy says

    Are you doing it on your phone? It won’t let you go directly to the clip on phones for some reason.

  2. Eden Claire says

    Drat! I’m also the other person that’s been looking on phone, and can’t find it.. So anxious to see it. I did 2 commercials once for a local restaurant I worked at and they couldn’t even air the one cuz I got really nervous and messed up part of it, and they couldnt fix it. :( lol

  3. says

    You did great! I have to ask…do you have a relationship with your local news station? did you approach them or vice versa?? And btw…super helpful tips…I had no clue you needed to use a wood conditioner or sanding with 3 diff grits of sand paper!

  4. Courtney says

    I am so impressed with how comfortable you’re getting on TV. You’re seem so at home. Great job!