The Man Behind This Housewife

There is that quote about behind every good man there is a good woman….. or something like that. Well, behind every good blogger, there is a good husband:) I don’t talk a lot about my husband here. He is a huge part of the success of this blog. Plus he just celebrated a birthday and our anniversary is tomorrow. So I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about him :)

He grew up in a tiny farming town. We are talking TINY, people. As in he had 29 in his graduating High School class. He was the middle child in a family of 6 kids. He has always been the peacemaker, even as a child.

(sorry for the grainy scanned photos!!!)

We met at college. It was his last year there and my first. Because he was so kind to everyone and such a good listener he had girls fawning over him. There were plates full of cookies dropped off with notes on a daily or at least weekly basis. All from different girls. He went out on dates almost every night of the week and most he did not ask. We were friends first even though I knew I wanted it to be more. I was patient and didn’t play games like some of the other girls that liked him. Our friendship turned into a relationship towards the end of the school year. We dated for a year before getting married.

(This is seconds after he proposed. I said yes even though he was wearing that unfortunate olive green plaid shirt….)

He is everything I am not. He keeps me grounded. He helps keep things in perspective. And he has LOADS of patience!

He, like every guy I am sure, is a kid at heart.  He adores spending time with our 4 boys. The thing that has helped me out the most with blogging is him keeping them entertained so I can work. I now have a schedule worked out (I gotta groove) where I am not on the computer very much during the day but in the beginning I was a TON.  I had to figure out what the crap an HTML was :P  He trusted me when I said it would be worth it in the end. I did see some weary looks here and there. But he was nice enough not to voice his concerns. He saw that it was giving me a much needed outlet and a boost in creativity so he let me sit there for hours while I googled “How to add pictures to a post in blogger”. Yep. I knew nothing in the beginning!!! Have I mentioned he is patient???

(This was a week and a half after I had my second baby and the same day my hubby came home from having surgery. He couldn’t lift or hold anything so this was the only way he could love on our new little guy.)

We have our squabbles like everyone else, but he is so good for me. He doesn’t say a word when during the winter I decide to use the kitchen/dining room as a workshop. He trusts me when I come up with some crazy scheme like stenciling our ceiling. He is proud of me and what I have accomplished. And he gently brings me down to earth when I have my head in the clouds. He is wonderful example to our boys of how to treat a woman and how to be a man. And even though he can’t remember anything to save his soul, I still love him to pieces. :)

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  1. Marci says

    Happy Anniversary! Where did you go to school? That looks a lot like the crazy Heritage Hall dorms at BYU! I sure don’t miss the cinderblock apartment days :)

  2. Holly says

    Ahhh Happy Anniversary! This is such a nice post. What did he graduate school in or what does he want to do for work? I was kind of wondering just in case one of us can help with the job hunt.

  3. Heart and Haven says

    Happy Anniversary! You two are so stinkin’ cute. How many years have you been married now?

  4. Lindsay says

    Too sweet! Happy Anniversary! God is so good…I always say my husband is everything I didn’t know I needed. Hooray for real men!

  5. says

    awww! Stacey, I always feel like you and I are so much alike, in fact many of my readers, who find your blog, send me emails asking if I read your blog, because our personalities come across so similar… now I know our husbands are the same! It is such a blessing to be married to someone who trusts me so much, even though I am a big dreamer. Just today he offered to stay home with our 3 kids while I went shopping/brainstorming for a creative challenge I’ve been given, and when I came home, he was washing the car with our 2 older kids and 4 neighbor kids! Awesome!
    Happy anniversary!!

  6. says

    Awww, that is so cool! My guy is so patient with me and my projects too, he continues to encourage me even when I know that something I have been working on is a lost cause. And, he is a little too comfortable in a messy house. Not so good when I am trying to keep it clean but its great when I have let it go :-D

  7. says

    Congratulations! How many years? I knew immediately hubs was the one for me and it totally freaked me out! I hadn’t dated a lot and never felt close to what I did with him. I’m so happy for you that he chose you over all your competetition. Many more happy years for you :0)

  8. Jannifer says

    33 in my graduating class. I am right there with your hubby in knowing what that feels like. Wouldn’t trade it for any other experience in life. Blessings on you and your family as you celebtate your love.

  9. says

    Happy Anniversary! You are very fortunate to have such a neat, cool hubby! And he is very fortunate to have you! Many more happy years together!!

  10. says

    You are an adorable couple and I love getting to know a bit more about the man behind the blogger. Also, that cowlick in his childhood photo? Priceless.

  11. says

    You didn’t mention he also happens to be quite handsome, and has good taste……. he no doubt picked the prettiest, nicest girl to be his bride and bake his weekly cookies.


  12. says

    This is precious. My husband and I celebrated 25 years with a Surprise Wedding Vow RenewaL Service he, my niece and oldest daughter cooked up. It was truly one of the best nights of my life. We are both blessed!

  13. says

    That is a beautiful tribute to him! I don’t mention my spouse a lot either because he is my polar opposite- totally under-sharer and I try and respect his boundaries. I think you did a great job in this post of sharing just the right things to give a taste of who he is without infringing on his privacy. I shall remember that for the future!

  14. Pam the Goatherd says

    Happy Anniversary!
    It’s so nice in this day and age to see a couple who really share life and are keeping the love alive!

  15. Clara says

    Thank you, Stacy, for your wonderful tribute to our son. It’s so rewarding to parents when their children marry the one who sees the best in them, and loves & supports them through all the challenges that come. Thank you for seeing him as he is, always loving, patient, and a true peace-maker. We’re so grateful he found you. Thank you for being the loving wife that you are and bringing such joy into his life. So grateful you found each other! Happy Anniversary! We love you.