Porter Cable Lithium Drill Review and Giveaway!



I am excited for today’s giveaway!!!  I know a lot of women get giddy when they hear a designer’s name like Louis Vuitton ( I totally had to google how to spell that…) But I get  all fired up when I hear the name Porter Cable :) Porter Cable is offering one lucky winner a Lithium Drill that comes with 2 batteries, a charger, and a carrying case.  That is a $150 value!  A drill is one of the MUST have tools.


Remember my side yard transformation I keep going on about? The one you have only seen the before of and zero sneak peeks? Well,  you are getting a tiny one today :) I decided to use my new drill and build a table for my side yard.

This drill is like butter! It is so smooth. I am in love…..

And here is my VERY rustic table for my side yard! You all know I have an affinity for barn wood. And the grey of the barn wood fits in perfectly with the color scheme I have going on with my new space. I built it the same way as I did the side table I have a tutorial for on my sidebar.

So here are the details……..

This drill has amazing features:

  • All metal 1/2 in. keyless chuck offers excellent bit retention and job site durability
  • Integral L.E.D. work light provides additional light to work area for greater visibility
  • 2-Speed high torque/high speed gearbox (0-350, 0-1,500 RPM) for increased productivity and for heavy applications
  • High output motor delivers 424 in/lbs of torque – The power to complete job site applications more efficiently
  • 22 Position clutch allows the user to properly set torque which reduces overdriving and stripping of fasteners
  • Compact 8.1 ” Drill length easily fits into tight drilling and fastening applications
  • 3.8 lbs with LX battery pack reduces user fatigue during extended periods of use
  • Contoured handle with over mold provides better fit in user hands and minimizes rubbing and vibration
  • Low Impedance 1.3 amp/hour Lithium Ion Batteries optimizes drill performance by providing more energy to tool during heavy applications
  • 30 Minute Multi-volt charger quickly charges both Lithium Ion and NiCD batteries to keep the user working
  • Compatible with Porter-Cable Lithium Ion and NiCD battery packs allows user to use all Porter-Cable 18 volt batteries regardless of chemistry


If you would like to enter to win this drill pack, you can do one or all of the following. PLEASE LEAVE A SEPARATE COMMENT FOR EACH THING YOU DO

* Leave a comment telling me why you would love to try the Porter Cable Lithium Drill

* Tweet about this giveaway

* Post about this giveaway on Facebook

Check out Porter Cable’s Facebook page where they post about other giveaways and special deals.

Good luck!!!  This giveaway will run until May 18th midnight (MST).


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  1. Maureen says

    I would love to try this for the mere fact that my husband loves tools and he is a Mr Fix-it around my house. He is in need of a drill like this. I love the fact that there is a light on it that helps when working in tight areas.

  2. Marci says

    Actually having a drill would allow me to make nightstands for me and my husband like your little table! Without any power tools I can’t really do any good projects, but the budget doesn’t have a whole lot of room to buy tools right now.

  3. Amy says

    My husband and I share a drill. So, I would love to have one of my very own so that I always know where it is and I can “protect” it! :)

  4. Dani L says

    I’m wanting to build my daughter a stuffed animal corral and my husband gets nervous when I borrow his tools. :)

  5. Heidi K says

    I would love to try out this drill…I need to learn a little about this kind of stuff, you know, impress the hubs!

  6. Missy Hammell says

    I not only would love to try this drill because we’ve never owned a Porter Cable drill, but I NEED it too! Our old drill died and we can’t afford a new one right now and I have so many projects I need to do this summer! :(

  7. Kim H says

    I would love to try this drill so that I could have my very own and I wouldn’t let my husband touch it :-)

  8. Beth M says

    Our cordless drill doesn’t hold a charge for very long anymore…we were just dicussing buying a new one.

  9. Diane says

    I would love to win this because the drill I have keeps dying on me. Plus oh the things I would make, a shelf for the master bedroom, bookracks for my son’s room, a charging station for all our phones…oh the possibilities!

  10. says

    Ha, I totally agree with you about Louis Votton (Vuitton, I had to go back to the top and check)… I saw this post in my feed reader and was like OMG power tools, yay! My current drill is pretty wimpy; it was something reasonably inexpensive I bought ages ago, but 424 in/lbs of torque and a 30 min charger for when I totally forget to charge my drill? I’m sold! I’m about to start work on a pallet recycle project and I’d love to try out a new drill!

  11. Nic says

    I would love a drill. We just bought our first home and our old one stinks! Plus I’m out of work right now an would some garden/yard projects to keepe busy.

  12. Brooke says

    I would love to win one so I don’t have to ask the hubs to use his to find it always uncharged ;)

  13. Lyndi says

    What a fun giveaway!!! I would love to win this drill so I could attempt to make a few projects on my own. (Notice I said attempt – I have a lot of learning to go in this dept! :)) Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. says

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! I have all kinds of projects for a Porter Cable Lithium Drill. From minor repairs to garden projects. We need more benches and some arbors. :) ~~Rhonda

  15. says

    I would love this drill because ours is a huge pain in the butt. We’ve had it for over a decade and the battery won’t stay charged, so I have to stop mid project (EVERY TIME!) to recharge. Grr.

    Thanks for the chance and hope you have an excellent weekend!

  16. Michelle Butler says

    I totally want this drill for me! Of course, my husband would then be drill envious, but I think that I deserve some of my very own power tools!

  17. says

    I would love this drill so I don’t have to borrow my husbands. He always forgets to charge his. Were looking to buy a new house, and I have a ton of project ideas that this will definitely help with when we finally get our new home.

  18. says

    Awesome giveaway. I would love to try this drill for several reasons. Our Dewalt drill is just a little to heavy and I have a hard time with it. That is when I can find it. My “handy hunk” aka husband, sometimes uses it on jobs and then I dont have a drill. He did buy me a “baby” ryobi drill, but it only does minor things. I’d love to have a “real” drill that I can handle and that I can use anytime I want :-)

  19. Amy H says

    I would love this…I could actually stop using my husbands — which means he could stop trying to hide it on me.

  20. Sandi Allen says

    Oh, I so need a drill. I keep borrowing my man’s drill and he just doesn’t seem to like that, Lol!

  21. Kristin says

    I would love this drill so I don’t have to steal my husband’s! He never recharges his battery so I have to wait for it to charge when I need it. Awesome giveaway!

  22. says

    Stacy, you would die laughing if you saw my old plug in drill from 20 years ago that I bought for $10 at a garage sale. My hubby and I always talk about getting a new one – but haven’t yet. I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance.

  23. Marci says

    We are building a new house and I would love to make some shelves and other things to make this house ours :)

  24. Valeri says

    This is seriously the most exciting giveaway. I need a drill right now. Ugh…. I’m about to tweet and share on FB.

  25. Amanda says

    Both of the cordless drills we have, the batteries will no longer hold a charge. I’m tired of trying to do projects with half-dead or barely alive batteries! This would be perfect so I can tackle a bunch of to-do projects that have been on hold.

  26. Rachel says

    When my husband and I got married we registered at Sears rather than the other stores because I wanted to register for tools. As we were registering my husband stopped me and said, “Wait a minute…we can’t do this?” I asked “Why not?” and he said “Because if the people buying us gifts know ANYTHING about you they’ll only get us tools and we’ll end up with no dishes and no pots and pans! How will we eat?” Just like a man, always thinking with his stomach! In all seriousness, though, As a student of Technology and Engineering Education (preparing to be a woodshop teacher) it’s hard to get started building up the tools to have your own workshop. We’re having a baby in June (and we’re naming him Porter–my husband’s making me cross “Cable” out as a possible middle name, though) and I would love nothing more than to use this drill as I make a variety of toys (from little trains to little wooden robot men) for him.

  27. MeganM. says

    A drill would be amazing! I have a few projects that I haven’t done because I don’t have a drill, but it would nice to be able to do them! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  28. says

    I would love to have a set of my own so I don’t have to wait until my husband is home to use his makita set (he keeps it in the car for work).

  29. Ashley R. says

    My husband’s birthday is coming up and we have zero power tools! I would someday like to make things like tables when we move into a house.

  30. Sally Gee says

    I would LOVE to win this! My hubby always gets bent out of shape when he finds I’m using “his” tools. Would be nice to have this *bad boy* for myself….

  31. Jacque Avant says

    I would love to win this drill for my friend who is a single mom. She homeschools, works, does Mrs. Fix-it projects at home and loves tools. I enjoy you on FB.

  32. Janelle says

    We have a small farm and a lawn care business where my husband often needs to fix things. When I need a drill it’s either MIA or has a low battery. Maybe I could “hide it” for my own personal use? =)

  33. Trisha says

    I am always stealing my husband’s drill from his shop. It would be AWESOME if I had my own in the house to use!

  34. Becky Greene says

    I would love to win this because it is a quality tool. I usually end up going the cheap route and I am never happy with the results :-(

  35. says

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! Ever since you posted your “Tools are for Ladies” video, I have been thinking I need to go to the hardware store. We need this drill for two great reasons – # 1 My toddler has learned how to climb and open drawers and we have been doing some major baby proofing around the house lately. I know this would definitely help that. # 2 We are moving and I see some fun new decorating, fixing, and building projects in our future.

  36. Haley G. says

    Boy…it would be nice to have a drill of my own! My husband has one but its his for “work”, so I’d love to win this so I could have my own!

  37. says

    This would be great to own because the drill my husband has is on its last leg and I keep seeing these cool pallet crafts on blogs and on Pinterest that I’d love to do and having this tool would make the project so much easier.

  38. Lyndi A says

    I love this drill just for the fact that I would have my own to complete “mommy” projects around the house/garage. Thanks :)

  39. says

    I would LOVE this drill! We just moved into a house and I’m making lots of stuff. First a pallet table for my back yard and next up a tall table for my craft room.

  40. Sarah says

    I see so many projects that I would love to work on and this would just be the icing on the cake to get me going.

  41. beth says

    I would love to win this. My husband is not a handy man. Some things just need to be done around the house. I would love to try this out. I think it will help me with some crafts/art that I have been putting off.

  42. Chelsea S. says

    I would love to have a drill of my own. My husband is always out of town and takes his drill with him. When he’s away I’m getting crafty! I really do need this!

  43. says

    I want my own drill because my husband can’t keep up with his drill bits. So when I need it, I don’t have any bits! Plus, I love that this one is cordless!

  44. Megan K says

    Oh my goodness! I would love to win this drill, my husband an I were just talking yesterday about how we need a new drill!

  45. Dee says

    We’re redoing my son’s nursery into a big boy room and we’re trying to build some of the furniture. This could be a big help!

  46. Jen Shumaker says

    I always use my husbands drill, but I would love this one. It looks a lot easier to use than my husbands, which I think is in need of a replacement anyways! ;) I love your design ideas. I am headed to the local salvation shop to look for door knobs for hooks, such a good idea!!

  47. Crystal McClary says

    I would love to try out this drill to tackle some projects on my own without my Handy Hubby’s help!

  48. Christy says

    I would love this! Quick charge battery? Even better… My husband likes to use my drill then not recharge the battery!

  49. says

    I would love this drill because it would go great with the nail gun I gave to myself my husband for Christmas. we he got a circular saw, too!

  50. Judi says

    I would love this drill so I would be more inspired to do projects myself instead of waiting for the Hubby to do them!

  51. Elizabeth H says

    Oh I love that drill. I want to be like you Tracy and use power tools with confidence. Thanks for a great giveaway. I don’t have a good drill so this would be perfect.

  52. Lynette says

    I would love this drill. I have plans to build a corner shelf, sandbox, night stands etc. etc… The projects are endless!!!

  53. says

    Oh man, I seriously could use this drill! Believe it or not, we do not have our own drill and every time we need to do a project, I need to call my dad and borrow his. He’s taken to leaving it at our house since we borrow it so often…

  54. Katherine says

    We have a corded drill. I would love a cordless drills for outdoor projects so I don’t have to use a super long extension cord!

  55. Kenny says

    I’m gonna be honest, I just want it :) It is always nice to have better tools than everyone else.

  56. Marie says

    This is so fun. I can’t wait to see your finished yard project! I know the Hubs and I would love to have this drill…so we can quit borrowing my father-in-law’s drill every time we need one. ;)

  57. says

    We tore down a segment of old fence (15 ft boards). By we, I mean that I came up with the idea to do it, and my husband did it. My plan is to build a compost shed/bin/box thing with the reclaimed wood. Hoping to get underway this weekend on the design and board cutting. A drill would come in handy for re-assembly!

  58. Joy says

    I would love this drill because we don’t have one!! How we have lived this long without one I have no idea!

  59. Andrea D. says

    I would love this so I can do some projects around my house like changing some light bulbs. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  60. says

    I really NEED this! I lost my drill charger years ago and now it just sits….hoping I’ll one day unpack it’s charger. This would be the ultimate giveaway to win!!!

  61. Christine Waddell says

    I would LOVE to have this! I have been looking at drills to purchase. What a great giveaway!

  62. Jerri C. says

    Mr. has his drill & is very cautious about sharing it so I think momma needs her own :).
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  63. Anne Marie says

    I would love this drill because we do not have one – sad I know – so my fingers are crossed!

  64. Sandy says

    My husband is really good about helping me with my craft projects so this would make a nice Father’s Day gift for him.

  65. Amy says

    I was just telling my hubs I need a drill with some more umph! Literally yesterday. I’m always working on something but I would most immediately use it for built in bookshelves I’m making.

  66. twelve30 says

    I’m not the handy person in our family – that job belongs to my husband. He’s been looking at this particular drill as he current drill is on life support. I know it’s on his wish list. Thanks for a chance to win one for him.

  67. Lori says

    My husband has become a handyman not necessarily out of interest but out of necessity. He recently sacrificed a tooth while nailing furring strips into a block wall to install drywall. He has worked with my Dad and brother to remodel our kitchen, bathroom and built an office from scratch. I’m so impressed with his new abilities but sadly he lacks good tools (we usually borrow my Dad’s and brother’s). I would love to give him this drill set for Father’s day! Thank you!

  68. Carla S. says

    I would love to win this drill. I do a lot of DIY and repairs around the house. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  69. says

    I would LOVE this drill. I have a tiny, wimpy version of a drill, but I build so many things and it’s definitely time for a new one!

  70. Marty Davis says

    Holy cow, there are lots of entries for this! My husband’s drill is on it’s last legs (or rather battery power!) I have been thinking about getting him a new one & this would be perfect! Plus, he will think it’s his, but I’ll be able to use it anytime I want! :)

  71. Marty Davis says

    I just shared this link on facebook…. Man, now I’m not gonna win! :) What a fun giveaway! Thanks Stacy, for finding these awesome things to give away & share with us!

  72. says

  73. says

  74. Shirley Lupton says

    Boy would I like to win this… We have a drill but it is not powerful to do some jobs. Thanks for the giveaway. Come on giveaway fairy let me win.

  75. says

  76. says

    I’d love to give this drill a try! My hubby has been teaching me some carpentry/reno skills and we desperately need some new tools for all the projects we have planned :)

  77. says

    I susbscribe by email and haven’t visitied the website for a while. I like!! I’d like the drill because hubs’ drills are not always easy to find (except by him) :-). And there are a l.o.t. of things I could get done that he doesn’t see any urgency to. Mars / Venus thing…..

  78. Marty says

    Thanks for a truly awesome giveaway, Stacy! I’ve been telling my boyfriend for awhile now that I want to get some tools and learn how to use them. For whatever reason, he’s not into the idea… I think he thinks I’ll hurt myself (or our house!) but is afraid to tell me, lol. The first thing I would tackle is your Mason Jar Herb planter thingy. :)

  79. Cheryl L. says

    I’d love to have this drill! I have so many projects that need finishing, and a great drill would be fabulous! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  80. Kesha says

    I would LOVE to have my very own drill! I always have to borrow one. This would come in handy for a few projects I am going to do!

  81. Jusa says

    Does the fact that I read every line of your review and thought “ooooh” and “aaahhhh” for each item suggest that I appreciate a well thought out drill design? I wear the toolbelt in this family, and I find my drill is my most used power tool. I have three: one hand me down (no reverse, arrgh), one yard sale cordless (I asked why he was selling it—because the battery doesn’t hold a charge very long; you might asked why I bothered to buy it–no good answer—he was right). And my favorite little guy, for $2 from a rummage sale. Not cordless, but it does have a reverse. Alas, it is not a keyless chuck, and the one I have, which did not come with it, doesn’t really mesh well so it’s a struggle to tighten and loosen it each time I have to switch bits. It would be heaven to have something that really worked properly, let alone having some serious torque and all that hooha. Geez, why am I getting so worked up over a drill? You know the answer to that, Stacey. Gotta have a drill to get things done around the house.

  82. Nickie Moseley says

    We have a new craft room and my husband isn’t too to good about sharing his power tools so I need my own collection!!!

  83. Jusa says

    Still drooling over this drill, so I actually went to my FB page and posted a message. OK, I think I did. I tried. I don’t actually like FB and mostly don’t communicate through it to my peeps. But, Peeps, if you’re you’re listening, this is a cool drill. I even Liked PC even though nobody asked me to. Gotta give them credit for marketing to women. who. are. not. just. housewives!

  84. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I asked my hubby if he would like a drill like this and there was NO hesitation. Although maybe I’d save this one for my own projects. ;)

  85. Heather says

    I am looking to build a little play area for my toddler! I’m going to do something similar to raised beds and then mulch it. He will have a little play place and sandbox! I will also be building a frame to cover it so he has shade on hot summer days. I have plenty of other projects (who doesn’t!), but that is my major one that I will be starting at the end of May. All I have is a very old corded drill, it may honestly have been my granddad’s :)

  86. Stacy says

    Fantastic giveaway…I would love to win this so I can build an octagon shaped picnic table for our backyard BEFORE the girls get out of school… ah, dinner, craft projects, reading books, doing artwork, all on a table built with love, under the sky, love it! Thank you soooooooo much :)
    Stacy N.

  87. Brenda Turner says

    Oh, yes, yes, yes! Finally a site that gives chances to win REAL WOMEN tools:) I love Porter Cable and I could use this drill for so much, as I am preparing my house to sell & will be moving into another place that I’m sure will need some drill work! Thanks so much for this opportunity! And thanks for sharing all of your cool ideas & projects!

  88. Luana says

    Not only want, but need a drill! I have a projects list, but it is hard to complete or even start without a power tool! This is one awesome giveaway!

  89. Jessica says

    I love to create things, usually it entails using my brother in laws tools, this would be great to have my own!!!

  90. says

    I’ll be honest and say I’d LOVE to win this for the hubby but I’m sure I’d use it to get some stuff done around here too. :) We’re looking for a house right now so that would sure come in handy!

  91. Leah says

    I have a list of projects that I would love to make for my home and garden…This is a great tool to get me started. My husband has a few tools that are Porter Cable and he loves them. I would love to have my own tool shed!

  92. An Parton says

    We just bought a drill and used it for one project and it was a fail. I had tons of projects in my head for it :/ I would love the Porter Lithium Cable drill to finish my house!

  93. Susan says

    I would love to try this drill because the batteries for my *yellow and black* cordless drill have died and new batteries cost the same as a new drill. *very sad face* Now I am using my corded drill which has loads of power but no speed control. It is either ON or OFF. Plus, you can only get so far with that cord attached and it’s also very heavy.

  94. Amy says

    Porter Cable is soooo sweet! I lost my beloved cordless drill last year to a terrible disease called battery fail, after suffering for several months with decreased energy (easy power drain), and weakness (torque seriously impaired). My drill went almost everywhere with me, to my friends’ houses to help them with their projects, to helping me here at our home when we were far away from any electrical outlet. She, yes-she, loved to make the potting bench for a friend’s surprise friend’s day gift, as well as just making plain old compost bins. She just loved making sure things were tight; that’s the kind of drill she was. Now with her gone, I find I have a hole in my life and workshop that can’t be filled with just any run-of-the-mill cordless drill, it really has to be something special, and it has to have more than one battery, which is all my poor baby had. If I had had more than one battery, she might still be kicking butt making projects with me still. I miss my drill.

  95. says

    A new drill would be fantastic! We recently bought a new drill, but it can’t handle the ‘real’ jobs I want to use it for. :)

  96. says

    I totally need a new drill. Mine is not battery powered which limits where and how I can use it…so not cool! A girl is not supposed to have to be attached to an extension cord at all times. Thanks for hosting this a-m-a-z-i-n-g giveaway!


  97. Rebecca says

    I would love this drill because my husband is constantly misplacing ours (where was the last unfinished project you started?) , and typically when we do find it, the battery no longer works and we are at Lowes again to buy another one. This sounds like a great drill :)

  98. KELLY M. says

    We are closing on our house in a couple of weeks and I have no tools for DIY projects! This drill would be exactly what I need.

  99. Emily L says

    I want to try some DIY projects to give my home a less cluttered look, and I would love to try the Porter Cable Lithium Drill.

  100. Janis says

    Boy, my sister and i could use this drill. We live together and there seems like there is a constant array of ‘honey-do’s’ needing some work. This would make things so much easier. looks fabulous! i shared on Facebook as well.

  101. Courtney says

    I don’t have my own drill, my husband has one – well, actually 2 – and he gets a little anxious when I borrow it. Might be fun to have my own – maybe I would take on more projects if I had one of my own. This one looks like a winner, looks like a fun one to have!

  102. Kathy R says

    Oh the projects I could conquer with a Porter Cable Lithium Drill….I am in fantasy land thinking about it!

  103. Bobbi M says

    I would love to try this drill because I am so tired of having to ask my husband to bring his drill home… thus notifying him that I have started yet ANOTHER “home improvement”. Needless to say, he does not always support the fact that he has to assist me with my DIY projects.

  104. Sommer says

    I would love to win this before I have to buy one! My father has one and I just got to try it out last week, totally swoon worthy! I love the torque on it and how it’s so much lighter and smaller, easier to handle than my dinosaur!

  105. Stacey says

    My husband has his drill in his truck 99% of the time. I totally need my own!! We just got a compund miter saw, and I have a ton of projects to get to.

  106. Jenn says

    Oooohhhh the possibilities! Often I have to hunt down my dad or get my husband for a drill… If I had MY VERY OWN!!! I could be free to CREATE! :) I’ll be sharing on facebook! Hope I’m lucky! ;)

  107. Kirsty says

    I would love to add this drill to my (very) slowly growing collection of power tool essentials. I want to do lots of projects, and find myself frustrated by not having the tools to do them.

  108. Talia says

    I would love a Porter Cable Lithium Drill because there is sooo much I could do! I could fix so much around the house, and I could start some long awaited craft projects. Oh that power that would be mine!!! Thank you for this chance to win…hopefully I am lucky

  109. Jo C says

    So totally need this drill so my hubby won’t be able to blame me if something happens to his drill!!
    Plus, his drill is big and cumbersome and this one looks so much easier to handle!

  110. Maureen says

    I would love to win this drill because I don’t have one, in fact I don’t have a single power tool and this is something I feel I could start with without feeling too overwhelmed by it. It would also come in handy in the house for LOTS of things, fixing things as well as crafts and building stuff. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. says

    I would L-O-V-E to have my very own drill :) I share one with my hubby and my heart goes pitter-patter over power tools that are mine and mine alone. My precious!

  112. says

    I’d like to win one to give to my husband for Father’s Day. Then maybe he’ll stop borrowing and mucking up my very old (but well-loved) and (non-Porter Cable) drill! ;)

  113. angie warrington says

    *SIGH* I was just thinking I need my own personal drill to work on the odd jobs at my house. I hate hunting for my husbands drills (I think he has 3) and I can never find or figure out where anything is in the tool section of the garage. THIS WOULD BE GOOD TO HAVE AND to get the stuff DONE

  114. Penney Williams says

    I’d love to have this for my husband for Father’s Day. He’s great at his honey-do list for 22 years now in the same house and his drill has seen better days :)

  115. says

    Step One: Leave a comment why I want this drill :) Right now I am using my husband Dewalt. It would be oh so lovely to have my own set…so I do not whine and moan when he takes his drill away! It would be my very first drill of my very own :D

  116. deidre says

    I’m just starting to buy power tools and this would be a great one! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  117. Jayme says

    we have this very drill and it is AWESOME! Hubby and I do a lot of building together and it would be so great to have a 2nd one so we don’t have to share. :)

  118. Jessica Geremia says

    Hi, We are out in the country and raising a beautiful large family of five children (yes five and a dog lol), whom we are always doing project after project together. Recently we have been doing larger projects that have become more enjoyable. We have been teaching the children to recycle, and how to turn something broken and old into something new and amazing. We could really use this tool to assist us in making our projects, (perhaps a new tree house for the kids Shhhhh… lol). We have already been collecting wood and saving parts from places we found on the side of the road. We wouldn’t have it any other way, not only is it rewarding to make something from nothing, but it brings our family together when we spend time making our treasures, as we are also creating memories for life.

  119. Angie says

    I would love to have a PCLD, because it would help me with delicate things like making my jewelry (because who says you have to use a wimpy drill for such things), AND with my DIY projects! Awesome! Such a great give away!

  120. says

    I’m currently collecting more of my own tools so that I can get into doing a bit of diy wood working, and this would be a fabulous addition!

  121. Erica Williams says

    I’ve got a big list of DIY’s that I would love to get started on. Having an awesome tool might motivate me a little bit!

  122. Mae says

    I need to redo my back patio space and I’d love a chance to use this drill to make my own table :-)

  123. TAMI says

    I would love to win this drill! I just started following blogs, and this would really help set me up to start doing some of the fabulous projects I see! Especially on your site! :)

  124. jennifer ebner says

    this would be a perfect gift for me because i have a lot to do around here since my hubby works so much – like a chicken coop!! my chicks are outgrowing their current “growing area” – but it would also be a great gift for my hubby because i know he loves Porter Cable and he’s always talking about the lithium tools lasting longer.

  125. Margo says

    I need a new drill. We have a weak sauce one that doesn’t do anything and a one speed super fast one that strips everything!

  126. jennifer ebner says

    I tweeted to you about the giveaway (i think – i am sooo not very good with twitter) i’m @ksebnerfamily

  127. jennifer ebner says

    not sure if this was one or just a suggestion but i did go to porter cable’s facebook page and liked them and looked around their site for awhile! :)

  128. cathy says

    A new drill would be awesome!!! We just moved into my parent’s house(they moved to an apt) And there are some small repairs to be done! And after living in an apartment for so many years where any repairs that needed to be done we called a landlord WE NEED A DRILL!! :) And If I win, It’s a Birthday gift for hubby sooo…SHHHH don’t tell him!!

  129. Ruth James says

    I would love this so I wouldn’t have to explain to hubs (again) why I wanted to borrow his…….it gets tedious to explain

  130. says

    Whenever I need to use a drill, I have to borrow my dad’s, so I would LOVE to have a drill of my own that’s as awesome as this one!!! :)

  131. says

    Well, I’m not the least bit handy when it comes to DIY stuff… I leave that to my very handy husband. Who I am sure would drool over said drill. So that’s why I want to win it :) Because every wife deserves to get some free brownie points, right? ;)

  132. Breanna Bowers says

    I’d love to win this drill to give to my hubby for his first father’s day this year!!!

  133. Alison Seamans says

    I’ve loved every Porter Cable tool I’ve ever owned, my cordless drill just died and I have a fixer-upper house. That’s why I’d like to win this!

  134. Stephanie says

    I would love to win this drill because I have a million projects going on and this would help a ton, plus I love Porter Cable!!

  135. Robin says

    I have a drill that I like now, but it doesn’t really have the power I would like. This drill looks wonderful! I’d love to take it for a test drive on some summer project!

  136. Kristy Cirillo says

    Just as a few others have posted… I would use it so I wouldn’t have to search for my husbands and when I find it… realize there is no charged battery. Thank you!

  137. Paula says

    I would love this drill because I don’t have a husband and do all the handiwork myself! What a way to make life easier! :)

  138. says

    I’d love the Porter Cable drill! My drill is woosy! just ask my kids–they hate it because it is completely gutless.

  139. Eric hunt says

    1. I’d like to give lithium ion batteries a shot, my NiCd batteries lasted 1.5 years and now hold a charge for just a couple screws
    2. I like to give the porter cables bearings a try since my current drills bearings are already starting to go

  140. Brooke says

    I would love to have this drill because we are about to purchase a home and a drill is a must with first time home buyers.

  141. Brandon says

    My nieces have been asking for a tree house for some time now and this drill would help me make that tree house a reality.

  142. cindy says

    I would love my own cordless drill- like you mentioned, I am one to get excited over power tools than designer items. However, I currently have to borrow my husband’s cordless drill and it’s always covered in dirt & grease. I always need to clean it up before I use it.
    thanks for the opportunity to win!

  143. says

    I would love to try the Porter Cable Lithium Drill because it would make life so much easier!!!! I had used cheapy dollar store screw drivers until I upgraded to a beautiful set that I bought with ‘flames’ on them!!! I don’t know if it’s the performance of them that I like so much, or the ‘flames’!!! LOL….I usually hammer a nail into the spot I need a screw, take out the nail & put in a screw….it becomes quite monotonous if I have quite a few screws to put in!!!! I fractured my wrist at work & it gets uncomfortable doing such tasks, as well as working on my projects, crafts, painting etc….especially when I am right hand dominant, its very frustrating at times….I feel with the Porter Drill, the job would get done soooooo much quicker! I would be soooooo x’cited’ if I won, that I would probably just drill holes to my hearts content!!!! Thank you :)))

  144. Elizabeth Hart says

    I need it to fix my lawn mower. I need to put the motor on a new deck and a drill would help out a lot!

  145. Tricia F says

    We just bought a new house which means lots of projects. I would love to have this great drill to use while my husband uses his old one. Maybe I’d let him borrow it!

  146. Stephanie says

    I am trying to DIY to fix up our house that we rent… It becomes a real pain sharing a drill with my father who lives 25 minutes from me!

  147. Ashley R says

    I would love this!!! I’m about to fix up an old park bench and picnic table and I want to redo my daughters room. This would come in soooo handy & I would totally impress my husband! :) Thanks!

    P.S. I’m going to stencil my ceiling too, but I don’t need the drill for that. :)

  148. Carmen says

    our cordless drill died, and we really miss it. This Porter Cable drill would satisfy even my husband’s picky tool choice!

  149. Brooke Adametz says

  150. tanya krolicki says

    I’ve been finding ways to re-purpose wood from my brother’s torn down garage, and this drill would sooooo help the idea & construct process. Not to mention all the things it’d help with around my 100 yr old home! PSS…my old drill with the cord can be a drag…;)

  151. says

    I would love to have this drill so I could label it “mine” and put it somewhere that I could find it when I need it instead of spending copious amounts of time searching for one of my husband’s!

  152. Clara says

    I would love to give this to my husband as a Father’s Day gift! He’s the handyman around our home, and LOVES tools. I have a hard time knowing what to get him for gifts, but a tool such as this would bring a huge smile!!

  153. Andrea Watts says

    I would love to try the Porter Cable Lithium Drill and show my husband that girls can drill too lol!

  154. danii carpenter says

    i would enjoy winning this drill because my husband is in the military and he is gone most of the time with work. so that leaves me to do all the ‘man work’ and i need a reliable tool to be able to fix things around the house. as well as attempt to revamp things we need. unfortunately we don’t have the kind of money to spend on something that is needed badly :/ thanks!

  155. Shelly says

    Wow, this drill looks awesome. We often borrow my in-laws drill–its old and it doesn’t hold a charge very long. This drill would be so nice!