Pardon the mess…..

My site is under construction. And I am not as big of a wordpress rock star as I thought. I am trying to DIY the switch over andit is taking longer than I thought. I may have to call in reinforcements! Please be patient while everything looks messy :)

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  1. Heart and Haven says

    If only your wordpress problems could be fixed with a power drill! lol.
    Hope whatever issues you’re experiencing get fixed quicky.

    Oh, and enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend!

  2. says

    Boy, do I know how you feel! I’m in the middle of all that right now, and totally wondering if I should have spent the money and saved myself the headache! Hope you get everything done soon!

  3. says

    Things are looking very nice over here….You will have to let us know how the switch happened, who did it, and any advice for those of us who are teetering on the blogger edge. Lori

  4. says

    If there’s any chance this contest includes your Canadian friends, count me in. My drill is ancient and I’d kill for that one! Good luck with working out the bugs in the switchover! ~ Maureen