My New Blog Design!!!!!

Hey! Have you noticed anything different around here??? If you are reading from your phone or a reader get your rear ends over and check out my new header and blog design :P

Carly from Playful Pickle Designs rocked my socks with the header she made me. I love it so much! Doesn’t yellow just make you happy? Carly was such a trooper. I had her tweek and retweek it to death. It is hard for me to have the idea in my mind but not have the know how to actually create it. And I don’t explain things very well sometimes.  Carly was so patient and went above and beyond so I sent her a thank you in the mail. . . . . my favorite treat ever, Utah Truffles. So thank you Carly!!! I hope you enjoy your chocolate  as much as I enjoy my new header :)

Just like whenever you decorate a room, there are always little things you move and change until it becomes perfect. I am sure I will be doing the same with my blog. But for the most part it is done and I am happy. I had Aaron from RFE Hosting widen the blog for me and add the new header and then I DIYed the rest. It took forever since I had to learn all the css stuff. I emailed Aaron in a panic a couple of times :P WordPress can be so complicated for someone not very computer savvy :)

I have so many things to do this week. I am hoping to finish up my side yard transformation too. I am torn about when to reveal it though. I kind of want to give the plants a chance to get over the transplant shock and fill in a little. But I am also antsy to show you what I have been up to!

Tomorrow I will be going on Fresh Living  with Bruce from Minwax. I am excited to meet him and chat about staining :)

See you tomorrow for the linky party!!!

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  1. says

    I like the new design and concept, but I have to say that the yellow hurts my eyes. I can’t even see what the last box in your follow icons is. I had to click it to know that it is Google+. Also, the yellow links in the text are very hard to read.

    I may just be sad because your old designs was my very favorite design and I loved the multiple colors in your blog. I regularly read your post through Google Reader, so it’s not much of an issue for me, but you might want to consider adding some higher contrasting colors back to save your reader’s eyes.

  2. says

    I only want to be constructive, but the yellow for the social media buttons is a bit bright and makes it difficult to see. I really like the mint you have at the bottom and the font choice for the header and “favorite projects.”

  3. says

    I’m glad you are so excited to have a change, and a big blog redo can be very much needed if you see it Every. Single. Day. I took a look through and although I love yellow too, (my HHR is sunburst orange, ya’ll) I agree it is a little difficult to read. Hey – it’s NEW, and you might come to some more changes after awhile too. Who knows? I was wondering if you might take the yellow background/reddish wording from the boys bottom bunk in the Boys Room pic instead of the white wording? On my blog I too had to balance the love of certain colors and their readability. I had to tweak the shades within the spectrum until I got a color that was dark enough to read the word. A couple of times I had to dump the color scheme I wanted because it just didn’t show well, and the tweaking just didn’t work at the end. I was wondering if you might take the yellow background/reddish wording from the boys bottom bunk in the Boys Room pic instead of the white wording.

  4. says

    You did an awesome job! And definite kudos to your helpers! Yellow is a very happy color! Are you going to change your favicon too?

  5. Heart and Haven says

    Cute header.
    I’ve had an idea for awhile of what I want to do for mine…but haven’t bitten the bullet to get it done yet. Like you stated, you have difficulty explaining what’s in your head for someone else to envision; I’m worried about that too.

  6. Lynn W says

    Apparently Google Chrome hasn’t gotten the memo yet, because I’m still seeing red and mint. I looked in IE and Firefox and can see the changes (I like the new header). I don’t have a wide screen monitor, so if I want to see any of your bio, sponsors or other links I have to scroll right, and that’s a huge pet peeve of mine (I do web design). But the widening of the blog is just making it so I can’t see the whole thing, whereas before I could see it all at once. So by widening it, you are limiting the exposure your sponsors are hoping to get.

  7. Maureen says

    I don’t know what people mean about the yellow being too bright, it looks mild and beautiful on my MAC. I came over from my email to check this out and I think the redesign looks great! Congrats and good luck getting settled into WordPress.

  8. Jusa says

    Love it. It looks very “you.” Bravo for tackling a challenging computer task. I’ve skimmed through some other reader comments. I know from talking to DS who is a computer science major that it is very challenging to design websites that can be read in every format (device, service, whatever). Nice to have choices, but it makes life complicated. You can appreciate Henry Ford declaring you can have any color car as long as its black. For my two cents, I use Mozilla Firefox. The yellow banner looks lovely to me. The tab headers are a little pale in contrast. I might make them a boldface type, but they are certainly readable as is. Fun typefaces throughout. Everything looks great.