Home and Garden Club and a Summer Soiree….eek!

I have something fun to share. I almost forgot to tell you about it and wanted to let you know about it before I forgot again :P  I will have the question and answer post tomorrow.

I LOVE gardening. I have mentioned before that it is my therapy.  So I was excited to find out about a garden club that is FREE not to far from me.

I tried to re-word this a hundred times because it is my favorite part of their About page  but they say it best……”The Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club was founded to provide learning opportunities specifically geared to do-it-yourself homeowners.  We recognize that the landscape is and extension of the home and that education on interior topics also translates to the exterior.  The Home and Garden Club will endeavor to provide a mix of interior and exterior design and projects so there’s a little something for everyone.”

Ummm, hello! Sign me up! That is totally up my alley.

They have free classes at their education center every third Tuesday starting on July 17th. You can view the full schedule on their site. AND if you are not local you can still get the information from the classes. They will post detail on their facebook page after the classes. To kick off their new classes they are having Summer Soiree on June 9th.

I have a confession….. I have always wanted to go to a garden soiree. Music, food, a beautiful setting…… So I am super excited to be going to this one. If you are local and want to come you can register on their site. I would love to meet you :) And check out the line up of speakers for the mini classes……

Justin and Cassity Kmetzsch, from Remodelaholic; Sausha Khoundet, from Sweet Pickins and Leanne Jacobs from Organize and Decorate Everything, are all bloggers I have met and who I love!

So that is where I will be on June 9th :) Oh, and there will be giveaways too! Fingers crossed…..

This post is sponsored by the Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club

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  1. Charlotte Parker says

    Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Mandi of Vintage Revivals announced it and I forgot that you guys were in the same state. Have fun! You deserve it!

  2. says

    That sounds fabulous. I need to seriously consider moving to Utah just so I can meet and greet all my blog friends. Right now I feel like a little groupie that never gets to meet the band! Do share some of the things you learn :) I have garden envy!

  3. Marie says

    I can not wait until we have a home of our own and we can do all kinds of amazing things in our yard. Having a landlord take care of the yard is good sometimes…but man, I can’t wait! I also can’t wait to hear about your garden soiree! Have so much fun!