Curb Appeal

Real quick, I wanted to bring something up before I get into my post… I have seen several people talk about this on Facebook and thought it was worth mentioning here. I guess (from what others are saying) that facebook has changed how things are with pages and how they show up in your timeline.  If you go to the page you can hover over the “like” button and it will bring up a menu. Make sure it says “shows in news feed”. I have noticed that some of the companies and blogs I follow were not set to that and I changed them so I won’t miss anything :) You can visit my page and check too.

Alright, lets talk about curb appeal. I have not done a ton of things with the front of my house other than plant flowers and the basics because my house is already so charming on its own and I never have a ton in the budget  for it. Last year before my Better Homes and Gardens photo  shoot I painted the steps and walkway. The walkway was tinted concrete that was hot pink. I kid you not. It has held up really well.

Last year I also got a new mail box, spray painted the base, and added out last name to it in vinyl. That has also held up really well.

I am going to be slowly doing a little project here and there to spruce up the ‘ole front porch this spring. Yesterday my 5 year old and I planted a few flowers next to the walkway. They don’t look like much now. It doesn’t help that my two year old ripped them out about a half an hour after we planted them. *sigh* But they will be wonderful when they fill out :)

Next on the list are new house numbers, potted plants, new porch light, and a little somethin’ somethin’ I am not sharing yet. I have never shown the whole exterior of our house. But when I get it all done I will.

Have a fabulous Memorial weekend!!!



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  1. says

    Looks great! Every little bit, right? I’ve got an architect coming to speak on “curb appeal” at the Home & Garden Club on July 17th. You should come!

  2. amyn says

    Your front area is so pretty! I love your door and the dark mulch with the bright flowers. You have such an artistic eye for things, I love your blog! I’m sorry about the unemployment, your family will be in my prayers. seriously, you are an amazing woman. Your blog is infused with your warm personality, enthusiasm, good humor and generous heart. Thank you, I love your honesty also. You are such a great example to us all. :)