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So I have run out of money and can’t finish my side yard project right now. I am painfully aware that I have not posted a big project here in a while. Unemployment sucks. And we are still waiting to hear if my husband got that job we really want. He is still calling around, filling out applications etc. And I am torn. I want so badly to be able to post a project and share my side yard with you but I really want to wait until it is 100% done.

So while I figure things out I thought we could do something new.

Ask me anything. Leave a comment with a question you have for me and I will try my best to answer them. The more random the better :P

I will pick some of them and write up a post  on Wednesday.

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  1. says

    Ok, since summer break is here : What was your favorite game to play as a kid :) AND for the people without kids, what is your favorite game to play now? Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Melissa D. says

    I’d like to paint circles on my kids’ bathroom wall. Any ideas how I could get a nice crisp edge?

  3. says

    How do you keep up with advertising for your blogging: taxes, bills, invoices? I want to monetize my blog more, but I don’t even know how to start from fear of taxes and having to send out professional looking invoices and stuff. And I worry that keeping up with all that would take too much time away from my working on projects. I am a teacher, so I have a full time job except in the summer. And on another note, do you ever create projects just to put on your blog? Or do you always create projects for a specific reason? Random questions, I know. :)

  4. Kim says

    Do you ever offer advice for a “makeover” of sorts? We have a room (about 500 square feet, complete with a garden area) off our house that is made of rough cedar and has a brick floor – two of the walls are sliding glass doors (a total of six), one wall is the cedar (which has closets in it) and the last wall is the brick of the house (this wall also has a built-in cabinet and an upright freezer, as well as the door back into the kitchen). Everyone who comes over loves this room, but I would really LOVE to make it a place that is a true getaway – comfy, cozy and hang-out worthy. Right now it is a glorified “dog house” for our three little dogs, that we frantically clean when company is coming over. I would love to send some pics and pick your brain! :)

  5. brenda says

    not a questionn just a word of encouragement. Thankful that your husband is still treating his search for employment like a job and getting his info out there. God Bless You and your family.

  6. says

    This may be totally out there and not feasible, but have you ever contacted Home Depot to be a contractor, painter, etc. for their customers? Help the cash flow. Up here in CT they have a list of people they will recommend people to their customers who want someone to do various jobs. Of course I don’t know about licensing or anything required where you are. I’d sure not hesitate to hire you if you weren’t across the country!

  7. Jusa says

    Do you ever use circular saws, especially hand-held ones? Are they hard to handle? What do you need to take into account when you use one?

  8. says

    I “have” a blog, and am really stuck. How often should I post? I have furniture and architectural things, but I also am an avid paper crafter. I could really use some guidance. I love your blog….thanks for this opportunity!

  9. Robin says

    Have you ever “sanded down” a popcorn ceiling. I’m thinking about doing that in my bathroom. It is a small room, but I have heard it is a messy job, and not sure what to do once it is sanded. Suggestions?

  10. says

    What has been your favorite project since you’ve been blogging? What is your favorite inexpensive or “free” way to decorate your home?

    My husband needed to quit his job recently, so I can relate to not having much money for projects right now. I’m trying to have the attitude of “when the going gets tough, the tough get creative!”

  11. Rachel says

    Do your kitchen cabinets still look good? I am hoping of painting mine. Thank you for your time. Love your blog!

  12. says

    Hi! I was wondering about the end table at the end of your leather couch in your family room…I have two of that same table, in oak. I was considering painting them. Is yours painted? I can’t tell. I’ve found I’m a shabby chic kinda gal in my decor and my house has lots of oak. Perhaps painting them will break up some of the oakness and add to my shabby chic style. What do you think? Thanks!!

  13. says

    Since you are stuck, do you want to come to my house and tell me what in the world to do with my yard? I’ll BBQ. :)

    Also, if you were a garden vegetable what would you be and why?

  14. Maureen says

    What is your favorite thing about your office/crafting space? Does it still look as good as it did in the reveal photos?

    Hang in there, things will get better for you on the job and financial front. I understand, I am really struggling financially too. Have faith and keep on keeping on. I am praying for you!

  15. Jerri C. says

    What is your husband’s line of work? Your blog and story really touches me and I often find myself amazed at your attitude and how you just keep trucking along. I am sending positive thoughts to your family. I know this is especially hard on your husband because they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Godspeed to things looking up for you and your loved ones. Happy Summer!!

  16. Heart and Haven says

    Have you done any camping in your backyard around the firepit yet this year? That sounds so cool! Do you cook hotdogs and s’mores over the fire? I’d love to see pics of your “backyard camping”.

    What other fun activities do you have planned with your boys for the summer?

  17. says

    I’m a new blogger and was wondering how do you get donations of products to give away? What is the most profitable way to monetize your blog? Thanks!

  18. says

    I would love to hear answers to Rasha, Kathy and Bethany’s questions! I have so many questions about blogging and advertising and what does it take to turn it from a hobby into a part time job etc. How did you get started blogging? When did you decide to start having advertisers? Etc. Etc. I love and admire your blog! You rock! Everything else will fall into place in your life. Enjoy this short moment in time, it will change soon!

  19. Barbara Mars says

    My questions to you is: I have a brass plated king bed frame and would just LOVE to have a white bed! Can it be painted and what are the steps I’d need to take to get my white bed? Sand? Primer? Spray paint and is so, what kind? I’ve looked all over the internet for info on this one project for quite some time now and have NOT found any answers other to take it to a body shop and that is totally out of the question! Sure hope you can help.
    All the good luck in your husbands job search – has got to be tough right now. . . .
    Thanks so much for any help!
    Barbara in TN

  20. Jessica Sorensen says

    Hey Stacy! I’ve always thought you should have a recurring feature where you help other people refinish THEIR pieces of furniture. People could enter and win some Stacy help! Easy way to get lots of projects on the blog, share your refinishing tips in a project-specific problem-solving way, and not have the expense of doing your own furniture all the time. (I know if I were closer, I’d have you help with some on my furniture projects!) It would generate some great before and after pics. Good luck!

  21. says

    LOVE your blog – your projects are amazing – but I was wondering how you grew the blog so quickly – are there “ways” to attract a lot of new followers? what worked for you

    we were unemployed for almost a year, hang in there, this too shall pass


  22. says

    I have a few..
    I remember a long time ago you posted about Gel Stain. I thought I remembered that you didn’t need to strip, sand, etc. before staining…is that true. What have you used gel stain for and how is it different than regular stain?

    How did you break through in the blog world? I notice many of my favorite bloggers seem to be in each other’s blogrolls. It seems many of the blog hops and parties feature their “friends” things. It just seems really hard to get their attention and make it.

    What did you have to do to get featured in magazines and on TV? Are their auditions or do they just come to you asking you to do something amazing?

    Ever have a project fail, or not turn out the way you planned? If so, what was it?

    What skills or trait to do envy in others or wish you had?

  23. Courtney says

    It’s the end of the school year and I am stuck on what to get teachers that is meaningful… I don’t mind a quick do-it-yourself item, but I am REALLY limited on time – literally an hour or so to spend on this (we have 6 teachers to worry about). Any good, cheap, ideas??

  24. says

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