3M Projector Review


I have something really fun to share with you today! Eeek! I am so excited for this review and giveaway! My husband has wanted a projector for YEARS and we just never got that far down on our wish list. So I (or should I say my gadget-lovin’ husband) was so excited for the chance to review one. We received 3M’s new mobile projector (affiliate). It hooks up to your iPhone or iPad. If you don’t have an Apple device you can hook it up to your laptop, if you buy the connection cord.  You can watch YouTube videos, TV content, movies and photo slideshows!

We have so many plans for it! We have a big party planned for the neighborhood soon. And we used it in our bedroom when one of our kids wasn’t feeling well. He was quarantined so he watched a movie on our wall. But the idea I am sharing today is a homemade drive-in movie theater!


We made cars out of cardboard boxes, duct tape, spray paint and paper plates. Here is the post with the tutorial: Cardboard Cars And I have a lot of other tutorials and kid activities found here: Kid Activities
We need four of them. My two-year-old is obsessed with buses, so I made this look like a bus, sort of. He’s two. HE was impressed.
Here they are while dad was setting up the projector.
I have to say that given the size of the projector I was expecting the screen size to be a lot smaller and IF we were able to get it bigger I thought it would be blurry. But my husband and I were pleasantly surprised! My kids LOVED watching a movie in their “cars” and with such a large screen. We don’t watch a lot of TV as it is, but this was definitely a novelty for them. We even had some neighbor kids come over later and ooooh and awwww over it.


I had my husband measure the screen. It nearly covered the whole nine-foot-wall! And we could have made it bigger if we had been able to get the projector back farther. It was so clear. My camera does not do it justice. The sound was perfect for our home with our family but we may have to hook up speakers to it when we have our neighborhood party.
And guess what? You can enter for a chance to win a $150 Target gift card! Here’s how:
a) Leave a comment telling me what’s your favorite way to enjoy a family movie night.
b) Tweet about this promotion and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post
c) Blog about this promotion and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post
d) For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.
This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.



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  1. Jamie says

    Our favorite way to have movie night is all in the living room with blankets and lots of popcorn and treats!

  2. says

    My favorite way to enjoy movie night is snuggled with hubby after our son is tucked in bed. Actually i can’t wait to do family movie nights when my son is a little older. Hubby and I are huge into movies, we have seen over 1,000 movies together. We are looking forward to sharing that with our son too.

  3. Dawn says

    Awesome projector! Right now our movie nights are spent up in the TV room – but with THIS projector we would watch movies in the backyard while floating in the pool! Great giveaway!

  4. says

    We haven’t really had a family movie night yet since our oldest is only 3 and the youngest is 18 months. But when we were little we loved having family movie night on blankets laid out like a picnic in the living room, complete with each of our favorite junk foods :)

  5. Emily M. says

    What an awesome and small projector! Our favorite nights are spent around the campfire by the Mississippi River and our camper.

  6. Kristen says

    I love movie night! I love just snuggling up on the couches with all the kiddos or having a “picnic” on the floor. :)

  7. Kathleen says

    I am so excited to do movie nights… my son is little now but getting more interested in movies lately. We always had a fun movie night growing up with all 6 of my brothers and sisters. So I would like to pass on the tradition!

  8. Lyndi A says

    I love putting on a kids movie in the evening after dinner to wind them down for bed…especially when I’m exhausted and need a little break!

  9. Courtney says

    We spend movie night in the media room, but I have a dream of watching a movie on drive way with the movie playing on the garage door. This would be perfect!

  10. says

    We’re simple. I pop popcorn, load it up with butter, and then pile the four of us on the couch. It’s cozy & fun. :) Thanks for the chance!

  11. Andrea says

    I love spending movie nights with my husbands and kids in our living room. I would REALLY love having this projector and spending movie nights in our backyard together!

  12. Mendy W says

    We have block party movies in the driveway, but have to haul out the DVD player because our projector doesn’t hook up to laptops or ipad. This would make movie nights in the driveway much easier and much more frequent.

  13. Barbara Call says

    Best movie nights are poolside! Hubby and I soak in the hot tub, while the kids are splashing in the pool. Even better are the nights that we have a free red box code! Once though, we took the TV out in the yard, and watched a movie while sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows! The kids LOVED that one too! Would definitely be easier to do with a projector! :)

  14. Casey says

    I love all 5 of us along w/ our dog and cat all snuggled up in my bed w/ popcorn and a nice family movie! – my hubby is also working on a man cave and this projector would be excellent for busker games w/ friends!

  15. Sheilah Miller says

    Our favorite way to enjoy movie night is to rev up the popcorn popper and make a variety of flavored popcorn the sit and enjoy.

  16. Ashlie says

    In the summer we use our big ol’ clunky projector and a big white sheet for an outdoor movie night in the backyard!

  17. kelly thompson says

    Every Friday or Saturday night my husband and I try to give the twins -age 2 a toy that they have not player with all day. Then we get pizza or take out and getdown on the floor with them and put the subtitles on and pray to get thru at least half the movie haha. We love it and they enjoy us all being together. Thanks hope I win. This is cool!

  18. MeganM. says

    I love movie night! I love movies more than TV. :) I love curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and m&ms. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. says

    I always make popcorn with our air popper machine, add a bunch of butter and salt, and we sit on the couch and eat it while watching a movie!

  20. says

    We love to watch movies with a lots of popcorn and all cuddled up on the couch! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! This projector would make movie nights so much fun!

  21. says

    Our son is married now so we try to catch our favorites at the movie theater to help out our local economy! We also enjoy a movie at home with lots of popcorn!

  22. Justine Brent says

    We recently purchased the most comfortable couch in the world that comfortably fits all 6 of us. It’s the best purchase we made because it makes movie time sooooo relaxing. We love to have bananas splits with our movies or popcorn.

  23. Tara M. says

    We like to hang a sheet up in the backyard and project movies on to it for an al fresco movie night :)

  24. says

    Our kids are a bit young for movie night, but when mommy and daddy do it’s popcorn with lots of butter and a glass of spumante.

  25. says

    We tend to spend our movie nights either on the sofa or snuggled up in my bed. (And that is pretty snuggled with me and my husband, 2 kids, 3 cats and one dog who likes to hog the bed!).

  26. says

    We like to go into our basement family room for our movie nights. There arn’t any windows so it is nice and dark. We have pop corn and lots of treats.

  27. Jennifer says

    We love a good old fashioned movie night with the kids cuddled up with us on the couch. But we’d love to win so we could try the outdoor summer movie night with friends and neighbors too.

  28. Katherine says

    A projector like this would be perfect for an outdoor movie night. How fun! But inside I love simple movie nights with popcorn and cuddles! :)

  29. says

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have been eyeballing one of these little devices {but with a newly licensed teenager… and a car… just cannot foot the bill right now}. I have LOTS of ideas for this little baby. Movie nights! YES… Do you know how hard it is to entice teenagers into thinking your house is the cool house to hang out at? First task… GIANT movie night for the girls, complete with ice cream sundaes. Second… my toddler. He is obsessed with Madagascar… and I can only imagine the look on his face if he got to see if movie sized. He movie snack of choice is popcorn with a bag on M&M’s.

    And, for mom… craft ideas ohhhh so excited.

    pick me. pick me.

  30. Sarah D says

    my favorite way to enjoy movie night is with the whole family- dogs included- piled onto our huge sofa.

  31. Stephanie says

    We love to snuggle up with a big bowl of popcorn and some ice cream. Kids on the floor – parents get the cushiony seats – usually a kid friendly selection first and then we send the kids to bed and we settle in for something we want to watch. It’s always fun.

  32. Livivua Chandler says

    We already have a projector so for a big family we use it in the garage and for our little family we do redbox, taco soup, and inside.

  33. Sandi says

    We gather up some DVD’s that we Love to watch over and over again, grab some blankets, pop some popcorn and grab our favorite beverages and all gather in the living room for our movie night.

  34. says

    I like watching movies curled up on the couch with my hubby and a cup of coffee! Hopefully we can continue movie nights after baby arrives in a few months!

  35. KCMarineMomma says

    we love, love movies but what I’d really like to use this for is to watch videos sent to us by my son and DIL of our grandchild…they are in the military and far away from us so I’d love to watch his videos larger than life!!
    Thanks for the chance and have a great day!

  36. says

    That is really cool and I love the drive in movie with the kiddos! My favorite way to enjoy movie night is have a theme that goes along with the movie – decor, food, etc.!

  37. matt says

    family movie night is best in pj’s, couch and/or beanbag chairs, with plenty of popcorn, snacks and candy.

  38. Heather W. says

    We have been doing family movie night once a week for the last eight or nine years. My kids love that they get to cuddle on the couch with Mom and Dad and their favorite blanket. This would make movie night even better!

  39. Leslie says

    My favorite way to enjoy a family movie night is on a blow up mattress and the most comfortable couch in the world with my family, including my brother, mom, daughter, husband. The only thing that is missing now is my mom’s dog RIP.

  40. Emily R says

    My favorite way to spend movie night is to grab tons of pillows, get into pjs and camp out in the living room!

  41. says

    Those “cars” are ingenious! I bet the boys LOVED it. My favorite way to enjoy a movie is to camp out on our air mattress in the living room. We haven’t done this in awhile, but it is super fun!

  42. Caitlynne says

    We have an extra full-sized mattress in the garage that we put on the living room floor for movie night. Everybody brings pillows and blankies and we cuddle up together.

  43. Megan K says

    I love the box cars! What a cute idea! Our kids always pull all their blankets to the family room and make beds when it’s a movie night here.

  44. says

    I just like to cuddle with my 2yr old while she watches her favorite shows. We haven’t gotten to movies yet! I can’t wait- the faux drive in looks so cute!

  45. Michelle Butler says

    One of my favorite movie nights is to get a large pepperoni pizza. We like to watch old western movies at least once a month!

  46. says

    Such a cool device! I like movie night under our pink princess blanket, with my daughter, husband and little man who are man enough to handle the princess blanket… oh, and kettle corn. Cannot forget the kettle corn :)

  47. says

    Our family movie nights involve the girls dragging out their throw blankets and pillow pets into the living room, and of course, popcorn!

  48. Crystal says

    My kiddos love to have carmel popcorn with their movie on family movie night. I have to say, it is pretty delicious.

  49. Monica says

    That is so awesome! Our favorite way to enjoy movie night is to make treasure popcorn: popcorn with hidden candies inside!

  50. sara buck says

    Hi cute face, my favorite thing to do with the family is go bike riding. We don’t get to do it that much now the kids can’t all fit in my bike carriage. If we try to go now there is a whole lot of whining, or Ryan is trying to jump out of a moving carriage:) BUT I love, love, bike rides & I am crossing my fingers that the fam will one day too. I hope I win the target $$$$ I love that store!! :)

  51. Christy says

    We rent a movie and all gather on the couch in our family room. There are lots of snacks involved and it’s always a great time! I would love to try this projector outside!

  52. says

    fun cars! :)

    my favorite way to have movie night is hanging out with someone I love and LOTS of popcorn! :)
    great giveaway!

  53. Ashley says

    After the kids are in bed, I love to snuggle up next to my hubby and have some down time…in bed watching our movie on the laptop!

  54. Kelli says

    Love sharin’ a blanket in the living room! But with a projector I would take movie night outside! Fun times!

  55. Melissa@TheHappierHomemaker says

    We love to pile on the couch with our three boys and a load of popcorn for our movie nights! Great giveaway, thanks!

  56. cindi m says

    we love to go to our neighbors for outdoor movie night – so much fun! Add air popped popcorn topped w butter and salt and red vines and it’s a great night!
    This projector ROCKS! Thx for sharing info. It’s def going on my to purchase list!

  57. Karen J says

    WE love to go to the city park for outside movies in the summer. If I win, the kids can have movie nights outside anytime they want after a day of fun in the sun and pool.

  58. says

    My favorite way to enjoy family movie night is with my hubs and a SLEEPING puppy!! She rarely calms down enough for us to enjoy a movie, but when she does, it’s wonderful! :)

  59. Maggie says

    This is a great invention! I can think of lots of fun things to do. I would love to have a blanket party and be able to project a movie on the ceiling!!

  60. Erin says

    Our older son is getting old enough to sit through a whole movie now, so sometimes, we do a movie evening with them and pile on the couch with his bed pillow and favorite blanket and stuffed animals :)

  61. Ashley R says

    We love to try making different kinds of popcorn and then all cramming onto the same couch and snuggling up to watch a movie. :)

  62. Andrea B. says

    We love to have a family movie night in the basement with popcorn and the speakers turned up loud. We load up on the couch and enjoy!

  63. says

    Our favorite way to have family movie night is with all of our campground buddies at the lake! We pick somebodies porch to hang a big sheet from, hook up a speaker set and big cumbersome projector to the laptop and we all watch the movies in our golf carts like the old days at the drive in! We share snack and drinks and have a great time! We are with our friends and the kids are with theirs its really a blast!

  64. Leah says

    I love to set up an at-home movie theater complete with popcorn and candy to “buy”! My kids really get a kick out of taking orders and filling them. Something about popcorn just makes any movie that much better!!

    ps. LOVE your blog!!

  65. RebeccaH says

    My favorite way to enjoy movie night is my husband and I curled up together on the couch with some popcorn. Our girls won’t sit through a full length feature, but that’s alright with me for now. :)

  66. Heather says

    We are a bit spoiled in our household ~ my oldest son works at a movie theater, so we go fairly regularly for free. Our kids are 13-20, so we love to go to the midnight releases as a family, and if the kids can take friends, all the better! Since we don’t have to pay for the movie itself, we always splurge on popcorn and soda! :-)

  67. Amy H says

    We do pizza (make your own) and a movie night where we push the couches back and have a picnic on the floor with lots of pillows. Our boys love it!

  68. says

    We love family movie nights at our house. We normally make caramel popcorn and let the kids pick a movie. Once in a while we sneak one in after all of the kids have gone to bed.

  69. Allison Kaushagen says

    Lights out, plenty of pillows and blankets on the floor, and candy and treats to go around.

  70. erin says

    We make popcorn for our 3 & 4 year old daughters and right now their favorite movie is Puss In Boots.

  71. says

    We love making a bed on the floor in our TV room. And popcorn is a must. My husband ends up falling asleep and snoring, and then my girls usually jump on him for awhile and then they all end up back asleep on the floor. Which means I get the bed to myself on those nites. :)

  72. says

    We go on the hunt for a $5 movie we haven’t seen…if possible. Head to the Dollar store for candy, and then head home to make popcorn and enjoy or flick! Our new house a big empty wall just waiting for this projector.

  73. says

    We have movie nights in our living room on the couch, but we would love a projector to put up on some plain white fabric on the big wall behind our house to have friends over for outdoors movie nights this summer!

  74. colleen says

    look forward to movie night…but fear the projector will be put to use by kids for video games!

  75. Jerri C. says

    All you awesome bloggers are so lucky to get to try this product out. This projector is awesome. My favorite part of family movie night is just the idea that we all we be in the same room for two hours. I like to get a movie from RedBox that we all will laugh with or be inspired by. My older 17 yr and 14 yr old roll their eyes, but always enjoy themselves too.

  76. says

    We love to make brownies or popcorn for family movie night, depending on our mood. I also let the kids bring sleeping bags and pillows into the living room so they can relax (and Dad and I get the whole sofa :) I just love the little cars you made for them to sit in, my kids would love those!

  77. says

    Our new favorite way to enjoy family movie night is to sit in 4 individual pool loungers in our pool and project the movie onto the back of the house! Great way to stay cool (Las Vegas gets pretty toasty) and entertained!

  78. Darlene says

    There are 5 of us at home and when the older siblings join us we are 8! So we all gather around on the couches (we have 3 in the living room) and lie on the floor also. This would be perfect for outdoor movies this summer!

  79. says

    I’m going to have to look into this … I have tons of home movies on reels that need to be made watchable! Our favorite way to watch movies is to blow up our double mattress, get blankets and pillows and our snacks. If someone falls asleep during the movie, it’s no biggie because they are already laying on a bed. Super cute cars and idea for the kids!

  80. says

    Popcorn and family.. how awesome would that be… what an awesome projector.. didn’t even know such a thing was still around these days… this is sooooo great!!!!

  81. says

    Your kids are so cute in their “cars”! What a fun way to watch a movie and have a family night! We like to all cuddle up together with pillows and blankets (and a few stuffed toys!) to watch movies.

  82. mekei says

    we set up a projector in the livingroom! and move all the furniture. it’s great. loved all the harry potter movies that way last summer during our marathon movie nights right before the last one came out.

  83. says

    my favorite way to enjoy movie night is our neighborhood sets up a kids movie on the side of a house and the adults get some “adult” time! If its just our family–we never skip the popcorn! ;)

  84. says

    My favorite family movie night is when we all actually agree on the movie (old and young, big and small) and popcorn with lots of butter is made. It’s such a nice feeling to be laughing with your kids!

  85. Suzi moore says

    We love to watch movies with lots of popcorn and blankets. It is truly our uninterrupted family time we treasure. What a great product!

  86. says

    What a great invention! We do a movie night probably once a week, and my boys love it because its the only time they get to eat in the living room. I spread their picnic blanket out on the couch, feed them dinner and then popcorn while we watch a kid’s movie. Then they go to bed and the hubs and I watch our own movie. Would love to try out that projector!

  87. Ashley W. says

    We love to watch movies after dark with all of the lights off and a bowl of ice cream [not popcorn]!

  88. Kenisha says

    Our favorite way to enjoy family movie night is in the living room with lots of pillows, blankets, and snacks!!!

  89. Sue says

    When my husband I were first married, movie night was at the movie theater. After children started coming, movie night was to be a romantic mvie and the two of us….Not!! One of us always had atleast one child on their lap watching a movie. When the kids got older it became age appropriate movies, which I still love! The teen age years brought the biggest and the best TV, which I never once got to watch, as all the friends were over taking up the couches. Now, I look forward to having my twenty something kids over to watch a movie using the 3M projector!! That is the only way I think I could get them to come on a regular basis!! I hop I win :)

  90. Nancy B says

    We love having Family Movie Night with the kids. A fun movie, papcarn with lots of butter, m&m’s and coke. We snuggle up in two chairs and enjoy our time together as a family!

  91. Stacey says

    We like to have popcorn and lemonade. We watch a kid friendly movie in our game room with the comfy couches.

  92. Stacy says

    How FUN!!! Our favorite way to enjoy a family movie night is: lights turned out, sitting in bean bag chairs with fuzzy blankets! LOL :)

  93. Debbie B says

    we enjoy our family movie night in the living room with popcorn and chips and dips

    but WOW i think that projector looks like a lot of fun!

  94. Serena LoConte says

    My favorite way to have a movie night is snuggled up on the couch with my honey, the dog and a big bowl of pop corn!

  95. amy pugmire says

    we like to get a kid friendly movie so we can all enjoy something together with lots of snacks and treats.

  96. casey burnett says

    Our favorite way to enjoy movie night is snuggled up on the couch, under the covers with cereal and candy :)

  97. Melanie says

    We have family movie nights on Friday nights and it is the high light of our week :) our oldest is two so my husband and I put the kids to bed and enjoy some quiet time :) and we have been wanting a projector forever! But it is on the lower end of the priority list dang it! I hope I win!

  98. says

    Love family movie nights! I love to get the couch full of pillows and blankets and everyone gets their own treat cup with popcorn and M&M’s, it’s the ONLY way to watch a movie!

  99. says

    I love your idea of the homemade drive-in movie experience! :) My husband and I like to curl up on the couch together with dinner and some wine for movies…ahh….

  100. Connie Kersten Haack says

    We don’t have the opportunity to do movie night very often because my husband and I work different shifts but one Sunday all of our kids and grandkids were here an we did the movie night in the livingroom with them. It was so much fun once we agreed on the movie.

  101. GretchenP says

    i love introducing new movies to my kids with a movie night complete with themed decorations and a meal to match. thanks for the giveaway! :)

  102. Mary Hall says

    We have a standing joke at our house whenever my (adult) daughter visits. We term it “Horrible Movie Night” because it seems that regardless of what movie we select, it’s always horrible! That’s never stopped us from selecting a movie (with lots of dramatic debate on the merits of one over another), darkening the room and grabbing snacks.

  103. Tarah says

    We love to pop some popcorn and chill out on the couch together. I love the drive in movie idea though!

  104. Teresa Vanselow says

    We usually just make some homemade popcorn with lots of butter, turn the lights down low and enjoy the movie.

  105. says

    Our favorite way to enjoy family movie night is with an “air mattress afternoon.” Basically we clear out the living room, set up the air mattress and top it with every fluffy pillow and blanket we can find :-) Then, veg out! The best time to do this is on a rainy day/evening… Even our pup, Max, joins in on the lazy air mattress fun!

  106. Melissa Frances says

    My daughter and i love friday night movies…and in the summer movies at the park is a blast….a local museum plays movies outside against a big wall and everyone brings blankets and popcorn…nice backdrop of the summery stary sky.

    thanks for an opportunity to WIN..wow we could have our own outside theater !!! yeah!!!


  107. The Farm Girl says

    We have a family movie night every Friday night. We make yummy popcorn and all cram onto the couch and have a great time!!

  108. Melissa says

    I want one of those!!!! Our favorite way to enjoy movie night is in the family room snuggled on the couch with lots of popcorn and M&M’s!

  109. Shawna says

    Family movie night is our chance to do something together. We pick a fabulous movie, grab some popcorn and candy, and enjoy time together!

  110. delloraine says

    This is perfect for a movie on the deck for a summer youth social. I can think of some set painting for our play that this device would make so simple. love it.

  111. Kim says

    Friday nights – curled up on the couch with some popcorn and a bottle of wine for my husband and me! Best way to watch a movie!

  112. amyn says

    What a fun drive-in idea! When we do a movie night, it’s all about relaxing too. Blankets or pillows on the floor for the kids, feet up for mom and dad, and yummy food and lots of laughs. :)

  113. says

    Your boys are adorable in their homemade cars!! I bet you watched them as much as the movie. :) What a fun night! Our family movie nights always involve a great movie, blankets to snuggle in, and lots of popcorn. Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. Renee E says

    We spend movie night with a big bowl of Butter Lovers popcorn cozy under a blanket. The butter lovers makes me feel more like I’m at the movie theater!

  115. Stephanie says

    My favorite way to spend family movie night is snuggled up under a blanket in my PJs with a giant bowl of chocolate ice cream!!!

  116. Glenda R says

    My favorite way to spend family movie night is to turn off my cell phone and curl up on the couch with a blanket and a kitty while my husband is settled down in his recliner with the other kitty.

  117. Jennifer Anair says

    We like to enjoy a good movie with Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough or Chubby Hubby Icecream! :)

  118. says

    In my house movie nights are spent on the floor with popcorn. Or Kettle Corn, yum! Thanks for the chance to win! BTW new follower. found you via the Mommy By Day link party xoxo

  119. Kristin C. says

    oh, this projector looks so fun! We all find places to recline in the living room, pass around the popcorn and enjoy!

  120. Erin Wiley says

    The most fun is when my son and I make a fort and camp out for the night in the living room. This, of course, involves a movie and popcorn!

  121. Sheri says

    My favorite part of family movie night is making pizzas, popping some popcorn and all the snuggles that go around from the youngest to the oldest. It’s a great time to just be together and just be.

  122. Heather says

    My baby is still too young for movie nights, so it involves popcorn and snuggles on the couch. Somehow, snuggles make everything more enjoyable!

  123. says

    My favorite movie nites don’t happen all the time,. It is when I get to visit my granddaughter and we snuggle on the couch with popcorn and get to watch a movie we love.

  124. Helen says

    i would love to have a movie night outside with our new neighborhood! lots of kids and great parents – we would have so much fun!

  125. says

    I’m really lucky – after living alone for the last three years with my boys grown, my 9 year old niece is coming to live with me so we can have movie nights again! She was here last month and, since she’s now obsessed with Michael Jackson (go figure), we “on-demand” rented The Wiz (just about the goofiest movie ever made), made popcorn and ice cream and had a blast!

    And thanks for the giveaway – love your blog!

  126. Amy H. says

    I would love to have this for my daughter-in-law! She lost a good bit of her sight several years ago and has to have everything enlarged a great bit. An organization got her a magnifier for her computer screen, and it helps, but she can’t read anything more than short periods because it cannot magnify it large enough. This would be a godsend! Wonder if it could be attached to a kindle or something of that nature?

  127. says

    Our favorite way to do family movie nights is to get in PJs, make some popcorn, lay a blanket on the living room floor and hunker down as a family together. So fun!

  128. Ashleigh Hall says

    We love to have lots of buttery popcorn, blankets and snuggling during our movie nights!! What a great giveaway!

  129. says

    Older teenagers are a fixture at our house from early May until they head back to college in August. It’s not uncommon for us to have 30 kids playing wiffle ball in our front yard, and oftentimes they love to watch a movie and have asked about an outdoor movie time. We can borrow the projector from church, but it’s a giant. hassle. So we don’t! But wouldn’t it be fun!!? I would LURVE to win!

  130. Sarah says

    Family movie night needs popcorn and nibs! I love playing older movies and watching my kids enjoy them as much as I did.

  131. says

    We love to watch movies in our backyard! We have these ugly walls around our yard and the best thing about them is summer evening movies! :-)

  132. says

    Seldom we watch movies but when we do it is on our computer as we don’t have DISH or anything like that. I am so glad to hear about this great projector though! It would make movie watching so much more enjoyable! Plus we could use it when we do things for our fellowship group too!!

    Ice cream is always a must at our house with movies!

  133. says

    Right now, my daughter is too young for movies, but that is what my husband and I do every night! We love to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. Actually that was technically what we were doing when we first got together years ago, and it’s what we’ve been doing ever since! He’s always wanted a projector but it’s always been out of our budget, and with another little one on the way it’s going to be a while more. What an awesome gift this could be!

  134. says

    This reminds me of how long it’s been since we’ve had a movie night! I miss it! My daughter is too young to enjoy one now, but I think hubby and I will have a date night on the couch this weekend :)

  135. says

    Movie night occurs at least once a week at my house, but I have been dying to host a ‘drive-in’ movie night in our backyard. There is only one problem…we have no way to project the movie. Kind of a key component! this would be perfect and the size would make it so easy to store when the night is over. I need this 3M projector! :)

  136. Elizabeth H says

    Family movie night is when my Granddaughter comes to visit. We all gather around and watch whatever she wants to watch. I love it! I love the cars you made. You are so creative and I love your blog.

  137. Joanna says

    I live in a retirement community – we do movie night with popcorn, and of course lots of help setting up a bulky old projector. This would be so perfect for us …… we could have movies on demand without a hassle!

  138. Nancy K says

    This projector is perfect for an outdoor movie night. How fun to have our own “Drive In” style movie night! I love
    our movie and marathon movie nights with popcorn!

  139. Lori R. says

    Friday nights with pizza and popcorn. Snuggling with my husband and kids on the couch after the food is gone.

  140. pamela milogradov says

    Our favorite way to spend movie night is to go to our media room with hot tea and snacks and enjoy it being just the two of us after our son is down. We also like to do movie nights with him too and that is snuggled with blankets and cookies and milk!

  141. says

    This 3M projector is totally cool…I would love to have one so I can bring the movie night outdoor, especially in the summer. I love family movie night. My son and daughter takes turn picking a movie to watch (limited to 1 per night though). I’m always the one who prepare the snacks and drinks for our fun night cuddling on the couch.

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  142. Kristy Cirillo says

    We enjoy movie night with popcorn. We purchased a popper a few years back so we play with all the different flavors out there. My daughter cannot have movie night without popcorn.

  143. says

    enjoy movie night w/ Quilts across the floor and very buttery popcorn with everyones hands grabbing the goodness (which is why we have blankets/quilts over everything!)… would love this !

  144. says

    Our favorite way to do movie night is to plop on the couch after we’ve grabbed a bowl of popcorn!! Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day!

  145. Diana says

    That projector would be awesome for “swim” movies….movies projected on the side of the house (white siding) while in the pool for a night swim. My family (hubby and 4 boys too) loves to have movie night in our pj’s while eating popcorn with TONS of butter!! <>

  146. says

    “Have an outdoor movie night” is on my summer bucket list! I’ve been looking for a projector, but they’ll all so expensive. I might be able to swing this one if I win the Target card, though!

  147. says

    For family movie night we love to snuggle on the couch with blankets and watch a movie, but the real treat is all of us being together since my oldest is in college and my middle son is heading off next year. My youngest (13) LOVES it when we can all watch one together!!!!
    Thank You

  148. says

    It’s just hubby and I so far, so our favorite way to enjoy movie night is pretty simple – a frozen pizza (or, if he’s been good, pizza from our favorite local place!), a bottle of root beer, and whatever’s first in our Netflix queue! Love the little buses for your little ones, though!!

  149. Heather says

    Love doing family movie night with popcorn, candy, and comfy pjs! The picture on the 3M Projector is so clear! Target really does have everything!

  150. Tammy says

    Family movie nights are always the best cuddled under warm blankets, with the lights turned low, and lots of freshly-popped popcorn. Great time for sure!!

  151. Jen H says

    We don’t watch movies but we do like doing indoor “camping” complete with sleeping bags and microwave s’mores!

  152. Em says

    In summer, we like to pull the TV out into the backyard, get out our sleeping bags, and make smores on the BBQ.

  153. says

    We’re moving into a new home in August and loved that the home already has the PERFECT spot for outdoor movie nights! Would love to win this projector! What a great house warming surprise! :D

  154. michelle g says

    We love family movie nights – we all curl up in the room w/ our pillows and snacks – sometimes homemade caramel popcorn. Hopefully we’re making great family memories.

  155. says

    Oh my stinkin’ cute cars, Stacey! Love your little bus- what a perfect table it made for your little guy’s popcorn! Our fav way to enjoy family movie night is to haul our old TV (like the kind that are not flat screen) to the edge of the porch outside on a nice night. Then we set up blankets, beanbags and camping chairs down on the grass and have our own little outdoor movie party!

  156. Dee says

    Our favorite way to do family movie night is to order pizza and pop popcorn! We also bring out the sleeping bags for extra comfort :)

  157. Jessie C. says

    Homemade pizza and desserts, a great family friendly movie to enjoy together with kids- my favorite way.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  158. Nickie Moseley says

    cozy dark living room – buttery popcorn with my sweet hubby and 2 lil girls – now that makes me want to leave work and go home and watch a movie!!!!!

  159. says

    We love to snuggle up in our bedroom, huddle around our laptop and watch a movie! This projector would sure make it nice to snuggle in bed without the “laptop huddle”!!

  160. Rachel says

    I just recently found a cute blog full of ideas for decor and treats coordinating with movies for kids. My kids are going to love our Saturday movie nights even more!

  161. Linda says

    We only had one tv growing up and would all gather in the living room to watch anything good. Later, when I had kids, they would snuggle up on each side and ask a million questions about the action on the screen. We’d have a huge bowl of popcorn and some cherry Kool-Aid! Now I snuggle up in a recliner with at least one grandchild on my lap (sometimes two at a time) with popcorn and cherry Kool-Aid! I love carrying on a tradition with my son’s children that I did with him. He drowned in a river in Oklahoma four months before his 30th birthday so I share our traditions with his children as a way of keeping him with us and allowing them to know about his life when he’s not here to tell them himself. It keeps him close to us and I love snuggling with grandchildren!

  162. heather wooten says

    My favorite time is snuggling on the couch as a family watching an animated movie. I love that our daughter laughs when we laugh, even though she doesn’t get what we are laughing at :)

  163. Leann Lindeman says

    It is just my husband and I now… we will sometimes do movie night on Saturday! Popcorn may or may not be involved. lol

  164. Christina Tong says

    My favorite way to enjoy a family movie night is to make some homemade popcorn with variety flavors such as caramel, white cheddar and classic butter and watch movies on Netflix.


  165. Suzanne says

    Cool invention! Does it work with any iPad? I have the first generation- wish I would have waited a few months to get the 2nd. I would love one of these to watch movies in the back yard and invite our friends over. Thanks for the opportunity to win, Stacy.
    – Suzanne

  166. sy says

    The cars are awesome! We watch movies with xbox on our hdtv, and snack on popcorn and icecream. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  167. Sarah says

    We love movie nights with a popcorn picnic on the floor! I LOVE the drive-in idea, too. We’ll have to try that out this summer!

  168. says

    our favorite movie night is when we pop buttery popcorn add snocaps, and snuggle up on the couch:)
    gina at hiyaluv dot com

  169. lisa hansen says

    we ♥♥♥ movie nights and summer time brings LOTS of them. A tall glass of milk and oreos is one way we like to go!!

  170. Gina M Maddox says

    We love hanging out on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn. The projector looks awesome!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  171. Gina M Maddox says


    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  172. LinhC says

    For family movie nights, we make sure all of our electronics (phone, ipod, itouch, ipad, laptop) are upstairs while we are watching the movie downstairs.

  173. Connie Kersten Haack says

    We don’t have them very often but when the grandsons are here for the weekend we will let them choose a movie. Popcorn and couch cuddling.

  174. Amy says

    Well, we haven’t started the family movie might tradition yet, but we plan too when our kids get older. I did try our new popcornaker the other day and I think that’s going to be a great addition to that night as well.

  175. says

    Up until recently, I’d say that my favorite way to have family movie night is at home with some air popped popcorn, but after seeing the Avengers on opening night in the theater, I’d say that opening night has a special flair to it that can’t be reproduced. Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  176. Laura G says

    Our favorite way to watch movies is to get a big thing of popcorn, lots of blankets and the four of us all huddle close together.

  177. says

    We love to spend it with family under blankets, with popcorn, coke, in the basement family room! I am so excited about this give a way!!!! :)

  178. Jacque says

    Movie night would be outside now that the weather is nice! Invite over the neighbors and make it an awesome party!

  179. says

    currently, my favorite way to enjoy family movie night for all of us to pile up on our king sized bed (kids, hubby, & I) and cuddle together and watch a movie with popcorn and sodas. I love what you all did and hope to make the kids their own “drive-in” cars for next time!

  180. Cleta says

    My favorite way to enjoy movie night is with my grandkids gathered all around! I really enjoy your website.

  181. Justina says

    My husband and I have been married for exactly 11 months and 11 days. Our favorite way to have a movie night is to pull out our fancy little popcorn machine that we bought from Costco and make very butterlicious homemade popcorn! We even have these cute little old fashioned popcorn containers to complete the movie night effect. After our popcorn is ready, we turn out the lights and snuggle up on the couch to a movie. Of course, we may have to hit the pause button if we feel the need for more popcorn (which happens more often than not).

  182. Marti says

    We recently purchased a sectional couch with a spot for each of us (family of 5) to have their own “section” to get comfy. It is definitely cozy. We decided that it was a function over fashion purchase. We love to snuggle on it and watch movies together. Family movie night is a favorite!

  183. Edna says

    My favorite way to watch a movie with my family is when we’re all curled up together on the couch. One child is curled up with daddy and one with me. We’ll sit and eat popcorn until no one wants anymore. One of our favorites is the Pixar movie UP. Not a dry eye on the couch!

  184. says

    Favorite way to watch a movie is all snuggled up with my boys (and the hubs) in the love sac, lights out, with popcorn and m&m’s. (put the m&m’s in the popcorn right after it’s popped and they melt just a tiny bit) Perfect!

  185. Alyssa says

    My favorite way to watch a movie is curled up on the couch with my husband, the dog at my feet and the laptop handy for me to look at blogs! I’m so happy for you and your family!!!

  186. Din T says

    I love to enjoy my family movie night with all four of us on the sofa – that’s my husband, myself and our two college age children. It is cozy, but we all fit and enjoy a bowl of ice cream half way through our movie.

  187. says

    Favorite way to do family movie night is with several movies, popcorn, nachos sprawled across the living room, talking and laughing all throughout the movie love it hehe thank you for the opportunity! xx

    abitnerdygirl at gmail [dot] com

  188. Kellie Rose Wilson says

    We love watching our fave old movies like back to the future, making popcorn on the STOVE, and smothering it with melted cheese! mmmm

  189. saminder gumer says

    my favorite way to enjoy family movie night is to get a movie we will all enjoy and sit in the living room with popcorn and what ever drink we like and just relax.

  190. cw says

    We do friday night pizza, game, and/or movie night each week. We start with a picnic of pizza and then put our pjs on to watch a movie while snuggling under covers. I would love to do an outside movie in the summer, but the traffic by our house is too loud.

  191. Eleni says

    We love to have movie night with everyone curled up in their sleeping bag- that way if one of us falls asleep, we don’t have to be disturbed.

  192. says

    Wow, that looks like a fabulous way to spend family night! :)

    Now that we’ve all gotten older, my family’s favorite way to spend family night is to get our favorite snacks, pull out “Cards Against Humanity” (a slightly demented, adult version of Apples to Apples) and play until we have a winner. We also love pulling out all of our favorite movies from growing up and reminiscing about how much we loved them. (Thanks to Netflix, a lot of our old favorites are available on Instant Viewing on the Wii.)

    We all may be in our 20s and late teens now, but nothing beats a family night filled with movies, snacks, and playing a card game.

  193. says

  194. says

  195. Norma says

    Family movie night we make a pizza or something else simple and watch 2 movies in a row (we have dessert during the 2nd one!)

  196. Denise L says

    We have a 2 year old, so not many family movie nights lately. When our little one gets older, I can’t wait to show movies outside on the side of the garage. Totally reminds me of the Drive-Ins of my childhood :)

  197. Tian H. says

    Me and my husband favorite way to watch the movie is cuddle up on the couch and stock up bunch of snacks and drink. thank you for the chance.

  198. Lindsay says

    We love to try to make our home feel like a movie theater. We get the boxed candy from the store, pop up some perfect popcorn, and sit together closely on the couch. My husband and I even hold hands like we did when we were dating and going to the movie theater.

  199. Malorie says

    Our favorite way to enjoy movie night. We let our three year old pick the movie. lol. We’ll go home, pop some popcorn and share a box of candy too. Its a pretty fun night if you ask me. :)

  200. says

  201. Samantha Daleo says

    We have family movie night by picking a DVD we all love, popping pop corn and watching it together on the big screen in the basement.


  202. Jamie F says

    So cute. We love to make homemade hot coco to go with our popcorn and I make my boys watch all sorts of movies (even the princess ones) so that it is not all Star wars and Cars. Surprisingly they like them even though they are not their first choice.

  203. Noelle says

    My favorite movie night is just watching movies with my kids. We usually get a pizza and let them eat it in the living room while watching the movie. This is such a cool idea!

  204. Melissa Russo says

    We clear out the living room, put down blankets and pillows, shut the blinds, turn out the lights and lounge! We make sure we have popcorn, drinks and our fav candy.

  205. says

    When we go to the lake with our friends, we have a designated DRIVE IN night. We all bring snacks, lawn chairs, golf carts, 4 wheelers, etc. We set up in the drive way and watch movies on the side of our neighbor’s doublewide trailer. We project the movie on the end of the trailer without windows. This allows many families from our little community to gather together enjoying our neighborhood on a summer evening. I would love to have a 3M projector for our family to do the same thing at the lake and at home!

  206. Crystal Rau says

    I am so excited to see your experience with this! I will be having an outdoor movie night bday party for my 3 year old twin boys in July and was researching where I could rent/buy a projector.
    This is such a better alternative!!!!!

  207. Ashley Hatten says

    Choosing a movie everyone loves and turning the lights off and snuggling on the sofa under a big fluffy blanket!. I also like to make my movie snack mix (popcorn & M&M’s mixed together) Thanks so much!

  208. Samantha Daleo says

    My favorite way to do Family Movie Night is in the basement on the big screen with a favorite DVD, pizza and popcorn!

  209. SteffE says

    Family movie night is not a party unless you have popcorn, root beer floats, and lots of pillows and blankets packed around us! And we can never start unless all of us are seated:)

  210. Sophia says

    Our family movie night, we usually have popcorn (of course!) and ice cream. And we all have to be in our PJs. It’s more comfy that way with lots of blankets and pillows! Sometimes we blow up an inflatable mattress and have a big sleepover in the living room!

  211. Summer says

    We love (meaning the boys in the family!) watching any Star Wars movie with every star wars toy possible around so we can play with them and an big bowl of popcorn with m&m’s mixed in. But I think having a mini drive in with cars is awesome and might top any star wars night!!

  212. Melissa says

    We have movie night every Sunday night. We switch every Sunday as to who’s turn it is to pick the movie. We make homemade popcorn and all sit on a blanket. I’m thinking my kids would LOVE cars to sit and watch their movie in. Now to find some boxes!

  213. Bernadetta says

    I love to snuggle up with my hubby and 3 kids in bed and watch movies. It’s the most comfortable and cozy place to be :)

  214. Shirley says

    We always had movie night on the blankets, on the floor, with pizza, popcorn, & we would often just camp out there for the night! Now, our oldest son will be moving back in with us and it would be great to revive the old movie night with our youngest son who never really got to be a part of movie nights (too young to sit through the movie, then movie night gave way to busy teenage lives).

  215. Kathy says

    Movie night is always a challenge because we have a small sofa so there’s always toes or feet or legs “over the line”. Letting the kids get comfy in the play room would be AWESOME!

  216. Veronica N says

    I love the drive in idea…we are definitely going to make our cars this weekend.
    My family LOVES movie night. I am excited about the projector and pretty much know what my hubby is gonna get for Father’s Day! My 6 year old son is the biggest fan of movie night (which we have once a month). He actually asks almost every night if it is movie night. We don’t really do anything too special, just designate a time for everyone to meet in the living room, draw straws for who gets to pick the movie, pop popcorn, make smoothies and relax…it’s always enjoyable.

    I am imagining many fun summer evenings with the neighbors watching movies in the backyard with a makeshift screen…or how fun would it be to use our new projector when we go camping? Can’t wait!

  217. Colleen says

    LOVE this idea.. My boys are going to love creating the little drive in cars! Thank you! Would love to win the Target gift card so we could project the movie up on the wall!! Thank you for the offer as well as the idea!

  218. Jane says

    What a cool gadget! Not only would it be fu for movie night at home, but neat to use in the classroom too.

  219. Kristi G says

    My favorite movie night is just my little family of four snuggled on the couch with a bag of popcorn and some m&ms thrown in for good measure.

  220. Cassie says

    We are a family of 5 and love to have movie nights. We usually have a picnic style dinner and watch a DVD from our computer. Then our kids get their personalized pillows, which they decorated themselves, and we sit together to finish the movie. We love to vary the types of movies from modern day kids movies to classic movies we were brought up with. After, we love to talk about the movie, what our favorite part was, if they had any questions, or my husband and I would take the opportunity to highlight any lessons or situations that we want them to learn from. Of course, popcorn is always part of the experience! My husband, like yours, has always wanted a projector, but we haven’t been able to afford one. I know the kids would be so excited to have movie night under the stars or on the wall. :)

  221. Amber K says

    We love to put pillows and blankets on the ground next to the couch in the family room. My girls love picnics and especially smuggling up to daddy!! We make popcorn and my husband always makes sure each of us has a favorite goodie/candy to eat as well. :)

  222. Kristi says

    I love to snuggle up on the couch with my husband and two boys (4 and 2). Preferably with some chocolate. Those cars are great. We might have to make some.

  223. Misty says

    Our family LOVES the drive-in theater in our town. We park our mini van backwards and watch it through the open hatch of our minivan…completely comfortable with loads of pillows and blankets, snacks, drinks, etc. Because we live in Texas, if we keep the heat running, we can go even in December or January!

  224. Kim Innes says

    Our favorite way to enjoy movie night is inside a tent my husband makes with sheets, chairs, blankets, pillows, the works! It takes him at least a half hour to construct, but our 3 year old wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

  225. says

    We love to pull all the couch cushions off the couch and lay them on the floor. The girls bring their princesses and blankies and we have our popcorn with m&m’s poured in. Can’t wait to make some princess cars out of cardboard boxes!

  226. says

    Hello, I found you through Pinterest. I love the cars, so adorable! I think I might have a birthday party drive-in movie for my daughter when she’s a bit older.
    Our favorite family movie night is an old 1950s movie and some homemade popcorn with chocolate mixed in!

  227. Nancy says

    Love the cars! We usually lay on a pile of blankets on the floor & enjoy some popcorn. My kids love it!

  228. Amanda Mullon says

    Rarely have time for the theater so we love pillows, blankets, popcorn and soda at home many weekends (:

  229. Heather Silva says

    When we do family movie night we like to black out our windows with blankets and get it nice and dark. We do this at least once a week usually after coming in from swimming or a water activity outside. Of course popcorn and snacks are a must also. Thanks

  230. Michelle says

    I LOVE family movie night, my boys think a blanket on the floor “picnic” is the best….wait till we make these cars! I will be the greatest mom EVER, so thanks!

  231. Aimee says

    We have two year old twins, and we will try to have family time whenever we are watching TV. So, we’ll give them baths and then get into our “footie” pjs and grab a little snack and snuggle together. We get to soak in the memories of our fresh scented babies while they enjoy the comfort of our hugs and some cartoons. Memories I’ll cherish forever!

  232. Tabathia B says

    In the living room with a redbox movie and pizza from Lil Ceaser’s
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  233. Susan Woodford says

    Right now it’s hubby and I with popcorn, movie, and the couch. Can’t wait to make family movie nights a tradition. I love the drive-in movie idea!

  234. Cathrin says

    Since our little one is an infant, movie nights consist of putting him to bed, making popcorn, and snuggling up for the show. We often have intermission to get beverages or ice cream or tend to the baby as needed/desired.

  235. Michelle H. says

    We usually rent movies on Saturday night and then buy candy and pop popcorn. We all put on our sweats and grab our pillows and blankets and claim a spot on the floor or couch.

  236. says

    We love to set up the kid’s indoor tent and cuddle up on the floor with lots of pillows, blankets, and popcorn. Nothing better then a movie and cuddles with my favorite boys!

  237. Betty C says

    My children are all grown so I usually just watch bits and pieces of movies while I’m doing other things. I’d love to be able to set it up in the back yard and have everyone over for the evening.

  238. Tammy Daves says

    We have always loved sitting down as a family and watching movies – I have had parents tell me that’s not family time – but most importantly we feel it is :0). Just being together…

  239. says

    I personally LOVE watching movies in the theater. So having a home projector system would be awesome for home movie watching in my house. I’ve used a few in vacation rentals and can’t wait to get one for my home!

  240. says

    This projector is so cool and SMALL! I didn’t know it existed until I read your review. Our movie nights are at home, usually during the winter when we can snuggle up with a blanket. I’ve been wanting an outdoor firepit. I would love to watch a movie outdoors by the fire.

  241. says

    My favorite way to enjoy a movie is the little kid way. My husband and I built a fort, made smores and watched The Sandlot when we were engaged. It was too awesome for words.

  242. Nicole W says

    Our favorite way to watch a movie is snuggled up with the kids in our bed. If we had a projector, we could get super comfy and watch it on the ceiling.

  243. Eugenie says

    we usually order pizza delivery and Eskimo Pie and rent a dvd. half the time it seems to involve vampires movies.

  244. says

    We love making a really big family dinner, usually cooking together. Then we all get in our spots with cozy blankets and settle in for the movie. Simple, but it never gets old!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  245. Jennie says

    We LOVE to do movies with the blinds closed and camped out on a blanket like a picnic. This would be so much fun!

  246. says

    We love watching movies together on our comfy couch with plenty of snacks and lemonade. This is such a cool product though. 7 feet is huge!

  247. says

    This is SUCH a cute idea!

    We enjoy family movie night by buying those $1 candy “movie theater” style candy boxes at the grocery store. Everyone gets to pick one.

  248. Jill H says

    We like to make homemade pizza, turn all the lights off except one low light and pretend we’re at the Theater but with good food!

  249. says

    One of my fav ways to do movie night is with my mom when she comes to visit. She, my hubby, and I will pile into our large bed together with blankets and watch raunchy stand-up comedy. Its a blast!

  250. Vicky E says

    We love to take the family to the drive-in where my husband and I both went as kids. Our kids love being outdoors while watching a cool movie. We love it because you get two movies for the price of one cheap movie. And we can bring our own snacks and save at the concession stand, too.

  251. Debra F says

    We have a big screen TV (not huge though) in the basement and every Friday night we do family movie night. We order from Netflix, pop pocorn, the kids get to choose either a soda or some candy and we watch as a family.

  252. Brianna says

    The love of my life & our four year old little boy (the other love of my life) are both HUGE movie buffs! We regularly have movie nights that consist of non-chick-flick , action packed, super hero, ‘guy’ movies. ( Mommy doesn’t stand a chance picking a movie when it comes to those two =)) Anyway, we pile up on the couch, pop lots of popcorn and enjoy each others company!

  253. Kortney says

    We love going to the local drive in, but they haven’t shown any good kids movies yet this summer. This would be so fun to do at home!

  254. Suzie says

    Our favorite way to have movie night, is all on the sofa, snuggled under one big blanket and we each have our bowl of treats!

  255. Elisa says

    I don’t make dinner on movie night – I make appetizers and we have a little smorgasbord and go to the basement to watch it on the big screen. And like another commenter, my hubby and son get to pick a “manly” movie, no chick flicks here! Don’t worry though, I get to use that card on date night (poor hubby!).

  256. Christina says

    I love my family movie nights….we do themed movie nights for my whole family (well for the kids movies at least) Every Sunday me and my kids watch a movie before they go to bed, it’s kind of our tradition since we all know Sunday nights are no fun. We have something to look forward to every Sunday night.

  257. Carolin says

    On the couch, with candles on and homemade popcorn (heat oil in pan, add kernels & sugar, let pop… om nom nom)

  258. Alex Copland says

    We like popping a few bags of popcorn, filling our vintage (movie theatre) style tubs, getting comfy in our favorite spots with blankets, and enjoying the movie…

  259. says

    An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who had
    been conducting a little research on this. And
    he actually bought me lunch simply because I stumbled
    upon it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!

    But yeah, thanks for spending time to talk about this topic here on your blog.

  260. e michelle says

    the girls usually pile up on me and my oldest the boy leans on me and i try to watch a movie that they can all agree on!

  261. Jim Lipscomb says

    I have actually done movie night with a projector outdoors and the kids love it! iPhone compatibility and ultimate portability make this one look like a must have!