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Spring time is my favorite time to get family pictures taken. We have had them taken every spring for the past several years (which reminds me….). I know most people dread having them taken, but I LOVE it. We have them done outdoors which helps. But even when there are melt downs and kids are more interested in the sticks than the camera, I LOVE it. In fact, the more candid the better. Because it more real. And you know I am all about being real :P

(Photo credit)

Like when the boys kept chasing ducks instead of posing……

(photo credit)

UPrinting is offering one of my readers an 11×14 stretched canvas! Their site is incredible because you can upload any picture you want and they do the rest. It only takes 3 business days too! You have the option of a canvas print or a stretched canvas print.

I think a family picture gallery wall would be so cool!

To enter to win this giveaway leave a comment telling me what photo you would use if you won the canvas.

*Optional entry:

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Good luck!

This giveaway will end on May 4th midnight (MST)


***one (1) piece 11” x 14” stretched canvas print for one winner with 1.5” Gallery Wrap, or 1.5” Museum Wrap (White or Black)

3 Business Days Turnaround, *Free shipping

Restriction: Limited to *US residents 18 years old and above only.

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  1. Leslie says

    The photo I would use DOES involve ducks. It was from a beautiful day at the duck pond at Virginia Tech. My daughter had picked out her own clothes (a hand-knitted bib worn as a cape, a pink tutu, blue boys’ sneakers, shorts and a t-shirt). She was crouching on a rock to feed ducks, her favorite animal. :)

  2. Trisha says

    I recently took pictures of my younger sisters dogs. I would LOVE to be able to surprise her with a picture of them on canvas!!

  3. says

    We are taking my son to get his 2 year old portraits done and I’d like to get a picture of the whole family then. I’d probably get a canvas of that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Jessica Anderson says

    I am getting our family portrait done next month while I get my youngest daughter’s first birthday pics…so i will defiantly choose one of those!

  5. says

    I have a hilarious picture of my boys (one is looking desperately bored & the other his trying to escape big brother’s hold) that I would love to hang in my workspace. Thanks for the chance!

  6. says

    I would be thrilled if I was chosen for this giveaway! I have a beautiful pictue of our entire family taken outdoors at my sons wedding last summer. I would love to redo my foyer and have it be part of that arrangement. Thank you!

  7. Heart and Haven says

    Awwww, I just love the pic of your entire family!

    I’m hoping to get pics of my kids this weekend. My cousin is a photographer (focuses mainly on kids/babies). I’m wanting to get updated individual pics of all my kids (which I do once a year to frame on the wall), and new pics of my 6 wk old. And it would be great if I could get a pic of all my kids/or entire family to put on canvas.

  8. says

    I haven’t sat for a photographer in 13 years….I also love keeping it real and am always taking candid photos of the kids. I would probably use a photo I took of my kids 8 years ago, they were sitting on the foundation of the ruins of an old house on a friend’s farm in Wisconsin. Its one of my favorite photos.

  9. Elizabeth Rowley says

    This is incredibly ironic. I was just talking to my husband this morning about how we had no wedding pictures in the house. I told him I really wanted to print one on stretched canvas. Fate? I think so!

  10. Adrienne says

    Definitely one of our wedding pictures – there’s one of the entire family that would be nice in a large format print. But, my favorites are some journalism-style candids that the second photographer took of the kids while the Groom and I were busy posing with other family members. That’s what I remember seeing that day. That and all of the guests who took their pictures by the river at sunset.

  11. Stacey Beard says

    Our 4 year old just started playing soccer. I got a shot of him with that complete look of determination on his face as he’s about to score his 1st goal ever :) I would love to put it on canvas for him for his room. Thank you for your consideration!

  12. Stephanie says

    The photo I would use would be my boyfriend and I in the Upper Peninsula taking a picture on rocks but a river, with the beautiful sun and blue sky and forests behind us.

  13. Kathleen says

    My friend is starting her own photography business and we are getting family pics done by her – she is great! I am so excited and would love to show off her work and my family with this!!

  14. says

    Oh I would love a canvas so much. We got pictures taken last year that I have scrapbooked but haven’t decided how to display them on the wall yet, I would use one with my husband and I walking at Wheeeler Farm.

  15. Ashley Zellner says

    Sheesh… I have to pick just one :) If I had bigger walls ALL my pictures would be on stretched canvas. I love how a picture can take you back to that one moment, a cherished memory.
    I guess if I have to pick ONE. I would pick the one of my husband and son walking on the beach last year. We had just arrived after a 13hour dive. He had done so well for being only 2. My husband and my son ran to the beach even before anything was taken out of the car. I snapped a picture of them walking on the beach with thier backs towards me. All you see is them and the ocean. Everytime I look at it I think of how much I love them. How much they love each other and how much we all love the beach. It always makes me smile.

  16. says

    I have a photo from a few years ago of my husband and I at Canon Beach in Oregon. Haystack rock is behind us and it’s ACTUALLY a good pic of BOTH of us. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  17. says

    It’s been a year since we’ve had a family picture, and since that makes the difference of half the life of my daughter and think we’re definitely due for an updated picture that would certainly look great on canvas!

  18. Cheryl says

    I would love to have a picture of my grandchildren at the beach done. We moved to the beach a year ago, and I have a sign that says “Our memories of the beach will linger on long after our footprints are gone”. Maybe a group shot or possibly a foot shot of all their feet . hmmm

  19. Dani L says

    I have one of my daughter taken in the hospital the day after she was born. She’s looking right at me, as if trying to figure out who the person with the camera is that wouldn’t leave her alone. A year and a half later, it’s still one of my favorites.

  20. kelly thompson says

    thanks for the giveaway- i would use a picture of us all at the zoo – doing what we do best- loving nature and soaking in some sun!

  21. Ginny says

    The picture I would choose is of my hubby at the end of our wedding day. It’s a close up of us smiling. And his smile is just so perfect. :) I would love to be able to look at that picture on my wall every day.

  22. Renee E says

    I would love a picture of my 2 kids (ages 4 & 2) giggling. They love to play and laugh with each other.

  23. Christy says

    I actually don’t know what picture I’d use, but would love to go get new family pictures done since its long overdue! Awesome giveaway!

  24. Kristi says

    I have an absolutely gorgeous photo of my kids when they were around 4 and 5, it was at a parade for the Fourth. They were so cute, and loving.

  25. Sarah Minor says

    I love the picture of your family! It’s so cute and loving! I’d probably use the canvas for one of my wedding photos. I just got married almost 7 months ago and we still have yet to get our pictures up and displayed!

  26. says

    Ooh I love canvas prints! I’ve done a few of my favourite photos by having them printed on canvas and stretching them myself – turned out it wasn’t as hard as I thought – but pro-stretched would be awesome! I would do a photo that hasn’t been taken yet, haha – we are grad students and have had no time for photos this semester, but it’s almost summer, time to make some memories outside the physics building and take some photos!! :)

  27. Cecilia Ramos says

    First let me say your pics are beautiful and I love your Blog I came across it on Stumble upon, added you to me google reader so i dont miss any of your posts and now Im hooked:D…. So the picture i would like to have on a canvas is a memory for my daugther from a trip we did to the Dominican Republic 2 years ago.. this is where I was born and where i grew up, we went back there for my Grandfather’s 80th bday…one of the places we visited was a beach that had a resting area that was covered in a curtain made of sea shells of course she went running to it and wanted to feel the shells and open the curtain..I think i caught a perfect pic of her doing that and would love to have it displayed on a canvas..it will always remind us of that special place and how important it is to appreciate the small things in life.

  28. cheryl young says

    Oh my goodness! If I were LUCKY enuf to WIN I would have one of the photos of our LOCAL
    American Bald Eagles put on it!! My sweet husband has been spending this spring taking pictures of a family of mom-dad and 3 BABIES in their huge nest about 5 miles from our home. He would be SO happy! Our 26th anniversary is in June and this would be perfect for him!

  29. Nancy Kirkendoll says

    Wow, I would use a picture of my family take last summer Ina sunflower field on top of Boreas Pass outside Breckenridge CO – magnificent family, flower field, mountains, sky, colors.

  30. Cheryl B says

    Last year at Easter, our daughter took a picture of my husband and I looking at each other. I just love that picture, just looking at it always makes me smile – there is no denying that we love each other. We have been married 38 years, 39 this summer. We have been through some rough times and many good times but throughout it all, we have prevailed! – he is still my best friend, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Wouldn’t that be a testament of our love to have that picture hanging over our bed? I think so!

  31. Jusa says

    It would have to be a picture of my son, and probably one of his childhood. Which one exactly, I’d have to spend time thinking about as I flipped through the photo albums. Love your photos!

  32. Maureen says

    Hi! Thanks for the chance to win the printed canvas. If I won, I would print a picture of my mom and I taken on her birthday a couple of years back and use for her Mother’s Day present this year. We have been through a tough time with health issues and it would be nice to have a good photo of more pleasant memories to share!


  33. says

    I would use a photo of my boys they are smiling and happy. My younger one has his mischevious look, as if he is going to do something to his older brother.

  34. says

    I have this picture of my two adopted children, Ruby & Dillon. She’s 7 months and staring at her brother in wonder, as he is being his goofy 6 year old self. I’d like to have THAT on a canvas…

  35. Eden Claire says

    I’ve going to be married for four years on October 4th. My husband and I are seperated, but working hard to fix it. Due to difficulties we never got any pictures of us during those 3 years, and I would love to have a picture of us reunited again on stretched canvas….

    P.S. I enjoy your blog. And I’m sorry I havent commented more. :( guess I’m one of those silent followers that mistakenly assume you know how crafty, and creative you are, and dont need me to encourage you… {read your post on comments} My husband and I also bought an older home, 1906 and have since done some major rehaul, and your blog has been so encouraging to work with what’s there and up-cycle or add your own amazing element to a sink etc.. It doesn’t have to be brand new.. Kudos on on all your hardwork. And I hope your husband is able to find work soon.. Rooting for you guys..

  36. Kristy Cirillo says

    We had a picture from last summer at the beach that I would love to get in canvas. That is the picture I would select! Thank you!

  37. Koren K says

    I would get a big smile picture of my 5 month old son. It’s a bare bottom one, and would look perfect…in the bathroom :)

  38. Sheila says

    that’s easy, it’s a photo i took of a water lily at the zoo several years ago. i had leaned over the railing & did my best to “snap” a photo, when we got home & i uploaded the photo it was my Prize of the day! a few years ago i entered it in our county fair & was rewarded with best in show, i have been planning to have a canvas wrap done with it, i think i would just wrap beautifully around the sides … :)

  39. says

    The space above our bed has been empty since we moved in 3 years ago and it is screaming for something to be put there. I think a canvas of one of our wedding pictures would be awesome. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  40. Marty says

    As soon as I saw this sweet giveaway, I knew exactly the picture I would want on canvas. It’s one of me, my siblings, and my dad at my cousin’s wedding last fall. She had a fun photobooth with lots of goofy props. All of us jumped in (where was my mom??) and needless to say, the end results were pretty priceless. :)

  41. Nancy's Couture says

    I would use a family picture of us walking on the beach all together holding hands.

  42. says

    I’ve got a great photo of my girls from last summer that I would love to blow up on a canvas!! Thanks for the chance!