To sum it all up….

I never expected such a big response to my post about commenting on blogs. It seems kind of ironic that I was writing about how the number of comments have gone down (on all blogs) and then there were over 160 comments on that post!

I was incredibly impressed by all of your well thought out comments and all of the different points of view. It gave me a lot to think about. And since odds are that you all didn’t read every single comment, I thought I would write a summary post.

* Comments are down due to several reasons such as Pinterest, people reading blogs on their phones and in readers, and due to the busy spring season (spring breaks, little league, warm weather, gardening, etc.)

* Most of you don’t care if you get a comment back after you leave a comment but some of you feel strongly that you should get a comment back.

* Some of you feel intimidated commenting on big blogs.

* If some of you see a post with a ton of comments you feel like our comment is not needed.

* A lot of you only comment when you feel moved or you REALLY like the project.

* Those of you on blogger are annoyed by the no-reply get when you try to respond to a comment on your blog.

* Many of you didn’t comment until you started your own blog and then realized how much comments mean.

* If you have to jump through hoops and sign up in order to comment, chances are you won’t at all.

* You all pretty much agree that comments are a great way to be connected with your readers, or with the blog you are commenting on.

* All of you who are bloggers don’t care if the comment is short ( ie Great post!) as long as you know that people are reading.

* Some of you are lurkers (AKA stalkers)……shhhh I used to be one too!

* Not commenting doesn’t mean you don’t like the project or blog. You are busy and it is hard to keep up with all the blogs.

You guys rock and brought up some amazing points I didn’t cover in the post. Thank you.

I agree with most of you. I think that social media is changing the blogging world. I also think that if we all want more comment we need to interact more and also make our blogs  more comment friendly ( captcha codes, signing up in order to comment, etc)

And the number one thing I would like to point out, is that we are all busy and we are all doing the best we can. I will do my best to comment back more but I can’t promise it will be every single comment.  And like I pointed out in my original post, I do not expect any of you to comment on every single post I write.  I am just happy you read :) And the comments are a bonus that make my day :)



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  1. says

    Thank you for this summary. I like to read comments at the end of a post. But over 160? Whew, that would take forever! So when you summarize them like this, I love it! Also, as a commenter, I appreciate the feedback that I get when the blogger comments back on my comment. That can get out of hand though…esp. when there are a ton of comments to go thru. (like 160, ha).

  2. says

    This was great Stacy! I really like that you’re paying attention to your readers and that you asked for our opinion! So keep up the good work and we’ll be there! :)
    Have a nice weekend!
    P.S.: no need to reply back at this one! lol!

  3. says

    I’m loving being part of the blogging community. I had no clue about any of this two months ago!
    That was a great summary :) Food for thought…
    Have a lovely Easter weekend X

  4. says

    Great Post lol…no really great post. Sometimes a person follow me and then he asks me to follow him back and sometimes I dont follow back and sometimes I do just because I feel so bad :( I wish no one will ask me to follow them back I dont wanna be mean but I always check out the blogs of the people who comments so let me follow you when I feel I want to follow..I think now alot of people will hate me but im bieng honest

  5. Ann says

    I meant to tell you on your other post, but I forgot, so I’ll tell you now. :) A few months ago someone put a really inappropriate link on one of your link up parties. I commented about it and you deleted the link immediately. I didn’t expect you to even acknowledge me, so thanks! It stood out to me how quickly you got back to me and how nice you were.
    So I’ll take the time now to say that I follow your blog, I love your house, and I’ll make a point to comment more. I think you are great!

  6. says

    Great summary. I was busy this week and am not caught up with reading posts. I too like to read the comments. Now if I only skim 160 I won’t feel I missed too much.

  7. Elizabeth H says

    I read your blog everyday and I am not sure I have ever commented. I about fell over when I saw your ceilings and still didn’t comment, beautiful. I hope to do better, but I do love your blog!!

  8. says

    Since reading your posts on comments I have tried to be better about commenting. It usually doesn’t take long to tell someone I liked what they’ve shared. I’ve also tried to be better about replying to comments on my blog. I don’t reply to them all, but if there’s a question or if I have something to say to them, I have started replying.

    So thanks for getting me thinking about this!

  9. Holly says

    Yeah I probably need to get better about writing down what I say in my head…I understand though how blogging could probably get boring if you know you have an audience but never get feedback.

  10. Sharon K says

    Didn’t want to read and not write! It is so true that if it is difficult to post a comment I run like a crazy woman,

    However your comment procedure is very user friendly.

  11. Lin says

    I have been doing so much better on commenting on blogs since I read your post and want to thank you for it. I am still bummed out that I can not post of some blogs, but try to find them on Facebook if possible. Happy Easter to you and yours. God Bless!

  12. says

    As someone who has a blog and love receiving comments, I had never really thought about replying back. Now I do, thanks to you! And here I am commenting on yours! Something I never would have thought to do since you are one of the ‘big blogs’ :-) and you have so many other people commenting. Time’s a changing.
    great post!!!

  13. Jess says

    I’m ecstatic when I get 6 comments on a post lol
    I do think this is a great summation post of what we all, bloggers and commenters alike, can do better. Blogging really is a conversation and it takes two to converse.

  14. Bernice says

    Ok, I am just following up on the blog commenting..and I look over on the right and what do I see? Some of my favorite things you have done! For instance..the French country kitchen ceiling..,the floor lamp, table lamp, jar planter, lamp shade,side table in living color,the french Country kitchen ceiling..Oh I already said that. :) Just want you to know I have forwarded these lovelies to my friends when I first came across them. And I have them stashed away in a computer file. They are so fun and lovely.
    Love your blog, glad you got so many comments on comments!

  15. Bernice says

    PS..and btw….I just slipped over to one of you other blogs, and there’s more of my favorites..your bedroom, the outdoor door screens,the ladder,the door knobs as towel holders in t he bath..such super ideas. I think you are on a par with Sarah Richardson! (Accurate name?(

  16. says

    I am on of those “stalkers”. I’ve never commentewd because you don’t know me from Adam. but I love your posts. I love your take on life. And I love your ideas. I will continue to stalk you. but I will be brave and comment once in a while too. No one ever comments on my blog so I don’t really know what it feels like to miss them much. but I think you are great and would miss reading your blog. Thank you folr sharing!

  17. says

    Thank you for the wrap up about this. I was curious. I think it was an interesting issue. I’m also following Infarrantly Creatives post about Link Parties and how we don’t need another one. Do you have an opinion on that?

  18. says

    I would agree… commenting on your blog is very user friendly. Thanks for that! ;) I read more blogs on my iphone {thank you insomnia!} and find it rather frustrating to comment that way. So alot of times I read but don’t comment. But I usually try to comment if I can because I know how much it encourages my heart to get a comment. Great post!

  19. says

    I think that the comments keep add a bit of reality to this blogging universe. Without responses to the things we write, the conversation ends. I hope that people realize how much all those comments mean and help us keep the conversation going so we aren’t just talking to ourselves all the time, haha! Good stuff girl!