Man. I had such a crumby week.  I have been struggling. I had a bunch of crap to deal with and feel rather down. If you follow me on FB you probably already know about the copyright issue I am dealing with. Let me recap for those who don’t know. This photo was staged for a sponsored post I wrote for Micheal’s craft store a long time ago. It was stolen by someone. They cropped off my watermark and added a caption. It has been spread all over Facebook and Pinterest.  It is a funny photo and the caption is clever. If I had seen it I would have chuckled and moved on. BUT  it was stolen. It is me. It is my kids. It has been taken out of context and I feel so violated. The WORST part of the whole thing are the HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of nasty comments that have been posted. They say things like I must be a horrible mother, that my kids are brats, that they should have their a** kicked, that they would NEVER allow their kids to behave that way, and that I shouldn’t have that many kids anyway.

I do NOT take it personal because A) I know it was staged to be funny and that my kids were not actually behaving that way. B) I know I am a good mother. I struggle like everyone else and have bad days but overall I do my best and have VERY sweet kids.

But it has made me so sad. It makes me sad that we have a world full of people so quick to judge and leave nasty comments. It makes me feel sick knowing that because I put my kids’ pictures on the internet that they are being dragged through the mud and called names.

I appreciate those of you who have sent me the links on FB and Pinterest. I have been able to remove it from several FB and Pinterest accounts.  I know it has gone viral and will always be out there somewhere but I wouldn’t feel good just standing by and not doing anything about it at all either. I have not been able to find the source. One site has claimed it as their own by adding their watermark to it but I know they were not the original ones who took it.  So it may not fix it, but it makes me feel a little better every time I get it removed from a huge FB account.

If you see it and have the time, let me know or ask them to remove it.

It makes me feel good that I have such amazing readers. I feel confident that if I had posted that picture on my FB page that you would have not said nasty things. I love the support I feel from you guys and how sweet you are.

The day this came to my attention was also the anniversary of my dad’s death. I was struggling with that and maybe that is why I got so emotional about this picture. On top of that I found out some other sad news about some people very close to me. It was a hard day. Actually, that is an understatement.

I also know I am not the only person this has happened to. It has made me rethink about pinning funny pictures on Pinterest because I wonder if they were stolen too. I wonder if those people feel violated and have cried over their children being commented on. Just something to think about.

Sorry to be such a downer today. I promise that I will say my peace and move on. I have an awesome giveaway this week and hopefully a project to share as well.

I will see you all tomorrow at the linky party :) Thank you for everything.

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  1. says

    Oh, dear girl, I am so sorry for this. How nasty! I am praying for you and your sweet family. Hope you feel encouraged and enjoy the rest of your week!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. says

    So sorry that you are dealing with this!! I know I never forward those emails that are supposed to be funny because I just don’t have the heart to- I never know if the person knew they had their photo taken, etc. Keep your head up!!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry Stacy. How horrible! People can be so terrible, and the internet hasn’t helped very much. I hope your week will improve and things start looking up :).

  4. says

    Oh my goodness I am s sorry. I hadn’t heard. Man some people seriously need to get a life. I understand that it hurts. Our blogs are what we put a huge chunk of our creativity into and sharing the creativity can be personal…especially where our littles are involed. I am sorry again and if I see the picture I will be sure to let you know:>

  5. kate a says

    so sorry you’re dealing with this. I haven’t seen it and I read a lot of blogs – but if I do, I’ll pass the info on to you. I wish I could help. You hang in there and continue to know that you’re awesome!!

  6. says

    Isn’t it just too bad that there are mean people out there. Ones that love to comment, YET 1/2 the time they comment as anonymous, because of course, they are SO proud of what they are saying. Ones that steal peoples ideas, photo’s, etc. People NEED to remember what they were taught as youngsters… “IF you don’t have anything nice to say, DON’T say anything at all!” So sorry you have to deal with this! Don’t let it bring you down. (I know, it’s easier said than done.) Those mean people need prayer! and I mean, LOTS of PRAYER! Keep your chin up :)

  7. says

    So Sorry you are having a rough time right now, like I always tell my children, tomorrow is a new day and chances are it will be better than today and when things like this happen or when someone says something hurtful or unkind to one of my kids I always tell them to consider the source. I know in this case you don’t know who the source is but it is obviously not a mother who at one time or another has felt exactly how you look in that picture. I know it was staged but I’m sure there isn’t a mother out there that hasn’t felt overwhelmed in a store while shopping with their child, I know I have at times and that was with only 1 child, I can’t imagine the patience you must need to manage with 4. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward. Your readers are behind you!

  8. Aimee Jongejan says

    Stacey, I understand how you feel. Just know that your readers and those who love you are behind you. We got your back, Girl!!! Sometimes life is poopy – heres to hoping and praying that your life becomes a whole lot less poopy soon. ((hugs))

  9. says

    Stacy… I am furious for you!!! I would have been a crying, slobbering mess. I’m sure it made you crack, but your post sounds like you’re taking the high road. Keeo your head up, lady!! We’re all in your corner!!

  10. says

    I’m soooo sorry you have to deal with all of this Stacy! There are great things out there on the internet, but one thing I really dislike is that people tend to be more negative (or feel more comfortable being negative) because they can hide behind their anonymity. I’m sorry people left mean comments without knowing the whole story, but it’s really great that you know that’s the case; you know you’re a great mother and your kids aren’t purposely misbehaving. Hopefully things get better soon!

  11. Barbara M says

    How horrible, I try to live by the creed if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all. I have pinned many items but never try to take credit & would never pin anything negative. I try to keep my fb & Pinterest inspirational & positive. I’m happy you have so many supporters and don’t let the negative people keep you down. They are really not worth it. You have an amazing blog & just by your posts that family comes first. I will definitely send messages if I see this posted anywhere.

  12. Pam the Goatherd says

    I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with all of this stuff piled over the top! I haven’t seen that picture anywhere, but if I had I would’ve just laughed because it looks like something that has happened to every single mother out there! If I do happen to come across it somewhere I’ll let you know.
    I’ll be praying that you will feel wrapped up in the hugs and love of your family and friends and blog-followers as you deal with this and everything else that is going on in your life right now.
    And guess what – you’ve pushed me out of my lurk-dom into the comment zone with this blog post! =)

  13. says

    I saw one posted on a friends page from “” and directed her to your blog. That web site seems to be down. Hopefully she will remove it from her page. I’m sorry you’re not having a good week. Hope it gets better this week :)

  14. says

    Hey there! I was one of the bloggers who had used the photo (if the above comment could be removed with my blog’s link, that would be great) and removed it immediately after I got a comment about it — I wasn’t aware that there was a copyright issue, I’m sorry for contributing.

    I wasn’t aware it was stolen, as it was in PhotoDropper’s photo database (WordPress plugin) and they are supposed to be copyright free.

    If I see it elsewhere I’ll let you know and request that they remove the picture — I’m sorry again.

  15. Marci says

    I stopped using Pinterest because I kept finding people claiming things as their own on their blogs when I knew that the recipe, and the pictures they used, were from other sites (like Our Best Bites). I hate that people think it’s okay to steal other peoples pictures and work, and then that other people leave nasty comments. What happened to RESPECT? People these days…

    I hope that this week is better than last week, you deserve a little break!

  16. Lizzy says

    How devastating!! I know how it feels to be violated in such a slanderous way. :( Not a wonderful feeling at all. Cling to Jesus!

  17. says

    Sadly that is the nature of society today … who cares if their comments actually affect anyone, they post them anyway … it’s also a show of the cowardess that the internet has created .. individuals who post hateful rhetoric without caring or thinking the ramifications it can have, and knowing that they are so weak they have to hide behind a computer screen.

    Looks like you are strong enough to pull through and be ok.

  18. says

    Stacy, you just can’t catch a break, can you! I am so sorry that this is happening to you. If this were to happen to my kids, the Momma bear in me would not be happy either. I hate how people are so quick to judge. I have to remind myself of this when I find myself giving sideways glances at the mother snapping at her kids in the parking lot, or the person driving like a jerk. They may be wonderful people, having one of life’s not so wonderful moments. And their weak moment was witnessed by stupid, judgmental me. I hope that anyone who sees this picture gets the full story. And if it’s any consolation at ALL, when I read your post and saw the picture, I seriously didn’t even know it was you until you said it was. So at the very least, maybe the general public will neglect to make the connection between the viral picture and your wonderful blog, and more importantly your children. Hang in there!!!

  19. says

    oh dear. i’m so so sorry! isn’t that always the way? the internet / pinterest / blogging = all great tools, and then there’s always a downside to it. hang in there!!! praying for you!

  20. says

    Can I just say that you should never feel bad about having a lot of kids. Because of health issues, I was only able to have 4 kids, but I always wished I could have had more. I just keep thinking about how we only get one shot at this life, and one shot to have children. “Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them”…..okay, that may not be the exact quote. lol One of the things I like about the Duggar family is that they have shown that you can have a LOT of kids, AND take care of them, AND love them each individually, AND help them to become functional well balanced adults. I’ve never met anyone who regretted having a large family.

  21. says

    Oh Stacy! I am so sorry this happened to you. If I see this anywhere I will definitely let you know, have not seen it yet except here. Sometimes, I cannot believe the hateful things people say on FB and on blogs. I like to read other comments and I honestly will sit there an stare at a comment unbelieving that anyone could be so rotten. I guess I live in a dream world where people actually care about others’ feelings and have compassion and love for their fellow human being. Sending lots of cyber hugs and hoping you will have a much better week this week :)

  22. says

    I’m so sorry Stacy! I hope things get resolved soon. It always amazes me what people will stoop too. I’m excited to see you in a few weeks. Keep your chin up! You’re awesome!

  23. says

    Oh no- I’m so sorry. It makes me so angry how mean and nasty some people are. it feels like there are a lot of people who are so quick to jump to conclusions and cast judgment, and the internet makes it worse because people are able to feel “hidden” while they spread their nastiness around. So so sorry that it happened to you. And at an already difficult time. Just keep your chin up. By the time your kids are old enough to understand or care, the picture will be lost in oblivion and no one will remember it. I feel awful for you though, because I know if I were in your shoes I’d be freaking out. Nothing’s worse than feeling like your babies are being attacked. :( mean people suck.

  24. Isabelle says

    Don’t let it get you down! It’s so easy sometimes for people to judge over the internet.. Without the context and (above all) without this same person in front of you, it’s so easy to post a comment to be “funny”.

    You’re a great person and a great mother I’m sure.. We all do the best we can and that’s really the best we can hope for!

  25. says

    People can be very stupid and cruel. My daughter has 6 kids and hears negative comments about it all the time. Four of the kids are adopted and stood little chance of finding a home. I’ve seen adults bring their kids over to see my grandson’s leg brace and talk about him as if he doesn’t hear. They have made mean comments to her about the child with fetal alcohol syndrome being babyish. You just have to know that it is coming from ignorance and poor value systems when people are so hurtful. Sorry, you are going through this!

  26. says

    I am so sorry, this is awful! I have not seen the picture, but if I do I will be sure to let you know. You are a great mom and it stinks that people are so quick to judge something that was a joke. It is my kids who act like that in the store, not yours. ;)

    • Bernice says

      Good comment michelle…hey, everybody’s kids do this at some time, and not staging it either.
      I feel for our housewife,” not just”, and of anyone whose work has been taken.

      Hang in there Stacey…we know better than those hateful ones out in cyber land who dont even know you.

  27. Holly says

    I’m sorry about the photo repost that happened. I hope things have gotten better since. I liked how you look at reblogging/repost pictures now though, that it could be something stolen from someone else. That is good insight for all of us since hopefully we won’t have to go through what you did. I think your blog is a success and all the things you do for yourself, your family, and thousands of other people, who you know and others you’ve never met, is a success. Keep your head up!

  28. Kellie says

    That is such a shame. People who steal like that are going to ruin Pinterest for everyone. Hang in there; it will all work out.

  29. says

    Oh no. I guess we know why someone invented the saying “when it rains it pours” I’m sorry for the downpour! The thing with people making rude comments on various things always makes me think do these people feel so yukky inside they have to spew it everywhere AND I am sure they probably don;t have any idea what it is like to have a great family and to work hard to be a good mom! I’m sorry, I hope things get better fast!

  30. says

    First I want to give you my heartfelt encouragement and understanding. The anniversaries of deaths are always hard to walk through. (I can speak from personal experience as I lost both my dad and brother within two years of each other… both in the month of July) Secondly I am sorry someone has stolen your copyrighted material and I am thankful you are pursuing it. The third issue is that even if this picture wasn’t staged (which it was and is Hilarious) all moms have these kinds of days and the rude comments from people just show how hard we moms have it. Instead of getting encouragement and support… people just want to judge and tear down. Hang in there…keep your chin up…and know there are lots of people who love following your blog whether you are having a good day or bad one :) Blessings! xoxo

  31. says

    There are so many people out there that feel really good when they make someone feel badly. All you can do is know that they are sick and try to ignore it. I enjoy your blog – keep up the good work!

  32. Jusa says

    What a sad story. You and your kids don’t deserve this. I can certainly understand why some bloggers leave their families out of their blogs, but it’s so much more fun to read about your family and see pictures. It makes it personal, and I can relate to you much better. A few rotten apples have to spoil the good things for the rest of us. When my DS who’s a whiz at cyber security, explained the ins and outs of protecting photos on line (and how you can, indeed, take watermarks off), I began wondering if you could stick a physical logo in background when you take the photo. That way no one could lift the watermark off. Well, I guess you could still doctor the photo, but… I hope you can pigeon hole this problem for later, think fond thoughts of your father, and find inspiration and comfort in Easter Week. I know you and your husband are great parents, and I love watching the boys grow. Funny thing is, I’m currently reading Lynn Truss’ book, Speak to the Hand. Pretty much deals with this topic of people being nasty. Peace.

  33. Lin says

    How people can do those kinds of things is beyond me….especially when children are involved! Oh it makes me so mad and it brings to mind Taylor Swift’s song “MEAN”!

    Hugs and prayers for you. I hope your week is much much better and if I do run across this pic, I will let you know. We love you honey!

  34. says

    I’m sorry that happened to you Stacy! It sucks to feel so violated! I have always thought that photo was funny and it’s kind of obvious it’s staged! Hang in there!

  35. Shirley Lupton says

    There a lot of sick people out and about. What I see in the picture is a mom being pulled in many different directions as all moms feel during children rearing. So sorry about the name calling, just shows we all should look a pictures and think what would I want others to think if that were a picture of me or my family. I don’t think we can change that kind of people but we can pray for them. Thanks for the post and be sure you have so many people that love you.

  36. says

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I just saw this somewhere recently and I can’t remember where….when I do, I’ll share this with them.

  37. Dee in NH says

    I feel so bad for you having to go through this! To me, the cyberworld is a very scary place. Folks can steal your stuff and photoshop it into anything they want and that just scares the pants off me! I have no interest in joining Facebook or Pinterest for this very reason. You just never know who or what is real. Anyway, those of us who know you from following you regularly, know that you are an awesome Mom and an awesome friend! There, I said my piece too!

  38. says

    Makes you really think about watermarking faces. My friend had a photo of her teenage son on her public blog and some old man from MN was using it for a profile photo on a “17 year old” MySpace page. Be careful out there.

  39. says

    I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all of this. People can be rude and nasty, and the anonymity of the Internet just seems to fuel it even further. I’m sure your dad’s anniversary isn’t helping, as I have found myself extra emotional on dates like that with my brother’s passing several years ago. But, regardless of that, it’s still hurtful, especially when our kids are involved. Hang in there, and here’s to a better tomorrow.

  40. katie s says

    Such a bummer. I’m so sorry! What an awful thing to deal with–I hope you’re feeling better and that things get better for you quickly!!

  41. says

    I can’t believe anyone would say nasty things about this picture! Even if this picture is staged, anyone who hasn’t had a bad trip to the store with their kids hasn’t reach the status of “real parenthood” yet. :)

  42. says

    I am so sorry you have had your photo stolen, and pasted everywhere, but far worse, I am so sorry for all the horrible, mean and down right cruel comments you have received. That just makes me really, really sad too that people would feel so free to comment and not only that, say hurtful, hateful things. It makes me wonder at the level of intelligence of some people because having seen this picture for the 1st time on your blog today, I would know in a second it was staged. A real picture of all this chaos would have actual really red angry faces on the kids, not the staged angry ones. Which I have to say are really very good! Even if it were a real picture, hasn’t everyone who has even one child been in this situation? ESP in the craft store! I hope your week gets better. Sending you some love from over at Redoux.

  43. says

    I am so sorry this happened. Remember you are better than these circumstances. This does not define who you are. You are beautiful, smart, creative, talented and loved. We all appreciate what you do, and the information you share with us. God bless you and your beautiful family…today and every day.

  44. Heart and Haven says

    That photo really made me laugh, cause that’s how I felt at Target last night! I had my 3 week old newborn in the stroller and my hubby had the shopping cart with our 3 and 5 yr olds. All of a sudden, he leaves me with all the kids to rush to the front of the store to use the restrooms. My newborn starts crying needing to be fed, my 3 yr old keeps trying to run over to the $1 spot, while my 5 yo was trying to climb out of the shopping cart! LOL!

    I was feeling a bit helpless and frazzled….I had picked up my newborn to try and console him but wasn’t able to push both the stroller and the shopping cart to a location I could sit to nurse the baby, I was physically tired & sore still recovering from a c-section so wasn’t able to lift the 5 yo from the shopping cart, and my voice barely above a whisper (recovering from thyroidectomy I had a month ago). I understood, but it still would’ve been ideal if my hubby could have helped me get the kids to a bench, etc. instead of taking off in the middle of the aisle.

    I bet fellow shoppers thought I looked like that photo above, haha.

  45. says

    I am so sorry that this happened to you. People are harsh and it’s so sad that they are allowed to get away with things like this. I love your blog and think you are pretty amazing, so keep your head up…thanks for always being an inspiration to me!

  46. says

    Oh my gosh!! I hope YOU KICK BUTT!!! I would have been pissed!! I hope you find the source and if I ever see it on facebook or pinterest, I will let you know. On the side note, the picture is hilarious! Common, anyone should know its staged, so how can anyone say that you are a bad mother or they are bad kids. They better hope I don’t see this picture around without your blog name on it, I will let them have it! :):)

  47. says

    I found this picture on FB and it made me so sad to know there are people that do those things! So Sorry.. I left a comment letting everyone know what they did to you and also let my friends know that the picture was stolen from you! So sorry!

  48. says

    You poor thing! It would be one thing if you gave permission for this picture to be used for a purpose other than your blog, but to have someone take it and do something like that is totally violating. Especially when people are commenting so rudely on it. The sad thing is, I have been that mom in real life with my two kids acting awful at the store. It is no fun. My kids do not always act that way, but they have bad days like everyone else! I would hate for people to judge me as a mom based on one small moment they glimpse in my life. I am also sorry about the loss of your Dad. I know firsthand how hard it is to lose a parent – my mom died when I was 8 years old. Those anniversaries are always rough. I hope your week gets better! :)

  49. says

    I have not read your blog very long, but I can tell what a wonderful mother you are. I am just so sorry that all of this is happening at once! Keep your head up!

  50. says

    I am sorry that you had this happen to you. That is terrible. And I am so sorry that you had your kids involved with it too. I know as mom’s that when our kids are being hurt (even if it is not physically) that it is the worst thing to have to go through. Horrible that someone would do this to you and your family! I hope that you have a better week. Hang in there!! Hugs being sent your way!

  51. says

    This is when we need a redo button. I hate the horrible week you’ve had and hope this next one will be so very much better. Sending lots of love your way.

  52. says

    I really want to say thank you for standing up for what is true and right. I’m sure this was SO hard to see and comprehend, on top of it – it sounds like the timing of the week made it worse. I just unexpectedly lost my own Mother – my heart goes out to you.

  53. says

    Oh sweetie! I am so sorry. I never leave negative comments for this reason. Just take comfort in the fact that the things being said have absolutely nothing to do with the truth. The ones who love you know the truth!

  54. says

    Anyone who had something bad to say about your kids or you obviously didn’t see your recent vacation photos of adorable happy well adjusted looking kids. If they are gonna judge the book by the cover then that’s the one they should read.


  55. says

    So sad that it seems like you have to take the good with the bad so to speak with well pretty much anything but specifically blogging, facebook, and pinterest. So sorry this happened to you :( If it is any consolation, I seriously find you so inspiring. Thank you so much for doing what you do, being real, and putting it out there on the world wide web for me to be encouraged and inspired by. Perhaps a “mom” moment here (even though I have a feeling we are around the same age lol), but do be sure to cleanse yourself of all the negative comments you came across. Words of judgment hurt… no matter the circumstances. Don’t let them weigh you down or speak to you!

  56. says

    I just came across your blog today. I was reading some of your previous posts and looked at your most recent one. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. It really makes me sad.

    On a happy note, I love your blog. I will be back again :).


  57. says

    I am so sorry this happened! Even when you know that you are in the right, it still stings!
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  58. says

    I am so sorry this has happened to you. It really sucks when people take work that isn’t theirs and claim it for their own. It is even worse when they take something completely out of context and re-use it for their own purposes. I am even sorrier that something like this happened in the midst of so many other things that are difficult to handle. I am sure it felt like the typical “when it rains it pours”. I hope this week is better!

  59. Jennifer says

    ::hugs:: I’m so sorry that you have been dealing with mean people! I remember that picture from when you first posted it, and I thought it was funny! Even though it was staged, it also is something all honest mothers can understand. I think we all have days when we have the expression you had in that picture! ;) It’s amazing how bold people are over the internet. They say things to you that they would never say otherwise, and hide behind their computers. It’s frustrating, and it hurts, even though you’ll never meet those people. Just remember that the Lord has blessed you with a sweet family, and those judging you don’t know anything about you! I hope you’re able to put this behind you quickly and move on to happier things, like all the love from your readers! :) Hope you have a happier day today!

  60. says

    So sorry for all this mess! If I come across this pic I will certainly direct it to you. I hope I remember this when I am quick to judge…

  61. says

    I’m sorry your work has be stolen. Some people are just plain rotten!

    I watermark my photos too, acroos the bottom just like you, this makes me think that I should move that watermark across the middle of the picture so it cannot be passed off as anyone else’s. Ridiculous that we have to think that way! I’m sorry you and your kids have been drug through the mud, some people truly need to get a life. Clearly this photo is a joke and if it wasn’t any mother out there, 2 kids or 4, has had moments like this in public (if they say they haven’t their liying!), we need to support one another no bring eachother down.

    Keep your chin up!

  62. says

    I’m so sorry this has happened to you, Stacy. How terrible!
    You should try Google’s inverse image search to find the image on the web. Just go to google images and click the little camera icon that displays to the right of the search bar. Upload your image and search the net for duplicates. :)

  63. says

    Hi, I just recently started following your blog, and I just had to say that I am so very sorry that you are going through something like this. It really is a shame that people are stealing pictures as well as having nasty comments. I am a cake deocorator, and we are always on forums and things talking about how decorators are always stealing and posting other decorator’s work as their own. It’s really sad that people have to stoop so low to get a laugh or make themselves feel better. My husband and I decided not long after my first son was born, that we would not post pictures of our children or too many of ourselves on the internet, simply because of things like this that could potentially happen. It really is awful that we have to worry so much about “stupid” things like this, but the reality is, that people just don’t have anything better to do with their time than to go on the internet and do crazy things.

    Again, I am very sorry this has happened to you, and I hope you get as many of the images removed as you possibly can. I will forward your post and probably even link to it on my blog as well, if that’s ok with you (I’ll wait for your answer on that). You and your children are in my prayers, and I know everything will work out and calm down after a while. Smile, and have a beautiful, blessed day!!!

  64. says

    This weighed so heavily on my heart when I read it. Comments are such a double edged sword and while the blogging community is generally kind and encouraging, we can’t protect ourselves from the rudest idiots of all. These people have nothing nice to say and now have a platform to say mean things through. While it can be a good thing it is more often than not a bad thing. I hope, as hard as it is, that you can focus on the fact that these people who leave nasty comments are so much less than deserving of being able to even leave the words they do. They are people who don’t think how their actions will affect others which shows just how rude they are. I know it’s not an easy task to put this behind you but I hope it becomes easier and weighs less heavily on your heart, because here in the blogging community, we’re glad you do the things you do.

  65. says

    My dear sweet girl….no one deserves that kind of week. What a bunch of rotten BS!
    You are an amazing mother. It’s easy to see that. Especially when you talk about your kids. I’m sure it just seems like the very last straw that broke the camel’s back. Anyway, sending love your way. :)

  66. samantha says

    oh no! i am so sorry this happened to you!

    and i can’t believe someone just removed your watermark and put their watermark in its place. that is downright awful! and sneaky…and just bad on so many levels.

    btw, i had to smile about that photo b/c i AM the mother with children that do this very thing to me as soon as we run any errand that *i need* to run. should we be in the toy store = perfect behavior. a birthday party they are attending = perfect behavior. but when i need to run into the market for a last minute dinner ingredient = terrible, awful behavior and meltdowns. why do kids do that!!?? :-)

    i am so sorry to hear about all of the nasty comments online in response to the photo too. i am sure if those people knew exactly where the photo originated and that it was staged, they would have a very different reaction…and would feel badly knowing someone had actually stolen the image from you.

    bug hugs!!!

  67. says

    What happened is really horrible. Maybe I’m suggesting something that you already know. Searching by google images (uploading your photo) I found some. On Pinterest, for example. As I don’ know if you have already contacted the Pinterest-board’s owner I didn’t comment anything. for sure you will did.

  68. Stephanie S. says

    Just another comment to you-to say I am sorry for your trouble on this issue. We are all behind you. Take care and we love you.

  69. says

    This saddens and disgusted me, but I can’t say surprises me. You won’t find many people pics on my site. Fb, anywhere. I will let you know if I see yours, but i don’t frequent pinterist, Fb, etc now. I’ll keep you % family in my prayers.

  70. Jessica S says

    I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. I hope that you can get this all cleared up soon! Best of luck!

  71. says

    Stacy, I am so sorry for all that you’ve been going through. My hubby was out of town for two weeks on a business trip and we had another “blow” almost every day he was gone. He’s been home a week and I still don’t feel emotionally recovered. I will be praying that it will come to light who stole your copyrighted photo. I’m also praying for grace whenever you see or hear hurtful comments from people who don’t care that the photo has been taken out of context. ::Hugs to you!::

  72. says

    I am so sorry you are going through this. People, especially adults apparently, can be so mean and heartless when they are hidden behind a computer screen. And anyone who has children and can say they have NEVER behaved bad in public obviously does not spend enough time with their kids. There is not a parent out there who hasn’t been a part of the staged picture above.

  73. Mearaid says

    I feel like that every time I go shopping, and I only have two kids, and they don’t really behave like that either. Sorry that it is happening.

  74. says

    Whatever happened to “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…”??? what a tough time you’ve been having to go through. My condolences about your dad and you and your family…


  75. says

    It’s so terrible that this is happening to you. I know that this sort of crappy behavior is becoming more common, but it still makes me sick. The theft of your work, the nasty comments, the on-going stress of it all… I hope this gets resolved quickly. Keep your head up! BTW, I haven’t seen it on FB or Pinterest, so maybe things are going better than you think. Fingers crossed for you!

  76. says

    I did see it, and I did chuckle and move on. For what it’s worth, I assumed from the beginning that it was a staged moment. I would never think nasty things about a mother in a pic like that. I have ONE kid and I feel that way sometimes. LOL

    I feel horrible for you that 1. your picture was stolen and 2. you have been getting negative comments. People are so small minded sometimes. :( I hope you get the issue resolved quickly.

  77. says

    I have seen that picture before with the caption and also thought is was funny (though I can’t remember what it said) and knew it was a staged shot, but had no idea it was stolen. I am sorry that you and your kids have to go through all the name calling :(

  78. Julie says

    I love this picture, staged or not. Who wants perfect kids who do everything you say. Ok, well yeah that would be nice in public, but really, kids are kids, we can’t control them. I can not believe how many people say such nasty hateful things. I’ve never read your blog, but now, I’m going to start. Clearly you have a fantastic sense of humor, having 4 boys!!

  79. says

    Ooh, I’m so sorry! I just posted the pirated version on FB, and Birth Without Fear (from whom I’d gotten the pirated one) posted a link to THIS, too.

    I can totally relate to you feeling violated! I have a very successful gluten-free sugar cookie recipe that has been published and re-published in all sorts of print and online media, without my name or blog credited, and often with OTHERS’ names credited as the creator of the recipe. It does make me feel violated, and I have fairly unsuccessfully tried to purge the mis-credited versions, at least online. :(

    So, I’m truly very sorry for having perpetuated the problem, and I’m going to post a link to this, ASAP!!

  80. Mona Lisa says

    I actually loved the pic with the caption, and feel very sad that it was stolen, and has caused you hurt. It expresses so well what so many parents feel. For those that haven’t seen it, the caption reads “Motherhood: when going to the supermarket alone becomes a vacation.” I only have two children and I feel that way. I’m sorry anyone turned it into anything negative. I thought the pic was likely staged when I first saw it, but even if it wasn’t, so what? Have people never had a bad day with kids before? I’m one of four kids, and I remember certain days where we were all horrible little hellions at once. It happens. Sometimes it happens in public. That doesn’t make any of us a bad parent. It makes us and our children human. I prefer dealing with people that can admit their failings to those who try to pretend like everything is perfect all the time. I will remove the picture from my pinterest account, because if it was my children, I would want someone to do me that courtesy. I will link people back to this post if I see the picture on their account and hope they do the same. But I would urge you to consider leaving it. The picture and caption are such a wonderful portrayal of what so many of us feel at times as mothers, no matter how many kids we have. Again, sorry for the hurt it has caused you.

    • Kimmy B. says

      I feel the exact same way! When I saw the caption I was like “OH YES” and I only have one child! Kids are kids, they’re bound to act up. Not once did I think “well, what a horrible mom.” I’m a GOOD mom and even my kid has meltdowns.

      As far as trying to get it removed from everything… you’re going to have a long, hard battle. With it going viral, it might be next to impossible. I wish you all the luck in the world, but the internet has a long memory… it might be easiest to turn a blind eye. :/

  81. Mary says

    I’m SO sorry this has happened to you!! :( People are so nasty and so quick to judge. I think moms are the WORST at judging other moms!!

    I found a repost of this here: I requested that it be removed, so hopefully it will be. Before I realized it was staged, I thought you deserved a medal for being so dang calm… LOL! :)

    • rachel j. says

      i also came here to say that your photo was posted on!/AThriftyMom

      i’m so sorry that this happened to you. i did find the picture funny, but it’s horrible that people can be so judgemental. i am a mom of three girls and i’m constantly hearing “wow, you’ve got your hands full!” or something like that. well yeah, but my heart is full as well, and i wouldn’t ever change it!

      now i’m going to check out the rest of your blog! :)

  82. lindsay says

    Hey mama,

    I like your photo. I can tell right off the bat it is staged… I have 6 kids ages 7 and under. We’re really busy. I have people say comments to me all of the time, even when the kids are being really good. Try not to let it get you down. There are a few good people out there still. God BLess you…

  83. Danita Courtney says

    I am so sorry you went through this and as you said will likely continue to fight this.

    I do have a question for you. Whenyou visit other places like Etsy, do you find things you like and pin them without the shop owners knowledge? I only ask because I do not use any other social media and would never know if this happened to me. So…how does it happen? Especially is someone is not linked to social media? Just wondering if you knew?

    Danita Courtney

  84. says

    I am so sorry you have been violated in this way. I know I’m a little late, but just clicked over from Practically Functional’s post on preventing pictures from being pinned. It really does make you stop and think about all those “funny” viral pictures.

  85. Carla says

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I usually follow pins back to their original post, before pinning, but maybe I need to check a bit more into the original poutz, to make sure they really ARE the originals.