Popping in for a second…….

I just wanted to pop in for a second and let you know I am packing and getting ready for the blogging conference SNAP! If you are going, I would LOVE to meet you! Please come find me and say “hi” :) I love conferences and meeting so many new people. The only downside is that there are SO MANY people that I wish I had more time to chat with everyone. It all goes so fast. But I love every second of it.

I am speaking on Saturday. I hope that if you are there you will come to my session. It is called the Epic Guide to DIY Survival :) I prepared a little somethin’ somethin’ for the beginning to kick start things.In other words, I will completely humiliate myself for others enjoyment.

I will hopefully get a post or two scheduled for while I am gone. But it is my little guys 8th birthday today and I have a hair emergency i need to get fixed so I can’t make any promises. Have a great weekend just in case!!!!



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    I wish I had been able to go to SNAP! It would have been fun to meet you and I would have really loved to attend your class. Maybe next year if they do it again at the same place, I will be able to work my finances in that direction :)

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    You did a fabulous job! I loved your video! Thanks for all of your wonderful insight. I had so much fun at SNAP! and now I need at least 2 days to recover from brain overload.