Cutest Ninjas ever………..And a $150 Walmart Gift Card up for grabs :)

Having 4 little boys I have been to the ER and instacare clinics my fair share of times. I remember riding to the hospital in the ambulance for the first (and luckily the only) time and the EMT saw my little boys. He smiled and said “You better get use to this. This will not be your first trip to the ER.”  And he was right because between the four of them we have had just about every injury a little boy can get.  And the worst time of year is the spring going into summer because of all the sports.

April is National Youth Sports Safety Month and I have teamed up with SAFESKIN® Kids Sport Wrap to get the word out.  Each year more than 3.5 million children under the age of 14 receive medical treatment for sports related injuries,(1) with strains and sprains among the most common complaint (2).

Luckily we have not had any injuries yet ( knock on wood, finders crossed, stand on our head while chanting three times). So we opted to use our SAFESKIN for another purpose……..

(My boys are currently on a Ninjago kick. It is a lego cartoon thing where they scare off snakes…or something)

 You can purchase the sports wrap at Wal-Mart for $3.94. If you are interested in trying it you can get a coupon off of their Facebook page.  That way you’ll be covered if your child gets injured,  or if they have a thing for ninjas too. :)

Speaking of Wal-Mart………………

SAFESKIN® Kids Sport Wrap Is offering to giveaway a $150 WalMart Gift Card to one of my readers!!!!!!

Mandatory Entry:

* Leave a comment telling me your most memorable sports moment of your child (or grandchild). It could be a proud moment, sad moment, scarey moment, embarrassing moment, or funny moment.

Extra Entry:

*Spread the word about this giveaway by tweeting, posting on Facebook, or posting on your blog. Then leave a comment saying what you did.

Good luck! The winner will be announced on Monday April 23rd.

I received compensation from Kimberly-Clark Professional in the form of a gift card to participate in this campaign promoting the Sport Some Color SAFESKIN Kids Sport Wrap Challenge.The winner of this giveaway will be randomly chosen.  In addition, Kimberly-Clark Professional provided the gift card I am using as the prize in my promotion.

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  1. says

    My daughter is only 4 months old so her sports memories have yet to come but I have plenty of my own like when I was in a relay race at a swim meet and in the middle of my lap I became shocked when the swimmer in the next lane went under the ropes and came into MY lane. CRASH. BOOM. BANG. We were both disqualified. Super fun, right?

  2. Allison says

    My boys are o-bsessed with Ninjago also right now. I love what you’ve done with the ninja hat (are they called hats?).

    My oldest (6) just started in sports. He played soccer last fall and in his first game, didn’t totally “get it”. After kicking the ball, instead of following the ball, he did a spin around and a fake light saber swing. My husband was coaching and just turned around and looked at me like “is this our kid?”. LOL!

  3. Linda says

    Both my girls were very good swimmers in competition. The youngest finished 8th at State Tournament in Texas!!

  4. says

    Another great giveaway – thank you! My most memorable sports moment was when my 7 year old son ran with my husband in the local Thanksgiving day 3 mile run. I was not only proud of him for finishing but for finishing in a good time…(although I don’t remember what the exact time was at the moment…ooops)!

  5. Candice says

    My daughter is 4 and very shy, but she just started t-ball this year. She is the only girl on the team and at practice she hit the ball farther then all the boys and she was just beaming! I was one proud Momma!

  6. says

    I see a run on sports skin so every mothers son can be a ninja!

    Moment: first born..first football game…injured – down for the count. Coach looks up at me (who rushed to the scene)…”get some ice”.. Mom runs panicked to grocery store across street for ice only to return finding son’s leg all iced up. It was Mom’s first football game too, so who knew they packed ice just in case for injuries! DUH mom! That’s a mistake that didn’t happen twice.


  7. Brittany W says

    My little one is just getting ready to be in her first tumblers class. She loves to run, jump and play. No injuries so far. (knock on wood ;)

  8. Mami2jcn says

    My son recently learned how to ride a bike without training wheels and it was a very big accomplishment for him and we were all very proud.

  9. Mami2jcn says

    I shared on Facebook with my username Mary Happymommy–

  10. says

    I remember one soccer game when I was in 8th grade I got a horrible calf cramp while doing a throw-in and they were worries I popped my achilles tendon so they called the ambulance and I was rushed off to the hospital where they told me it was just a Charlie horse. HA!! The EMT was super cute though so it made it all worth it!

  11. says

    I do not have children or grandchildren, but my favorite sports moment (as far as injuries go) is my sixth grade year. I was playing softball and went to slide into third base. The base was not a breakaway base…and so I badly sprained my ankle.
    That was the end of that season of ball.

  12. kyla says

    My daughters are 4 and 15 months, so they have not been in any organized sports, but I remember my 4 year old playing t-ball with her cousin when she was 3, and it was the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. She was in a dress and denim jacket which may not be the most appropriate attire for t-ball, but man was she cute!

  13. Carrie says

    My son getting in the car four weeks ago and saying “look mom”. His finger was definately broken! (Why had the school not called me??) Anyway, picked sister up from school and then to doctor! We finished with x-rays and splint just in time for the opening game of baseball season, ugh? Could have used that cool Safeskin! Good news though, he’s back on the field and playing the game he loves!

  14. says

    I am so happy I wasn’t there for this moment in my daughters softball career…. My husband was one of the coaches and my daughter and him were tossing the ball before a big game. She was 8 and he was working with her on catching the ball properly because she kept holding the mitt so that the ball could roll up and hit her in the face. She was finally holding the glove the right way and all was going well… until the ball went a little higher than she was use to so she put her mitt up to catch it… and MISSED. Unfortunately the ball didn’t miss her nose, and there was a gory bloodbath pouring out of it. The poor girl is so strong, she just sat down, tilted back her head and said “OUCH Dad! That hurt!”. A few tears leaked out, but that was about it. That sucker bled and bled…. and she sported a nice bruise for a few days. Yup, we like to remind dad about the time he socked her in the face. I don’t think he’ll ever live it down!

  15. says

    Watching my son wrestle last fall made me one proud mommy! He is such a tiny little guy and ended up wrestling a kid about a foot taller than him but he ended up winning the match. He knows how to move quickly and get out of pinning position! Luckily we’ ve only had a few trips to the ER as well knock on wood!

  16. Jamie H says

    My son is only 2 so we don’t have a lot of real sports going on. We did get him a little t-ball set for his birthday that he loves to play with.

  17. says

    My four year old just started little league this year and it is adorable watching all the little boys looking up to their coach so earnestly as he teaches them all about baseball.

  18. Dani L says

    My daughter is only 18 mo. old, so I don’t have any ‘official’ sports moments yet. But I crack up everytime she starts kicking one of her balls around the living room to get the kitties chasing them. Her giggles at their antics make my day.

  19. says

    Hmm .. my memorable moment would be when my daughter scored her first soccer goal. She was so proud of herself and it was great to see that huge smile on her face.

  20. says

    That is so funny, my kids use this to wrap up themselves AS IF they’ve hurt themselves!! :D
    I enjoy watching my boys play ball, but the funniest is probably when my oldest started basketball… watching them when they have no idea what to do. One boy was so excited he got the ball, he just took off walking (aka traveling) down the court. Then shrugged it off and put his hands in his pockets. LOL….

  21. Melanie says

    My son just turned 2 so our sports memories are limited…but with Easter just have passed the best memory so far would be him turning egg hunting into a sport…man that kid was serious, running back and forth and back and forth. We may have a serious sprinter on our hands :)

  22. Trisha says

    I ran varsity track at a 7th grader. I was SCARED to death at all the meets. Our coach use to MAKE me do 400 hurdles. I finally would run to each hurdle, stop, and step over it. After doing that a few times my coach finally quit signing me up for them! Looking back now that sounds like a cheap way out, but, oh well!

  23. Stephanie says

    My favorite sports memory so far has been when my daughter totally missed the soccer ball because she was more interested in the bugs in the grass. I’m sure there will be more interesting times ahead of us!

  24. Melissa D. says

    Watching my oldest score several touchdowns in one game is one of many memorable sports moments for me. I didn’t grow up playing many sports so watching my kids enjoy them can be so fun (and exhausting)!

  25. says

    I love watching my son play sports– especially baseball. It truly doesn’t matter if his team wins– it’s just so wonderful to watch him having so much fun!

  26. says

    My grandaughter is missing the fear gene. She is my princess tomboy. She like to be girly and still climb trees.

    Well, when she was 5 she was in her first gymnastics class. I was there for the last day. They all had to show us how the equipment worked. All the kids were walking across the high beam, holding the teacher’s hand……not Lilee….she told the teacher, to let go and very gracefully made her way across and at the end did a TAA-DAA harnds in the air pose….I was terrified and proud at the same time.

  27. says

    Oooh, we are just starting sports with our oldest, and with 3 (soon to be 4) boys, I am SURE we will be needing lots of this! My favorite sports memory, so far, is my son’s first soccer game. He was super thrilled to be on the field and couldn’t stop smiling. He might not have kicked the ball much, but he sure had fun!!

  28. Andrea says

    My most memorable moment was my daughter’s first gymnastics practice. She was a little jittery being the newbie but she got over pretty fast. The class was reviewing some moves from previous weeks and she picked it up on the first try. She saw me through the window and yelled “I did it!”

  29. SandyN says

    My son’s first year of baseball was last year. So fun to watch him play, and he was the best player, if I do say so!! :)

  30. says

    I enjoyed little league baseball as a little girl. Late 80’s/early 90’s. I was the only girl in the entire league. We were called Walton Motors and the Little Lady!

  31. sarah boudreaux says

    my kiddos are just now old enough to play sports so i’m looking forward to the funny moments but dreading to injuries maybe i will have some good stories in a few weeks :)

  32. karen karbach says

    My scariest moment … there are lots. Two of my kids were in an atv accident – luckily no serious injuries but spent $2500 on a CT scan just in case!
    When my daughter was 18 months old she tripped and fell right on a jogging stroller wheel with metal spokes. She started bawling and I picked her up and continued what I was doing. My son was speech delayed and didn’t talk but kind of was motioning to me to look at my daughter. I put him off saying she’s fine. A bit later she’s still crying, he’s still upset and I turn her around off my hip and look and she has a HUGE gash above her lip! I take her to ER and they had to give her 18 stitches. I made my son watch since he was a little busy and crazy! I hope we are out of this stage!! Thanks

  33. Megan says

    I have two beautiful step daughters. Kali just turned 11 and is the girliest of girly girls. We can’t buy a summer dress until she’s tried it on and “spin” tested it to make sure it twirls well. So we were surprised when she asked to join softball. My favorite memory was her first game. She was placed out in left field. Every inning, she would twirl around, pick flowers in the grass, and seemed to be singing to herself. It was the funniest, most precious thing to watch! She stayed the entire season, but needless to say she didn’t get the MVP award!

  34. Amber Buck says

    I wouldn’t exactly call sticking pebbles up your nose as a sport but that is what my 8 yo daughter did one day at summer camp. We spent 2 hours at the clinic and no one could get that dang pebble out. Nurse finally called an ear/nose/throat doctor for us. We met him at his office and he took 2 seconds to extract that pebble! Daughter never stuck another thing up her nose!

  35. says

    This past fall was my son’s first “real” sports season. He played Upward flag football. He took awhile to get the hang of things so when we had a game where he scored a couple of touchdowns we were all ecstatic! So proud of him!

  36. says

    I also have four boys but didn’t start going to the ER until we adopted our two girls!! My most memorable sports moment was when my third son finally got his hands on the football the last two minutes of the championship game and he caught a pass and ran 60 yards for the winning touchdown!!! And I got it on video!!!! I still get excited about that play and it was four years ago! ~Linda

  37. Marilyn says

    This past november I got a call from the elementary school saying that my sone had fallen off the slide and his arm was hurting. I went over to assess the situation and decided that we better see the doctor. The doctor wasn’t sure, but sent us for xrays. The xray showed that he had a nice break of his humerous a little above the elbow. Now we tease him that he broke his funnybone :)

  38. SalBug says

    Just two weeks ago our 6 year-old son was given the game ball at his little league game for making an awesome catch. We couldn’t have been more proud (even though we’re pretty sure it was pure luck that he caught it!!!).

  39. says

    My now 23 year old son participated in baseball, wrestling,football and basketball. It seems we lived in the car through most of his high school years, traveling from game to game. However, my most memorable moment was where is all began, T-ball at age 5. It was his first game and we invited our close family friend along to watch his debut. Imagine how embarrassed we were when he spent the entire inning in the outfield shall we say “readjusting” himself with his mitt. It still cracks me up to think about it.

  40. Katie Bullen says

    Both of my girls being involved in sports gives me a sense of pride that I never imagined! I love being able to provide my girls with every opportunity to try each and every sport they are interested in, as it teaches them so much about team work, commrodarie and hard work!

  41. says

    Our 3 1/2 year who is fairly athletic wanted to play soccer like her big sister. So we sgined her up. She did well at practices but the games were early (8am) and it was still cold in the mornings, so we had to practically drag her out of bed in the mornings, we will not be doing that again. :)

  42. says

    My favorite memory is of my nieces trying to learn how to play t-ball. One of them tried to hit the ball off the tee, spun all the way around and fell right on her bottom. It was so cute and so funny!

  43. Jenn says

    My son wrestles and isn’t great but what I love most about him is that no matter what he always gets up and tries again!! Not one moment…several!

  44. Amanda Sakovitz says

    My four year old niece plays t-ball and I love watching her play. But last year when she was up to bat she whacked herself with the bat. Luckily it was hollow but we were all scared just the same.

  45. Brandon says

    I don’t have children yet but my favorite sports memory was when my little brother won a tied basketball game with only seconds to spare. I like to think I taught him all he knows about basketball. :)

  46. Brooke says

    My favorite sports memory was when my nephew scored his first goal in soccer, even if it was in the wrong goal. :)

  47. Lois says

    It was a proud moment when my little boy hit his first baseball! He’s not really inclined in the area of sports so it was a big deal to all of us! (he was 3 at the time).

  48. says

    My little girl is only 1 1/2 old, but watching her kick a soccer ball around definitely get me excited for the future! Luckily she’s pretty cautious. So hopefully we won’t have TOO many injuries!

  49. says

    My most memorable sports moment…Hmm, could be when my son took a baseball throw right to the back, knocking him down and his wind out.

    Or, could be when my other son came home from skateboarding and had a visibly VERY broken arm. I thought he was kidding when he was calling to me until I saw it! That was a hectic, stressful drive to the hospital.

  50. says

    I don’t really have many sports moments as my oldest is 5 and is just now doing t-ball for the first time. But I do have to say it is hilarious to watch those little guys running around not knowing what is going on! My son loves Ninjago too! I showed him the picture of your boys and he said he wished he could do that – I guess I am going to have to buy myself some of that sports wrap, too! :)

  51. says

    Our most memorable sports moment is unfortunately when we found out that our four-year-old son didn’t know anything at all about any sports! That’s something we need to focus on more this summer!

  52. says

    I don’t have any children or grand children (Far too young for either lol), But I have 5 siblings!! 3 are dancers, 1 is into hockey and another is into baseball/football. One of my proudest sibling moments was when my youngest sister, who dances as well as plays soccer in summer, got her very first goal! She was playing goaling, but kicked the ball really far and high and somehow managed to get in the opposite goal! Every one was so surprised that the whole field went quiet for a few seconds and then her team burst out screaming! :) I was pretty proud of her in that moment!

  53. Jessie C. says

    DDs are both into soccer, I was very proud to see them score first time in the game a few years ago. I have to admit that I am always worried the injuries they might get during practices and games.

  54. says

    My four year old wanted to be on a soccer team like her three older brothers… while she is really very good at the game, during practice… she elected to win points by lifting her jersey up around her head during games:) Needless to say, we did not sign her up for Spring ball.
    Awesome Giveaway- thanks for the opportunity:)

  55. Livivua Chandler says

    My embarassing sport moment is trying out for basketball because everyone said I would make it because I was so tall but I had no skills at all and could not even make a free throw or layup like everyone else so I was not put on the team and laughed at.

  56. Shirley Lupton says

    Love your post and the adorable Ninjas. I remember when I was in the 7th grade and I was trying out for cheerleading for basketball. Well I thought I was all that and didn’t warm up and when I jumped up and down into the splits and boy did I feel that one. And by the way I didn’t make the squad. I would love to win the Walmart gift card.

  57. Jusa says

    I have one son who was gifted academically, but not as a athlete, alas. He did sign up for soccer for two years. It was almost comical how he put on a show of being a team player while ever so carefully avoiding coming in contact with that ball. “Hey, Matt, it’s your ball,” he would gallantly shout, to let the eager, talented athletes charge after the ball. In his defense, his had amblyopia (lazy eye) so I’m sure his vision problems made it hard for him to play any game where eye-hand or eye-foot coordination was critical. Fortunately, he had the world’s greatest coach (God bless him) who gently encouraged him to do his best without ever criticizing him. I remember the assistant coach would crack up every time he tossed a soccer ball to my son and he’d instinctively flinch rather than reaching for it. His coaches did a great job of letting him enjoy the fun and benefits of playing soccer without yelling at him for being a woefully weak team member. I wish sports could be focused more on fun than winning, winning winning, especially when it involves cheating (shame on the professionals for using steroids and trying to take out the opponents with brute force). Interestingly, my son’s soccer team did win the league tournament, beating the hand picked team being groomed as the future travel team. The positive effect of gentle coaching vs browbeating!

  58. Holly says

    So my little girl isn’t old enough for sports yet (only 6 months) but I have an embarrassing story from when I played softball in high school. Just a preface, it was my first season playing. I was up to hit and successfully hit the ball, which was a rare occasion. As I was running to first base I got a little too excited and totally tripped over it and into the ground I went, face first. Still cracks me up!

  59. says

    I don’t have a particular moment that I remember, but I love watching the littlest ones play sports of any kind. They are so cute and so funny! You DO have the cutest Ninjas ever!

  60. erin says

    My girls are 3 & 4 and when they played soccer this fall, the older one loved it and scored a goal, which was so exciting, and the younger one just wanted to sit on with me on the sidelines and not even play. Talk about opposites!

  61. Marcy says

    I have had lost of great moments with my boys in sports; goals in soccer, hits in baseball, shots in basketball. My best moments are when I see them show good sportsmanship though, win or lose.

  62. The Farm Girl says

    For us was probably when the oldest made a basket in basketball. You see he’s not the most talented boy in the world and his team is usually much more talented than him but he finally did it and we couldn’t be more prouder because he had put in so much hard work and effort!

  63. says

    What va great giveaway…Wal-Mart has most of my money already…how nice it would be to catch a $150 break!!! My most memorable sports moment with my kids had to be when my daughter was 6 years old and she ran in our townships 1 mile fun run. And she ran it in just under nine minutes!!!

  64. says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway, My most memorable sports event with my kids was last football season, my twins who are 12, are on the same team, and in one game both of them made a touchdown during the game, that was a proud mama moment for me.

  65. Ashley C says

    My son isn’t old enough for sports yet, but I can share my proudest moment of my husband. He played soccer in high school and it was so fun to see him play his first varsity game his junior year. I hope that one day my son will play soccer :)


  66. Amy H says

    When my very uncoordinated 4 year old demanded to take learn to skate lessons. I knew we were in trouble, the first practice came, and put on his skates for the first time, and he just took off! No stumbling, falling, just skating….my mouth just dropped in surprise! And he was so proud of himself!

  67. Jennifer Marie says

    I was so proud of my son when I was watching him in karate. He started out not being able to listen well, but then he did a great job-made me proud!

  68. says

    Both of my kids swam competitively, one with Special Olympics. He has autism and swimming was one thing he loved doing, the only sport thing he enjoyed in fact. He swam in regionals and won in each category! Not much need for sports tape, but there was my best moment. Oh, the other swimmer only lasted one season before her asthma sidelined her–chlorine. Now she needed the ER all the time, no idea how many concussions that girl has had :-).

  69. says

    In the last year, my son has decided he’s a sports fanatic, playing some sort of sport all year round. Last summer, I spent just about every day at the baseball diamond. There was nothing like watching my son hit his first ball and getting a player home. Love baseball season.

  70. Marty says

    Awesome giveaway! I played various sports growing up, but my story is about learning to ride my bike without training wheels. I was probably 7 or 8, and my younger brother got his training wheels off. Being the older sister, I couldn’t let him show me up, of course. I insisted my dad teach me, too. So the three of us head to the park. I ended up riding down a huge hill, losing my balance, and crashing (hard) into the fence around the tennis court. I had a massive gash on my shoulder -still have the scar. Chaos immediately followed as my dad scooped me up and rushed me to our car. I remember some random woman giving him a diaper (clean!) for me to hold on my shoulder. I’ve never broken anything or had stictches, so thankfully this is the most traumatic injury I remember from my childhood.

  71. anna pry says

  72. anna pry says

  73. Melissa says

    My favorite sports memory of this year was during basketball season. My oldest son was playing with his team, that my husband coached, they were down by at least 10 points and the game was nearing and end. I remember sitting there thinking oh no this is going to be a sad day. My son was dribbling down the court with only seconds left, the crowd started counting down the seconds to the end of the game. My son got to half court and picked up the ball and threw it towards the basket. Swish the ball went in!!!!! The crowd went crazy, it was the highlight of the game, and his season. Needless to say that day became a happy one again, even though they lost.

  74. Kristi says

    I don’t get teary eyed over my kid stuff too much, I know I am just not human, but my daughter won 5th place her first year in 4H at the county fair. She rides horses and achieved 5th place in pole bending! She was so excited and I was teary eyed taking the picture of her and her rosette! So proud of her!

  75. Autumn Leavitt says

    Davis’ first soccer goal was just as exciting for me as it was for him haha. Love kids playing sports!

  76. says

    My most memorable sports moment for my kids came from my oldest son. He is 11 and has been doing karate for the past 4 years. In a class sparring session he was practicing his kicks and was so deep in concentration that he didn’t see the instructor come up behind him. When he spun around to finish the kick, he kicked the instructor right in his happy zone. It was….ugly. Sigh.

  77. Dana says

    My son called from swim practice to tell me he thought his hand was broken… The swimmer ahead of him kicked right between is third and fourth fingers and YEP it was broken… The good news? A waterproof cast and delight that he was swimming so fast that he was catching up to the other swimmer…close enough to be kicked!

  78. says

    Scariest moment was watching my son get tossed off the bull he was riding and thrown into the railing- had air vac him to a hospital- turned out ok and thankfully that was his last ride on a bull!

  79. says

    my daughter is almost old enough for sports, but i do have a great memory last summer when she would run up and down the football field kicking a soccer ball, she went back and forth full length of the field at least 4-6 times and she was only 2 i think she’s going to love being on a soccer team soon.

  80. says

    My five-year old son is in his first soccer league. My proudest moments have been when he has been proud of his teammates for scoring goals (or even the kids on the other team!)

  81. says

    My son loves golf (like his daddy). He is not old enough to join the first tee yet, but once in a while he goes to the course with his daddy for an hour or so before daddy’s league starts. It’s so cute too see him play, but it breaks my heart when he cries that we have to leave.

  82. Laura says

    I loved when my kids were on the swim team. My daughter had such long hair though she ended up looking like SNL’s the Coneheads when it was all piled up under her swim cap. I was always giggling when the gun blasted to start the race…

  83. says

    Oh my gosh! This is awesome! My kids love that sports tape and are constantly wrapping themselves up in it. But to make a ninja? You’re a genius! How cool!!!

    We’re not super sporty but my daughter takes a jazz jam class and they had their performance not too long ago. All the little girls were stumbling around and bumping into each other except my daughter. She was up there shaking her booty! It was pretty darn cute!

  84. Kristen says

    I signed my son up for 5 year old soccer in the spring, 6 weeks after having a baby. The whole season was memorable, because the weather was always freezing, snowing, or raining! Me, a 3 year old, and a tiny baby out in the cold cheering on a six year old air-karate kicking, grass picking, stellar soccer star!

  85. says

    My kids still haven’t done much sporting at 4 and 1. Though my one year old nailed my husband in the jewels with a plastic bat yesterday. Ha.

  86. says

    My oldest daughter is very athletic and plays lots of sports. Her first was soccer. The first season they had goalies she was picked to be in the goal for the first game. The only time she had played in the goal was during practice a few days before. She was amazing! She is on the smaller side and due to the timing of her birthday is quite a bit younger than some of the other girls so many on the opposing team were quite a bit taller. She had no fear whatsoever! Every time the ball game into the goalbox she dove on it and looked rather professional for a 6 year old. She stopped every ball that came her way that game!

  87. Shelby says

    My oldest did a parent/child swim class with Daddy after I had baby #2. Both father & son had a great time :)

  88. Carolynn says

    My favorite sport incident is truly an indicator of my sports ability and experience and has nothing to do with my kids. While a a church basketball game for my uncle…I was pushed off a stage a landed on my chin and had to go get stitches. My boys are still to young for sports, but I”m sure the kid injuries will be plentiful. We’ve been to insta care twice for stitches and once for corn nut removal from my other sons nose….ahh, the joys of motherhood. He he he. I would LOVE a gift card to Walmart…it would be a huge help right now!

  89. Melissa W says

    Love watching my 5 year old out in the t-ball field dancing around and looking for flowers. She could really care less about the game, she is more concerned with her clothing! Drives the hubby crazy!

  90. says

    My son isn’t really athletic, but when he was younger we signed him up for a community soccer class. He spent every lesson distracting the other kids (“Hey check out this bug!”, “Why is this grass brown?”, etc). One time, he had half the kids peering down a gutter drain while the teachers tried desperately to round them up. Soccer class=failure

  91. Tammy Williamson says

    My son is a skater….I remember the first time he caught air when I was around….I was completely amazed!

  92. Erica Williams says

    For sure the most memorable for me was when my son, after 3 seasons of basketball, finally made a basket. Such a rush of joy that you feel as a parent in those proud little moments :)

  93. Kathleen says

    Well my son is only 1 1/2 so we don’t really have any moments yet but I am excited for it!!! I remember going to my nephews T- Ball games when he was so little and it was hilarious watching all the kids just doing their own thing out in the field. Some were dancing, sitting, goofing off with each other and when someone did hit the ball the whole field of kids ran to that area of the field to catch the ball!! Lol so cute and funny!

  94. Stephanie D says

    I only have one child old enough for sports, and my proudest moment (so far) was watching him take his Tae Kwon Do belt test. He was so nervous the week before, but the day of, he pulled it together and did a great job!.

  95. says

    Most memorable sports moment happened a few months ago. I found my son laying in the driveway having fallen off his scooter. He was crying. We brought him in screaming and crying, thinking he was being overly dramatic. We reluctantly took him to urgent care (our high deductible insurance on a Sunday evening wasn’t condusive to a trip to the ER). Turns out the dramatics were a broken arm that required surgery! And we had just told him to suck it up. Not my proudest parenting moment.

  96. says

    My youngest son, Noah, is naturally athletically gifted. (He does not get this from me.) Just after he started walking, he picked up my oldest son’s Nerf bat and hit a ball off the tee… we were amazed that a 13-month old could do that! And since then, he’s loved all things sports!

  97. Charissa says

    Our little soccer star was discovered when we registered her to play on her first team. We were impressed with her skills and we wondered if we were just being the proud parents but a nice parent from an opposing team came over after the game to tell us how great they he thought she was then we realized it wasn’t just us! ;). She was great!!

  98. Marci says

    I don’t have kids yet (or grandkids, for that matter) but I remember in junior high being on the volleyball team with my 2 best friends. We were crazy and each wore 1 red tube sock and 1 white tube sock, and wore mismatched shoes. It kind of confused our opponents. Our whole team would shout random words each time we would serve the ball. Oh boy do I miss those days!

  99. says

    My oldest did cross country for the first time this year. Seeing him barely moving yet crossing the finish line was one of many proud moments with my children (4 boys and 1 girl)

  100. Sarah Elliott says

    My daughter’s second season of soccer she finally scored a goal! I could tell she didn’t expect it to go in so when it did, she looked totally shocked and was speechless. Awesome moment!

  101. Amanda says

    My son is a little too young for sports but he’s got an arm on him. He can throw those little foam footballs like a pro. :)

  102. Erin Jan says

    I have 3 boys so I know how you feel. My oldest isn’t really in to sports, but is not prone to injury. My middle son is a sports fanatic and has many memorable moments. My favorite is when he made his first soccer goal. Then my youngest has to do everything that his older does, so he is not far behind but is still too young for sports :)

  103. says

    Probably watching my college bound son play his last basketball game in the church league. It was bittersweet. He is such a great leader and encourager and I delighted in watching him grow as he played through the years. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  104. Heather says

    My kids are always climbing trees, counter tops, and anything that they can use to stack on top of each other to get where they feel they need to be. My stomach tightens every time i hear the Kitchen chair scrape against the kitchen floor. It means some is getting into something far beyond their reach! Yikes. Just love the trips to the ER!

  105. MelindaB says

    when I was in fourth grade all the girls joined a team – our school only had two: cheerleading and volleyball. So I picked volleyball. I was horrible and could only hit the ball behind me so halfway through the season I started turning the wrong way in hopes the ball would go over the net. ;) But I got a trophy for competing and I was so proud ;)

  106. says

    My son hasn’t had any yet, thank God. But I broke my wrist running. Yep. I was in the Air Force and we were running backward on ice (makes sense huh?) and I slipped and caught myself on my wrist. I just got up and kept running. When we finally finished our run, I looked down at my hand and it was bent at an awkward angle and was ridiculously swollen. Good times.

  107. Gina M Maddox says

    Scariest moment for me was when a kid was struggling in the pool and started pushing me into the water in order to pull herself up for air. whew! my son is only 2, so no real sports memories yet. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  108. Gina M Maddox says


    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  109. Jennifer Anair says

    It’s always a great moment when one of my young ones connects the bat to the ball for the first time! The joy is written all over their face! :)

  110. Allison Rasmussen says

    My son is only 2 years old, so no sports memories yet. However, he is already showing an interest in football, golf, baseball, and basketball so I am sure I have many exciting things coming!

  111. robin says

    I would have to say when my son was warming up for a baseball game and playing catch with another player. The other guy threw the ball, it hit a fence rail, and hit my son in the nose. Blood everywhere. Memorable. Yeah. He’s no longer in baseball. Ha.

  112. Deanna G. says

    I don’t have any children or grandchildren & I have never played sports. Loved reading everyone’s stories, though. So cute!

  113. Elizabeth H says

    Love your ninjas and love your blog. How excited we were when our granddaughter made Varsity Cheerleader!! It is a good thing,

  114. Tina M says

    my son plays football. my hubby and I love to go to see his game. My hubby always get too excited and embarrasses my son.

  115. shelly peterson says

  116. shelly peterson says

  117. Alicia in Lucas says

    When my oldest son’s football team went undefeated for 2 seasons in a row. Watching my husband coach my boys in all of their sports.

  118. shelly peterson says

  119. Kesha says

    My most memorable sports moment is when I was younger. My brothers played baseball and different parents would supply the team with snacks. I was excited when it was our turn so I could fix “the boys” ;) some of my chocolate chip cookies! They loved them and ate them all! I was so happy:) all of these guys were older than me and I had a crutch on a few of them. After the cookies, they were crushing on me! Haha, too cute!

  120. anash says

    my most memorable sports moment was when i fell over a hurdle and my team was cheering “GET UP” and when i felt i couldnt finish the race the were encouraging me to “Dig Deep”

    Thanks for a super giveaway!

  121. Mari says

    My most memorable moment was when my son brought home a football trophy. He worked so hard during the season, so I’m very proud of this accomplishment!

  122. Kim S says

    My son is 14 months old, and isn’t in any sports yet, but he just loves to play our form of basketball which is a basket and his bouncy balls. He can make passes and loves to put the ball in for a goal. (:

  123. Carmen says

    My child is still rather small, but if you can count learning to walk a “sport”, we’ve been awfully proud of the advancements she’s made this past week!