Container Store Gift Card Giveaway!!!!

I recently found out about this store. It is like the organizer’s paradise! It is full of all sorts of organizational goodies. I got stuck on their site for over an hour the other day and added to my ever growing wish list that is taped to the inside of my kitchen cabinet :)

 Yesterday I showed you the closet in my boys’ room that I organized.  It was Apartment Guide that challenged me to tackle it. They are really focusing on organization right now on their site and their blog. And all the ideas are renter friendly since that is what they are all about. . . . . helping you find apartments and decorate them!

Apartment Guide has offered to giveaway a $50.00 gift card to  The Container Store to one of my readers.

To enter to win a Gift Card to The Container Store so you can get your organization groove on, you can do one or both of the following:

*Leave a comment telling me what you need to organize.

* Follow Apartment Guide on Twitter and then leave a comment saying you did.


Good luck! The winner will be announced in one week on Friday April 20th.

Disclosure Statement:
Apartment Guide and owner Consumer Source, Inc. partnered with bloggers such as me to participate in their monthly blogger programs.  As part of that program, I received compensation.  They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products used, and believe that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Consumer Source’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.The winner of this giveaway will be randomly chosen and gift card fulfillment will be handled by a third party.

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  1. says

    I’m ready to tackle all of my crafting supplies and craft room closet! Right now it’s a catch-all for anything and everything – all thrown in together. I could certainly use this gift card to beautifully organize the space :-) Thanks!

  2. caron says

    I have been know to loose several hours looking at all of the goodies at the container store. My laundry/sewing/mudroom could use some serious help. Thanks so much!

  3. Trisha says

    I need to organize my scrapbooking/sewing area. I’ve been working on it for over 6 months now. Some organization from the container store would definitely help this project along!

  4. says

    I need to organize my boy’s closet. I have been thinking about it for quite some time and trying to come up a brilliant idea, maybe this website is just what I was looking for! Thanks!

  5. Dee in NH says

    I’m just now, this week, getting my own craft room!!! (sooo excited!) and boy do I ever need some help organizing! Thanks for a shot at the cool gift cert.!

  6. Sarah says

    We are moving today to a new apartment and just about every room will need to be reorganized! Our new kitchen is about twice the size of our old place and thats where I spend a lot of my time so having an organized kitchen is key!

  7. says

    I LOVE this store. I wish I could buy more stuff from there, but it’s pretty pricey. Pricey and awesome. Anyway, my next organizing task is my disaster of a craft closet, so I’ll be needing a ton of little storage containers!

  8. Brittany W says

    I think the real question is what doesn’t need to be irganized. We’ve been trying to switch to whole foods so the pantry is always in need of good storage. but on the other hand I’ve got a sea of craft supplies that my husband would greatly appreciate be tamed. :)

  9. Sandi says

    I need to organize a couple bedroom closets. Then again my craft room needs to be organized too! Thanks for the wonderful Giveaway!!

  10. says

    GREAT giveaway! The question for me is what I DON’T need to organize. We are about to move and I need some containers to organize everything, from the pantry to the bathroom and laundry! I FOLLOW apartment guide on Twitter :)

  11. says

    i’m about to have baby number two so i feel like i need to organize everything! but especially the kitchen cabinets to make room for all the new baby bottles!

  12. Maureen says

    What don’t I need to organize? I need to organize my home and then I also need to organize my parent’s place. Both parent’s have in the last year had health issues (stroke -father and heart surgery -mother). I need to make it easier for me to clean their place so that they are aware of where things are so it isn’t hard on them to obtain the item or things they are after.

  13. Marci says

    I need to organize every closet here at our apartment. This week we set goals for starting to gather food storage and emergency preparedness items, and one of my first jobs is reorganizing the hall closets and kitchen cupboards so we have room for those supplies. The Container Store would definitely be a good place to find things to help!

  14. Jen Paz says

    My poor shoes need a new home badly. some of them are very hard to get to in their current spot.

    i love the container store!

  15. Dani L says

    I would organize my husband’s military ‘stuff”. It’s amazing the amount of gear they’re required to have.

  16. Jen says

    In reality, I need to organize all of the kids’ toys, but my number one priority right now is my overflowing bedroom closet. I need closet interevention big time! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. nancy kirkendoll says

    My guest bedroom / home office / picture storage is a 30 accumulation of paper and photos I started to clean out over a year ago. Monster project getting the best of me.

  18. twelve30 says

    My pantry is in dire need of organization – help! Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. says

    Hmm I think the better question is what don’t I need to organize. I would love to organize our media area, dvds’ s and games!

  20. Susan says

    I need to organize everything, but my kitchen is the worst. I inherited the house from my parents so all of their things were still here and I’ve added my stuff. What a mess! Plus the house was built in the ’50s so it needs a serious remodel.

  21. says

    I am in the process of organizing my bedroom, the kitchen and the craft room. It’s quite a mess and it’s time for a change. I would love to win the gift card.

  22. Sammie says

    I have an “Under the Stairs Closet” that is stacked to the ceiling with boxes that I can’t see what is in them. No clue how to organize it but I’m sure The Container Store would be the best way to start…..for now, thank goodness there is a door on the closet!

  23. says

    Great find on this giveaway..hopefully I can win this one.

    Just moved into my first place and I need to organize the following (BADLY):

    Shoes, shoes and more shoes
    The Bathroom (we have 3 chics in this house!)
    Spices (tons !!!.. how did I get all of these ??)
    and DVD’s, VHS tapes and CD’s galore !


  24. Jamie H says

    I need to organize everything! We’re in the process of packing up because our house is under contract. Now we need to find a new house to live in!

  25. says

    My husband and I are in the process of moving from our apartment to our very first house and I’ll finally get my craft room! I’d love to be able to organize all craft crap so instead of searching for something for 30 min it would be readily available :)

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  26. MeganM. says

    Fun giveaway! I desperately need to organize my garage and my craft stuff and my kitchen. Though, all of this is hard when I rent and share with roommates. Maybe the Container Store will have what I envision. Thanks!

  27. Karen Cupcake says

    My scrapbook room can ALWAYS use some new organization! :-) Also, I have a love affair with that store. Just walked through it window shopping the other day. Its one of my favorite places on earth!~

  28. says

    Isn’t the Container store the best?? I really, really need to organize my office. I am hoping this unexpected weekend at home will give me the time I need to do it. :)

  29. LBReid says

    Need to finish organizing my office/craft room. Love ALL from The Container Store! Thanks for this giveaway!

  30. Kim says

    I need to organize MY HOUSE!! Two kiddos have made for one amazingly unorganized house so I need all the help I can get!

  31. Stephanie says

    I would like to organize my shoes. And my kitchen appliances. And my craft closet. And my new baby’s closet. Pretty much everything needs organized here.

  32. Kathleen says

    I love organizing!!! I feel so calm after its done, so right now I need to organize my 1yr old sons closet. The toys and clothes are getting a bit out of control and I need some help!

  33. Lynette says

    What don’t I need to organize would be a better question!!! Kitchen, new baby’s room, toys, kids room/closet and master closet.

  34. Kerri says

    I would love to organize my kitchen and pantry the hub of our life with two young kids who like to eat and enjoying snacking!

  35. Lois says

    I need to organize my life! But more than likely I would put it towards some organization in my kitchen drawers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Marie says

    Awesome. I love the Container Store! I need to finish organizing my craft room/office/music room. I’ve been working on it for almost a year now, and I get so frustrated with it that I keep leaving it. Right now it’s boxes of random stuff without a home in the middle of the floor and piled on my craft table, with a trail to the computer desk and the piano and guitars.

  37. angel charm says

    hi thanks for the wonderful giveaway, i would like to organize mu study material and books
    followed on Twitter @angelcharm1

  38. Nickie Moseley says

    We have just went from 840sq feet to 2600 in our Red Barn shop to a house project and I NEED organizers bad!! they are on my To Buy List!

  39. Shirley Lupton says

    This would be great to win this as I am making a craft room out of an empty bedroom and boy do I need organized. Thanks for sharing.

  40. cherylb says

    You name it we need it to get organized. We have lived in this house waaaaaaaaay tooooo looooooong and we need to purge and organize!

  41. erin says

    Everything! My daughter’s closets and my kitchen are the most needy. I just put some shelves in a coat closet to make more room and it has inspired me to keep going because it’s so much more organized.

  42. Jenny says

    Oh my gosh – everything! My garage and guest bedroom need serious organization so…I hope I’m the lucky winner!

  43. Gamma says

    For my entire adult life, paperwork has been a major problem. Going digital hasn’t been an answer, since I only have a slow, undependable, older-model computer. As a result, I have recipes, kids art, mementos, household and personal files, travel, magazine clippings, projects, etc., filling up file boxes and drawers, tote boxes, cardboard boxes, wicker baskets, folders, and dresser drawers. I live in under 850 sq ft and the paper keeps multiplying. I really need a system…

  44. brenda says

    followed in Twitter.
    the place i most need to organize is my linen closet and the “telephone” center that was either a media center or china cupboard in its previous life. both are located in central position in our home making it difficult to take everything out and do a complete fresh redo. That seems to be my best method of organisng– everything out and re arrange after cleaning.

  45. says

    I need to organize my crafts! Right now I have stuff in every room, in drawers and cabinets, in boxes and bags….wherever I can shove something until I have a central location to put everything.

  46. AliceH says

    I need to organize my storage closet – too many big boxes in there, which makes it hard to find anything. Thanks for the chance!

  47. Jessica says

    In need of some organization for the laundry basket/sorting issue…or at least something that gets my kids to get the clothes into the basket!

  48. says

    It would be easier to say what I don’t need to organize :) Right now, though I am actually doing a craft room cleanse and trying to organize all my crafty supplies for all the different crafts I enjoy so would love to win! Thanks for the chance :)

  49. Ellie G says

    I would love to organize my daughter’s room and my son’s daughter so that we can get to their toys and clothes with easy access. I would like to organize my closet, too.

  50. Jusa says

    Give me a minute while I pick myself up from the floor where I fell laughing so hard. One thing. Hmmmm. I could do that child’s game where you close your eyes and spin in a circle and whatever I point needs organizing. If only one thing, let’s say winter/summer clothes rotation.

  51. lori says

    I need to organize my scrapbooking and would love to have the cart. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  52. Kelly says

    I need to organize my garage so when I pull in after a long day of work, it will look neat and make me happy!

  53. says

    oooh container store! love that place! what doesn’t need to be organized in my house? I guess I would start with the 11yr olds room, then move on to my craft room, possibly the mud room, the list goes on! Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. Marty says

    Hi Stacy, what an awesome giveaway! I’d say my closet is the biggest organization project I need to tackle… but I could easily list a dozen more areas in need of some serious organization.

  55. Denise says

    Oh my goodness, where do I start? I need to organize my closets, my pantry, the garage, the basement, and just about every other space in my home. I’m a follower of Apartment Guide now, as well. Thanks!! :)

  56. Stacy says

    Our bathroom closets and daughter’s closet! Thanks for a wonderful, super-dee-dooper giveaway!!! :) Stacy N.

  57. Alana says

    Sooo much!!! I probably should start with the kitchen cabinets and laundry room! A gift card for their store would be awesome!

  58. Hannah Moore says

    I desperately need to organize my craft corner in our tiny studio. Right now I can’t work because everything is stacked on top of each other and it is impossible to find anything.

  59. Debbie says

    I LOVE the Container Store! I need to organize my kids’ closets. We have 7 kids and 3 BR…toys and clothes!

  60. Nancy's Couture says

    I need to organize my sewing area. I have stuff everywhere! Fabric stacked all over the floor, ribbons, trims, elastic, etc. under my desk. The underneath of my desk is crammed so full I can barely get my feet under there.

  61. Cassie says

    We are moving my daughter to a new room this summer and there is not a closet so this would help in making her a closet space! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this gift card!

  62. says

    The Container Store is my happy place!! The one thing I can never seem to get a handle on is all the papers from school. I’d love to find a system that works!

  63. Dee says

    My next organisation project is my teen daughters bedroom.
    I love their stuff but find it a bit too expensive for my budget.

  64. Haley Grossman says

    I desperatey need to organize all the clutter in my kitchen….counters, cabinets, table…everywhere!
    hgrossman at cableone dot net

  65. says

    Hi Stacy, wonderful idea for a givaway… here in Italy there is a compelling need of ordering political parties, starting from their moral education. Can you help me ? If not, for the moment, I would be happy for ordering my kitchen tools and my cookbook shelf !

  66. Marcy says

    I need help with my closets, but especially the master bedroom closet. It has become the “catch all” for everything!

  67. Christy says

    I have 3 kids, one with special needs, so I need to organize pretty much everything in our home to help keep us on track!

  68. Jada says

    I have two linen closets and my master closet that are in desperate need of some organization!! Love this giveaway!!

  69. Gina M Maddox says

    I would love to organize my kitchen cabinets. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  70. ShalahJ says

    I love the Container Store. I need to organize my kids’ rooms and could certainly use some help! Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. says

    Gosh I need to organise so much .. new house with boxes everywhere. The biggest problem is all my sheet music. It needs a filing system pronto!

  72. Heather W. says

    I need to organize my laundry room and food pantry. I am sick of food falling off the shelves. This would be awesome.

  73. Alyssa Duncan says

    I really need to organize my guest bedroom. It is a total mess of everything that doesn’t fit well into any other room in our home, so it is truly cluttered. :)

  74. says

    i’m a french houswife, and I’M NOT JUST A HOUSEWIFE as well, i’m so pleased to see your blog, I have 3 boys and A Golden (female of course after all these boys…)

  75. Jessica Anderson says

    I am in the middle of spring cleaning right now, so everywhere!! But I think my office is the worst!! Or the laundry room, that’s bad too!

  76. Melanie says

    Everything in my life feels like it needs a little organizing…but definitely my closet is the worst. :)

  77. says

    I can’t remember if I entered already…so sorry if I did. I would love to organize- um- my ENTIRE house. But probably what needs it the most is my boys room. 3 boys and one more on the way, CHAOS I tell you!

  78. Kimberly says

    Our home is so tiny, I’m always trying to organize things more efficiently. I think the kitchen is one of my biggest areas of concern. We’re in there all the time and seem to have too much stuff for the space.

  79. Kristy Cirillo says

    Hi Amy! I would have to organize my laundry room. I already do not like to go in there … but the added chaos of detergant and random items adds to my dread! :) Thanks

  80. Stacey says

    Oh, Lordy, what don’t I need to organize!!!!!! I really, really need to get my office in shape. It’s totally embarrasing…totally!!!!!

  81. Erika says

    My 2nd guest bedroom badly needs some organization…. It is very sad because it has pretty much turned into a storage room!

  82. heather burdett says

    Oh god…. everything but I think the biggest challenge of all is all of the crafty supplies and gear. I love my crafts but I sure you can ask anyone that crafts and they can tell you organizing is a hard thing in this department. :P BTW LOVE container store. every time I get one of their ad booklets in the mail, my hubby laughs and tells me my porn came in. :P

  83. Julie says

    quite honestly I need to organize everything lol but I first would like to organize my linen closet

  84. says

    So many things! We are moving into a house next month, and I want it to be organized. I need to organize my room, my crafting supplies, my son’s room, my dvds, my cds. MY LIFE!

  85. Kate A says

    I love Container Store too and we’re getting one in Las Vegas next month!
    I need to organize my craft room and can hardly wait to get busy!!

  86. Stephanie says

    I need to organize shoes, clothes, and linens! I don’t have a linen closet and not much extra storage ANYWHERE in my tiny house… :*(