Artwork for my “secret” project

I needed a simple, small, white piece of artwork for something I am working on. I finally came up with an idea :)

Silhouette sent me some sketch pens to promote for this months sale. I am not going to lie, I was not excited. I had no clue what I was going to do with them! I have not scrapbooked in about 8 years and I don’t do a lot of crafting with paper. All the examples I saw online were cards, scrapbook pages, etc.

But, then I was brainstorming for another project and BOOM! I had an idea. Why not make some framed art???

You put the sketch pen in where the blade normally goes so instead of cutting, it draws. Remember the movie HUGO? I was not the biggest fan of the movie, but as I watched the Silhouette draw it made me think of the robot thing in the movie that sketched. I was fascinated!!! I was only planning on doing one picture and ended up doing about six! I am kind of addicted now.

The possibilities of framed art are endless. Bathroom art, kids room art, laundry room art……

So here are the details for the promotion this month:

Go to this link for the promotion:   That is a savings of $75.00! And if you already have a Silhouette, you can buy the Sketch Pens for $6.99 :)

The sales goes until April 30th.



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  1. Amber says

    Boooo! The standard colors of sketch pens are sold out. I went to order them after seeing your post, I love what you did with them. I also don’t do any scrap booking but had some inspiration after seeing what else can be done with them!