Decorating Someone Else’s House: Part TWO

If you missed Part ONE you can read it HERE.

I have helped a ton of people with projects in their home. I have painted kitchen cabinets, built things, painted rooms, helped pick out things, given advice,etc.  But I have never  helped with a whole house. I think that decorating is very personal. I also think that a room evolves over time as you add, take away, and move things. My goal was to give them a good start, and then they can add their own touches over time.

Here is the family room that I did a lot of the work while I was there.

Like I mentioned before, we did not buy very many things for their new house. I was able to work with what they had. I went “shopping” in their office where all the boxes of their belongings were :) The only things in this room we bought were the books, the topiary, the rug, and some paint for the fireplace.

I stenciled the fireplace using the stencil I originally used in my hall. It is called Alessa Scroll  from Cutting Edge Stencils.

I need to apologize and explain the before shots. I totally forgot to take any before shots. I am kicking myself!!!  Here is one that was taken by my brother-in-law when it was dark…..

And here is the picture from the MSL listing……

I painted the inside of the fireplace the same color as the pale yellow walls. Then we picked out a darker shade to paint the rest. I love it so much better than the tan!!! And in the northwest, you can use all the sunny yellow you can get since the skies are grey most of the time :)

They had dark brown couches to work with which was awesome. We bought this rug at a local home improvement store, and the pillows were ones that they ready had (from a bedroom in the old house). I would have loved to have found some other ones to add to them (I love pillows!) but we didn’t have a ton of shopping time. That is something my sister-in-law can look for later and add.


We needed some blue on the fireplace. I was originally thinking a vase, jar, or something like that. We headed to an antique store and the blue book just stood out to me. So I changed my plan and bought a few.  The topiary was about from Good Will.

So the whole room was done for the cost of a quart of paint($10), a rug ($150.00), old books ($30), and a topiary ($4).  Less than $200!!!

We found aside table  table at God Will that we wer thinking of getting and then ran out of time to go back and get it. I suggested she paint it the soft muted turquoise blue from the rug.

We also bought  lamp from Good Will that would have gotten spray painted if it had not snowed and got so COLD.  The table and lamp would add another $30.00 o the room.

Over all it was a very fun challenge! I loved seeing the family room come together :)

I will share more from their house later this week.

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  1. Jen@ Four Marrs & One Venus says

    Yes- Perfecto! I love the paint choice and the stencil- like LOVE it! Great job lady!!!!

  2. Justine Brent says

    I NEED that rug!!! Does it say what brand it is or can you share where you bought it? Gorgeous work. I just discovered your blog today and I can’t peel my eyes away from the computer now.