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I have been thinking about this topic for awhile and asked a question about it on my FB page. Many of you had such good insights. I decided to write a post about it and I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

I have noticed that the number of comments on my blog AND other blogs has gone down in the last 6 months or so. I am going to try to write this from the perspective of the ” blog reader” and the “blog writer” since I am both :)

I think that Pinterest plays a part in the lack of comments. I think a lot of people will pin something now instead of commenting ( I know I have been guilty of this). I also know that we all have a ton of blogs that we follow and it is hard to comment on every post from every blog. I certainly don’t expect you all to comment on all my posts. And most of the time if it is a random post I am fine if the number of comments are not super high.  But what makes me discouraged is when I have a big room reveal or a project that I put a lot of work into and then I don’t get very many comments. Don’t get me wrong, I love that y’all are pinning! That is great too.  But any of you who have blog can attest that comments are the what fuels us to keep going. It helps us feel connected to our readers. If we start to feel no one is reading then we think “Why do I even put forth all this effort to document what I do?” So can I throw and idea out there??? Maybe we can all try to make an extra effort to comment on the posts that you know the blogger put a lot of work into (room reveals, etc) and if we have the time, comment on the other posts as well. And if it is pin worthy, maybe we could comment and tell them that :)

Another point that was brought up on my Facebook page was how some readers get discouraged when the blogger doesn’t answer back to their comments. I personally have never cared whether a blogger comments back to my comment to them. So I have not been the best about doing that myself. I have answered every question that I get (as a comment on my post) but I have not been very good about commenting on other comments. I want you to know that I read EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And I LOVE them all!!! The comments are emailed to me so I read them there. Every time I open my email and see that there are new comments I get giddy. Seriously. And so I apologize if you have been discouraged that I have not acknowledged your comment by responding. I have a goal to be better about that. If you take the time to comment then I should in return take the time to say thank you. Be patient with me as I try to work on this new goal.

Some could argue that comments are just for stroking the bloggers ego, and I think to some degree that is true. But for me, it is how I feel connected to my readers. It is how I know that what I am doing is worth my time. I know people visit my blog because I can check analytics, but it is nice to know the work (yes, blogging is work!) is appreciated. It is just like any other thing you put time into. . . . you want validation.  Just like as moms we want sticky kisses, weeds in a vase on the table, and hugs around the knees :)

Any thoughts about commenting on blogs? I would love to hear them!



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    I completely agree that Pinterest has taken over commenting. And I’m with you on that. It’s nice…but I like connecting with my readers as well. I, too, don’t comment as much as I should on all the blogs I follow. BUT, I do reply to every one when I get the time to…it may be a week or two later but I will let them know how much I appreciate the time they took to comment. With that said, I don’t even have 200 followers yet so it’s not near as many comments as you would get. lol

  2. says

    I can really relate to this. I’m a new blogger and I get so excited when I read a comment or get a new follower. I do always try to comment when I see something interesting. Most of the time I when I make an attempt to copy a craft or make a recipe I try to do a post on it and then link back to the place where I got the idea. I go down my “blog roll” every morning and try to look and comment on every single one. Even Pioneer Woman’s and she gets tons of comments!

  3. Marci says

    I don’t comment regularly because I mostly read blogs on my phone and to do that on some blogs is a lot of work. As to you commenting back to comments… I say just respond if they ask questions. I don’t think it is fair to expect you to respond to each person who says “what a great project” or “love the new look of the room”. It’s enough to me that you did the project in the first place and then took the time to share it with us all. Just my opinion though.

  4. says

    I love reading comments as well. I try to respond back to comments, but I don’t do it all the time. And when I leave a comment, I don’t expect a reply in return. But it’s nice to know the perspective of others! Thanks!

  5. riley says

    This is my first time to visit your blog but you have posted on a subject that is currently at the top of my annoyance list.

    It distresses me (to put it politely) that bloggers all seem to want comments on their blogs and yet so many are unwilling to respond to comments. What kind of double standard is that?

    In my view, responding to comments goes with the territory. It’s part of the job. If a blogger can’t be bothered to respond to comments, don’t expect readers to bother to comment.

    • says

      I agree.

      In addition, It’s exptemely annoying when I take the time to continuously leave comments on a particular blog and they Never comment in return. I’ve experienced recently, bloggers having contests to gain more and more…and more followers but they don’t follow you back. They seem to have the “it’s all about me attitude.”

      I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be so negative…..but you asked and that’s how I feel.

      • says

        I totally agree. Sometimes I feel like I am being purposefully ignored, and plain and simple, it hurts my feelings. I love making new friends, but I fell like a lot of bloggers are very into their exclusive group of cool friends and I can’t be a part! Does that sound high school or what!??! :)
        Overall, I don’t blog for comments or praise or tons and tons of followers, I just feel like some common etiquette would be an obvious thing. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my life and my children with my family and friends, and most of all, to have their life and our everyday lives documented.

  6. says

    Great post Stacy! You really hit the nail on the head. I *love* reading comments, and like you, read every one. I do try to respond to comments and questions, and enjoy the interaction and connection that I get with my readers. I do try to comment on other blogs too – and I like doing so, especially when I’m really moved/inspired/impressed by a project they blog about. I do think Pinterest is a double-edged sword, as it’s improved my traffic, but comments sometimes take a hit as a result. I’m also figuring that many of the people pinning my stuff aren’t bloggers, and don’t fully appreciate how meaningful their comments are.

    I have noticed an influx of Anonymous comments too – not bad anonymous comments, just anonymous. And they typically ask questions. I reply on my blog, but I don’t know if they come back to check or not, which is kind of frustrating.

  7. says

    Some days I’m a commenting fool and other days, I read and go. Just depends what’s going on that day. As far as receiving comments, I can’t get enough, love em!! And read them all with great anticipation! If the comment has an email I can directly reply to I try to do it right then (although lately, I’ve been slacking, too much goin on). And comments with the “no reply/no email address” sometimes I post a reply on the site, but often miss . Again, it depends on what life is throwing at me, but I’m trying. I don’t know how people w/huge blogs would be able to maintain replies to everyone, but I soooo appreciate it when I receive a reply.

  8. says

    I’m also a new blogger and cherish every comment that I get. I think that when some people see a post that already has so many comments (whether it’s 30 or 300), they may think that their one little remark is going to make a difference, but really it does! I do try to comment as much as I can, but I, too, am guilty of not always being the best. The one rule that I think is also super important is one of those things that you learn in kindergarten and should always stick by you: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything! :-)

  9. says

    Hello, just popping in to say that I do read your posts, but I’ve never commented before. In fact, I rarely comment on any blogs which aren’t also my online friends. I think that, especially with the “big names” it’s intimidating. Personally, I respond to every single comment on my own blog, but when it’s only 2 or 3 people, that’s not hard to do. When you have more than a dozen commenters, it’s understandable to not directly respond to all of them. If you did, as the number of comments goes up, you could end up writing more than you would in a regular blog post just to respond to them all!

    I don’t pin blog posts I like to pinterest, but I do use pinterest to find new blogs to follow. When I see a project or something I like, I go through to the original site to see what else they may have that’s interesting. I think with comments, they come and go in phases. For a while a lot of my online friends were fading out of the blog scene, and now most are coming back. As with everything else in life, there are ups and downs, and maybe right now may be a down swing on the pendulum of blog commenting.

    It doesn’t mean people don’t care, or aren’t listening. It might just be that in the Northern parts of the US spring is finally starting to make an appearance, and people are spending less time at their computers and more time outside after having been closeted away for several months hiding from winter.

    Don’t get too discouraged or stressed, this blogging thing is supposed to be fun. My philosophy is: Comments or not, do it if it makes you happy.

  10. says

    I agree with all your points. Comments are great and it is what fuels the fire of our creativity. At the same time, I don’t comment as often as I once did. There just isn’t the time! I do think a short comment is better than none though, so I think your advice to comment when you pin something is great!

  11. Elissa says

    I try to comment as much as I can but I am usually looking at blogs in the morning trying to squeeze it in before my kids get up;) I agree with the pinterest thing though, hitting that pin it button is so quick that I usually just pin it and go. I loved this post, as a blog follower it is nice to know how much you enjoy the comments.

  12. says

    Before blogging I would think it, but rarely take the time to say it. Since blogging and learning how much work it is and how good it feels to get a comment, if I think it, I say it. I have made some pretty good blog friends this way.

  13. says

    Great post Stacy. I found this post through Hellocotton and I haven’t come across your blog before. I wanted to let you know that down to this post, you’ve grabbed my attention and i’ll be following you from now on! You make some really good points, I had noticed on popular blogs I follow, comments numbers have been going down but I hadn’t thought about Pininterest having a connection to that. I’m very new to blogging and the few comments I do get, I have the luxury to comment back on each one as it doesn’t take a minute. For me personally though, when I comment on a blog and i’m just saying how much I agree/like what they’ve said, it’s not a big deal if the blogger comments back. In the end you would just end up saying “thank you” all the time and there’s only so many different ways you can think of to word that, until it ends up getting boring!

  14. Joani says

    Hi! I am a longtime lurker and don’t often post comments anywhere, and I don’t have a blog. I use google reader and to leave a comment I have to click on your blog, which is an easy extra step, but honestly I just read through and don’t bother. But I LOVE your blog and read every single post. And I would never expect a reply on a comment other than a question. It seems like alot of extra work for you, and may take alot of time, especially if you end up emailing back and forth. Let’s face it, most people who bother to comment are people you would probably get along with well!

  15. says

    I agree! I wish people left more comments. It’s awesome to get comments makes my day. I have to say that I probably need to be better about commenting on others blogs. Thanks for the great post!

  16. says

    Love your blog…and I think you’re right! It’s Pinterest! Blame it on poor ole Pinterest! ;) Seriously, I love Pinterest, but I do think there is some connection.

  17. Jamie says

    I agree that pinterest has cut down the amount of comments and I too love to receive and read comments. I always get so frustrated when I see and hear people saying, “I got this idea from pinterest.” Cause pinterest only ever had one idea and that was to make an organized way to keep and sort websites that you’ve seen and want to remember. People on pinterest need to give credit where credit is due! These bloggers that we follow have amazing creativity and wonderful ideas that they share with us for free everyday, give them the credit! Sorry for my soap box, I’m just wondering if anyone else was feeling this way.

  18. says

    I’m so with you! I have a rule that I must leave a comment on the blog before I close the window. Unfortunately, I’ve been slipping, but thanks for reminding me!

    AND Whenever I open your blog via Bloglovin’ it always goes to Pumpkin Topiary. Just thought you’d want to know. Have a great day!

  19. Sandi says

    My opinion is….I may just have a small Blog and I don’t have hundreds or thousands of followers or all these sponsors…but when you follow other Blogs faithfully and leave comments, prayers, support, help them get more followers or reach their next milestone, follow me on facebook, follow me on Pinterest, you think they could comment back once in awhile or just say Hey, Thanks for following my Blog! (Just sayin’)

  20. Diane Hutchings says

    I read a lot of blogs every day on my Google Reader on my iphone. Unfortunately, that doesnt make it easy to .comment since you have to click through deliberately. Maybe more people are reading on their phones? Anyway, I love your blog, and do read every day!

  21. says

    I feel your pain. I love reading comments but I don’t really get much unless I have a giveaway and they have to leave me a comment to win. I don’t feel like people enjoy my posts unless they tell me. On the other hand, the quickest way for me to see blogs is on my cell phone, through out the day, on google reader but it’s not as easy to comment there. So I may only comment on just a few really good ones. So the only way I can really see that people like what I do, is by seeing how many people view each post, in blogger. Thanks for putting this post together.

  22. says

    I don’t let low comments, high pins get me down. Pinterest is reaching out farther than I could on my own. As a networking tool, I’m getting far better exposure than I can through any other social media. I consider each one of those re-pins as pageviews (whether or not they visit my site). But I didn’t experience a huge drop in comments from Pinterest.

    For me, I don’t comment on everything. If it didn’t elicit a strong reaction in me or I have nothing greater to add than “cool” I don’t bother commenting. If I pin it, I often tell the blogger I pinned it. I’ve had bloggers thank me for pinning something because it had lots of repins.

    I’ve also got a list of about 6 bloggers that I support by commenting on nearly everything they post. I admire them. I respect them. I like what they do so much. And I let them know that. And in turn, they comment on nearly everything I post. It’s a symbiotic relationship. But there has to be something there to discuss.

    As far as replying to comments, I’m still trying to decide a happy medium. I like seeing open conversation, and that would mean bloggers replying on their blog to people. But I don’t think commenters are always subscribing to comments or checking back to see if the blogger responded. So I do think email replies are good too. I have to say, I really really admire the party hosts who go to each and every link that was liked up and leaves a comment. I know that takes forever, but that makes me appreciate them so much more. I look forward to their link parties because of how much effort they put into them.

  23. Andrea says

    I was thinking the same thing. My comments have gone down but I seem to see more projects on Pinterest. I want to know how my readers are feeling about my posts and if they think I’m doing a good job. Whenever I visit someone’s blog, I try to leave a comment. I also love to get comments on my posts. I try to reply to everyone’s questions through email but it’s hard when someone is a no reply blogger. There’s no way to get the answer to them and I don’t go back and answer the question on my blog post.

  24. says

    I think my biggest hold up on commenting more is that I follow all the blogs I read on Google Reader and there is no place to comment- I have to go to the actual blog to make a comment (which when I’m catching up on my blogs at work is hard to do :) )- I usually try to star the ones I want to comment on and when I get home I go back and make a comment.

  25. says

    I have several thoughts about comments. First of all, I think bloggers should pay more attention to how many views their blog gets, not just comments, because some people just don’t have anything to say, so the views are more important.
    SEcondly, I think the more popular the blog, the more intimidated people are to comment. I remember once when I was following a popular political blogger, and I made a comment on his blog. My husband was shocked that I was making a comment. I guess in his mind he felt that only important people could comment on an important blog. I let him know that I comment on most blogs that I read, and that I feel comfortable doing that. But some people are timid, so may not do that.
    For myself, I don’t have many followers of my blog, so don’t get a lot of comments. But my blog is different from yours, so I don’t expect comments or followers. But one thing I do, is that if someone new comments on my blog, I click on their name and check out their profile, and even go to their blog and leave a comment. I do think that helps me feel connected to other bloggers.

  26. says

    This is a long comment….
    I admit that I try and follow every blog that interests me… which leaves a lot of blogs to read and I don’t always ready every single post from every single blog or leave comments on every post I read. I try and comment on the ones that I know the blogger put forth a lot of effort into and the posts that I enjoy. I also find that sometimes people’s lives change. Whereas I was super into decorating blogs and painting furniture posts… I now read and comment more on mommy blogs and posts… because I just had a baby and my life has shifted more into baby stuff. I still love room and furntiure reveals and befores and afters… but I dont have time to paint the furniture accumulating in my basement dying to be painted! (one day.. sigh…). I know for me personally my blog gets less comments because as my life shifted, my blog posts have also and I probably get less readers and commenters.
    I don’t expect a response to every comment I make on blogs… but it does hurt when I comment on certain blogs on a regular basis and never get any response. So to some extent I feel that responding to comments is just as important as commenting on blogs.
    I also get giddy and exciting when I get e-mails telling me I have a comment on my blog! I try and respond to comments… because each comment is important to me and I want them to know the comments are read and mean something! (also for the record I am prob the only person out there that does not use or like pinterest.)

  27. says

    Here’s the deal. (At least in my opinion!) As a blogger who has a full time job and an Etsy shop I have found myself running behind on emails and blog visits. My rule is that if someone comments on my blog I return a visit to their blog and leave a comment. I don’t answer comments. I think that’s not necessary if I visit the blog. The only comments I answer are to non-bloggers but many of them are no-reply commenters so that’s frustrating too. I do think that cell phones have cut down on commenting. It’s just too hard to get a blog to load. I totally understand that. I always leave a comment if I’ve pinned something so the blogger knows. I think that’s a very high form of praise. That you want to save something they have created. At the end of the day we have to be content with the reason we blog in the first place. I love it, I love the people I have met and I get great satisfaction from it. Can’t ask for more than that.

  28. says

    Great post! I think that Pinterest has something to do with the lack of comments, I too like to get pinned, and that has certainly increased my blog traffic too, so that’s good. I answer comments on my blog as I can, but often I feel like there is not a need to answer a question. If the commenter asks a question, of course I answer it…
    Anyway, great post!

  29. Danielle says

    I never thought about the Pinterest perspective, but duh. That’s true, I’m sure. I’m not sure if that applies to me because I’m not sure that I commented much on your blog before, and now I’m constantly pinning things!! :)

    On a personal level, I know my own blog (no real crafts or anything, just family stuff) gets little to no comments from friends / family anymore, and honestly, I blame Facebook. People (including used, ahem) are sucked so far into that, it’s like there’s no time for people to do much else. So less comments, less people blogging period. (again, I’m talking people I know on a personal level).

    As far as bloggers commenting back, I think that’s nice and one way to keep up a rapport with your readers, but that’s your call. Whatever you decide, keep up the good work! You’re fantastic!

  30. says

    I know what you mean. I too love reader feedback…even short feedback such as “love the post,” or, “hate the post.” I would even take…”your photography stinks.” Just to know I need to improve on something or keep on doing what I am doing.

    Your blog is great and you hit on a great conversation vein with this post! :)

  31. Deneen says

    It is very discouraging when you do something you think is great and get low comments. With that said I wish it was easier to leave a comment in reader. I would love to be able to comment as I scroll. Sometimes I read the post and forget to comment because I have been scrolling through them without actually clicking to go to their page. I have been making more of an effort to make more comments. You know…do on to others…Thanks for posting this! I hope everyone thinks about it!

  32. says

    Great post! I do see a slight decrease in comments but I never thought about whether Pinterest is the cause. I do not comment on every post that I read simply because there is only so much time in the day, but I do try to comment on a handful each day. Like you, I read each and every comment and love them. In return, I try to acknowledge the time it took my reader to comment by replying to them (via email.) I’m not 100% and sometimes it takes me a week to get back to them, but even if it is to say “thank you” I think it is important. As a blogger, I know how much time it takes to reply to emails/comments, but as a commenter, if I never hear back from the blogger, then I wonder whether my comments are even read or appreciated. Validation is both ways. Personally, while I appreciate it a lot, I don’t expect a blogger to reply to every comment I make since I know I’ve missed some as well. However, if I comment on a blog “regularly” then I do think it is reasonable to expect that blogger to say hello to me once in a while. Blogging is a community and relationships cannot be established if both the blogger and reader do not participate. Everybody wants validation no matter their role. Posting and commenting both take time and should be reciprocated as often as possible :) Have a great day!

  33. says

    I just discovered your blog last week (through Pinterest) along with a bunch of other blogs (through Pinterest!). :)

    I get very frustrated with the comments on my blog as well. My blog is almost 2 years old and I only have one person who will faithfully comment on my posts. Sometimes one or two other people will regularly comment as well, but that’s it.

    I can see that my posts are receiving a couple of dozen view per day (I’m not famous yet, I guess) and yet nobody comments. I don’t understand why.

    I was especially frustrated when I reviewed an ebook and was doing a giveaway of it a few months ago. I asked that readers leave a comment, link to their Twitter and/or Facebook and a couple of other small things. I had nearly 200 views of my post and only 4 comments; 2 by my regular commentors and 2 by men. (My target market is women!)

    I feel your pain on the time and effort that goes into a post. I can easily spend 2 hours on a post, and that’s a “quick” one. I’m not sure how to change the lack of comments. :(

  34. says

    I could not agree more with this post! My comments have almost been cut in half but my page views have doubled. I would love a comment or a visit back after a visit and comment to another blog but I know how hard it can be to make your rounds Every Single Day. I made a new routine to visit all my commenters the day after the post is up so I can visit them and then make my usual rounds. My comments are still down but I’m doing what I can! I also get more comments on Facebook than I did in the past and I think that’s taking the place of blog comments too. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  35. says

    My two cents worth….. (as a reader) If I take the time to read a post I take the time to comment. I do not do so expecting replies, and I’m never discouraged to not receive one. It does mean a lot to me to know that my comment is read regardless of a reply. (as a blogger) I DO read every comment, and many times I reply. I love getting comments and when I can I will respond. It is important to me that my readers know I do read what they write.


  36. says

    Oh…and one more thing…I think cell phones are also a culprit. It is difficult (for me anyway) to comment or reply to comments using my phone and unfortunately, that is how I read almost all of the comments and emails I receive. I have to schedule a time to sit down at my computer and reply to my readers comments.

  37. says

    Whenever I get a comment on my blog I am trilled. But honestly it is not why I write my blog. It is to keep my motivated to finish some projects. I know I don’t have the most pollished blog but I am learning as I go along. And I don’t have very much time to devote to blogging. Some blog have very lovely picture displays and many followers. And while I love reading them and looking at the pictures I usually don’t comment because they already have so many comments. I will usually comment on a nice project on a blog that doesn’t have a large following. I don’t mind if I don’t get a reply it is a nice surprise if I do. Mostly I don’t remember who I commented on anyways.

  38. says

    What a great post! 99% of the time I read blog posts in my RSS reader and I’m really really horrible about clicking through and leaving a comment. But I LOVE receiving comments from my readers. I totally agree with you in that it helps me feel like someone is actually taking the time to READ my blog. The numbers tell me someone is visiting but I’d like to know that they’re actually taking the time to read what I write-or else why take the time to blog at all?

    It has always been a priority of mine to respond to every comment that comes my way. And I do through my email, except there are A LOT of readers out there who are “no-reply bloggers” which means they don’t have an email set up with their blogger account-which means I can’t get in touch with them! I feel so bad because I so desperately want them to know how much I appreciate them-but they’re no way for me to share that.

    Anyway I just wanted to thank you for writing this post! I needed to be reminded how important it is for me to comment on other’s blog as well!

    Thanks again,

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  39. says

    a lot of times i don’t comment on blogs because i don’t feel like i have anything ‘important’ or witty to say or if it’s a more serious post, i have to think things over and chew on them for awhile before i know what i think or how to respond. and then by that time, it’s been a few days and the blogger has 2 or 3 other newer posts and i figure it doesn’t matter. if you don’t mind a simple ‘this is awesome.’ or ‘i love this color!’ then i’ll totally make more of an effort to comment!

  40. says

    Hello Stacy-

    First off you have always answered my questions (via email) and I have so appreciated it. I hear you on wanting the validation from a big project. It really does make you feel that your readers/friends do appreciate what you do and feel inspired. Its a pat on the back job well done feeling. My biggest issue right now is my stats and how low they are. I don’t get near the comments and I guess its because I am not getting near the visits either. (sad face) That to me is so upsetting. I have thought why blog my creations, when I can keep them to myself. Especially if no one cares. (Do I sound like a baby or a brat?) Anyway, I 100% agree that Pinterest is partially to blame for this. I totally have a love hate relationship with P. In fact earlier this month I shared a link on my COM-FB page on my St. Patty’s wreath and then shared it on my FB page, a friend in my ward left me a comment saying… “I didn’t know this was your wreath, or that you were CraftOManiac. I went out and bought all the stuff to make that St. Patty’s wreath because I got it off Pinterest!” Argh… NO’ Pinterest got it from my blog. Anyhoo, I think I wrote a novel here and said enough. Thanks for the great post.

  41. says

    I guess I can’t really read this and not comment! lol! I totally agree with everything that you have said. My page views have dramatically increased due to Pinterest {which I am happy about} but my comments have also gone down. I must say I don’t comment on very post I read but I do always try to comment if I am pinning or really like the projects. In regards to returning comments, I probably get a chance to return about 75% of the comments. I ALWAYS answer questions {ecxept when they are No Reply which also can drive me crazy!} and those comments that have something that I can really comment back on. I would love to leave a comment on every blog and answer every email but unfortunately I would then have no time left to actual blog and create myself! Love your blog and your heartfelt posts!
    Jenn :)

  42. says

    I’ve never really ever gotten more than a few comments per blog post… and many of mine have zero on my actual blog site… I get far more comments on the FB page. I too love getting comments because it helps me get to know my readers better… for me it is all about connection. Either way… I guess I am glad people are taking the time to read my ramblings. I enjoy your blog very much.

  43. says

    I agree with you on pretty much everything that you put here. I really do think there is something about validation, and I agree that with pinterest, commenting has dropped. I’m guilty tho, I read a lot of blogs, but I don’t leave comments all that often. I know I need to be better about it.

  44. sarah says

    I agree that it is discouraging, even as just a personal blogger, to not get many comments. It makes it feel as though nobody is listening. It’s as if you share a great joke/story/comment in a group setting and it is met with silence. Everybody heard you, but they don’t acknowledge it by saying anything. Personally, I made a goal to comment more on the blogs I read (the goal was actually to comment on every post I read) but that was before I got google reader and a smart phone. Now I tend to just read my blogs on my phone, and in order to comment, I have to click on the blog, wait for it to load, scroll down to the comments, fill out the little thing, and then remember what I actually had to say. I think there was a study done that said that if something took longer than 2 seconds and 1 or 2 clicks on the internet, the user lost interest. In summary, I blame google reader. Google needs to add a comment function. I think that your analytics actually wont show those reading it from their reader either.

  45. says

    I agree, when you don’t get any comments, it’s really discouraging. But as a reader, sometimes the only reaction I have to something is basically “I agree” and I feel a little strange just leaving a short comment to that affect. But I think you’re right, as a reader, even just a comment from someone saying “right on!” would make my day. So with that in mind, I will try to be better about commenting on blogs I read as well.

  46. says

    I’ll be honest, I am a hesitant commentor (sp?). For example, I’ve probably been to your site a dozen times and this is the first time I’ve left a comment. I’m trying to get better at it though. Part of the reason I started blogging was to find people with common interests and ideas, and comments are the best way to connect with people. As to replying to comments, I don’t think it’s necessary, but it makes my day when a blogger takes the time to.

  47. says

    Great post! I agree, I think commenting has gone was down. I remember when I first started blogging and had less than a hundred followers I would always get around 20 comments. Now it’s usually around 10. Strange. But I do think a lot of it has to do with google reader, phones and pinterest. I’m guilty of this too. This is a great reminder to go out an comment though. I think I’ll do that right now…. ;)

  48. says

    Oh Stacy, I so agree with you. I’ve only been at my blog for a year now and I’ve definitely seen a HUGE decline in comments and a HUGE surge in pins. Don’t get me wrong. I’m completely flattered when someone pins a picture of mine, but I’d love it if they also left a comment letting me know why they pinned it, what they liked about it. I don’t think comments stroke the blogger’s ego. It’s unfortunate if anyone believes that! I think comments are a nice way for readers to say “hey, i’m out here. i saw what you did and I’m paying attention.” That’s really all I like and it doesn’t have to be all the time. Once in a while it’s just nice to know that I’m writing to thin air :0) Thank you for a wonderful post and for bringing the issue to light. XOXO Laura D. at

    And thank you for “liking” my facebook page! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw you there! Thank you for the support. I’ve been following you for a long time and I just adore you! XOXO Stay in touch!

  49. says

    What an interesting topic – I blogged about this subject myself a week ago – I am trying to build my blog and am spending a GREAT deal of time online visiting other blogs and doing “Linky Parties” (may I say, thank you for hosting!) and I try to visit and comment on several blogs on each party I participate in. It takes time – but it’s time that I am willing to give as I am building my readership. It is extremely discouraging when you spend time on a post and then don’t get any comments – especially when it’s a post that you think people will like.

    I also respond to every comment that I get – and I try to go to that person’s blog and comment and follow (especially is they became a follower of mine). I would hope that when someone sees that a new blogger is trying hard to build their blog they would comment and give encouragement (and follow).

    So, I guess what I am saying is – please comment on blogs that you visit – even if it is only to say “Nice Job” or “Dropped by to say Hi!” – at least the person knows that you have been there (other than the sites page count).

    Thanks for listening!
    Hugs –
    Carol @arewethereyet

  50. Rachel says

    As a blog reader, I don’t expect a reply to a comment I leve unless I ask a question, and I have been discouraged by not getting a reply then. (like you mentioned above) one cannot expect a blogger to reply to every comment, however when there are questions not addressed in the post it’s highly discouraging and makes the reader feel like the blogger doesn’t care….so I have had many people say that is why they don’t leave comments on most blogs. : )
    Good post!

  51. says

    I strarted my blog because I wanted to join a online baking group. On baking days I get from 15-30 comments. On my normal every so often posts I get 2 to 5. I really enjoy comments but don’t get bummed if I don’t get many. I don’t have a ton of time to spend on my blog so Im happy to get what Im getting!! I really have a blog to keep track of recipes and life..kinda like a diary:)
    I love your blog and try to visit and leave comments everytime I get online. You inspire me to decorate!!

  52. says

    I comment as much as I can because I know how much I appreciate them. But I do think that sometimes people are in such a rush that we all forget there really is someone on the other side of that blog looking for feedback. I’m glad you wrote this post!

  53. says

    Amen!?? I used to get FAR more comments on my blog than I do now. I am a smallish blog, but like you said, comments are the fuel that keep us going. If no one really cares about what I write, then why bother in the long run, you know?

  54. says

    I hadn’t thought about how Pinterest is probably a huge reason for the lack of commenting lately, but that is a very good point! I had noticed that I too was becoming lax on commenting to people. Maybe blogging and commenting go in cycles? Who knows.

    I will say, though, that I have never cared if someone responds to a comment. Well, let me rephraze that- If I comment on a big blogger like yourself or someone huge like Make it-Love it– I never have considered a response as possible- for the writer’s sake! That’s just too much. However, if I take my time to look through and comment on a small blogger, it’d be nice to see the appreciation, otherwise I might not think they’re that interested in networking and growing.

  55. says

    Try not to hinge your worth or worthiness of a project on comments. I had a project repinned on Pinterest over 3,000 times, but there might be 5 comments on the actual post. I probably discovered your blog via Pinterest…and so many others and it is a challenge to keep up. The blogs I like to scan, I’ll scan from my iPad while I’m riding my bike on the trainer because I know I won’t go through the hassle of clicking through to comment from that tiny keyboard that miss all the letters I’m trying to touch, and I’ll save my favorites for when I’m in front of my computer to comment. You’re been on my favorites list since the first visit.

    I think the more you comment, the more comments you’ll receive. That can be a time consuming process. I think I make more of an effort to more regularly comment on blog posts from bloggers I’ve made a connection with either from them commenting on my blog or them responding to my comments. I don’t need a thank you for every comment, but a tid bit of common ground shared here and there is what builds the relationships.

  56. says

    Hey look at you, there are oodles of comments on this post. Way to go! Whatever I had to say has already been said by many others. I do read your posts, I enjoy your projects, if I don’t comment it’s because other people have already echoed my thoughts, my time is limited too. I think there are many reasons why people don’t comment, but you obviously have a loyal, dedicated following so keep up the great work!

  57. says

    I agree, I crave comments almost as much as chocolate with almonds.
    By the way I stumbled onto your blog thanks to your BHG stenciled ceiling, which I want to do in my bathroom once I find the right stencil, and I have pinned and enjoyed many other items on your blog including the doorknob towel hooks. Love those.

  58. says

    Oh my Gosh! How many comments you received today with this post! LOL! From my side, I try to comment on all the blogs I read. Yes it takes some good amount of time but this way I get to have comments on my blog too! And this way we stay connected. And when I get a comment I always try to reply back and if I don’t then it’s certain that I’ll drop by and leave a comment there on their blog! Lastly let me tell you this… if I leave some comments on a blog and the author does not bother to reply to me or drop by my blog and leave a comment after once in a while, then why bother from my side and comment again? It feels like a rejection to me and it’s a little disappointing!

  59. says

    Great post! I love waking up each day and checking to see if I have new comments. Being a relatively new blogger they do truly mean the world. Plus, I do want to know if people even like what I am doing!

    I am so with you!! Thanks for the encouraging post!!

  60. says

    Great Post …. I’m having alot of doubts about my blog right now :( I moved to word-press and was down for about 2 weeks and now I get maybe 1 or 2 comments on a post . it strange how it can make you feel about yourself ..


  61. says

    I was the one who mentioned “replying to comments” as a thank you.. and I do think it does depend on what the comment is. I should amend my original thought.

    If someone stops by and says “nice room” or “that is pretty” or something similarly simple/vague I don’t think that is worth a reply either (especially in posts that have hundreds of comments). But if someone pours their heart out in a comment and leaves feedback or criticism that is meaningful and well thought out, and it is clear they took a lot of time to “speak to” the blog author, I do think an acknowledgement is important. They are invested in your post. THIS IS SUPER TRUE TO SMALL BLOGS WITH LESS FOLLOWERS/COMMENTS. If you don’t get many comments then it isn’t a burden to reply to them!

    I do all my thanking via email since I think it is more personal. However, if the commenter hasn’t taken the time to update their email contact (those “noreplycomments” emails drive me NUTS) then I can’t do that. To me, it is a two way street. You have to comment in a meaningful way and have a way of being replied to.. and I will do my part to reply back to your thoughts and comment.

    Thanks for blogging about this topic. I think it helps clarify expectations on both sides, as the blogger and blogee! :D

  62. says

    I am with you 100%!
    I think part of blogging is the communication between bloggers and readers… if you think about it that is the main difference between a blog and a website.
    I love the fact that you took the time to share this post with us. I try my best to answer to my readers one way or another. Someday this is easier than other days… all depends of how much laundry I have waiting for me ;)

    Anyways, in my opinion it comes down to do unto other as you want other to do unto you…

    Thank you so much for this post… I am sharing it on my FB page!

  63. says

    I am totally guilty of not leaving comments. Though my actual reading has gone way down because it just got to be too much. I am inspired to be better at letting people know how much I admire their projects. Like you, you are like King Midas. Everything you touch turns to gold. You have amazing skills and I am impressed more and more the more I see from you. You are amazing!

    As for replying to comments, I also think readers need to be realistic with what they expect. Of course they should get answers to questions, but I don’t feel like a response is necessary to something like “nice work.” Also, it is frustrating to try to reply to comments and have no-reply pop up. Help us answer you. :)

  64. says

    Great post!! I sometimes read blogs bed from my iPad. It is extremely difficult to type in my contact info to leave a comment so I usually dont (plus my email and URL are kinda long!). I do need to get better about this since I love comments myself!!

  65. Kathleen says

    Aww! Sorry for no comments yet, I just found your blog 3 days ago through pinterest and am LOVING it!!! I think were kindred spirits!!! lol Please don’t stop I really have enjoyed reading how you create and step by step pic tutorials will really help me with my own projects. Please keep up the awesome work!

  66. says

    I agree totally with you…my blog is about a year old and I love to get comments..when you blog about your life, you are putting it out there developing a relationship with your readers and when they comment you know they read and well…care…it is very discouraging when you don’t get any comments…I did the major happy dance when one of my projects got pinned…and repinned…etc..and I am guilty of not commenting my self…like you said too many blogs..however, if it is something really inspiring or helpful etc…I make sure to say something!
    I have just told myself…they are there, the #’s show it…just keep blogging…thanks so much for sharing your thoughts…

  67. says

    I agree 100% with everything you said! Including the fact that I am guilty! Turning over a new leaf today! Thanks for the post. PS. … love following your blog! Blessings!

  68. Heart and Haven says

    I used to regularly comment on blogs I follow. However, certain trends I’ve noticed lately with a lot of blogs has caused me to reduce the amount of time/effort I spend on comments (and I don’t use pinterest):
    – not getting replies/acknowledgement from bloggers that they even read comments (I’m not talking about the “good project!” “love it!” type of comments…but ones that readers put thought and effort into, giving input or even providing constructive criticism.
    – not receiving automatic replies to comments via email. I don’t have time to check & re-check every blog I’ve posted on to see if there have been any replies to comments made. I’ve seen a few blogs that have an option to see replies to comments made, which I get via email. (this also works well for reader participation…as I can also see if other readers have posted replies to anything I’ve commented on as well)
    – I’ve seen a trend in more blogs getting virtual assistants. One task, it seems, that the virtual assistants take over is moderating/responding to comments and faciliting give aways. I’ve stopped commenting as much, as it seems impersonal that my comments are no longer reaching the intended recipient :-(

  69. Melanie says

    Hello, im visiting from 36th avenue posting your link… Good points and a high five for putting it out there for both views to be considered. I most always comment, whatever I say outloud to the screen I think the writer should hear/know…Ive read things on FB about “comment whores” apparently thats when one comments to often, leaving there comments everywhere. I guess according to whoever started that, thats what I am! I too feel connected as a reader when I comment and especially giddy as well when responded too!

  70. Marie says

    Honestly, I haven’t thought much about commenting until reading your post. I read a lot of blogs and articles online, but I rarely comment. When I do comment on blogs it’s usually because it’s required to win something. ;) I’ve never expected a response when leaving a comment, unless I’ve asked a specific question. I guess it comes down to whether or not I feel like I have something meaningful to contribute. Plus, the majority of the time I’m reading on my ipod, so that just makes things more tricky. I’ll try to do better!

  71. says

    I love this post! I’m still very small in the blogging world, so I don’t get many comments–one here, one there most of the time. But I really try to get out and see others’ blogs and if I visit and like what I see I pretty much always comment. Just to let them know that I appreciate them sharing something of themselves. Thank *you* for sharing :).


  72. Shaunna Ulrick says

    I am an avid blog reader but a very lazy commenter. I had/maybe have a goal of starting a blog in April and know that comments would be important to me too….so here I go! I will be a more avid commenter.

    Now if you want to comment back to my comment you can help me out by telling me how to get started with blogging. But if you don’t want to comment…you don’t have to. It is all good :) I can see how your comments on comments might seem forced and awkward…so I know what you are saying

  73. says

    I totally agree with you!!! No one seems to comment and anymore and it makes me feel like no one likes my crafts and then I go on pinterest and see that people have pinned it. I’ve tried extra hard lately to comment more :)

  74. Windy says

    I think the increasing prevalence of social media outlets is affecting the comments on the actual blog posts as well. I know I often tweet about or comment about something on Facebook or Instagram to the author these days as often as I put a comment on the actual post itself. I’ve actually wondered a few times if the authors prefer one communication medium over the other. Is there a method most prefer? Or do you think it’d be different for every blogger?

  75. Courtney says

    I guess it all depends on why you’re blogging. I am shocked that people EXPECT comments back from the blogger. That would never occur to me. I only have a small personal blog and love getting comments about posts, but as keeping the blog is something I do for myself – it doesn’t matter if people comment or not. I have always seen these public blogs as a place for someone who has some amazing talents to share with other people – a way for them to help people who wouldn’t be able to do it any of these kinds of things on their own. If you blog because you like to help people then it doesn’t matter HOW MANY comments you get. If you help that one person, they will let you know. They will be that one comment that shouts THANK YOU! That comment might not come today, it might not come tomorrow, it may come 3 years from now when someone googles something they are looking for and stumbles upon your tutorial and says, “This is it! This is what I’ve been looking for!!” Then you will get your thank you. All the other comments are nice – they do help you move forward, but they aren’t the reason you blog, right? As for the blogger commenting back – in my opinion, that’s a nice gesture, but certainly not necessary unless they have specifically asked a question. I see it this way – the blogger is doing a service by posting, the commenter is thanking them, the blogger doesn’t have to thank them for thanking you – that could go on forever! If the comment warrants a response, then great, respond, if not, no one should take it personally that you didn’t respond back.

    • says

      You opinion about the lack of responses to comments is true if you aren’t blogging for comments.. but if a blogger laments getting no comments (or has noticed a drop in comments) but doesn’t respond to them, then it may be because they aren’t responsive to their readership. I don’t know that a response should be expected, but if you want the reader to feel like they are important, it is worthwhile.

      Also, if you are blogging for $$ and you need hits to your site to earn a living, you may want to take that time to for a connection with your readership so they feel like you really care about them and are taking into consideration what they have to say. In that case your blog is not just “a service” but it is also your livelihood. Consider response to comments as your “PR” or “Advertising”. It is something you should invest in for the health of your entire blog.

      It is all about motivation.

  76. says

    Wow, looks like you got plenty of comments on this one! :) I agree .. I find it so discouraging to put up a post that I’m excited about and then get hardly any comments. When I pin something, I almost always leave a comment on the post first telling the blogger how much I enjoyed their project and letting them know that I’m pinning it.

  77. says

    While out shopping today my 11 month old daughter was eating a cracker. Whenever someone spoke to her, she offered them her cracker. She is looking for one to respond with delight, then she is satisfied. I thought to myself how much I can learn about dealing with people from my daughter. I agree with your post and also LOVE when people comment on my blog or Instagram. It is the fuel that keeps me going. I know I don’t usually comment because I am reading blogs from reader. And it is an extra step that is inconvenient. But this society, myself included, have drowned out courtesy and kindness with selfish convenience. I am a stay at home mom, and I crave connection. I need to offer my “cracker” comments to whomever I am benefitting from. Thanks for the timely reminder!

  78. says

    I’ve gotten horrible. I’m a drive by pinner. Sigh. I know that I should comment on the stuff I pin, but I subscribe via email and only click through to the actual post every once in a while. You’ve inspired me to try to do better! :)

  79. says

    I think about this all the time. When I first started blogging, I felt a huge surge of creativity and an outlet for me…I would stay up commenting and visiting blogs and I became overwhelmed and exhausted. Of course I was posting every day and getting 30+ comments on each post – combine that with being distracted by sparkly objects and all I did was sit on the computer.

    I still believe commenting is important,, especially in the early stages to build relationships. I do my best (which has not been that good) to respond somehow to a comment – a quick email back or a comment back on the other blog. For some of my long time buds, they know I am reading and I will pin or stumble or put it on my Facebook page to show support..

    I think commenting plays different roles at different stages of blogging too.

    Every once in awhile I will sit alone in the quiet and get lost in blogs and commenting and really enjoy myself, but I cannot do it every day (like I used to).

    Really good points to bring up

  80. Linda says

    I am not a blogger, I signed up for “far to many blogs” to read most every day by email. If I like the subject I will go to the site of the blog. I have left comments on several of them. What I hate most is after writing a comment I have go go thru an ordeal to get it posted. Some of that has changed lately, but I used annoumous just to avoid picking something I did not know about or to avoid signing up for something else. I read several favorite blogs every day Others some days. It depends on the subject if I read it. Some foods I am not interested in, some projects I am not interested in, so do not read those blogs that day but will read them another day when it is something I am interested in learning or reading about. I leave more comments now than I used to when I heard how much bloggers wanted them, but some days I do not have time to write a comment. Oh and some days I skim the blog others I read word for word, just depends on day, subject and time I have to spend at PC. I do not read about your families very often as at 73 I have 3 children, 8 grands and 9th great grand due this summer, so between family and friends I do not have time to keep up with other families. I do enjoy the pictures, but rarely have time to read posts about family outings, vacations, etc. I go on facebook about once a week and was surprised when I went on last week to see all the comments from bloggers I “liked” were what was mostly on my facebook. I quit “liking” now because I find it intrusive on my facebook page. I have to hunt for family and friends postings, thru all the bloggers posts on my facebook page. To all the bloggers who read this, keep up the good work as I know I am not the only one who reads and enjoys them, even if we do not comment. Oh it seems that all the giveaways go to bloggers, so I do not leave comments when there is a giveaway, plus I never win anything LOL. I wondered how many have follwers just thru email or newsletters? Take care.

  81. Jenn says

    I do neither. Not much pinning & not much commenting. I must be the worst blog follower EVER! I too will try to be better at commenting on you total awesomeness because you are truly amazing and inspiring even when I don’t say it aloud!! Thanks for all you do for us “housewives” and keeping us inspired!

  82. says

    I really like your post, I am a new blogger and every time I receive a comment I get really excited. I guess for me it just means that there are people out there reading my blog. I do my best to go down my blog roll every morning and comment on the post. Sometimes it can take me half day to read the post and add comments. Also I do my best to reply back to people who have posted comments on my blog.

  83. says

    Blogger has added a new two word verification on all blogspot blogs that require you to type them in when you want to post. I can’t see these 2 words – I just have a blank rectangle. If I want to comment I have to open a new browser that WILL allow me to see the two words, just so I can comment. Of course, I have to find the blog again and where I was in it and then click on comments there. That is too much effort to go to whenever I want to leave a comment, so I just don’t. I’m sure there are many others who would like to leave comments that can’t see those 2 words, either. Here is a great link to a way to disable this two word verification if bloggers want to make it easier for commenters:

    Also, I do visit a lot of blogs every day, and it would be impossible to comment on all of them. I do try to, though, as much as I can.

  84. Bernice says

    Ok stacy, there you have it….reasons why we do and dont. I get about 6 blogs a day via email, then i have to go to the site to comment, which is ok if I have something to say. and quite frequently I do.(Never at a loss for words) But I will be better at it from now on. I know how much input helps anyone do anything. However I want to tell you, I share much of your blog and others’ with my friends. I just email them the pagelink , so they can see what I thought was fantastic or awesome. But you got a bounteous load of comments today. Keep up the good work. Love your stuff!
    And my other excuse is…I really dont know how to use these sites very well either. Like linking up, giveaways etc, and sometimes the subscribe issue is very confusing, I DONT KNOW what those “readers” are, so I just get mine via email. And sometimes i dont understand the choice. So all you bloggers out there, make it easier to subscribe, like a big SUBSCRIBE HERE sign. And maybe explain what those reader things are.(my soapbox, sorry) Happy reading tonight! hahahaha

  85. Lin says

    I can understand how bloggers would like comments, especially when they are posting a completed project or ask a question to their readers. Many times I want to leave comments and when I try am not able to post on their page….I follow via email. Also I am remiss sometimes because I get so many everyday and fail to post a comment. I also follow via Facebook and must admit I spend too much time reading and looking at all the great things posted. I do need to schedule a time each day. But I do love the blogs I follow and admire ya’lls creativitly and dedication and I promise to do better and comment more when I am able to do so on the post comments sections when it will allow me to do so. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  86. Susan says

    I’ve basically stopped commenting because I have had several negative experiences when I did so. 1) I gave a compliment to a blogger on Facebook thanking them for their creativity and simplicity in recipes and it was deleted. 2) I described a piece of furniture to a blogger and asked what type of paint/finish I should use and my comment/question was ignored while after my post, the blogger continued to reply to other bloggers only. The blogger invites questions and promises that she reads and responds to all questions so I felt like it was ok to ask her advice. 3) I reviewed a recipe and said how delicious it was and stated a couple of changes/additions I had made and commented that what I liked best about the recipe was the flexibility of the ingredients. That comment was also deleted. I gave up and don’t comment anymore. It seems like bloggers chat with other bloggers and I don’t feel like my comments are valued so why should I take the time to post a comment? Sorry. I do see every one of your posts via Google Reader, though.

  87. says

    Oh Stacy what a great post! I too have been feeling a little discouraged at the lack of comments. What interests me more here is actually reading everyone’s comments. A lot of people talked about reading blogs in Google Reader. Did you see Beckie at Infarrantly Creative’s post recently on this and page views? She talks about how bloggers don’t get page views for the views in Google Reader. I’ll admit that I don’t read every post of of every blog I follow, but if I do read the post I always try to open it in a new window so they get the page view. And since I’m there, I figure I might as well leave a comment too! Anyway, thansk for voicing what I’m sure a lot of people, including myself, have been feeling.

  88. says

    It’s like you were reading my mind when you wrote this! I agree with every word you said. It’s been a very discouraging month for me because like you said, I feel like when I put so much work into it and then get few responses…I start to wonder why I put so much work into it anyway. I love posting and I love sharing with my readers but comments are how I feel connected too! I’m glad you wrote this and issued the challenge- I know I’m going to try and be better at it too :)

  89. says

    I so agree with you! I love comments…I mean who doesn’t, but sometimes a we just get busy, and forget. I am glad to have a little reminder. Also, I have noticed that if the email that goes out does not have the whole story, then I will actually go to the blog, and I am much more likely to comment. The blogs that I subscribe to by email are all different…some give a teaser, and some give the whole story. I prefer the teaser, cause’ then I will be sure and hop over. Thanks for the great post….I see you have lots of commets, LOL!

  90. Christy says

    First off, I LOVE your blog! I get so excited when I see a new project tutorial. I don’t usually post comments though because I’ve been reading your posts in my email. I usually only make it to your page for the linky party…guilty but its true. I do really love what you do, and you have inspired me to become more creative in my home, and I even asked my husband for power tools for my birthday this past Dec! Even he was happy because our projects are something to do together. I’ll try to be more mindful about posting comments…anything to keep your creative juices flowing! Take care!

  91. vicki sutton says

    This is my first time to read your blog. I love what u said and I like to comment if it interests me and most do. I DO like a return comment I admit. Maybe I’m narcissistic but I feel connected that way. I will be a new commenter…maybe you opened Pandora’s box. LOL!

  92. says

    I LOVE this post! I actually found your blog through a pin, and subscribed thereafter. I am guilty of not commenting when I fell in love with your post that I found from a pin.

    In many regards, while pinterest is nice in boosting blog hits, I feel like it has watered down blogging. Less comments, more posts that almost seem like the blog author is TRYING to get pinned, etc. Like most good things, pinterest is kind of becoming a double edged sword :/

  93. says

    Wow! You said a lot and received a huge response! I’ve never thought much about the pinterest connection either, but I guess it doesn’t matter to me. I do like to get comments and I probably spend way too much time commenting on other posts, but I’m so inspired by what people do I just want to. I don’t always have the time I would like to comment, but I do try. As far as getting my comments acknowledged, it doesn’t matter to me, unless I ask a question. I assume the comments are being read. As far as me responding to comments on my blog. I’m getting better and I thank you for the reminder. But for me, the bottom line is….I like writing my blog and doing my projects and I guess I figure I’m getting more out of doing these things than anyone else is getting by reading them. At the most, I hope I inspire someone to create something, somewhere, sometime. I like blogging, but I like creating even more. So, if I make something and blog about it and don’t get any comments on it, I’m not offended or hurt. If I like what I did, then I’m a happy girl! If someone else likes it too…….BONUS!

  94. says

    I’m a brand new blogger, I’ve only been at this for a little over a month, but I totally agree with you. I love comments because it means someone has actually read my post! The comments really do make me smile, and I feel like I’ve made friends with my readers through their comments, which I love. It’s made me make sure to leave comments on other blogs I read, too. Reading all of these comments is going to keep you pretty busy for a while! Thanks for the post :)

  95. Christine Waddell says

    Wow….I had never thought about the pin addiction and not posting the the blogger. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  96. Lauren Nguyen says

    I rarely comment on the blogs I read. Mostly because I read them through Google Reader on my phone. In order to comment I have to open up the link to the blog post. I know that sounds like not a big deal…but it just rarely happens.
    Now that I figured out how to pin from my phone also, I think that cuts down on comments too.

  97. Brenda Turner says

    Please accept my sincere apologies, as we all learn the proper etiquette for blog surfing, pinning, etc. I am a huge fan of yours and I am like a sponge when I visit your site: I soak up every bit of what you post! Thank you, with all my heart! I appreciate you & all your hard work and valuable time & talents. I am addicted to your blog & am always so happy to see that you have posted something new. Please don’t stop! Please! We’re sorry! We’ll do better! Hugs and best wishes!

  98. says

    Yep, I’m another Pinterest victim. I do find myself pinning and then not taking the time to leave a comment. And, having a blog myself, I know how awesome those comments can be. Pinning only takes seconds, when commenting is more of a sit-down job. With three kids, I find myself prioritizing free time and if I choose to be on the computer, I’m trying to cram in as much as possible in the small amount of time I have. Reading blogs, linking up to parties, writing posts, replying to comments, etc. It all takes time. My blog is on the small end, but I have my “regulars” and I would be super bummed if they stopped commenting. So I shall resolve to do better at speaking up on a more consistent basis. Great post by the way.

  99. says

    This was a great post. I am not a very good blogger but even with my poor little blog I appreciate comments.
    I follow 50+ blogs on a variety of topics. I just found yours tonight for the first time. Many times I am silent when reading, but if something strikes me, or moves me, I certainly comment.
    There are a handful of blogs I comment on more frequently because I’ve developed a real liking for the blogger through their words and actions.
    One thing I appreciate on facebook is the “like” button, as it allows a quick communication. May not be great feedback but it’s something.
    You have a great blog here and it seems very popular too.
    Bless your hard work! I love the knee hug comment at the end of your post – good memories!

  100. says

    I have noticed that I have a few things that has some serious pins on Pinterest, but only 2 comments on my blog. I have very conflicting emotions regarding it. On one side, I am honored that so many people like my work, but on the other, I don’t think the re-pinners are even bothering to look at the source (my blog) which I find discouraging and insulting. I am glad you brought it up.

  101. says

    Hi there :) I read most of the blogs I follow through google reader on my iphone and have commented less as a result… maybe others are doing the same???

  102. says

    Funny – I was just thinking about this topic lately. I’ve a new blog and love getting comments – I’ve been trying to reply to everyone but wondered what the “right” thing to do was!
    I can see with the big blogs that get tons of comments it would be tricky to reply to everyone – but when a blogger of a big blog does (after I overcome my intimidation to leave a comment…) It feels lovely right back!
    To be honest, before I had my own blog I hardly left comments…now I get it – and try to leave comments all the time!
    On the other hand, being pinned feels good too!

  103. Kristi says

    I comment when I have time. The extra word typing security measures discourage me from commenting, especially if I am just thinking, “That was neat.” Anymore I gotta totally love it to comment, just because of the extra hoops I have to jump through to do it. Plus I get tons of emails from all the blogs I truly love, which yours is one, which is how I read this post, so I usually don’t jump out of my email either.

  104. meg fouts says

    keep up the great work! I wanted to respond to let you know, just b/c I don’t comment…doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy! I barely have time to look at posts these days..let alone comment. You are doing great work!

  105. says

    I haven’t been blogging for the longest and am by no means the best at blogging but I do love getting comments. Usually I only get one comment every couple of months…sad, I know but I still enjoy getting that one. I’m in the process of revamping my blog and trying to add more topics with the hopes of more followers and there for comments! Even with out it though, I still enjoy blogging and am not going to let it discourage me!! I’ve also made a vow to comment more on the blogs I do follow!! I love reading everyones different topics and need to be a better blog friend by commenting and showing them some love!!

  106. says

    Well said! I can appreciate both points of view (being a blogger and reader). I am new to blogging so I still try to answer all the comments but day to day life gets in the way sometimes. I love commenting on other blogs too because I do want the blogger to know that we are avid readers! Thanks so much for this post!

  107. says

    I appreciate your honesty on this post. I wish that there was some sort of blogging handbook that included a section on commenting. I was new to the blogging world when I started- I didn’t even know someone who had a blog when I first began. I feel like I made a lot of mistakes- including inviting bloggers to my link parties and such. I figured everyone else was doing it so it must be ok. It’s taken many months to figure out that those kind of comments are frowned upon, but I feel like I ruined it with some people who now think badly of my blog. But, anyway, I think it’s hard to know when to comment and on how many blogs to comment. Everyone has varying thoughts on the subject, but in the long run if you are happy with your blog then it is a success no matter what others may (or may not??) say.

  108. says

    As a new blogger, it makes me super happy just to know that people are reading. Comments are like icing on the cake. I reply to about half of them. Even if I don’t get a comment though, it does make me super happy to see stuff of mine on Pinterest :)

  109. Kim says

    I think that the emails also are to blame. I get your posts in emails and tend to forget that they are from your blog. Thanks for the reminder!

  110. says

    I try to comment when I really like something or someone asks a specific question, but I agree, I feel like when there are already lots of comments on there, what is one more? Especially if there is no response, I feel like I’m writing my thoughts to outer space. I appreciate your hard work and will try to remember a comment is a thank you!

  111. says

    Look at all those comments on a post about no comments…curious ;) I don’t know if it’s Pinterest or the Google Reader. I didn’t have a lot of comments before Pinterest and I still don’t. I try to comment when I’m using my live bookmarks on Firefox but if I’m reading on my phone, comments won’t happen. Let’s face it, I should be paying attention to what I’m doing instead of reading on my phone anyway.

    I do try really hard to comment on the comments I get on my blog, but I just checked my numbers and it looks like I have some catching up to do. I might have to switch to where I approve every comment so I make sure to comment too. I have started going to Pinterest and commenting on pins from my blog. Part of blogging is being engaged with the people who are reading, so I’m trying to be more engaging :)

  112. says

    For years I’ve wondered if anyone other than my few “followers”, my parents and my in-laws even read my blog because I only get [and occasionally at that] comments from my followers. Then randomly friends and acquaintances would make a comment to me in person about something from my blog. It’s nice to hear it in person, but it would be so encouraging to get that comment on my blog! I have many a time wondered if I should bother. Anyway, on the flip side I realize that I need to get better at commenting on others’ blogs. I do fall prey to the “there are so many comments, they don’t need to hear from me…” attitude. But, I’m gaining a new perspective. I think Pinterest has eaten away at comments, but I think we should comment all the more on a blog if we pin something from them. It’s like going the extra mile to tell them that you appreciate them and want to give them credit for their idea, recipe etc.

    Thanks Stacy!

  113. says

    Pinterest has actually caused me to start using Google reader and follow blogs, that I didn’t do before. I like to find new things, not just repin everything that others pin. If I like something enough, I will comment. I always verify that a pin a like leads to a real place with something useful like a tutorial, recipe, the original blog entry (not the main blog page) and that has taken me to some cool places. It is how I found your blog. Not sure what brought me to you first, but I love reading and seeing the things on your blog.

  114. Jusa says

    Interesting comments from you. I don’t have a blog myself, so this is news to me. I have on many, many occasions almost commented on various blogs then decided not to because it seems like my comment is trivial and the blogger surely must have more important things to do, especially those of you with kids to take care of aside from your blogging life. I hate to think I’m just repeating what everyone else has said. I feel like saying, “what they said” and leaving it at that. The other thing is, TIME. It takes time to type a comment, and I look at way too many blogs. I have avoided Pinterest on purpose or I’d never get anything at all done in my life and I have a perpetually sore neck from bad posture. The internet is fascinating but also overwhelming. I feel like I’m stuck in a glue trap and can’t pull away. I’ve long thought I wish I cut just click on a button to say I like something and avoid a comment. (I know some blogs have this and why haven’t I ever used it?) Right now you have 134 comments. And…four kids? And a husband? And church? And you really want to read all these comments? I hate to admit, too, that I enter a bunch of giveaways, and they often take commenting (although I keep cutting back and cutting back on that, but then get sucked into it again because they’re fun). Don’t get me started on blog hops. I was feeling guilty that I wrote you a really long silly email once when you only asked for a couple of comments. Anyway, love your stuff. Am in awe of your power tool skills. That bench was awesome!!

  115. says

    Thank you for this post! I am guilty of the pinning but not commenting all the time and will make more of an effort to at least let the artist know their work was pin worthy in my mind :) Another thought is the “hoops” you have to jump through on a lot of blogs just to leave a comment (like the word verification) could discourage comments too?

  116. Annie says

    What a great reminder. I love your blog but have never really considered commenting! I am just starting to build my home and have found your ideas and tips inspirational and encouraging. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom and creativity! :)

  117. says

    I totally agree with everything you said in this post! I am a new blogger and get so excited, like Christmas as a kid excited, whenever someone leaves a comment. I have even had a giveaway and only 4 people left comments so odds were pretty good. I was pretty bummed. I read every single one of your posts, they are all great. I think as a new blogger, or non blogger I felt silly leaving a comment but now realize how much I love it and have been better about it. Keep on dreaming, writing and sharing I love it!

  118. Nancy from AZ says

    If I have something of value to add or if I think something is totally amazing, I will leave a comment or even send you a personal email, just ask Jen @ Life, Crafts & Whatever. I am a single mom of two teenage boys who works 40+ hours OUTSIDE of the home. I don’t have time to leave a comment to stroke your ego, I barely have time to sit down and glance at a couple of blogs a night.

  119. says

    I’m a new blogger, but I am ALWAYS commenting! I like to thank bloggers for sharing their ideas, ask them more questions, and let them know they have a reader! I always think of it as encouragement to the blogger to keep going…at least that’s how I feel when I get my (very few) comments…

  120. says

    Hi Stacy, I just discovered your blog today (Weathered Pieces) is were I’m coming from. Anyway here is my two cents………I’m going to try and be diplomatic. I have been blogging for just one year and I have come to realize that the “big blogs” and we all know who they are, are the absolute worse when it comes to commenting and featuring bloggers. Here is an example that just happened last week , this blogger has a ‘HUGE” linky party every Friday and then the next week she writes that she didn’t have time to feature anyone. Give me a break! I was so disappointed in her. I made the decision about three months ago to not focus on the big blogs anymore. Here is my other point I just checked out your last Linky Party 515 participated now that great, but I don’t have time to click through all of those let alone comment. When I receive comments I always reply back , on an average I leave about 120 per week (that’s only 17 per day) and I’m lucky if I 50 returned back to me, but I truly enjoy leaving comments and some of the bloggers I consider to be a friend. One more thing and then I will shutup :) Pinterest…Pinterest..Pinterest it’s a two edge sword you get a lot of great ideas but as a blogger you have to take that extra step and go to the source and leave a comment. Thanks for posting and I have read what your readers have said it’s all so interesting.

  121. says

    I think you hit it on the head when you wrote that comments provide a connection with the reader. That’s what it’s about. Connecting with like minded people.

  122. says

    I definetly am with you on this one! I am newer to this blogging world and I LOVE getting comments. When you are new and your traffic isn’t lets say…’s great to get comments….definetly makes you feel like what your doing is worth it! I definetly need to work on commenting back to others though, but I was/am the same as you. If I leave a comment I don’t ever think someone would say something back…but maybe thats just me :)

  123. says

    Wow! You are totally making me rethink my comment strategy! I read every one of your posts but only comment when I feel that I have something to say that is relevant, inspirational, and different than the other comments. When visiting Linky parties I like to show the love to those who only have a few comments. But I am rethinking that now! I thought that someone with a lot of comments already wouldn’t need my feedback, but apparently that isn’t so! Thanks for giving me something to think about:)

  124. says

    Sometimes I will be in the middle of reading a post or checking out a project and my kids interrupt me and I can’t concentrate enough to come up with anything more than, “great job” so I just don’t bother leaving anything. I am on and off my computer all day so sometimes I can sit down and focus. Other times I just bounce around. I must say, the most time consuming thing about blogging for me is responding back to people. Like you, I also make sure that I read every single comment but then it sometimes takes days to get back to people. It really is a hard balance to maintain and I haven’t quite decided what my official responding routine will be!

  125. says

    I’m with you. It’s so frustrating, as a blogger, to put a lot of time and energy into a post to have no one even comment, or just 1 or 2 people. We all want that validation. I always feel like if I make an effort to comment on other’s blogs and respond to comments on my own that it will be reciprocated, but it rarely is.

  126. says

    I agree. Comments are definitely a way of connecting to readers and learning to know them a bit more personally. Thanks for this reminder to (1) comment more on other’s blogs (2) answer comments on my own!

  127. says

    I rarely leave comments, but I read every day, and you are on my blog feed! Maybe as a suggestion, have a link to Comment Here. Then it would take us right to the comment box, instead of having to scroll past everyone elses comments to see, Oh how cute, a gazillion times when that’s what we wanted to say. It feels like we’re being a copy cat with nothing original to say. I’m being overly dramatic. Kinda! Haha. Anywhoo I’m so happy I found your blog! Keep blogging!

  128. says

    I’m a little late leaving a comment but felt strongly about this! I haven’t been able to continue much with my blog over the last year due to family illness and other issues. Because of this, I have an understanding of what time it takes to keep up with a blog. Comments do help to make you feel that it is worth all the time and effort you put into your projects and blog. Pinterest is great but not a replacement for “communicating”! I commend those that strive to keep up with a large blog make it worthy of repeat viewers. You deserve appreciation for your hard work!

    On the flip side, since I haven’t been able to blog much anymore, I did take time to comment on the blogs of others and sort of “live through them” during this time. I could make 25 comments in a day and the only response would be from my 5 constant “blog friends”. I do understand that it would be impossible on a large blog to respond to all of them but I do expect to receive a comment back occasionally. Like another commenter said, many I have NEVER received anything back whether it was a comment on my blog or a reply email. Therefore, I no longer comment on those blogs.

    Just goes to show that it works both ways. If we appreciate, we should also be appreciated!!!

  129. says

    I just found your blog today and I totally agree. I’m a VERY new blogger, so I wasn’t sure if maybe people just weren’t commenting because I don’t have that many followers. LOL. But then people will tell me they see stuff on Pinterest or my family and friends will comment on stuff to me in person but not on the blog. I guess as long as I know they’re reading, but then again I never really know if anyone does? As a reader, though, I know it is hard to comment on every single post I like, but I’ve been trying to make an effort to comment more because I know how exciting it is to get a comment! LOL :) Thanks for posting about this, its a great idea and will make people think about it a little more too maybe :) :) And I’m a new follower of yours :) I’ve only read 2 posts but love it already :)

  130. says

    When I first started blogging (about 5 years ago) It was just for fun. I would get comments from friends and family and that was great. This went on for many years. Last year I decided to get more serous with my blog and now I have a nice group of faithful followers and commenters. I love the feedback from the comments. But guess what, NONE of my friends and family comment anymore. And that makes me sad. I’ve heard from other bloggers that this happens and I want to know why? Do they think I don’t value their comments? Because really, I would LOVE for them to comment, those are the ones that mean the most.
    Well anyway, that’s just my beef about comments. :)

  131. says

    Sorry for not leaving comments when I visit yor blog! Lots of times I just have enough time to look quickly, read some and move on! I love your ideas, your projects and your blogging! Keep up the good work, even if you don’t hear a word from me! I’m out there, enjoying every minute of it!

  132. Beverly says

    I very seldom comment on blogs. I used to try to more, but would get slowed down when I have to stop and log in and have an account with another website. It’s not something I utilize frequently so it’s a hassle to try to remember passwords, user names, etc., etc.

  133. says

    I’m glad you wrote this post. I feel very similar to you..the numbers are respectable on my blog but there are very few who leave comments..and they are such an encouragement to me..when I post the link on my facebook page, people will comment there….it seems like there are little cliques on blogs and they just stay within their own circles. and it doesn’t matter to them if I visit and comment or not..but I really do blog because I want to..


  134. says

    Great topic and post! I have only been blogging for about 7 months so my comment #’s are no where near what some of the larger blogs have so I am happy with whatever # comments I have :) But from a new blogger who tries to visit, connect and comment, I do like to get comments back on occasion from the blogger. I don’t really care if I do or don’t but it is nice once in while to get that interaction. There are some very very large blogs that I have been following faithfully and commenting on for the last 7 months and have yet to receive any interaction from them. Honestly, it won’t make me stop following them and reading their blog b/c I don’t comment to get comments back but it would be nice on occasion if they interacted a little more. Good post! :)

  135. Mearaid says

    I read hundreds of blogs and very rarely comment. I come I read I admire, if I like what you did should I leave a comment saying Hey good job, I know that if I don’t like it I would never say so. I also think that since I am following a Blog I must like it. Just my opinion. Maybe I will start leaving more comments since Bloggers seem to want them.

  136. says

    I personally love those websites and blogs that have enabled commenting because I think it is a great way to communicate with the author/writer of that blog and also if you have any thoughts to share or you have any questions you can easily get the answers through commenting.

  137. cindy says

    I just found your blog and just finished commenting on your floating shelves post and now am perusing your older posts- love to see a woman who’s handy with tools.
    Just to chime in about my commenting habits- I am sometimes guilty of withholding comment because the blogger doesn’t reply. However, I wouldn’t expect a blogger to reply to every comment and this is especially true for the super popular blogs- however, I do find it irritating when the blogger doesn’t answer a specific question. I always take care to read or at least use a keyword to search the comments to make sure that I’m not repeating the question, so it would be nice if the blogger would respond.
    So, personally when I feel inclined to comment, I will consider the blogger themselves, whether they tend to respond and the no. of comments already left. If a particular post has already rec’d 100’s of comments, my additional “great work!” doesn’t add a lot. However, I find that I comment regularly to the smaller or more personal blog types (if that makes sense).
    Also, some comments are harder to leave than others- requiring a wordpress, aim, google or whatever acct. Sometimes I will have written a comment & try to publish but find that I am logged out of google and lose my comment after I sign in. The blogs that allow you to just post comment using name & email have been simpler.
    And about the stroking the ego point you made, I can see that and I expect that it is in some small part why one would blog. I have considered starting a blog based on that reasoning- it is nice to connect with people who appreciate your endeavours; let’s face it, sometimes those closest to us don’t always relate to why we do what we do. And to similar to that, even getting a reply to a comment is an ego-boost. When you put some effort into a comment, it is nice to get acknowledgement- it is how readers feel connected to bloggers they follow.
    perhaps a simple solution could be an auto reply that has a simple thank-you emailed back to the sender when a comment is accepted. The ‘thank-you” doesn’t have to be displayed with the comments and the reader doesn’t even need to know that it was auto-sent (I wouldn’t know).
    Just some food for thought.
    Now back to your blog. And thanks for doing what you do.

  138. says

    Hi there. I just wanted to tell you that I read this post back when you originally posted it. And I never commented. Ironic, huh? :) I never forgot about it though. I thought about it often and just wanted to come and tell you as much. With two little people at home, I read most of the blogs I subscribe to via Google Reader on my phone. Especially when I’m nursing my daughter in the middle of the night. Helps to keep me awake. Before reading this article, I would read something, like what I saw, and either pin it and move on or just move on without ever commenting.

    I’m also a blogger and love getting comments so reading this really put things in perspective. For “big blogs” I would always think, “they get so many comments, no need leaving mine.” But what I’ve found is that the “big blogs” aren’t getting many comments either when I started really looking. So, I’m making a very conscious effort to take the time, sit at my computer, and comment on blogs A LOT more often than I was. Most never reply back but if they’re anything like me, their hearts soured just a bit seeing a new comment on something they created.

    So, anyways, I know this is WAY late but thanks for posting this. I know you helped to change my perspective and the way I read blogs. Have a great weekend!