Stenciled Lamp Shade

I love customizing lamp shades! Whether you use paint, fabric, ribbon or other trims it is a cheap way to make a big impact. Here is my stenciled lamp shade from my hallway I posted about on Monday.

It started out as a JARA lamp shade from IKEA. This is an 18 inch but they have other sizes. I love this shade because the inside flips around depending on how you are going to use it ( hang it or  put it on a lamp). Very smart!

This lamp shade is a bright white. I wanted it to match the hallway better so I sprayed it with Krylon’s Almond spray paint. I only recommend painting a shade that is smooth like this one. Now, it is tricky when you paint something that will have light going through it. It needs to be super even or it will look terrible and patchy when you turn the light on. I sprayed a couple thin layers and then hung it and turned on the light. I VERY lightly penciled around the parts that needed more paint and then sprayed it again. It will look hairy when you are done spray painting. The little fibers suddenly show because of the paint. Just take some fine grit sand paper and sand the lamp shade.

As far as the stenciling, I was going to use the same stencil that I used on my ceiling in my bedroom but I could not find it. So I used my Silhouette machine to cut this shape out of vinyl. I was able to stick the vinyl right on the shade and then I used a foam  brush to apply the paint.  I sprayed some of Rust-Oleum’s Heirloom White on some paper and then got it color matched at Home depot so I could have a quart of regular  paint in that color. That is how I painted all the doors, trim and cabinets in my house. I was going to cover the whole shade in the damask pattern but when I got all around the center I decided I really like the look. So I kept it that way :)

This is what the light fixture looked like in my hallway before I added the shade. It is original to the house and very charming. But it seemed pretty small up on the ceiling. I love that you can still see this light fixture when you walk in the hall even though there is a shade on it.

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  1. says

    I love the shade. It looks awesome. By the way…I was reading your post to see how you did it and one of the paragraphs ends mid word (word vinyl stops at vi).

  2. Kira =] says

    Love it!! so cute and it just adds to the charm of the original light in your old home. We love our old home, too!

  3. says

    Okay, every time you post anything showing parts of your house (which I’ve drooled over so many times I feel like I totally know your whole house. Oh that sounded creepy and stalker-ish…), anyway, any time you show your house I just fall more and more in love. It’s so fresh and calm and vintage feeling without feeling yucky-old. I don’t know how you do it (I think you’re a natural), because I just can’t seem to get it together. But I love your house and think you should help me with mine! And great lampshade! I might be able to pull that off. If I ever find a lamp I like. :)