Show ME What Ya Got #63

I scheduled this out ahead of time but I think today I should be somewhere in Idaho headed to my husband’s teeny tiny home town in Washington to see his parents. If you follow me on Facebook you probably have seen instagram photos of our adventures so far. And right about now I am remembering why we don’t travel more often with the kids ;)

Something fun….. I was nominated for the best DIY blog over at Apartment Therapy. If you are so inclined I would love to have you pop over and vote :) I know I probably don’t have a shot with all the other BIG blogs but it is fun to be on the list. You have to login on their site to vote so thanks in advance if you do vote.

I don’t know how often I will have internet service and when I will be able to check on your links. But I will, I promise! And I have to tell you that I have talked with my sister and several friend who said they have made several things you have linked up! I sometimes forget I am not the only one benefiting from your awesomeness (just kidding)!!!


*No etsy shops, giveaways, or things you are selling

*Link up you own work

*Link back to me in some way

*Visit other links and share the love

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    Happy to vote for you! I was nominated on a site recently for some snowman mini-cakes and I didn’t care about winning, but I sure didn’t want the least amount of votes. Pay it forward party goers- go vote for Stacy!!

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    I have shared a post about how to do a healthy pantry and kitchen makeover. I’ve created an eBook that will guide you through a complete kitchen and pantry makeover, which can be downloaded for FREE on my website. It’s kinda like taking a personal tour of my kitchen and pantry! It is really good for newbies,but you m ay find tips there as well.