TV Clip

I had fun today! The people at KUTV Fresh Living are so laid back and a lot of FUN! I actually ended up with 2 clips. We split it up. I don’t have a clip for the second segment about the pillow but I can share the main clip with you. They have their video clips set up differently and I can’t embed the actual video clip here. But the link will take you directly to it.

Our family had so much fun with our day out :) I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

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    Stacy you’re a natural on camera! Hope you can get your hands on clip 2 would love to see the rest of the segment. Thanks for sharing :)

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    You were awesome! I hate how the clips can’t be embedded. I had the same issue with some Studio 5 clips. Guess it’s an i-frames thing? In any case, you did great!

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    I watched the clip and you where great! I can’t wait to stencil my own entry way, hopefully this spring! I will be searching your posts for tips.