Show Me What Ya Got #57

I shared this photo on Facebook yesterday……

Cleaning out a couple of miscellaneous boxes and my filing cabinet! Yikes. And since that has been my “project” for the week, I am dying to see some things that are a little more creative :)

*No giveaways, things for sale, or ESTY shops

*Link back in some way or add my button somewhere. I am not picky :)

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    Thanks for hosting- I linked up a few things! I thought I was already following, but I guess I wasn’t so I’m your newest follower. I love your blog- hope you’ll stop by mine sometime too! :)
    Laurie @ Gallamore West

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    My office looked the same way yesterday! I was cleaning out and organizing the closet in there…so along with the papers I had fabric, towels, sheets, a guitar, ironing board, ribbon… the list goes on and on :) Thanks for hosting!

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    Wow, you really cleaned out a lot of stuff – good job! I love cleaning out things like that and getting rid of the excess stuff, which makes me crazy! Thanks for hostessing the party, I’ve linked up two Valentine projects. Hugs ~ Mary

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    Stacy, your office resembles mine right now! Thanks for sharing so I don’t feel alone – ha! Working on changing out desks and trying to figure out why I keep so many things that should be tossed. Anyway, thanks for hosting – just linked up! – Lori

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    Thanks so much for hosting a great party. There is so much inspiration and creativity. Oh, and I thought our offices were twins, mine looks yours only I didn’t empty any drawers and files yet. Oh well, if we have a snow storm maybe I’ll have a chance to organize.

    Thanks again for hosting.

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    First of all, how brave of you to post your purged room. All of my rooms look like this!!! 2nd, thx for the invite to post my $5 Console table makeover. What a great linky party!!! I’m a follower and would love for you to follow back.